Why Games At ND Are Better

Visitors do not have to endure this kind of BS. (Warning: Violence and lots of swearing)
I have no love for the Buckeyes, but the PSU students are cowards that will be dealt with the next time they are in Columbus. I live in Ohio dicks.

4 Responses to “Why Games At ND Are Better”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have not been to many games away from ND, but in the ones I have been to, including the LSU and OSU bowl games (both schools’ fans being quite vocal and boisterous in support of their team) I never saw anything like this! While you can attribute some to understanding your situation facing a mob, I really have to give the OSU fan there a ton of credit for self-control, particularly when the one idiot gets right on top of him.

  2. Scrot Says:

    WTF! You post this video in the morning and it’s no longer available at 4:30 in the afternoon. Very upset.

  3. WeisGipper Says:

    It was taken off of you tube for evidence because those Penn State students were being charged with criminal assault.

  4. Eddie Says:

    Video is up again on two locations:



    If they godown and you want to see the video I suggest you try the thread at EDSBS as they keep posting new links as the others are removed.

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