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Carolina… Reunited

July 30, 2008

Today’s installment of Wu Am I? brings two of the Carolina’s finest sons…

Raeshon McNeil #8
6′ 0″ 187 lbs.
Mocksville, North Carolina
Wu-Name: Shaolin The Ill Figure
McNeil came to Notre Dame with the very highly touted class of 2006 along with another prospect at that position by the name of Darrin Walls. Since then, McNeil has always been overshadowed by Walls despite having a great Army All-American game and being a 4 star prospect as well.
This year is shaping up to be a big one for Raeshon. Before the news that Walls was leaving Notre Dame for the 2008 season, McNeil was figuring into mix as a nickel and dime back and was particularly intriguing as a blitzer out of the secondary. Now, McNeil must take on an even bigger role as the main competitor for Walls’ slot opposite of Terrail Lambert. He will have a lot of competition as ND is looking to still be in good shape at corner, but McNeil is at that breakout age of “Junior” and should have a lot to prove for this season and for 2009 as well.

Gary Gray #4
5’11” 185 lbs.
Columbia, South Carolina
Wu-Name: Big Baby The Grym Reaper
Gary was a big catch for the Irish for their incoming class of 2007. He was at one time a South Carolina commit, but as soon as his momma and himself reached ND’s campus he was all Irish. That statement was even bolder as he showed up to the Army All-American game with a Leprechaun carved into his hair on the back of his head.
The high hopes of Gary playing as a true freshman came to a halt in the Spring of 2007. Gary was an early enrollee in the Spring but was injured and prior to the start of fall camp, he underwent season ending shoulder surgery. He did practice with at full speed with the team in the fall and during spring practice for 2008, he was whispered to be the Fighting Irish’s best cover corner.
Gray, like McNeil, is in position for a big season after the Walls fallout. As he competes with McNeil over the starting spot on the other side of Lambert keep in mind that no matter which one of these two eventually wins the job of “starter”, they both will see ample playing time and both will be valuable assets in the Brown/Tenuta defense.

You’re Looking Live…

July 30, 2008

On July 21st ESPN returned to form with the 2008 premier of College Football Live. Although I have been very critical of ESPN in the past, I can honestly say I was dripping with anticipation. I set my DVR to record College Football Live everyday. The season is is just a few LONG weeks away and I am getting pumped for not just the Fighting Irish, but for all of College Football.

Sadly, but almost quite expectantly, I was disappointed from the start. This show is a fucking disaster. I am not going to bitch about their coverage of Notre Dame. Every Irish fan should know by now how The World Wide Leader covers the Fighting Irish. But, I will say one thing… Maurice Crum is definitely still on the team.

There is so much wrong with this show that it is hard to single out one thing that really sticks out as being the most dastardly (Molly Qerim talking, is certainly one of them). However, the show and its writers are only interested in about 15 teams out of 120 in 1-A. With so many story lines available to them, sucking Tim Tebow’s cock seems to be the greatest topic on hand.

There is hope for all of you TRUE College Football fans out there and it comes in the form of something delicious that you may already enjoy. EDSBS Live! As I’m writing this post, I am listening to the 7/29 broadcast. It’s already more informative and entertaining than anything ESPN and its stable of “personalities” has to offer. They have Sporting News writer and Irish hater Matt Hayes as a guest, and it puts Matt Hayes in a entirely new light. He actually sounds funny and has a real passion for this sport and is far more articulate than Bob “I Learned How To Milk A Cow At Purdue” Griese. (Peter Bean just called Hayes a motherfucker. Fantastic.)

Now for a lot of you out there you may have a certain preference for some of your media outlets, and I realize podcasts and internet shows are less than spectacular without awesome graphics and interactive fan polls about “The Cooler Helmet”. So maybe a little pressure is in order. Call, e-mail, and pester the fuck out of one network that may have the balls to put these guys on the tube and let me sit my ass on the coach and choke on a cherry twitzler in laughter…

I understand that this may be a tall order. But, the possibilities of a 60 minute show on TV about College Football that is completely “R” rated and over the top is too enticing to push aside as an early morning psychedelic freak out. I also expect some sort of monetary reimbursement if this happens, so be prepared to open you fucking wallet up Orsen.

Until then, enjoy their online show and get yourself prepared for the season.

Bagpipe Monday…. Follow The Piper

July 28, 2008

Need a new job?

Why The Hell Not? 2008 Season Predictions… Part I

July 27, 2008

It’s back. Last year I created a monster and thanks to a few e-mails kicking me in the ass, I have finally decided to sit down and put my Nostradamus like skills to use. Unfortunately for last year, I was not as accurate as one might hope. But, I blame a weird hallucinogen laced fruit salad I ate while visiting my good friend Dave Wannstedt. That crazy cripple.

So here we go, Part 1 in a 5 part series…

ND VS. San Diego State 38-6 IRISH

The season/home opener for the Irish went off without a hitch. Despite protests by scores of Notre Dame alums over the ages of 65, the game kicked off at its scheduled time of 3:30 instead of the proposed 9 AM kickoff. The alums were requesting this early time because of fear that San Diego Sate fans would be bringing their cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy with them to South Bend. Instead, 17 SDSU fans showed up with bikinis and speedos and coolers full of fish tacos and Corona.

The game itself was a complete blowout, and one that Notre Dame, Weis, and the fans desperately needed . The Irish put up 31 points in the first half led by an awesome ground attack from James Aldridge and Robert Hughes. They combined for 215 yards and 3 TD’s for the game. Jimmy Clausen had a good outing for the first start of the season with a 19-22 248 yard performance with 2 TD ( a 24 yard fade to Duval Kamara and a quick slant that went 44 yards to Golden Tate). The defense was particularly good and took the ball away three times. All three turnovers were INT’s with Bruton, McNeil, and Crum each snagging a pick. (Isn’t odd that Crum is even playing, since ESPN has him tabbed as a key departure?)

Aztec, Russell Allen continued to impress the NFL scouts with a 18 tackle performance including one sack for San Diego State. Bryan Shields kicked in two FG’s from 42 and 44 yards to put the Aztecs on the board in the second half.

MVP- David Bruton #27: 14 tackles, 1 INT and for a crushing hit on Darren Mougey.

ND (1-0) VS. Michigan (2-0) 24-13 IRISH

Michigan has been Houdiniesque so far this season after escaping with a last second field goal victory over Utah in the season opener and narrowly defeating Miami (OH). The Miami game was almost a loss due to the entire starting offensive line for the Skunkbears arrests after the Utah game from the week prior. All 5 were suspended one game. (Details were not released, but there had been whispers about a llama, a White Castle on Carpenter Road and a group of retirees). “Those that stay will be champions” is more like “Those that stay will leave with criminal records.”

After a quiet debut for Michael Floyd with only 2 receptions and 17 yards versus SDSU, he showed up for the Skunkbears and DOMINATED. He caught 7 balls for 182 yards and two touchdowns. One of the touchdowns came in the last 7 minutes of the game, a 42 yard bomb after a turnover, basically sealing a win for the Fighting Irish as it put them ahead 24-13.

The vaunted, DickRod offense sputtered all day as the Irish brought the wood. A combination of stellar D-Line play and well timed blitzes kept the Skunkbears in check and laid out on the grass. The buttery hands of Carlos Brown helped the Irish as he fumbled the ball away twice in Irish territory.

The stadium was comparable to the U$C game in 2005 as it deafened several ushers trying to stop a marshmallows fight in the student section after the last Floyd TD.

Weis 1 DickRod 0

MVP- Michael Floyd #3: 7 rec. 182 yards 2 TDs and a personal foul for moonwalking back to the sideline.

ND (2-0) @ Michigan State (3-0) 34-31 IRISH

Both teams were equally confident coming into this matchup. Both were undefeated and both teams were really moving the ball offensively and holding on to it as well. The Irish had yet to turn the ball over and Michigan State had only one turnover for the year, a Hoyer INT versus Cal in the first quarter. The Irish were looking to extend an odd streak of visiting team wins that stretched back to 2001.
After a fairly conservative first half ended in a 10-10 tie, the fireworks went off in the second half for both teams as they put the ball in the air play after play and had their WR’s come down with huge catches. But that paled in comparison to what happened during a TV timeout.

In the 3rd quarter, a completely naked man painted with green body paint and a white “S” on each butt cheek, got on the field and started running around like a crazed squirrel. He was carrying a white flag of surrender and when he reached the 50 yard line he stopped and waved it ferociously until security grabbed him and beat him to a green pulp. John L. Smith had escaped from the loony bin.

Back to the action… The Spartans made the score 31-24 with ten minutes left in the game after a 16 yard TD run by Javon Ringer. The Fighting Irish methodically moved down the field using about 5 minutes of clock with a 12 play drive that ended with a Robert Hughes TD from the one that tied the game. The Spartans took the ensuing kickoff 40 yards and reached the Irish 45. Brian Hoyer than threw an ill-advised pass while being flushed out of the pocket by Big Brandon Newman. That pass was picked off by Raeshon McNeil. The Irish wasted little time and got into field goal range after 3 consecutive passes by Clausen that put them on the Sparty 21 yard line. The Irish melted away the clock with 3 runs for a first down to the MSU 13 and 3 more runs up the gut by Schwaap to the 10. Brandon Walker jogged onto the field and chipped in the 27 yard FG to put the Irish up 3 with 3 ticks remaining on the clock. MSU tried a backwards pass type return on the kickoff, but it was swatted down by freshman Robert Blanton.

The streak continues as insanity prevails.

MVP- Jimmy Clausen 28-39 327 yards 3 TD’s. Inciting a riot. The streets burn in East Lansing.
Next Up: Purdue, Stanford, North Carolina

Ranking: 21 A.P. / 20 Coaches

Luchador Domer?

July 24, 2008

This guy is fucking scary. In a psychotic way. God bless him…

For Heaven’s Sake

July 22, 2008

Today’s installment of the WU AM I? series includes two former 5 star prospects. We were all yelling, “Thank Heaven” at the time and should do so again in the future.

James Aldridge #34
Running Back
6′ 1″ 222 lbs.
Junior Crown Point, Indiana
Wu-Name: Excessive Wizard
James Aldridge should be a star a Notre Dame. Before Cierre Wood committed to the Irish in April, James was the only 5-star rated running back Notre Dame had signed since the internet recruiting service era began back with the incoming class of 2002. If only recruiting stars predicted the future that lays within the stars.
James has battled injury after injury since his senior year. If you followed James’ career in high school, there was a huge difference in his explosiveness and ability to break tackles last year as compared to his last fully healthy season during his junior year in high school. He led the team in rushing last year, but saw his production take a big dip in the last few games due to an emerging Robert Hughes.
Uhhh…. Fuck all that. Every year is a new beginning and James is healthier now than at any point since he arrived at ND in the spring of 2006. With all of the Irish’s weapons at tailback this year and with what should be an improved offensive line from a running perspective, James will produce. He will have fresh legs and the will to prove himself to the world. Look out! Aldridge is seeking a break out year, and I think that he may have one.

Jimmy Clausen #7
6’3″ 212 lbs.
Westlake Village, California
Wu-Name: Fearless Overlord

Only Ron Powlus knows this kind of hype. Jimmy Clausen was hailed as the best high school quarterback to come out of California since John Elway. Well, at least he didn’t go to Stanford. Jimmy was tabbed as a “5-star, can’t miss prospect” since his sophomore year in high school. ESPN did a story on him that year and in turn helped start the fire.

It’s quite unfair really. Unfair to expect a kid to dominate as a true freshman. Couple this in with an elbow injury and surgery and having limited reps in the spring and summer because of said injury. And he did fine. Fine for a freshman at Notre Dame of ALL places. He, of course, did not dominate. But he did show ND Nation that the best was yet to come with some very solid play behind a very shaky line. He had a better completion percentage and a better touchdown to interception ratio than Irish Legend, Brady Quinn.

What Jimmy is now, is the starter of this team after winning out over Evan Sharpley last year. He has a season under his belt and took a lot of shots both physically and mentally from foe and media. He is bigger and has more experience around him this year than last year at the skilled position. He is truly better.

Two things can make this year great for Jimmy: 1. His offensive line must give him time IN THE POCKET. 2. The running game must be more effective on 1st down. If these things can happen, than watch for a quarterback that looks more like Quinn during his Junior year. That is a bold statement, but I just watched Pulp Fiction.

Bagpipe Monday… Worldwide

July 21, 2008

I’m not quite sure if these guys are Celtic or not. Either way, they kick ass.

Where’s Gina? Martin’s On Board!

July 21, 2008

I put my foot in my mouth… and got some results!

Notre Dame’s lack of commitments from offensive tackles was making me a little nervous especially since 4 of the 8 offered prospects had committed elsewhere.

I can breathe a little easier. Zach Martin from Bishop Chatard High in Indianapolis committed to the Fighting Irish today. The 6′ 5″ 270 lbs. 4 star ( lineman is the 13th verbal commitment for Notre Dame’s incoming class of 2009.

The Irish are in desperate need for tackles to ensure the future depth at the position. Zach is a very tough and aggressive blocker, but as with a lot of young prospects, he will need to work very hard on improving his pass blocking skills.

Martin chose the Irish over Michigan, Iowa, and Kentucky to name a few of the offers. The icing on the cake is that ND locked down a highly rated player from the state of Indiana. Indiana is no recruiting hotbed when it comes to football talent, but it does offer very good prospects every year that can qualify academically for Notre Dame. The Irish must continue to keep their in-state talent in their state.

Welcome To ND Zach!!!


Random Daze

July 18, 2008

I have been far too busy with real life this week to post anything meaningful… until now of course.

Does Notre Dame Have A New Athletic Director? You bet! If you didn’t know that, then you must not surf the web enough. I am proud to say that I may be the only “regular” Irish blog to not publish a piece about Starbucks. I mean, what the hell is ND thinking? I’m all for hiring edgy prospects, but a cup of coffee? It must be one strong cup of java considering it is also an attorney. At any rate, if you need to read more on this caffeinated hire, please follow this link and don’t forget to ask for a double shot.
Personally, this hire doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. The AD position at Notre Dame is becoming football neutered and unless this cup of brew schedules the “U”… Whoopee.
Notre Dame Is Money. In a recent Journal-Gazette article, it showed that the Fighting Irish football team was the second biggest profiteer in the country behind only Texas. Whatever. Like we didn’t know this. What was interesting was the graph that the paper showed (not on the online article). Ohio State was the biggest spender. How much more? Like $16,000,000.00 more than the next biggest spender. This shouldn’t be big news considering they signed Terrelle Pryor. Add that to court costs, attorney fees, referees, and extra fire trucks and that just about covers that extra $16 million. What will be interesting to see, is how much more they spend this year considering their recruiting class is looking more and more like the #1 class in the country. Need a loan? Go ask Dick Tressel and be sure to tell him that you are really 19, run a 4.4 40 yd dash, and are fucking crazy. You might get it.
Announcing The Conversation. It is bound to come up soon enough. Can’t NBC find ANYONE other than Tom Hammond to announce Notre Dame football? I can actually deal with a former U$C quarterback doing the color commentary, but having the King of Figure Skating bore me to death with his triple axle bullshit, is borderline rape. I realize how horrible it is for Irish fans, but i didn’t know how bad it was for the rest of the world until I spoke with a co-worker and Buckeye fan…

“You’re paying them millions of dollars. Lick their fucking nuts.”

There is one name out there that needs to be researched. Dan Patrick. Dan is a self-announced Subway Alum, and needs a better gig anyways. At least ask his cousin, Jim Lampley. Another season of Hammond is inevitable, but recruiting is never ending.
Speaking Of Recruiting. I don’t mean to end this on a low note, but what is going on with Notre Dame’s Offensive Tackle recruiting thus far. The Fighting Irish have put out 8 offers and of those offers, 4 have committed elsewhere. That leaves 4 offered tackles. Of those four, recruiting experts give the Irish a decent chance at only two of them. Ouch!
In a year where the Irish really needed 2-3 offensive tackle recruits, they are slowly dragging behind. Look for more offers to come out if Indianapolis lineman, Zach Martin, goes elsewhere. This is a major need for this team in trying to establish TRUE depth at a position that in effect controls the offense.
One More Thing. If you haven’t read The Blue-Gray Sky’s recent post about ND’s sack trouble in 2007, you need to do this now. Amazing. Now go practice…

You’re Welcome

July 18, 2008

IrishFan1989, you asked for a post of your video, so here you go.

That was painless. If anybody else has done their own videos (Irish football you sleaze ball), give me a shout and I’ll post it for you.