Random Randomness At Random

With so much going on in the College Football Universe (Bowl season, recruiting and the HS All-American Games, and everything else), I really can’t put together a good post that flows and actually has a point. So instead I am just going to put a list of thoughts of what is going on in my head.

I wanna say something. I’m gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can
take it, if you don’t, send it right back.

– Ron Burgandy

  • Omar is gone and isn’t coming back. Sigh. To say this is a disappointment, would be an understatement. Omar was THE perfect fit for ND’s 3-4 scheme. But Charlie, the constant recruiter, has offered DT Mike Martin a scholarship. Martin is not the player Omar is right now, but is a very good player with a lot of upside. This is not a “dire” situation as some people would lead you to beleive. ND still has Ian Williams coming back asfter starting a few games at NG and seeing a lot of time off of the bench, and It has commitments from Sean Cwynar, Hafis Williams, and most importantly: Brandon Newman. If ND locks up Martin and gets another quality DT next year… all is well.
  • Ryan Mallett looks like he is heading to UCLA. We all saw this coming after the hire of R. Rod. I have to say that I am a little disappointed. I would have liked to have seen Clausen VS. Mallett II, III, and IV. With that said, Michigan may find itself in a HUGE jam if they do not land Terrelle Pryor. David Cone and Jason Forcier do not scare me. Michigan is in trouble… and I like it. Fuck Michigan.
  • The Irish have 14 commits playing in the Army All-American game and 2 commits in the ESPN Under Armour All-American game. Hefty numbers for what is still, what most experts would agree, the #1 rated recruiting calss for 2008. The Irish are not done and it could get even better. WR Deion Walker could pull the trigger Saturday at the ESPN game or even WR/S Gerrell Robinson at the Army game. ND will also be getting visits from DE and Subway Domer favorite Datone Jones and also from Texas A&M commit, DE Kapron Lewis-Moore. Plus, there may be a suprise recruit in there somewhere.
  • This Bowl season sucked ass. Blowouts seemed to be the “In” thing. I am doing decent in the Subway Domer Bowl Bonanza (2nd behind OC Domer) but after watching most of these games, my prediction of a LSU blowout win looks like crap. It might be the other way around now. Seriously, did you EVER think WV was going to kick the living shit out of Oklahoma? They did, and now the Title game looks in jeopardy. I wonder hoe the Kansas and Virginia Tech matchup will end up?
  • Stop the Charlie Weis to Dolphins talk. Ain’t gonna happen.

Look for more Random Shit in the near future.


4 Responses to “Random Randomness At Random”

  1. TWillingham Says:

    I’d like to apply to be a member of your staff. I enjoy Uwe Boll movies and making Transformer costumes out of cardboard in ND colors. I sharted in them after every single loss this season. That’s alot of ruined cardboard robot outfits. That should show you how much I love ND. Give me the gig, it might work out. Just think about it.

  2. OC Domer Says:

    Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

    By the way Josh, I’m a size XL.

    Go Irish! Beat the Aztecs!

  3. SubwayDomer26 Says:

    OC… bastard.

  4. The Four Horsemen Says:

    I hate to see that we lost Omar, but this was going to happen as I predicted last year. He commited to early and rode the waves of popularity.
    On the up side; we still have a shot at Martin, but I don’t think it’s a slam dunk by any means. If we do land him I personally believe he will pay out better dividends over the long haul verses Omar.
    I really believe Omar will not live up to his full potential. IMO, he will struggle with weight and technique. Even if I am wrong on these concerns, and he turns out to be great, then he’ll be off to the NFL on the early train. In either event it wouldn’t have benefited ND. Everything works out, one way or another.

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