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New Years Day and the Apocolyspse/PS2 Challenge

December 31, 2006

Due to the extreme amount of bowl games on this day (better than last year), The Subway Domer is going to do a brief rundown of the day and the picks. Time to rock out with your cock out!


Joe Pa and Fat Phil. What a way to start New Years , with some resolutions: 1. Do not die…ever 2. Eat everything you see, screw diets!

  • Subway Domer————–TENN 26 PSU 13 Morrelli and his barbed-wire tattoo bunch are no challenge for this fast and superior defense. My only hope is this will have no effect on Chris Donald.
  • PS2————————-TENN 24 PSU 31 Tony Hunt is a beast and had 3 TD. Meachum was knocked out of the game in the first with a broken pelvis.

Tony Hunt was a beast. Fat Phil may be one of the worst big game coaches in football, and is right up there with Lllloyd Carr. This game will spawn endless trash talk from PSU fans about the ND game coming up next season.


New Years Resolutions for the Huskers and Tigers 1. Never fire a coach after he wins 9 games…it takes a while to catch up. 2. Have the “student-athlete” actually do his school work. It’s just an option.

  • Subway Domer————- AU 18 NEB 9 Low scoring and boring. I have made calls like this already this bowl season and been wrong. This time, not so much.
  • PS2————————-AU 27 NEB 17 Was a 3 point game in the middle of the 1st. Kenny Irons took over like he was supposed to all year. Auburn looked pathetic and won what was a horrible game to watch.


Way to go Reggie ball! Here are your resolutions. 1. Always throw to the man-child Calvin Johnson. 2. Go to class Mr. Student Athlete. Oh and I got one for you too MR Rodriguez 1. Do not borderline accept a new job i.e. Bama and then become a pussy overnight.

  • Subway Domer————–WV 33 GT 13 Pat White and company roll as the Jackets fold. “I’ve got no heart!”- Ron Burgundy
  • PS2————————-WV 27 GT 35 Poor thing. The box thought GT had Ball and that Tashard Choice was going to have a big game.

Terrific comeback game. Hats off to Pat Whit for a gritty performance. I know it was only one game, but how could Ball hold Bennett behind him all season? Calvin Johnson is an animal and may have been what God had in mind when He created Adam.


Here are your resolutions Pigs and Wannabe Skunkbears. Arkansas: 1. Stop hiring high school coaches to get recruits 2. Stop letting the players moms run the program. Wisconsin: 1. Stop bitching about the lack of respect and play someone outside of the MAC 2. Beg the Big Integer to play a round robin or add a conference championship game.

  • Subway Domer————– WISC 28 ARK 24 The Badgers say “up yours” to the SEC once again and take care of business with P.J. Hill running wild.
  • PS2————————–WISC 17 ARK 35 I think the PS2 like the fact the Hawgs have players named Moore, Goode, Dick.

Great game but it had a lot of turnovers. Congrats to Wisconsin and its first year coach. The Badgers OWN the SEC.


The Grandaddy of them all. Is that why you have no idea about the NC game? Because according to ESPN this is the only game that matters. (More on that on a later date) Here are your resolutions Condoms: 1. Quit letting Snoop on the sideline. Give him a degree first and then you may have your mascot back 2. Start to come to the reality that Carroll is going to the Cardinals of Arizona. Skunkbears: 1. Do not think you deserve a title shot. You did not win your conference 2. Send Man-Boobs aka Carr down to Gainesville anyways, and have him bitch slap Urban the Liar.

  • Subway Domer————– UM 31 SC 17 Booty better watch his ass because Woodley is going to be planted on it. This is the best defense SC has seen and will crumble. I may have to endure a lot of shit for this one.
  • PS2————————- UM 24 SC 38 Jarrett and Smith combined for 289 yards and 5 TD. Wishful thinking methinks black box.

The Poodle a.k.a. Pete Carroll did it again. He completely out coached Carr and USC dominated the 2nd half with an attacking offense. Hey Carr, ND plays them every year. On a side note, Jarrett is a total ass and I can only hope he gets smoked by the NFL secondaries.


Oh you crazy BCS busters! Maybe the Mountain West Conference should petition for an automatic berth. Or maybe not. Here’s the last of them Sooners: 1. Start and finish every sentence with “Stoops is Great we praise thee”. He is the reason you are what you are after what could of been a disaster season 2. Send assassins to the officials of the Oregon game and forget you read this. Broncos: 1. Laugh hard every time you hear about Hawkins and Colorado 2. Never rid the world of your fabulous Smurf Turf. Think about Da U and laugh…hard.

  • Subway Domer—————–OU 42 BS 13 Adrian Peterson is going to dominate this game. And when he rests, Allen Patrick will do the same. By the way, I hear OUs defense is good. Sorry Broncos you are about to get bucked(man that was cheesy)
  • PS2—————————-OU 42 BS 24 More of the same. Peterson goes apeshit and runs for 244 and a pair of TDs.

Without doubt the greatest game of the bowl season so far and possibly the season. BSU had their whole playbook to go with and boy did they use it. Sorry though Jared, OSU and Florida would not go down as easy. Note the word easy.

Smurf Turf Makes Da U Feel Blue Too

December 31, 2006

Remember when Miami used to go to bowl games wearing their fatigues and their camo stuff. Well maybe this year they should of borrowed the Arctic Wear that the Army uses, because it’s gonna be cold. They were already bitching about it the moment they got off the plane. Here’s a little tip boys…win more and get a better bowl. Nevada is rearing to go and we have already seen teams that are excited to be where they are play extremely well. The Pistol offense is in place for Nevada, just don’t say it too loudly. Da U is probably packing…Last Boyscout style.

  • Subway Domer————–DaU 37 Nevada 31 Miami wins on talent alone but they will find themselves in a dogfight…seriously I guarantee they fight or pull some kind of thuggery out to send Coker out with a bang (literally).
  • PS2————————-DaU 49 Nevada 28 Huge blowout. Somehow these sims just don’t put felonies into the equation.

    I didn’t watch the game but doesn’t Coker & Co. looked elated ?

Meineke Bowl…BC’s Dream Season

December 30, 2006

Another year, and another mid-level bowl for the BC Eagles. They live for this stuff. This school has only limited goals as to not disappoint themselves too much. Navy comes to their third straight bowl and are seeking another chance at some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Tom O’Brian is gone to greener pastures, by greener pastures I mean he took a job at NC ST. …a rival school in the same conference. Navy may have some matchup problems, but they are definitely used to that and will use tenacity and athleticism to try and knock the Eagles out.

  • Subway Domer—————– BC 29 NAVY 20 Unfortunately I have to go with the superfans and BC. BC might be too physical for 4 quarters for Navy to establish a rhythm with their option running attack.
  • PS2—————————–BC 14 Navy 7 Low scoring and boring. This was the score at halftime. Yawn. Challenger scored both TD for the Eagles.

I just cleaned up the vomit that spewed out after the ESPN reporter referred to the BC kicker as Rudy. I was completely wrong about this game with the exception of the outcome- and I was loving it. Fuck BC and their Meineke Car Care Oil Change Brake Pad Steering Wheel Visor Bowl win. Next Year can’t come fast enough. I hope Schwapp lays an ass whooping to #24. He’s an asshole who kept flexing his muscles the whole game after any play he was in on.

Alamo Bowl… Try to Forget

December 30, 2006

This game is probably the worst matchup in the entire bowl season. Iowa squeaks in with a 6-6 record and may find itself way over their heads early. Texas needs to find some motivation as this game is a huge disappointment for them. Texas had a lot of hope coming into the season, but saw its last goal( a trip to the conference title game) snatched away from them during the last game of the year against aTm. Colt McCoy will be able to go, but if he gets banged up Texas has to fall back on a guy who has no experience despite sharing the same last name as the starter. Bowl affiliations suck and this game is the proof that’s in the pudding.

  • Subway Domer———————Texas 37 Iowa 18 The Hawkeyes will be no match and will suffer their first losing season since 2000. Texas rolls and no one will care. (Actually if ND beats LSU, this victory by Texas will be seen as a greater win and they will be the preseason #1)
  • PS2——————————–Texas 24 Iowa 21 Close game. Tate was injured in the first half never to return. Iowa led at the half 14-10 but the loss of Tate made them one dimensional.

This was a pretty good game. Iowa really got off to a good start but they fizzed out. Texas could never get their running game established, but big plays in the passing game helped them squeak out the victory. McCoy for Heisman might be the #1 or #2 storyline during the offseason.

Chick-fil-A Bowl… PS2 Challenge

December 30, 2006

This Peach of a game is another defensive battle of epic proportions. The keys for the game are the same for both teams, QB play against a great defense and the ability to establish the run. Whoever can run the ball with some consistency will be able to go to the play-action to freeze the defense and open the game up. VT has the best scoring D in the country with Georgia close to them at 9th. Expect a low score and maybe some sweet thuggery.

  • Subway Domer——————-VT 13 Georgia 7 VT special teams will be the difference. It is not for anything they have done this season, but for what Frank Beamer has done throughout his career.
  • PS2——————————VT 17 Georgia 24 Lumpkin had 192 yards rushing and 74 yards receiving with 2 TD. This one was never close, with VT last TD being a cheap one in the final seconds.

Huh. That’s what I said after this game. How many of these bowls are going to have 2nd half meltdowns of the team that is ahead by A LOT? This is getting crazy.

Running Score… SD 13-7 PS2 9-11

You Are the Champs of Nothing Bowl

December 29, 2006
The horribleness of this bowl is astounding. These are 2 very mediocre teams with fat coaches. Purdue racks up a lot of yards, but their defense will give up as many or more to their opponent.Maryland, if you watched them, has never impressed me with their own offense and defensively they are suspect against the spread. Purdue’s spread is a lot like West Virginia’s offense that the Terps had troubles with early this year. This is a wait-and-see game that I could almost do without, but I like to see Brimley sweat.
  • Subway Domer———————TERPS 27 PU 23 Purdue will keep the yards piling up, but so will the turnovers. Tiller will blame Charlie Weis. He believes Weis to be a Voodoo King and has cursed him with crappy QBs.
  • PS2——————————–TERPS 24 PU 18 Neither team got anything going in the 1st half,but they turned it on in the 2nd. An INT return for 6 sparked the Terps to victory after being down 18-3.

A boring game from start to finish. Brimley got what he deserved.

Give Me Insight…PS2 Challenge

December 29, 2006

A lot of pundits believe this game to be a high scoring affair, and it very well could be. These teams are like the biggest opposites you could find for a game. Except for one stat,and the only one that really matters, points per game. TT scored 31.5 a game while MINN scored 30.3 .That’s pretty darn even. This is also the only bowl game where both teams have a color identified in their mascot name(Red Raiders & Golden Gophers). What the hell? Are they racist?!!!

  • Subway Domer————MINN 36 TT 35 Maybe MINN can keep moving the ball on the ground and run out some time. Spaeth( the undeserving TE who somehow managed to steal the Mackey Award from Carlson) is out after surgery to repair a severe shoulder separation. By the way, Carlson will play in his bowl game…dick.
  • PS2———————–MINN 27 TT 42 An outstanding game by the QB. He threw for 437 yards and 6 TDs. TT was up 42 to 13 entering the 4th quarter.

I spoke too soon about the Sun Bowl. This game was beyond phenomenal. Down 38-7 TT scored 31 unanswered points to send it to OT and then handled their business to win 44-41. This game serves proof as to why Glen Mason was denied at Ohio St and is quite possibly the worst coach in college sports. Did you see him smiling and acting like this thing was over in the 1st half? Hey Glen, learn from San Jose St.’s coach- he was pissed about the Gatorade shower with a few seconds left and the game virtually over!

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Spurrier

December 29, 2006

The Ole Ball Coach returns to bowling after a 21 point meltdown from a year ago. South Carolina takes on Houston in a game that should be quite explosive. SC has a dynamic WR in Rice and with Spurrier calling the shots he should see a lot of touches from a hot-as-of-late QB, Mitchell. I would not be surprised however, to see a lot of Cory Boyd their RB. Kevin Kolb (pronounced cobb) is one of the nations top passers against Conference USA foes. Although SC has a good pass defense ranking, they have been porous the last 3 games they have played. That sets up for a shootout…cock style.

  • Subway Domer—————SC 45 UH 37 This just might see more big plays than any other game this bowl season. If it is a shootout, I like the OBC chances because he brings a fun-n-gun while H-Town has a corn cobb.(Which back in the day was used as an ass wiper)
  • PS2————————–SC 29 UH 28 Not quite the shootout I predict but the game did have a sweet highlight. In the 3rd, UH blocked an EP and took all the way to the 2 yard line before being knocked out of bounds. If they would have scored that 2 point play they win. By the way Rice had 184 yds and 3TD.

McKinley, Rice, and Mitchell (who looks like Jason White but with straighter teeth) were way too much for Houston and won 44-36 despite being out gained in total yards.

PS2 Challenge… Stinky Sun Bowl

December 29, 2006
Here comes a sweet game that I promise will be a edge of the seat kind of game. How am I so sure? Just cause homey, chill and watch a gem an hour into the Clemson/Kentucky blowout. Mizzou has a quality offense with excellent players in QB Chase Daniel and TE Chase Coffman, but the Beavers have a stout defense and are excellent in taking the ball away. This may not bode well for Daniel who has had a tendency for INTs during his biggest games.
  • Subway Domer———– ORSU 33 Mizzou 28 The Tigers are no match for Alexis Serna who is THE best kicker in NCAA. If this game is close, I believe he will be enough to win the game. I predict 4 or more FGs for the lad and a Sun Bowl MVP to go along with it.
  • PS2———————- ORSU 13 Mizzou 21 I didn’t get to watch the sim and hit exit b4 I could check the stats…sorry.

What a game! This was the most fun to watch so far, and I imagine CSTV will play the repeat of it like 68 times until next years Sun Bowl. ORSU head coach Mike Riley has balls of steel for going for the 2 point conversion. Nice

PS2 Challenge…Music City Bowl

December 29, 2006
Oh what sweet music to my ears. Clemson and Kentucky rocking it up in Nashville. This is UK first bowl game in 7 years and should be fired up for that fact alone. Clemson, however, may not be as enthusiastic about its situation. Remember when they won that big game against GT and many pundits had them locked for the ACC title and maybe even the BCS title game? Now it is ancient history and we will see how good of a coach The Heir to Bowden really is, and if he can get his team up for the challenge.
  • Subway Domer——— Clemson 38 UK 10 I gotta believe Spiller and Davis are going to have monster games and Proctor will play steady throughout. Also watch for Gaines Adams to set a MSBowl record for something…even if it’s cherry-pit spitting.
  • PS2——————– Clemson 44 UK 13 Blowout all the way. Stuckey scored on a KO return and a reverse.

The prediction was almost as embarrassing as the game itself…almost. Kentucky was fired up from the jump and dominated the game. By the way how many turnovers can one game have?