Pregame Headbutts And Groin Kicks… Skunkbear Edition

Here are our headbutts and groin kicks for those stupid Skunkbears. Remember always, MICHIGAN SUCKS!


  • John Sullivan, Dan Wenger, Mike Turkovich, Paul Duncan, and Sam Young. Seriously take this headbutt and and do something with it. Your play will probably determine the outcome of the game.
  • Armando Allen. Time to really breakout.
  • John Carlson. Just be there.
  • Anthony Vernaglia and John Ryan. Time to get beyond aggressive, and into fucking headhunter mode.
  • Terrail Lambert. One word; REDEMPTION.

Groin Kicks

  • Mike Hart. He keeps running his mouth. A swift kick to the junk is necessary. By the way, He looks hurt again, don’t be surprised if he comes up lame after Toryan Smith unloads a can of I just fucked you up on him.
  • Lllloyd Carr. I hate to see you go.
  • Chad Henne. Scoreboard injuries are never cool.
  • The creators of Michigan Stadium. WORST STADIUM EVER.

Here is a video that I’m sure we all have seen online or at home. It is fitting for this week and this game. Watch it, then find a dog, an old lady, a homeless guy, or whoever you can find and throw a viscous headbutt their way.

2 Responses to “Pregame Headbutts And Groin Kicks… Skunkbear Edition”

  1. sir john Says:

    My apologies to my friend Subway domer. I am in on the weekly pick, but so much has come up recently, at domer domaine and others. I’ve just been off the line a few minutes ago with, Coach Dan, Orizil and Irish Rick about other things, I have not had the time to check any other team. I will get to this asap as I can

  2. Beetle Says:

    Travis Thomas will be ejected from the game for ripping off Hart’s helmet and waxing him in the jaw. Then, Zibby’s going to run up to Hart and say “Man, you just got knocked the fuck out!”.

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