The Irish are almost half way through the season and a lot of questions are still hanging in the wind. There are a few things we do know, and if you didn’t… now is your chance.

  1. This offense has no identity. From Georgia Tech and up to Purdue this offense has lacked any form of an identity to fall back on. Are we a spread team, are we a power team, or or we pass happy finesse? It doesn’t really matter as much as what we identify with, just that we would become something. Weis has always made the offensive gameplan around the other teams weaknesses. That’s great, but you need to know what the hell you are doing before we can gameplan like that.
  2. This season sucks. Quite simple really. We have not seen this horrible of a showing in a long time in South Bend. The best thing to come of this season is the experience it give to the young talent that is there. Playing time for these youngsters is crucial to the development of the future. The bad taste in all of our mouths (players, coaches, and fans) should turn to sweet morsels of awesomeness. Suck it up people.
  3. There is still hope this year. 7 games remain and if we win six we will go to a bowl. No matter what the cynics say, we WILL win our last 4 games. What is unsure and honestly quite bleak, is if the Irish can pull 2 out of 3 on UCLA, Backup College, and USC. International Bowl, here we come. At the beginning of the year I scoffed at the idea of playing in this low level game, but as this train wreck season rolls on, I realize the importance of making it to any bowl. The extra practice it allows is critical to the development of the team and provides a solid foundation to build on in the spring.
  4. Willingham is a dick. Mike Farrell wrote a good article on Ty and his recruiting efforts at ND. The media is trying to bash ND at all costs and at the risk of being totally biased against Her Loyal Sons. Poor Ty. What no one mentions, is that he wanted out and was paid quite nicely by the University to do so.
  5. The defense is still questionable. Although the Irish have improved on their pass defense, stopping the run has been a huge disappointment. I truly believe that Corwin Brown is changing the culture of this unit, but is still missing a few pieces. They have not had any favors from the offense as they have been constantly left with their backs against the wall with poor field position.
  6. Young talent is here and more is on the way. Look at the starting lineups each week (and the subs with different personnel groupings) and you will see a team loaded with freshman and sophomores. Most of these players are seeing their first real minutes in college and need more time to develop. But we HAVE talent none the less. The Irish have the #1 recruiting class in the nation according to Scout and Rivals for the incoming class of 2008. The Irish WILL be back to elite status… but it may take until 2009 to reap those rewards for great recruiting on the part of Weis and his staff. Need more proof? Look here.
  7. The schedule has done the Irish no favors. This was a suicide mission from the start. So much discussion was going on this summer about Kevin White and his scheduling practices for the future. A lot of blogs and websites were bashing White to death about how easy the schedule is becoming in future years. I think we all would of took that kind of schedule this year. If you look at the next 2 years schedule, you will notice how the front end is lightened up a bit as far as not playing 4 out of your first 6 on the road. At least he has it right with playing San Diego St. in 2008 and Nevada in 2009 as the season openers…at home. EVERY major school opens this way and allows themselves some room for error as they iron out the wrinkles for the season. I’ll take it. At least it isn’t a 1-AA opponent.

Those are just a few insight into this season and a few nuggets to look forward to in the coming years. And just to leave you with a laugh (after all we have gone through this season we NEED to laugh) here is a video I found that should have been used Michigan State week.

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