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Douche Bag Alert

March 31, 2008

Urban The Liar at his finest…

Young Is A Monster And Running Back Has 3 Heads

March 30, 2008

Hughes, Allen, and Aldridge are looking help the team.

Sam Young is looking to lead the Irish to victory.

Calling The Shots… Jack Please!

March 30, 2008

Mike Haywood is ready to start calling the plays. I’m ready to start calling for more shots of Jack if the “O” doesn’t improve. It should be a more sober year…

Clausen Tries To Live Up To The Quinn Legend… And Hair

March 29, 2008

Perhaps a bit too shaggy. Where’s Scooby?

Bullshit! Downhill!

March 29, 2008

The TAH-NOO-TAH we will grow to love.

Weis is adjusting to the media asking the same questions about adjusting.

Defensive Saviors

March 29, 2008

Brian Smith and Kerry Neal became one of the few bright spots for the 2007 Irish, and look to do the same in 2008.

TAH-NOO-TAH And Friends

March 27, 2008

More from South Bend

The Legend of Corwin Brown Continues

March 27, 2008

Coach Brown speaks…

Football In Session

March 27, 2008

Time to kick off the 2008 season…

That was day 1.

Hate ESPN?

March 19, 2008

Who doesn’t anymore? Read these links and feel the love…