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What The F…..

January 31, 2008

John Tenuta to Notre Dame? What in the fuck is going on?! According to Irish Illustrated he has been hired and Bill Lewis will retire and will be announced after National Signing Day.
I really have no commentary on this development, other than to think that the timing is fucking horrible. If this effects any recruit to rethink their commitment to ND, than I am going to go apeshit all over Rivals. Sampson, Prister, Farrell, Ashley Russell… all of them. Rambo style.
Here is the LINK to the story. After I let all of this sink in I will produce more commentary.
I will say this however: This can be a good thing, but the timing. Do you really think that Tenuta will just coach DB’s as Lewis did? What is to become of Corwin Brown? This is fucked up. And Mike and I have some of our recruiting post for signing day already done. I might need to edit a few posts. Shit.
(Note the crazed look in John’s eyes. Scary.)

The Game That Changed Football

January 31, 2008

Most Irish fans know about the 1913 meeting between the University of Notre Dame and Army. At the time, Notre Dame was an obscure program located in the Midwest that utilized the forward pass when most other schools had barely heard of it. Army was a program looking for an easy win and the Irish, lead by a young coach by the name of Jesse C. Harper, was the team that could give it to them. Supposedly.

What happened on that November day however was anything but ordinary and would become the start of something very special for the University of Notre Dame. Harper’s team shocked the college football world by utilizing quarterback Gus Dorais’ unique passing talents and the receiving skills of a tight end named Rockne. Army was on their heels and with no prior experience against this type of aerial attack, they folded under the Irish by the score of 35-13.

There’s a new book out by author Frank P. Maggio, entitled Notre Dame and The Game That Changed Football, and you’ll probably find it a little different than some of the other recent Notre Dame related releases. This isn’t a Lou Holtz motivational speech (not that there is EVER anything wrong with one of those) and it’s not a story of Charlie Weis and his ascent into Super Bowl glory. This isn’t a chronicle of events throughout Notre Dame history, although you will be treated to a plethora of historical facts and information that would satiate even the most ardent Irish enthusiast. What this book is is the tale of the very foundation that Notre Dame football was built on.

You will read about the early days of football in South Bend, but you will also be taken on a historical roller coaster that details the very life and times of that era. You’ll learn about team travel in the early 20th century and how the game news and results were communicated via telegraph to the South Bend gymnasium where one of the male students would read the play-by-play aloud to eager fans. You’ll learn of the lasting friendship between Harper and Rockne, but more than anything you will read about the turn of events that created the foundation for the most storied program in college football history.

Author Frank P. Maggio graduated from the university’s School of Law in 1963 and presents this story in a way that only an alumnus of his era can. The introduction is written by legendary college football broadcaster Keith Jackson.

The Final Countdown

January 30, 2008

With a week left to go until National Signing Day, the countdown is ON! The Fighting Irish have 22 verbal commitments right now, and all is quiet on the western front. Meaning: all 22 should/will fax their letters of intent next Wednesday.

The Irish do, however, have a chance to lock in two more recruits. DE/LB Keith Wells and RB Milton Knox are visiting the Irish this weekend. Last minute commitments from big name recruits have not been the forte of the Irish in seasons past. However, both prospects seem genuinely interested in the Irish and are not just throwing the Notre Dame name around for “status” as some have in the past.

Milton Knox is committed to UCLA, but had been working feverishly to improve his test scores and receive an offer from Notre Dame. He did just that. Just a short while ago, Knox got the offer he has been working for and scheduled an official visit with the Irish. Knox committed to the Bruins back in June, but after a coaching change and a very disappointing season for the Bruins, Knox has been looking to go elsewhere. I think it is between ND and UCLA although I will never rule out Florida when the clock is ticking. A pledge from Knox would solidify the running back corps for years to come. At least at tailback… fullback is a whole other nightmare.

Keith Wells is a former verbal commit to Florida State. In short, he didn’t like what he saw from the program and decommitted from the Seminoles and isn’t considering them at all. Wells has been long considered an Ohio State lean. After the Buckeyes, Tennessee is right in the mix. It has been, basically, those two schools out in front for Keith’s signature. That changed recently, when the Irish told Wells they would offer the 4 star prospect if he made a visit to South Bend. So although Wells is not officially offered a scholarship right now, he will be offered on Saturday. Wells would be a very welcome addition to the Irish front 7 after Notre Dame was spurned by Kapron Lewis-Moore and was unable to get Datone Jones qualified. Wells can play the weakside DE or at an outside linebacker spot. He is a good athlete and very versatile. I believe Wells has the Buckeyes on top right now with the Volunteers right on their heels. However, his desire to seek out the Irish and truly see what Weis and the program has to offer is very intriguing.

In the end, the only thing that really matters is the future. If we lock up both or one of the two prospects, Notre Dame has a very likely chance of finishing with the number one recruiting class for this year. And while that is very enticing to be able to say that, it doesn’t change the fact that Notre Dame already has its best class in over 20 years. The balance of the class is phenomenal and is filling up true needs at needy positions. The countdown is on, and I’m counting every second.

Douche Tats

January 28, 2008

After reading this article on how Nebraska kept 4 star linebacker, Will Compton, Urban The Liar ran out to a tattoo parlor at 3:30 in the morning and had his entire wish list of recruits for 2009 tattooed on his back.

This is the look he gave when he heard the Compton tat was… temporary.


NBC Is Cheap

January 26, 2008

I think this guy has almost no idea what is going on. But, he still collects a paycheck. Anyways, this video is put together pretty well and shows the recruits. Rothstein makes a guest appearance to help save these two.

A Weak Response

January 25, 2008

I don’t really have a long and potent post planned for this, but here goes…
SHUT THE FUCK UP. A lot of posters across the web on message boards, chat rooms, and in the blogosphere have been complaining about Notre Dames weak finishes when it comes to recruiting. Put your head in a tub of boiling water, for you are fucking clueless and deserve to have your face melted off.
I fully agree with the last years class finishing weak. We lost 2 commits on signing day and lost another a few weeks before LOI day. Two 4 stars and a 5 star recruit that were committed and then lost in the last few moments of recruiting IS a shitty outcome.
However, this year is a whole new subject. Yes we lost 5 star Omar Hunter a few weeks ago. Bummer. This isn’t the death of the class or even the death of our D-Line class. The Irish still have done very well on the defensive line class this year and by all accounts, is the BEST we have had in a very long time. Shut the fuck up.
Recently, some Irish targets have made their decisions on what school to go to. And they aren’t coming to South Bend. Bummer. Let’s see… Mike Martin, a verbal commit to Michigan since June, has chose the Skunkbears after a few weeks of deliberations on maybe checking out ND. Kapron-Lewis Moore, a verbal commit to A&M since August, did the same and stayed at A&M. A few other prospects didn’t have the grades and went elsewhere. And a big offensive lineman, Kenneth Page, decided to stay close to mommas cooking and chose in-state Clemson over the Irish. SHUT THE FUCK UP.
This is a GREAT 22 man class as it is right now. Period. If a few more want to jump on board, even better. But recruiting is not the playoffs (if Div-I had them), it is not how you finish exactly. Weis does not need to just offer plan B and C guys to get more numbers. Recruiting is about filling needs with top quality guys and perhaps nabbing a few instant impact players. The Irish have done that already. Anything more this year wouldn’t be the icing on the cake, it would be the fucking baker presenting it to you. Please, shut the fuck up.

2007 College Football Blogger Awards

January 24, 2008

With the season over and recruiting at a frenzy, now is the time for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. These awards honor those who risk marriage and career to do what they do best… spew endlessly their non-stop bullshit about college football and their specific team onto a web page that will be seen by hundreds of lurkers from around the globe. It’s fantastic.

I direct you now to EDSBS to find out on how to vote, and they will have a complete list of the categories. Also, Brian Cook has made a nomination gizmo that blog readers should use as a voting tool. So even though I can’t vote for myself, I can bribe all of my readers to go and vote for me. I’ll say something nice about your mom if you do.

Here are Subway Domer’s votes with complete bias towards Fighting Irish blogs (Except for Subway Domer. Rule #1 is no voting for one’s own site) I will nominate more than one blog in some categories as the rules imply…

Funniest Blog.

  • Every Day Should Be Saturday. This is a hands down winner. Pissing yourself while reading is not an uncommon affair.
  • Fire Mark May. If you ever wondered about the whereabouts of Trev Alberts and want to see a one-eye Quinn, this is your site. Groundbreaking in its interviews.

Best Analysis.

  • Pitch Right. A Navy blog. Adam always puts together fine pieces of analysis. Sadly, this site is shutdown by the writer for having bigger priorities. But, just because Heath Ledger is dead, doesn’t mean someone won’t give him an award for something.
  • Blue-Gray Sky. They will be mentioned a few times.
  • Irish Glory.
  • Sunday Morning Quarterback.

Best MSM Blog. (Pro Journalist)

Best Looking Blog.

The Job Award (The blog that has suffered through its chosen team’s dismal season with the most dignity).

  • Blue-Gray Sky. Seriously, anyone who says otherwise is a dumb ass. Nebraska does not have the national following that ND has or the media attention. BGS handled this year with a touch of grace that I could never know. I threw shit and sat in a corner and cried for most of the season.

Best Audio.

  • EDSBS. Their live show is absolutely kick ass. Give Me A Fucking Siren!!!

Best YouTube.

  • Oldie Olderson. I’m not sure if this qualifies, but no one does a highlight film better. Not even Chuck Norris.

Best ACC Blog.

Best Big East/Notre Dame Blog.

Best Big Ten Blog.

Best Big 12 Blog.

Best Pac 10 Blog.

Best SEC Blog.

  • Fuck the SEC.

Best Non-BCS Blog.

MNC (Mythical National Champ)

There’s mine. Now go vote and make sure to do it before the stroke of midnight on Sunday.

Updating For Updates Sake

January 23, 2008

My apologies. Things have been really slow on all fronts and I don’t quite feel like regurgitating all of the “stories” surrounding Irish football. I have noticed a lot of hits lately on the site, and realize that all the die-hards are out and seeking every nugget of news there is. Quite frankly, there hasn’t been much. The Dana Jacobson story has been well versed, but still, no definitive video evidence has been displayed. (Although I hear that she/ESPN has issued an apology).

What is going on, is WAR. With two weeks left until Signing day, college coaches are pulling out all the stops to keep, receive, and poach prospects. I am purposely staying away from speculation on certain recruits because most of the reports out there are bullshit.

Take Tom Luginbill at ESPN for instance… This guy is a hack. ESPN is now in the recruiting game and have pushed Luginbill, Craig Haubert, and their “150” on us as if they were Mike Frank, Tom Lemming, or even Mike Farrell. They may be able to evaluate talent… maybe. But everything else is a load of crap. They are the leader in rumor-mongering. Luginbill does not talk to any of these recruits, except for the players that were in the Under-Armour All-American Game. If I called or e-mailed him right now and said “Word is, Thaddeus Brown has talked teammates Dayne Crist and Anthony McDonald into decommitting from Notre Dame and teammate Wes Horton into decommitting from USC and then, together, sign with Eastern Michigan on signing day”, he would turn it into a story. He is a douche and his prognostications should be treated as such. So pay NO attention to the “Jonas Gray might visit Michigan” stuff. Not gonna happen. ESPN is a corporate giant that is simply just looking for another way to generate more profit. Whores.

Speaking of signing day, I will be posting the 2008 Subway Domer Recruiting Spectacular a day or two after. Look for a little bit more this year and Colonialhead will be adding his thoughts as well. (I assume). Also, if any of you have any questions that I might be able to answer about this years class, please e-mail me at with your inquiries. I will answer them and publish them in the recruiting piece.

There will be a lot more to report on leading up to the spring game and even throughout the summer. I have PLENTY of Dick-Rod stuff lined up. That guy is truly an asshole. But, we need a pick-me-up. After a 3-9 season just remember, anybody can bounce back…

Doesn’t The Word "Depth", Imply Deep?

January 19, 2008

With the departure of Pat Kuntz this spring, and the future of Darrell Hand a question mark (Hand has been linked to rumors about heart problems that may end his football career) where do the Irish go to find its defensive lineman?

For argument sake, let’s take Hand out of the equation even though nothing has been officially announced. This leaves the Irish with only 6 scholarship players on the defensive line for the Spring game. That includes early enrollee Freshman, Sean Cwynar. Including Sean are: DE Paddy Mullen (JR), DE Justin Brown (5SR), NT Ian Williams (SO), DE Kallen Wade (JR), and offensive line covert DT Emeka Nwankwo (SO). Of these players, only Ian Williams and Justin Brown have started for the Irish and those were due to an injury pushing them into the lineup. Not very deep, is it? For the past few years, Notre Dame has had to use a rotation system with the offensive lineman and play them for both the Blue and Gold teams. It looks like this year, the defensive line might have to play the Iron man role. This does not look good for a defense looking to improve during the second year of Corwin Browns system.

There is hope on the way however. Come summer and fall, the Irish D-Line will be infused with more talent and youth. 3 more players will be suiting up and will be looking for significant playing time due to the lack of depth…and their own talent. DE Ethan Johnson, NT Brandon Newman, and DT Hafis Williams will be ready to go and might have that impact that Freshman All-American Ian Williams had last year. Plus, Kuntz might be able to return to ND as soon as this summer. That is starting to look a lot better. The Irish are still hammering away at possible commitments from two other D-Line prospects for the freshman class with signing day only 17 days away. DE Kapron Lewis-Moore is on campus right now, and DT Mike Martin will be visiting the Irish next weekend. Both are rated as 4 stars and could be impact recruits. The Irish already have their best D-line haul in almost two decades and it could be significantly better if one OR both commit to the Irish. We will have to wait and see.

Any way you look at the situation, the Irish should be in a lot better shape come Summer. In the meantime, watch the progression of the players at the Spring game. Hopefully, they will all improve and help create a real solution to a terrible problem. Doesn’t the word “depth” imply deep? Not quite yet, but soon.

Pat Kuntz Is Leaving…For Now

January 18, 2008

After weeks of rumors, it finally has come out in the open. Pat Kuntz is leaving ND for personal reasons. Here is the AP story. I will have my reaction on this in a post tomorrow.

Associated Press – January 17, 2008 5:24 PM ETSOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) – Notre Dame starting nose tackle Pat Kuntz is not enrolled in school for the spring semester. He says he dropped out for “personal reasons.”The 6-foot-3, 285-pound junior from Indianapolis won’t elaborate on why he’s not at school. And the university can’t comment because of privacy laws.Kuntz says he plans to return to Notre Dame, possibly as early as this summer, and hopes to play for the Irish this fall.Kuntz started 10 games as the Irish went 3-9 last season, but missed the final two games with injuries. He tore ligaments in his left knee against Air Force and found out a back injury from the previous game against Navy was a cracked bone in his spine.