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McDonald Stays Catholic And Weis Gets Smarter

April 12, 2007

Anthony McDonald made a bold decision. He would not follow family tradition. He will go his own way. What the hell am I talking about, you ask? Today Anthony chose Notre Dame to be his school of choice.

Anthony is a 6’3″ linebacker from Sherman Oaks, California. His father played for USC and in the NFL. Anthony currently attends Notre Dame High School, where as you can see by the picture, has the same uniforms as the University of Notre Dame. (Albeit the early ’90s version.)

After watching his game tape, it is easy to see why he is a very sought after prospect. He is very big, very fast, and very mean… or in Charlie’s terms “Thick, Quick, And Nasty.” McDonald has great instincts and hits like a [insert cliche here].

This is the 7th commitment for the incoming class of 2008 for the Irish. It may also be one of the most important. Why? McDonald is the 2nd linebacker to commit in this class. And as that is pretty awesome in itself it is also going to force the hand of some other top prospects to decide about ND. Charlie is adapting to the recruiting world and taking a page out of Mack Browns Philosophy. With 6 other LB offers out there that are known, McDonald’s commitment is filling up the roster need. ND will probably only take 2 more LBs, so a guy like Darius Flemming may pull the trigger soon to guarantee a spot. Why is this so fantastic? (Besides getting a blue-chipper). It will allow for more time to work on other players of need for the 2009 class. Texas is the map, and Weis is doing the smart thing in following that direction to which it leads. That is a great recruiting class this year and beyond, with less kids that are likely to jump ship.

Irish Running Backs

April 9, 2007

John David Booty never scared me. Armando Allen does though…cause he’s fast.

Happy Easter!!!

April 8, 2007

Happy Easter from the Subway Domer.

Pullover! Posluszny is Irish

April 6, 2007

David Posluszny is the 6th commitment for the Fighting Irish’s 2008 incoming class. The linebacker from Aliquippa Pennsylvania, and brother of former Penn State linebacker: Paul Posluszny, came to ND for a visit to NDs practice. He must have liked what he saw. ND beat out a host of schools for Poz. He was lacking an offer from Penn State, but they may have felt that too much ground was lost already to the Fightiing Irish.

This is the 2nd defensive recruit at a position of great need to commit to the Irish. He may be the start of a domino effect with some other players that have been offered.

Go Irish!!!!


April 4, 2007

The spring rundown is posted below the video!!! Iam an idiot. Thank-You
Subway Domer

Notre Dame Football 2007 Irish QBs In Action

April 3, 2007

This is a preety good video of spring practice. No stretching bullshit. Two sweet parts… Zibby VS. Carlson, and the mob scene at the end. Enjoy.

Spring Rundown…

April 2, 2007

There has been a lot of speculation about the starting lineups for fall 2007, since shortly after the Sugar Bowl. Fortunatly, for Irish fans, nothing has been really set in stone after a few weeks of spring practice. (What the hell is these coaches problem?) There have been a few minor surprises however. Here’s a rundown of stuff. Just stuff and randomly thought out, about the team and the spring practice session.


  • Jimmy Clausen has the smoothest delivery. He has also made a few very tight throws and did a few of those while on the run.
  • Zach Frazer has the strongest arm of any of the quarterbacks. He also seems to have a quiet leadership quality.
  • Evan Sharpley throws a very nice ball. A few of the receivers mentioned that they prefer his throws over Brady Quinns.
  • Demetrius Jones has given one of the better quotes of the off-season “Ain’t no buster ever wear number 3.” He has looked good from what I could tell.

Running Back

  • Travis Thomas seems to have the #1 spot locked up. Has had a little trouble with blitz packages.
  • James Aldridge is 100% healthy for the first time since the start of his senior year in H.S. He is pushing Thomas for the starting job.
  • Armando Allen is fast. He could be VERY dangerous next year.
  • Junnior Jabbie has been a pleasent surprise. He has been doing very well, but he may still be buried on the depth chart.
  • Robert Hughes. Yes, Robert Hughes. He isn’t on campus yet, but has been to a lot of practices. He looks like he really wants some playing time right away his freshman year.

Wide Receiver

  • David Grimes has got the number 1 slot locked up.
  • It appears as if George West has the #2 spot to himself. Weis said as much in an earlier presser.
  • Weis also mentioned that the rest of the WR are even steven with one another.
  • D.J. Hord is not looking too well. The rust needs to go bye-bye in a hurry, if he wants to nab the 3rd WR job.


Tight End



  • Anthony Vernaglia is the big surprise here. Looks like he has a starting job at OLB. Think he’s happy with the 3-4 and Corwin Brown?
  • Crum and Brockington are going to shore up the middle 2 spots.
  • Toryan Smith will be rotating in with Brockington. Smith has looked like a beast so far.
  • John Ryan seems to have a hold at the other OLB job…but I think he will be greatly challenged by Kerry Neal this summer.

Defensive Backs

  • Zibby is…well…Zibby, and looks faster. Carlson has owned him though.
  • David Bruton is bigger and looks to be the leader for the other safety spot.
  • Wooden and Lambert seem to have a firm grip at the corner spots.
  • McNeil is rotating with Walls at the nickel position on the first team.

There you have it. Just a few notes. By the time you read this things might have changed…I’ll let you know.