From the Mind of $crot

President Bartlett Notre Dame Alum

October 10, 2007
What a difference a win makes. It’s been hard trying to pick apart the win over UCLA so I am going to refrain from doing so. The defense played like a bunch of wild animals. That was awesome watching us bring the house and take out the UCLA quarterback. That poor bastard didn’t stand a chance. I really can’t complain about much from the game. One thing did bother me though, Claussen’s accuracy throwing the long ball. I know, I know, he’s a true freshman.
Does anyone remember the most recent true freshman to lead the Irish offense? I caught the BC game from 2003 on ESPN Classic the other day and was amazed at how Quinn ran Willingham’s infamous “Three and Out” offense. Watching that game I could see how much he improved throughout the years.
I have to give mad props to Mitch for allowing me to watch the game at his house. I’m not into the HDTV shit. Give me ESPN, SNY and West Wing reruns and I’m good.
In other news, I ran across an interesting quote from writer Pat Forde. In his weekly column titled “The Forde Yard Dash” he led off last week stating “People in New York are attributing the Mets collapse to shoddy recruiting by Ty Willingham”. I paraphrased it, but it hit home being a Mets and Irish fan.
Until next week……

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