Something For Everybody

You may, or may not, have noticed a new widget on the site. It’s a video widget called FanDome. There is also a website that this widget comes from called Irish FanDome. It is a very well put together site that has oodles of videos and information on Notre Dame and it’s mother site covers most of the other NCAA 1-A schools as well.

I encourage all of you to check them out, and if you are a blogger I suggest you use them as a video service as well.

That’s all. Check out two of the most recent additions to their video library for Notre Dame:


One Response to “Something For Everybody”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    blah blah blah, if I wanted to hear him explain another disaster and how they were going to “bounce back” and not get in “the tank” for the umpteenth time, I’d get on the UND site, watch another presser, and cut my throat. How can you blame those kids for losing faith in him? He has no passion and his team reflects that.

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