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What Now?

November 28, 2007

This seems a lot like the banishment of Adam and Eve from Eden. No more Irish football. You think I’m being a little too dramatic? Perhaps, but even after a disaster season such as the 2007 season was, I will still miss the Irish playing as much as I miss anything that I love.

But I digress before I even progressed. The question standing is; What now? Now we watch other teams all month long in meaningless bowl games that determine nothing. All the while, stuffing our fat faces with delicious holiday treats and waiting ever so patiently for National Signing Day and then Spring practice. sigh.

As far as this blog goes, to you my loyal readers (and haters), I will continue to bring my take to the table on all things that pertain to Fighting Irish football and NCAA D-1 football for that matter. Sorry hoops fans, my wife would feed me my nuts if I covered the hard wood as much as I cover what happens on the gridiron. If you need coverage of Men’s hoops, check out Notes From The Geetar and Black and Green. If you are into Hockey, then go check out Colonialhead’s Irish Blog if you haven’t already.

This is what you can expect from your Emperor: Subway Domer…

  • Tribute pieces for all of the Fifth Year Seniors, as well as a tribute for any seniors this year that will not be coming back to Notre Dame for their fifth year.
  • The SDA’s. Subway Domer Awards. (This is not a STD contrary to some previous statements).
  • Bowl coverage. This is how I started Subway Domer. (And poorly I might add)
  • The Subway Domer Bowl Battle. A contest for you all to play, and you can win a free prize. wow.
  • Extensive recruiting coverage. I’m not sure any blog or free site will bring you more coverage of the next incoming class. Bold statement? Maybe, but I follow this stuff with a passion and have a lot of plans for future posts to prove myself right.
  • Complete coverage of the Spring practice sessions and the Blue-Gold itself.

Alright, that about does it. If any of you would like to see anything else on Subway Domer, let me know either via e-mail or the shoutbox.

Go Irish!

I Hate Tree Huggers

November 26, 2007

I don’t like hippies. Especially Tree Hugging, cheating, drum circle loving, Cardinal hippies. It is a shame the Irish couldn’t beat them 100-0. That still, would not be enough to quench my blood lust for the extinction of all hippies. They do have good grass however.

Here are my final thoughts on the final game of the final season of losing for The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Run Bobby Run

What an amazing showcase Robert Hughes has put on these last 2 games. His display of vision, power, and determination keeps my prior comparison to Reggie Brooks viable. I could not help, however, as to sigh as he was caught from behind on the first run. Brooks would have took it to the house. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this kid and he has become perhaps my favorite player on offense (know where I can get a #33 jersey). He seems to have everything that Aldridge was supposed to have and is healthy. With all that has happened to him and his family these past months, it just amazing what he has accomplished. I can’t wait for the spring game to see how much he has improved during the off-season. One of the main areas of concentration should be his explosiveness. Top end speed is difficult to improve on, but getting to your top speed quicker is a very reachable goal. HUGHES!!!

Turn Over And Fry

Once again the Irish failed to hold on to the football. Their only saving grace was the fact that Standford’s kicking game looked like ours. Derek Belch went 0-4 for the game for the Cardinal. One turnover was an ill advised throw from Clausen and the other 3 were fumbles (one by Schwaap… more on that in a minute). Stanford only turned the ball over twice on interceptions. One of those resulted in a short Irish drive that was capped by a Jimmy Clausen TD run, his 2nd of the year, solidifying his spot as the teams third leading TD rusher after Thomas (5), and Hughes (4). Tommy Zbikowski nabbed his 2nd INT of the year with a nice one handed catch that looked like he would take into the end zone, until he slipped on the turf.

Piece of Schwaap

Once again Asaph Schwaap was given the ball 3 times and kept with his 1 yard average and of course fumbled it away. I have said it before on this site…

Asaph Schwaap has incriminating evidence against Weis. How else does he not only
get to start and play against AFA, but he had 3 carries and a screen pass
he was supposed to be on the receiving end of until the ball hit the
ground in
front of him. Horrible. His blocking has improved, but the calls
from the
faithful are chanting Luke Schmidt’s name. Maybe Robert Hughes
could get some
P.T. at FB. Try something better.

Something needs done about this.

Behold, The Mighty Slant

I just can not figure out why the Irish didn’t throw the slant more often this year. They finally threw one to Kamara for a nice completion with about 1:36 left in the first half for the first time in what I believe was 5 games. “Throw The Slant” should be the motto for the 2008 version of “The Shirt”. Timing is a big reason why this play works so well. That and man coverage. And defenses play a lot of man on the Irish because of how much they blitz against ND. This pattern needs to be one of the main focuses of improvement by Jimmy and the WR’s this off season. If ND can get this pattern going next year, watch out for a HUGE season from Duval Kamara and maybe even incoming recruit Michael Floyd, as they have the hands and body type for this type of play.

Harbaugh Is Nucking Futs

I figured Harbaugh to be a complete psycho after Pac-10 media day. And I knew he was an asshole because he is also a skunkbear. I didn’t know he was a TOTAL dick however. That was cemented after he put Pritchard back in at QB after 1. Pritchard was knocked senseless and limp by Lambert in the head. 2. Ostrander went out of the game. 3. After the medical staff took Pritchards helmet away and shut him down, Jim called upon his services despite looking as groggy as an early Mike Tyson victim. If I was Tavita Pritchards dad, I would have kicked Jims ass. The kid then got hit in the head again by Kerry Neal. It wasn’t that hard of a hit but you saw Tavita go limp when it happened. Harbaugh and his “staff” made this comment:

“He was asked a series of questions. The NFL and college football have an
evaluation process that takes place after a hit and he passed that test,”
Harbaugh said. “The doctors made the decision about two plays before T.C. took
the helmet on the elbow that he would be available. Before we put him back in
there, it was confirmed that he was available to go back in.”

Lying sack of crap.


In another amazing display of incompetence, the Pac-10 replay booth went clueless again. You all saw it and it has been the most talked about play of the game by the fans. David Grimes was completely robbed of a TD catch. Someone else put these pics together (I’d give credit but I took them from a message board without credit being applied to them)

Not only were there idiots in the booth, but on the field as well. Big East officials flagged Laws on the lateral touchdown run by Tommy Z for a personal foul. I still have not seen what he did. Maybe I’m wrong, but screw ’em.

Farewell Fifth-Years

This game marked the end of a few careers at ND. Most notably: Trevor Laws, Tom Zbikowski, Jon Carlson, and Joe Brockington. I will have a tribute to EACH 5th year senior on later postings from Subway Domer. Until then, Thank -you boys, for all you have given this University and its loyal fan base. Thank-you and we will miss you.

Random Thoughts

  • That was the worst playing surface I have seen in a while. And I was at 4 ND home games this year… so that’s saying something.
  • The progress Corwin Brown has made with the defense this year has been outstanding. If he can just get them to tackle. Back to basics boys.
  • Speaking of tackling, we should try to do that on kickoffs. Maybe we didn’t have enough chances to work on it this year. Punt coverage is kick ass however. Hmmm
  • The Stanford Axe Keyboard commercial left a puddle in my pants. Nerds.
  • Notre Dame finally won a trophy game.
  • Thank Jesus… Victory!

Ready for a long cold winter?

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2007

Go Packers!

Jason King of Yahoo

November 21, 2007
King wrote a pretty fair article about the season and Weis. Take the time and give it a read.

After This Season…This Is So True

November 21, 2007

Off The Top Of My Skull

November 20, 2007

So I know this may be a little late for a Duke recap, but I will give it a shot anyhow. Things suddenly seemed bright and cheery after the win Saturday, but alas this season of infamy rolls on. Here are some thoughts on the Duke game and various other things…

  • That was as dead of a crowd as I have ever been in attendance for at ND stadium. At least for most of the first half. I sat in the student body this year for every game I attended and it always seemed rowdy… except for that first half of Duke. I think we were all in a little bit of a shock that it was 0-0 for most of the half. Why? Because Duke is horrible and we seemed to play that way as well. But then a turnover sparks a TD that gave way for another turnover that created yet another TD. Push ups and pandemonium ensued.
  • More dropped balls. Our WR keep getting the ball in their hands and keep batting it down like it was a mutant mosquito. If Weis wants some pro help, he needs to figure a way for Brett Farve to drill passes at our WR from like 15 yards away. Either they die with a hole in their neck, or they catch the fucking ball. Or Weis might employ wrench throwing. “If you can catch a wrench, you can catch a football!”
  • ACC refs are a joke. Instead of pointing for a first down, Carlson should of pointed his fist into said referee’s head. Even in the final minutes, they just couldn’t let the teams play and finish it up. Flag.
  • Robert Hughes is a fucking TITAN. I will not let the fact that it was against Duke, discourage me from saying so. He looked the part of a very good running back. A smaller Bettis? Maybe, but a few of his runs reminded me of Reggie Brooks. His balance and determination are astounding. He needs to be our goal line back if Weis insists on using Aldridge, Allen, and Hughes in the rotation. If I see Travis Thomas lineup inside the five yard line against the Trees, I will just die inside knowing Bobby Hughes would score if they just gave him the god damn ball. I will say it again, Reggie Brooks (maybe a bit slower)…
  • Weis put the “Human Planet” Chris Stewart in at Tight End on numerous occasions, and ran away from his side. His belt is the Equator and wears the Tropic of Cancer as a necklace. Let the running backs follow his ass if he is out there.
  • Thank-You NBC for 14 hours of commercial breaks this season. I didn’t realize I was watching an infomercial. I thought they were football games.
  • Jimmy Clausen is looking more the part every week. It has been said a million times already this season, but if Clausen adds some bulk to his frame and more strength, he is going to be VERY good. Add some blocking and WR’s that catch a ball in their hands, and he is going to be just fine. Fuck it… Clausen for Heisman ’09.
  • I always see Brian Smith and Kerry Neal together during pregame. These two are taking a big role in our defense and will be beasts for years to come. I realize everyone is excited about the incoming LB’s, but these two aren’t going anywhere.
  • I will not say good-bye to the Seniors just yet. They still have 1 more game to go. I will say that Zibby at QB was just sweet. Like super sweet. It was only fitting that Thomas fumbled the ball away after he got the first down. Zibby was driving. And if the Duke coach didn’t like it… Fuck Duke!

NDNation Vent…Zahm Is On Notice

November 14, 2007

I saw this on NDNation and needed to share it with everyone. LINKLINK

I’ve often thought that I should send an annual letter to the Observer
In it I would simply offer brief, real-life rebukes to all the recycled douchebaggery that manifests itself in the viewpoint section of the Observer. For example, this year’s might read: (Caution: language and irritation) Dear current ND students, Let me save you all a lot of time and typing by summarizing what the world outside 46556 thinks of your issues:
-To the guys wearing the “Gay? Go to hell” shirts: You are giant shitheads whose point–actually wrong, per the catechism–is entirely eclipsed by the sheer failure of your attempt to be clever. You are neither clever nor correct, and I dare you to wear that shirt off the ND campus someday.
-To the folks who annually whine about meat not being served in the dining halls on Lenten Fridays: Get over yourselves. We have a word for you in the real world, and that word is “really fucking annoying.” Go to Burger King and get a super-sized helping of go fuck yourself.
-To the students who have written in and called for Weis’ firing or to decry the efforts of the football team: Give me your football tickets. I will distribute them to people who aren’t complete pussies, and then I will come to your dorm rooms and give you a brief powerpoint presentation about the accomplishments of the Weis era w/r/t the Davie/Willingham eras. There will be a brief Q&A session, followed by me kicking the ever-loving shit out of you.
-To the dipshit students who publicly make fun of St. Mary’s women and the St. Mary’s women who earnestly defend their honor in this paper: Both of you just stop it. Get together in a dorm room with a couple of cases of cheap beer, turn on a Dave Matthews CD, and hook up with each other. Nothing could be more beneficial to the inter-school dynamic than if you’d all just shut the fuck up and make out.
-To Zahm: You suck. Thank you for continuing to embrace it.
-To anyone who complains about the content of the Keenan Revue: I have added your names and addresses to the subscription lists of the following magazines–Penthouse Forum, MAD Magazine, Model Airplane Monthly, and Dog Fancy. Why? In order, because you need to learn what offensive content really is, you have no sense of humor, you have too much time on your hands, and you’re a whiny bitch.
-To those people who write in to decry the Vagina Monologues: If you will simply shut the fuck up, the play will disappear for lack of interest. It’s a shitty play regardless of your feelings about it, and no one would ever go see it if it weren’t for the constant stream of controversy drummed up by thin-skinned cretins like yourself. Stick a sock in your yammering gob and have some patience, you daft knob.
-To anyone who complains about parietals: You have two options. First, you can transfer to another school where parietals don’t exist. I must warn you, though, that people will probably think you’re a shithead there too. Secondly, I take it you are aware that you can live off campus? I know you’ve probably never been invited to a party that wasn’t run by Flipside, but there are actually other places to live than under the oppressive regime that is apparently keeping your booming social life under wraps. BTW, I actually lied–your third option is to realize that a whiny little faux-activist dipshit like you won’t ever have to worry about breaking parietals, you miserable prat.
-To the ladies and wanna-be ladies writing in about the sexism inherent in the Victory March: We get it. We really do. We just want you to understand that the song was written by Jesus almost 2000 years ago, before women were admitted to Notre Dame and before you had the right to vote or hold property. As such, it’s grandfathered into the category of “things that don’t get touched by the PC police” along with “Blazing Saddles” and the right of men to pull one another’s fingers before farting. If you want to change the words to the fight song, take it up with Jesus. He lives on the library. In the meantime, sing the fucking song however you want to sing it and shut the fuck up about it already.
-To the few remaining fartsniffers who are against the ROTC presence on ND’s campus: Nobody likes war, but shit happens and not everything in this world is puppy dogs and ice cream. And if somebody has to be in command of a Trident submarine or a B-2 with nuclear weapons, I want that somebody to be the guy down the hall from me at ND and not some military automaton from State U (or a wishy-washy hippie like you). It will be a cosmic event if you wankers grasp what I’ve said, but barring that I order you to pull out your credit cards and pay for the students who otherwise couldn’t afford to go to school here if not for ROTC funding. Doing so will prevent, or at least delay, the impending ass-kicking I plan to deliver unto you.
Giggity_Giggity, ND ’98

Things Are Getting Weird In South Bend

November 12, 2007

So bad, pregnant men

roam the sidelines in

Notre Dame Stadium.

This is the most messed up college football season… ever. Don’t believe me? Just go look at the BCS standings and get back to me. I’ll wait. Looks a little strange doesn’t it. Add that to being a Fighting Irish Football fanatic and my brain is melting.
There is not a whole lot to say about being this bad, but I might as well note some of the things that caught my eye Saturday versus Air Force.

  • Asaph Schwaap has incriminating evidence against Weis. How else does he not only get to start and play against AFA, but he had 3 carries and a screen pass that he was supposed to be on the receiving end of until the ball hit the ground in front of him. Horrible. His blocking has improved, but the calls from the faithful are chanting Luke Schmidt’s name. Maybe Robert Hughes could get some P.T. at FB. Try something better.
  • Duval Kamara was out due to an academic problem that is now resolved. Resolved because he IS our best WR and 8 balls were dropped. (No accusations just irony)
  • Trevor Laws is a beast. The team who snags Laws in the NFL draft is going to be VERY happy. Laws leads all D-Lineman in the country in tackles.
  • Jimmy Clausen needs time. Not just time to develop, but time to throw the ball. Sacked a million times again… Clausen will die of brain trauma at age 22 at this rate. The times when he has good protection are the plays we have max protect and are only send 2 WR on routes. Air Force coaches DOMINATED Weis. Whenever we went max protect, they sat back in a 5 man zone. sigh.
  • Hammond and Hayden. Just awful.
  • Weis continues to amaze me with his play calling. It is like playing a 12 year old in NCAA 2008. Going for 4th down instead of punting and I’m still pissed about last week. Even the 12 year old would have kicked the FG.
  • If Aldridge was only hit waist to helmet, he would win the Heisman someday. He always seems one ankle tackle away.
  • Robert Hughes needs to be our goal line RB. Thomas is done and lacks the violence Hughes brings out there that is needed in those situations.
  • We lost to 2 service academies. Things aren’t just weird they’re fucked up.

If you are looking for some positive notes, remember that National Signing Day is less than 3 months away. I will have a full report on the incoming class with Subway Domer’s Irish Lads: 2008 Recruiting Spectacular. I did the same for the 2007 class. And after that, I will follow it up with my report and twist on The State Of Recruiting. With every major recruiting service having Notre Dame as the #1 class for 2008 right now, it will be interesting to see if the Irish maintain their recruits into signing day… and develop them.


November 10, 2007

From McStug on Irish Illustrated’s 4 Horseman Lounge.

Air Force Cheats

November 9, 2007
How else do you explain this picture?

First they use aerial recon against us during the U$C game, and then they sneak attack us with a sub assault from the Navy. Bastards.