New Shirts

A few new shirts are available now at the merchandise link on the right…

5 Responses to “New Shirts”

  1. Don Gately Says:

    I’d pay $20 for the Tenuta shirt.

  2. tednICT Says:

    I agree with Don G. This could be a money maker for an organization at ND. The bookstore will never be that innovative.

  3. SZir John Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone ever bought a shirt from this site? I’m interested but want to make sure its a decent shirt, won’t fade after the first wash, etc.

  5. SubwayDomer26 Says:

    Anonymous. As I have created quite a few shirts, I have also ordered quite a few of them myself. i give them to family members and as gifts. They all seem to like them and they wear well. Some shirts are differnt styles such as a light-weight and a heavy weight shirt. The site will give you all of the details on each shirt.
    BTW- I don’t make a penny on these things.

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