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Polish Pride

July 31, 2007

With the college football season just a month away, the talking heads are out in full force on T.V. and radio. Most think U$C will walk away with the NC and Booty is going to be the Heisman front-runner. And while this may have some truth to it, remember 2005. Texas beat U$C (despite ESPN claiming all season that the 2005 Trojans were the greatest team…ever) and Reggie Bush took home the Heisman, which should have gone to Young.

Now certainly nobody should consider the Irish as National Title contenders this year. It just isn’t feasible. However, the Heisman trophy could wind up in South Bend doing the Polka. How and why? Tom Zbikowski. No? Well, I know he plays defense, and that is the major obstacle in any players bid for the hardware. Charles Woodson did it for Michigan, so why not the Polish Pugilist?

Zibby is a force. In 2005, he made a huge name for himself with big play after big play. Whether it was a punt return, INT return, or a fumble return for TD- he was a playmaker. Let’s fast forward to 2007. Zibby is 100% healthy and trimmer than 2006. His main concentration all off-season has been football. He was not training to knock out Buckeye wannabes, he has been training to knock out guys like Booty, Henne, and Morelli. But in order to accomplish what seems to be an impossible feat, he does need some help. Charlie Weis.

If you gave me 5 minutes with Weis, I would spend the entire time laying out these points.
  • Take a page from Holtz’s playbook and put a #9 at running back inside the 10 yard line.
  • Take a page from Michigan’s playbook—-(sorry, lightning just struck my house) and line him up at WR or in the slot from time to time.
  • Keep him returning punts.
  • Consider him to return kicks.
  • Talk him up and promote the trophy.

If Zibby gets the ball in his hands, he can-and will score. With all the inexperience on offense, I have no doubt he can improve our chances of winning with the rock in his arms. It may be a long shot, but isn’t this year exactly that- a long shot? Put a little Polish Pride in the Irish “O” and Zibby may bring home number 8 to Our Lady of the Lake.

It’s The Sport of Kings

July 27, 2007

Amidst schedule talk, countdowns, recruiting, dog fighting, and midget porn- College Football is only a little over a month away from actually existing. This will have you humming the tune for at least a few weeks.

How To Die Early…And Happy

July 25, 2007

I saw this on EDSBS and I had to spread the word. It was a link to a Penn State site that has concocted a treat so tasty and so dangerous, it has to be addictive.

DEEP FRIED CHEESEBURGERS. (Scroll down on the linked page for the recipe).

Seriously, this is fucking AWESOME!

Filling Up With Fist Pumps

July 24, 2007

Steve Filer is Irish. All of ND nation can breath out now. This has been THE commitment we all have been waiting for since September of last year. Steve chose the Irish over Ohio State and of course Michigan. The Irish were pegged a lock for Filer for quite some time, but appearances can be deceiving.

”In the beginning, Notre Dame wasn’t at the top of my list. I liked Ohio
State and Michigan,” Filer said. ”But I got a good feeling for the players and
coaches. In the end, I felt Notre Dame was the best move for me and my family.
It is close to home and it will give me a good education.”

Filer is a 5 star prospect and the #2 ILB in the country. He plays with good speed, but most importantly, instinct and violence. When Filer gets to the ball carrier, the ball carrier goes down. Although he is an ILB in high school, Steve may see his action at OLB at ND. He has good range, and with McDonald, Fleming, and Posluszny in the mix, some of the guys may be interchangeable. (Especially if Etienne Sabino would commit to ND).
This is one of the 4 players I pegged as MUST gets for the Irish in my piece 4 To Score and he is the 19th overall commitment for the incoming 2008 class. The importance of his commitment can not be overstated. This leaves only Michael Floyd from those four to still make the decision to attend ND. With only about 4 to 5 spots remaining, he may pull the trigger before the start of his senior year. Other top prospects on the board for the Irish include; Trevor Robinson (OL), Jonathan Baldwin (WR), Jeremy Brown (WR/DB), and a trio of running backs that include Cyrus Gray, Ryan Williams, and Carlton Thomas. Don’t be surprised if one or two of these players mentioned, commits to ND before the Georgia Tech game. For a complete list of prospects check out Irish Eyes or Irish Illustrated.
Welcome to ND Steve!!!
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3 Dudes With ND On Their Shoulders

July 23, 2007

I was browsing the magnificent creation of YouTube and came across these videos. I have seen them before and thought you might enjoy them. These are 3 of my favorite players to don the Gold Helmets. Kicking ass all over the field!

Rocky Boiman

It seems odd the video has G-n-R instead of Metallica. Rocky would get jacked up before games to “Fade to Black”, “Harvester of Sorrows”, and others.
Jeff Burris

Jeff was an absolute nightmare for opposing teams. Not only was he an All-American Safety, but he was a threat returning kicks and running the ball on the goal line out of the T formation. Weis should take a page out of Holtz’s book and make another #9 a playmaker in the redzone.
Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards was a beast at ND. Loved his attitude and loved his smashmouth style.

I also have another treat. This is a compilation from the past with a little Led in it.

Subway Domer’s "There Can Be Only One"

July 20, 2007

Alright folks, here are the rules for the Subway Domer Football Pick-Em contest…

  • The games will be any team in the top 10 (AP Poll), Notre Dame, and 3 games of MY choosing. This could be potentially 14 games or as small as 7.
  • A correct pick is worth 2 points. A correct pick involving 2 top 10 teams is 4 points. A correct pick with an underdog is worth 6 points. (e.g. #2 LSU loses to #9 Florida and LSU is favored by 3.5 on spread; you pick Florida and it is worth 10 points)
  • Winner (after Conference Title Games) will receive his/her choice of 3 T-Shirts as your prize.

  • Results and updates will be on a new page (updated on Mondays), still to be made. I will provide the link to everyone.
  • To protect your privacy, I will assign every contestant with a small school name that will be e-mailed to you. That will be your ID. For example: Lllloyd Carr = Appalachian St.
  • All picks must be in by Midnight Tuesday/Wednesday.

There is still room to join if you e-mail me at

Here is a little motivation for you to sign up…

McCarthy Is Not A Buckeye…Hell, He’s Not Even A Skunkbear

July 17, 2007

Notre Dame received its 18th verbal commitment yesterday from Dan McCarthy. McCarthy (6’2″ 190lbs) a safety from Cardinal Mooney High School in Youngstown Ohio made the pledge at a press conference at his high school. Dan chose the Irish over in-state power Ohio State as well as offers from LSU, Oklahoma, and the theme of the year… the Skunkbears of Michigan.

Check out the FREE videos at Irish Illustrated.

WOO HOO! Fist Pumps and Shots All Around!

Welcome To ND Danny Boy!!!

Everybody Else Is Doing It… Episode VI The Empire Strikes Back

July 14, 2007

Welcome to the 5th and final edition of Subway Domer’s “Why The Hell Not, 2007 Season Predictions.” Enjoy!

The Fighting Irish are heading to a BCS bowl for the 3rd year in a row. Which one? Back to the desert for a nineteen year rematch with those couch-burning rednecks from the mountains- West Virginia. The entire BCS shook out like this:

  • BCS Championship #1 LSU VS. #2 Texas
  • Rose Bowl #6 UCLA VS. #10 Penn State
  • Orange Bowl #4 Virginia Tech VS. #8 Louisville
  • Sugar Bowl #9 Georgia VS. #7 Miami
  • Fiesta Bowl #3 Notre Dame VS. #5 West Virginia

(No Mid-Majors made it this year. The leading contenders were supposed to be TCU and Hawaii, but both teams ended up with 2 losses and out of the top 15).

Notre Dame (11-1) VS. West Virginia (11-1)

What could be a better way to finish a great season, than to end a long bowl losing streak? Ending a drought in the desert? We as Irish faithful have heard this mumbo jumbo before. Remember Oregon State and Ohio State? Well, here’s how it went down…

The game got off to a fast start for W.V. Vaughn Rivers took the opening kickoff 99 yards to the house to go on top 7-0. After a 3 and out for the Irish, W.V. took the ball at their own 20 and marched down the field in 12 plays and scored on a 4 yard run by Slaton to make it 14-0. The game was then delayed 65 minutes after W.V. fans took their nacho boxes, torched them, and threw them on the field. Among the 397 arrested; Noel Devine, Pac-Man Jones, and Deion Sanders. (Apparently Deion didn’t get enough bowl action at the 2nd straight Emerald Bowl appearance by his Florida State Criminoles… they lost to Navy). After the smoke cleared, literally, W.V. kicked off to Armando Allen. AA took it 71 yards to the 27 yard line. 2 plays later, the Irish got on the board with a 21 yard strike from Sharpley to Kamara. The Mountaineers took it right back to the Irish with another long drive (83 yards on 14 plays) that ended with another TD run by Slaton that put W.V. up 21-7 at the half. Fox made the mistake of putting cameras outside of the ND locker room at halftime. They now owe the FCC millions of dollars after Charlie’s halftime speech turned out to be more like a Sam Kinnison reincarnation. It seemed to work though. ND took their opening drive right down the field with fire and balls. Thomas for 3, Aldridge for 4, Hughes for 4, Jabbie for 2, Schwapp for 6 etc. 21 plays for 81 yards and a 1 yard TD by Jabbie that took 11 minutes off the clock. (21-14 W.V.) The defense had been giving up long drives to W.V. and they were resulting in TD’s. They needed a stop, or Weis was going to have a heart attack. They gave up 1 first down and got the ball back with a shanked punt that went out of bounds at the W.V. 41 yard line. The very next play the Irish came out with a 5 wide set. (Kamara, Tate, Grimes to the left and Demetrius Jones and Crlson to the right). Sharpley took the snap in the shotgun tossed it to Grimes and then Grimes unloaded a bomb to Carlson sitting all alone on the 3 yard line after 4 defenders followed Jones on a crossing route. TD Irish… It’s tied 21-21. Start the 4th… West Virginia proceeded to take another drive down the field after several big runs from Pat White. They lost their groove a little though after Chris Stewart got in on a play and CRUSHED White on a blind sided sack after white rolled out to his right on a pass play. White was helped off the field and did not return for the remainder of that series, and the Mountaineers settled for a 37 yard field goal by Pat McAfee. (24-21 W.V.) ND had to answer with only 5 minutes remaining in the game. What an answer it was. The kickoff was returned to the 38. 3 plays later Sharpley saw Hord running free on a post. Evan cocked his arm back-WHAM!!! Reed Williams crushed Evan’s arm and forced a fumble that Johnny Dingle fell on. W.V. ball; leading 24-21 with 3 minutes left. They ran Slaton left and Slaton right for a first down. The clock was winding down, but Weis was holding on to his T.O.s. They ran Slaton right-BAM!!!…kaboshed by Kerry Neal and the ball was on the ground. Crum picked the ball up on the 2nd bounce, ran 5 yards and saw Zibby coming up behind him and handed it off to him. 83 yards later TOUCHDOWN IRISH!!! 28-24 ND with 1:34 on the clock. ND squibbed the kick down to the 27. White threw 2 incomplete passes and then on 3rd down, threw the sealer to Ambrose Wooden for the INT. 3 kneel downs by Evan later…Fiesta Bowl Win. Morgantown implodes.

28-24 IRISH

MVP- Tommy Z. 15 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 FR forTD.

The Irish finished 2nd in the polls behind LSU. 2008 should be grand.

This was not a return to glory story. This is an Empire rising from the ashes of desolate times caused by previous regimes. It is time to rule once again.

“This team is now the ultimate power in the Universe.”

Zach Frazer Named Irish Starter

July 14, 2007

According to EA Sports, Frazer gets the nod over actual ND students for the starting job. Other sweet tidbits about the Irish roster include…

  • Munir Prince is still a RB and has 96 speed. (Fastest on roster).
  • Of the 4 QBs, 3 are rated the same at 84… Jones is 83.
  • Kamara catches everything and is #81.
  • Stephenson and Brown are the DE’s, while Laws is the NT.
  • Young is at LT.
  • Grimes and Walls are the KR.
  • The 4 LBs are Crum, Smith, Vernaglia, and Brockington.

It is apparant EA did not wait for the spring games to decide upon its roster selections. I did get a game in TODAY. I played with Nebraska, while my B-I-L took ND at ND. I won 34-24. I kick ass.

I Got Freshman Digits

July 10, 2007

Notre Dame released its Jersey Numbers for the incoming Frosh today.
4- Gary Gray
5- Armando Allen
7- Jimmy Clausen
14- Brandon Walker
18- Duval Kamara
23- Golden Tate
30- Harrison Smith
33- Robert Hughes
47- Aaron Nagel
50- Steve Paskorz
56- Kerry Neal
58- Brian Smith
70- Matt Romine
75- Taylor Dever
76- Andrew Nuss
83- Mike Ragone
91- Emeka Nwankwo
95- Ian Williams