Headbutts And Groin Kicks… Fredo Style

  • Irish Secondary. This will be the toughest challenge these boys will face in the air ALL year. Expect to see a lot of substitutions with the corners in nickel, dime, and penny packages. David Bruton in particular will be key in trying to stop this air assault. I think he stands up to the task and has a coming out party.
  • David Bruton. A 2nd one for the greatest gunner on special teams in the history of life. Knock some dicks in the dirt.
  • Eric Olsen. He takes over the starting spot at guard over an AWOL Matt Carufel.
  • Mo Crum. A repeat performance would be nice.
  • Pat Kuntz. Kerry Neal. Starting Defense, place at the table…

Groin Kicks

  • Super Fans. Seriously. We are not UMass.
  • Jaghjguyfbyerbdski. A harder name to spell than Samardzija. That deserves a swift kick.
  • Matt Ryan. Your tombstone has already been written.
  • Tribble and Silva. I have nothing on you but I’m going to kick you in the nuts anyways.
  • And this ND student that ESPN dug up twice now to comment. WTF. He may be the biggest tool…ever. WARNING: Watch the following video with caution as it may cause you to gouge out your eyes and stab your ears with a shovel…

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