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Fight Club…WR Edition

February 20, 2007

The first position battle the Subway Domer is going to analyze are the Wide Receivers. First, let me just say, this is no real attempt to say who is going to start on Saturdays this fall. All we are doing here is breaking down the spots a wee bit and putting a projection on what we would like to see. I will only be referring to the players enrolled at ND right now and available for the spring game. We have no logical dissertation of the other 15 freshman until late summer.


The Players
  • David Grimes
  • D.J. Hord
  • Robby Parris
  • Richard Jackson
  • Barry Gallup
  • George West
  • Darrin Bragg

This position has great depth. It also has a lot of questions and inexperience. The absolut lock is David Grimes. He showed a lot of promise as the 3rd WR in last years formations. He caught 26 balls for 336 yds. and 2 TD as the 4th leading receiver on the team. Those aren’t great stats, but when the top 3 were Samardzija, McKnight, Walker, and Carlson- he took what he got. He made some crucial catches in the UCLA game that really elevated him.

The next 2 leading WR from last year that are returning is West and Parris. They COMBINED for 3 receptions for 21 yards and no TDs. (West did score a TD against Purdue on a WR reverse). That doesn’t make me feel like jumping with joy about what lies ahead with a new QB at the helm.

However, D.J. Hord returns after missing all of last season with a torn Achilles tendon. He may be that HR threat we have all been looking for him to be. IF he really is 100%. We don’t have any real information on the others and won’t until after the Spring Game.


  • Grimes
  • Hord
  • Jackson

I have no real reason to claim Jackson as the 3rd WR. Just a hunch that he may become a beast. I’ve had hunches before and it always seems 50/50.

Mitch’s Take: No idea. Grimes definitely. After that the other 2 spots are a toss up. He was a worrier about Samardzija and thought he was a pile of dung the first 2 years. Was pleasantly surprised when Jeff turned out to be our best player after Quinn. He sees someone stepping up but it is way to early to tell. Ask again in October.

Mike Golic is Irish…Again

February 19, 2007

Mike Golic Jr. committed to Notre Dame today per Rivals. The 6-5 260 pound lineman decided to join the family business and attend the University of Notre Dame. Mike is the first commit for next years class and could be used as either an offensive center or as a defensive tackle.

This should not be a real surprise to ND or it’s following. Mike’s father Mike Sr., and his uncle’s Greg and Bob Golic all played for the Irish. Mike Sr. was the first commit for Faust that year.

More information will be available at a later time. An interesting note however, Kyle Long. Kyle is the son of former NFL defensive tackle Howie Long. How cool would it be to have both of these kids line up a DT?

Also it is important to point out that a legacy was offered and accepted so early. This could have been accomplished this past class with Brian Smith, but ND waited for the sky to fall with Donald, Edwards, and Malcom Smith before they came a calling. Hopefully this will give ND some good recruiting steam heading into the Blue-Gold game.

Congratulations to Mike Golic Jr. and his family.

Day of Reckoning

February 19, 2007

This was posted on EDSBS and Her Loyal Sons. Add me to the List. This is too good.

Spring Blizzard

February 15, 2007

Well now that National Signing Day is over and my head is healed from beating it against the wall (thank-you Greg and Chris Little and Zooker), it is time to move on to what really matters… the Blue-Gold Game.

To be played on April 21, the University should bill this like MLB does with the All-Star game…”This year, it matters.” And boy will it ever. With so few returning starters on offense and a new Defensive Coordinator in Darth Brown, this years game could get darn right nasty.

In the coming days and weeks the Subway Domer is going to break down the position battles and throw those $0.02 in the mix. Also, you are going to be introduced to Mitch. Mitch is a complete cocksucker and a hardcore Fighting Irish fan. You are going to get his unique insight into what is sure to be a wild spring fling.

In case you are a moron or are a fair weather fan here is a list of positions that are up for grabs.


  • Quarterback
  • Running Back
  • Receivers
  • Guards
  • Tackles


  • Nose Guard
  • Defensive Ends
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Linebackers
  • Cornerbacks
  • Nickelbacks (not those gay Canadians)
  • Free Safety

That’s a lot of shit going on! The offense might be a little easier to predict pre-spring game, but the defense should be a lot more complex. Darth Brown will probably use a hybrid 34-43, and in doing so use a lot of rotating personnel.

I look forward to diving into this mess as soon as I get my driveway clean.

Subway Domer

I Am Blog Illiterate

February 12, 2007

For those of you seeking the recruiting spectacular, please scroll down to the post on Jan. 25. It was a saved draft and would not go to the top of the page. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Subway Domer

Welcome To My Nightmare

February 7, 2007

Her name is Ms. Tallulah Holtz. She is an 11 week old French Bulldog. I had originally thought that the Subway Domer’s Recruiting Spectacular 2007 would be published today or tomorrow. Not gonna happen. Not with this terror and a new schedule at work. I am happy however, to report that it will be up no later than Saturday. Thank-You for your patience.

Chachi. A.K.A The Black Bastard A.K.A Darth Chachi. Is not happy with this arrangement as well.


The Evil Empire

February 6, 2007

You have all heard it. ” My favorite team is _____ and whoever plays ND.” I know this saying is tossed around about a lot of different schools, but I’m sure that ND is the most hated team in all of college football. And I love it. What’s even better is the fact that we are all about to hear it so much more in the coming years.

I can’t wait to hear Mark May, Boobs, Dodd… the whole flipping lot of them trash us next year and beyond. I used to get pissed about these tools and would argue ND’s side relentlessly to the T.V. and Radio. What a waste! I now embrace their idiotic statements of garbage spewing out of their mouth.

If you haven’t already done so, as a fan of the Fighting Irish, join me in the hilarity of hairpiece buffoons this year as they try to invalidate anything that is done. If we go 9-3 this season I guarantee the naysayers will say we are done. DO NOT FLINCH! Hell if we go 6-6, DO NOT FLINCH! (And that won’t happen) I can barely type this post because I am so geeked for the future of ND Football.

We are the Yankees. We are the Cowboys. We are the Lakers. WE ARE ND!

The Empire is at the dawn of a new horizon. Thank-You to Quinn and the greats before him these past 12 years. The Imperial March will go on with our Emperor Weis and Darth Corwin.


Happy Groundhogs Day

February 2, 2007