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The Oldies…

February 27, 2009

A few years back, a guy going by the name of Oldie Olderson (Nevin O’Donnell), created a highlight video on Youtube for the 2005 Fighting Irish Football team. It was a hit. His videos were some of the most anticipated offerings for Irish fans during the season on the Internet. Sadly, it looks as if he is done. He only made 2 for the 2007 season (can’t blame him there) and none for 2008.

Others have tried to replicate his work, but no one has been up to the standard that he set. Some of the videos from others have been very good- but they are no “Oldie videos.” In fact, I think it is safe to say that Oldie made the best highlight films out there for any college football team.

Here are a few examples of his work. Oldie- I hardly knew thee…

One of my personal favorites. It got me headbutting my computer screen.

The Shark is immortalized.

The 2005 Highlight Video.

A Toast To Michigan

February 26, 2009
You suck…

Columbus, Ohio is always a great place for Skunkbear hunters. That, is where this advertising monument of genius is located.

Bagpipe Monday… FMLA Style

February 23, 2009

Welcome back to Bagpipe Monday presented by Subway Domer. There is lots of stuff going on not only within the Notre Dame Football program, but also the Subway Domer Family program. My apologies to those who have suffered for the past few weeks with no bagpipes to rock out to on your computer screen, but if you have been following me for at least two days, than you know why. At any rate, welcome back.

This is the time in the Bagpipe Monday post where I usually list off the results of the previous poll. Well, I don’t remember what that poll last actually contained. So, I have a small rundown of randomness:

  • Notre Dame is getting their ass handed to them by Alabama. Please vote your conscience.
  • The eligibility charts and recruiting map are now linked on the right sidebar. Use wisely.
  • has ended the Civil War and has opened up Rock’s House to all who post there. Cartier Field remains, but really, it’s disbanded.
  • I received this e-mail a few short weeks ago- Why is it necessary to use such base language in your reporting. Is it because you want to come across as “one of the guys”? It seems very unnecessary and immature to me, adds nothing to the reporting and risks offending and alienating a sizable number of your readers. I think you’re better than this and don’t need locker room jargon to get your message to your readers. Personally, I lose respect for you when I read some of your offerings, laced with profanity and further, you diminish the University that you seem to care so deeply about. I hope you will think about this. Good Luck Warren “ Seriously people. I get one of these a week or so. Don’t take this too personal Warren, but who do you think you are? This is who I am and what this site is. I really don’t give a shit. I am not a journalist- nor do I pretend to be. This is a blog by a member of the Subway Alumni… recognize.

And with that- please vote in this weeks poll and enjoy the pipes!

Oh, Dear Lord…

February 21, 2009

Well, it finally happened. The Subway Domer is a brand new father. To say that I am completely overwhelmed emotionally and physically would be an understatement and an injustice to my wife… but I am- we are. Baby Olivia was born Monday the 16th at 4:48 PM. She was 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 20 inches long. She looks just like me. I have apologized to her countless times already.

I just wanted to let everyone know, that posting will be a little light for a while. I’m sure you will all understand. However, just because the frequency will be down some, does not mean I’m closing shop or changing the way I do things around here. I have some things that I am working on and thoughts and ideas that I am bouncing around… so look out. 2009 is shaping up to be a great year. Stay tuned, God bless, and Go Irish!

The Subway Domer.

TAH-NOO-TAH!!! Eats Baby Rabbits…

February 14, 2009

TAH-NOO-TAH say, “Te’o no Katzenmoyer, but still will rip your intestines out.”

Tenutas vision of the defense @ Rivals Video

Bryant Young is Barry White trapped in a defensive lineman’s body. (He actually says, “Get in where you fit in.” Too $hort!!!! Must be his Bay area influence).

Young wants to share his knowledge of the game @ Rivals Video

BTW- Are those sweaters black? Somebody must be reading Three Guys In A Basement and watching the Subway Alumni Show.

Weis Presser Tidbits

February 13, 2009

Charlie Weis spoke to the media today and laid out some new things for program this year. Here is a short rundown of what was said…

  • Corwin Brown has been promoted to Associate Head Coach/Co-Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach.
  • Jon TAH-NOO-TAH has been promoted to Assistant Head Coach for Defense/ Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers Coach.
  • TAH-NOO-TAH!!! will be calling the defensive plays.
  • Bryant Young was officially announced as the Defensive Graduate Assistant.
  • Romeo Crennel will not be the new Defensive Line Coach.
  • Weis said he should have a decision on the Defensive Line coach soon.
  • Weis is making himself the Offensive Coordinator and will be calling the plays.
  • Weis would not rule out coaching from the press box next year and labeled the situation as “50-50,” but on the lower end.
  • Frank Verducci was officially named Offensive Line Coach and Running Game Coordinator.
  • Tony Alford was officially named Running Backs Coach.
  • Weis mentioned that several players will have to have their tonsils removed (no shit) and may not be ready for Spring Ball, but will be ready for the Summer/Fall.
  • There is no official word from the University on which players will be returning for a 5th year in 2009.
  • Weis mentioned that the 2010 recruiting class should be about 24-25 players to get the team up to the 85 allotted amount of players.
  • Weis is feeling good after surgery on his right knee, and has postponed the surgery to his left knee that was scheduled for this month, “indefinitely.”
  • Darrin Walls is back in school and with the team, and will be ready to go in the Spring.
  • Luke Schmidt’s football career is over because of concussions.
  • Jashaad Gaines is still on a leave of absence from the University due to personal issues. Weis said the “door is open” for a return, but nothing has been decided yet.

I’ll have some commentary on these events in a day or so. I’m still waiting for my wife to give birth to our first child. She (daughter), is already not listening to us and refuses to leave the womb. So… you never know.

UPDATE: Videos from today…


Weis makes changes @ Rivals Video


Alford ready to run @ Rivals Video


Verducci: OL problems are correctible @ Rivals Video

The State of Recruiting 2009

February 11, 2009

The 2009 recruiting class is formed and it’s time to bring you the 3rd annual “State of Recruiting” post. This has always been a fun post for me because I really enjoy seeing how this team is molded together from all the corners of the country.

Before I continue, I have a few thoughts that I need to get off of my chest. Fuck Andy Staples, fuck CNN, and fuck SI. Why such vulgarity towards these individuals? Well it’s touchy. But simply put… that motherfucker stole this shit. Andy Staples published an article called The State of Recruiting. Nothing wrong with that, lots of websites and blogs use that title- especially this time of the year. The way in which he used it, is essentially fucked. He took my idea of making a map and plotting recruits on the map while using the title of the post to be used in the most literal form, and ran with it. I guess posting stuff on a blog for over two years, doesn’t make me a source- just a tool of plagiarism for the media. (I realize that this sounds bitchy, and I agree. But the war between the mainstream media and bloggers is a bloody battle that has been fought for a number of years now. You couldn’t… at least change the title Andy?)

Now that I got that off of my chest…

The Fighting Irish are represented by 26 different states on this roster as it pertains to the scholarship players. That number is quite remarkable. Historically, Notre Dame was forced to recruit nationally out of necessity, due to the small number of elite prospects in Indiana. That necessity has evolved into something else entirely. I’ve talked about pipelines in this post for the past two years, and it can’t be stated enough… these things matter. Notre Dame is firmly entrenched in some major recruiting hotspots from around the country and if the program is going to reach the pinnacle of success on the field, they need to continue this trend of recruiting. Obviously, the Irish have a hard time swaying some prospects from “Big state U” and they have an academic requirement that is much higher than those schools, but they work as hard as any school in the country at bringing talent to South Bend- and those dividends should really be paying back this year.

So without further poor writing, I give you the map: I beefed up the recruiting map this year due to the CNN article. The red placemarks are the 2009 class, while the blue placemarks are from the previous classes that are still members of the Fighting Irish Football team. The green placemarks are part of the 2010 class. Sometime in the next month at so, I will take the placemarks and turn the red into blue and the green into red… like an artist. Like the Eligibility Charts, this recruiting map will be another tool for all of you to keep checking in on. You’re welcome- all 5 of you.

View Larger Map

Basically, you can see a pattern that Weis and Notre dame have developed over the years. Southern Florida, Southern California, and along highway 80/90 from the Chicagoland area to the east coast.

The following is a breakdown of the top states for sheer numbers and their average star rating for the players, according to This is the Elite 8.

1. Florida

  • 9 players.
  • Average Star Rating……… 3.55
  • Most Notable……… Sam Young (5*), Armando Allen (4*), Ian Williams (3*)
  • Biggest Loss……… Maurice Crum (3* LB) Captain
  • Newcomers……… Jordan Cowart (2* LS), Ben Turk (3* P), Zeke Motta (4* LB)
  • 2008 Ranking- #1 (8 players / 3.62 Average Star Rating)
  • The King for the last few years. Florida continues to be a well of talent from which Weis can draw from. After a 2008 that saw zero recruits from the Sunshine State, Notre Dame grabbed 3 prospects for 2009. The two specialists helped knock the A.S.R. down a bit, but they are needed prospects if the Irish wish to keep improving their special teams units. Zeke Motta was a huge grab at LB that some analysts think could have an immediate impact on the 2009 team. Only 3 players in the past two years, is not a good trend. Unless Weis can win over some Floridian talent for the 2010 class, Florida may be in danger of plummeting in the rankings. That would be catastrophic for a program like Notre Dame.

2. Illinois

  • 8 players.
  • A.S.R………. 3.63
  • Most Notable……… Sergio Brown (4*), Robert Hughes (4*), Darius Fleming (4*)
  • Biggest Loss……… NONE
  • Newcomers……… Chris Watt (5* OG)
  • 2008 Ranking- #4 ( 7/3.71)
  • Notre Dame is making huge strides in a pipeline state that should always produce top talent for the program. Illinois hovered at the #4 ranking in 2007 and 2008, but in 2009 they climb to the #2 spot after picking up 5 star lineman Chris Watt. The A.S.R. took a dip, but that was mainly due to the addition of Mike Anello, for whom I could only grant one star after being unable to find any info on him in the recruiting database. Most Irish fans have been crying out for Notre dame to put a fence around the state of Illinois, and Chicago in particular, for its top players. They are on the right track to do that once again for the 2010 class, and I see Illinois threatening to take the #1 spot next year.

3. Ohio

  • 8 players.
  • A.S.R………. 3.37
  • Most Notable……… Kyle McCarthy (2*), Kyle Rudolph (5*), Brandon Walker (3*)
  • Biggest Loss……… David Bruton (3* S) Captain
  • Newcomers……… Dan Fox (3* LB)
  • 2008 Ranking- #2 ( 8/3.37)
  • Ohio is littered with talent. The problem is that we are not getting enough of it to help out. While the number of prospects is very high, the level of talent isn’t on par. Notre Dame still has trouble competing with Ohio State for the elite prospects in the state of Ohio. This isn’t to say that there is no good talent coming from the Buckeye state, it just means that Notre Dame still needs to improve. Dan Fox is a nice addition and if he develops like David Bruton, another Ohio 3 star, than he should do well for himself and the football team.

4. California

  • 7 players
  • A.S.R………. 4.29
  • Most Notable……… Jimmy Clausen (5*), Dayne Crist (5*), Anthony McDonald (4*)
  • Biggest Loss……… Will Yeatman (3* TE) Transfer
  • Newcomers……… Shaq Evans (4* WR), Cierre Wood (4* RB)
  • 2008 Ranking- #3 (7/4.14)
  • For having such a high star rating with as many players as California provides to the Irish, it’s hard to not just say that they are the #1 state. But, that’s not exactly how I rank them, and of all the players, only Jimmy Clausen is making a significant contribution. I expect that to change next year as Irish fans await the arrival of Evans and Wood. Steve Wiltfong of Irish Eyes said on a recent Power Hour, that ND is becoming the “other” state university of California after U$C, and UCLA. Notre dame isn’t coming out of California with 3 star players- they’re 5 star and high 4 star caliber recruits. This is important is so many ways for the future of the program. The 2010 class is off to a good start after the commitment of 5* Chris Martin, so look for California to challenge for the top spot in 2010 along with Illinois and Florida.

5. New Jersey

  • 6 players.
  • A.S.R………. 3.83
  • Most Notable……… Duval Kamara (4*), Mike Ragone (4*)
  • Biggest Loss……… Steve Quinn (3* LB I think he lived in Jersey, but went to school in Pennsylvania?)
  • Newcomers……… Carlo Calabrese (4* LB), Theo Riddick (4* RB), Tyler Stockton (4* DT)
  • 2008 Ranking- #7 (4/3.5)
  • Notre Dame keeps improving its presence in the home state of Charlie Weis. There is always a good amount of top talent in the Garden State, and the Irish are trying to get all it can. Notre Dame lost out on Nyshier Oliver (4* WR) at the end, but they still came away with three 4 star prospects. This trend will continue as long as Weis has anything to do about it. Look for yet another jump in the standings next year, with none of the Jersey guys scheduled to leave ND after the 2009 season.

6. Indiana

  • 6 players.
  • A.S.R………. 3.66
  • Most Notable……… James Aldridge (5*), John Goodman (4*)
  • Biggest Loss……… Luke Schmidt (4* FB) Medical
  • Newcomers……… Tyler Eifert (3* TE), Zach Martin (4* OT)
  • 2008 Ranking- #5 (7/3.43)
  • Indiana has been a surprise to me since I started doing this two years ago. Maybe they shouldn’t be. The Hoosier state doesn’t pump out large numbers of top-flight prospects that other states may produce, but it still has 3-4 recruits every year that can excel at the next level. I’ve been shouting about Ft. Wayne having the talent that Notre Dame is looking for, and that city sent 5 kids to big schools this year- including Tyler Eifert. Indiana doesn’t have to provide 10-15 top end kids a year for Notre Dame with the national recruiting that the Irish feed on, but 2-3 prospects in the state is a nice amount to rely on in yearly basis. Notre Dame is off to a good start with 4 star WR, Daniel Smith. A couple more, and they’ll be set.

7. Tennessee

  • 4 players.
  • A.S.R………. 4.00
  • Most Notable……… Golden Tate (4*), Harrison Smith (4*)
  • Biggest Loss……… NONE
  • Newcomers……… Alex Bullard
  • 2008 Ranking- Not Ranked
  • The newcomer to the Elite 8 is Tennessee. In essence, it knocked Georgia out of the rankings with more productive players and a higher Average Star ranking. Weis is doing a tremendous job of securing the best talent that Tennessee has to offer like no other coach before him at Notre Dame has done. With Kiffin taking over for Fulmer, I’m sure that he would like to put that fence around the state (and cheat and lie about others cheating). However, with the relationships that Weis and the staff are forming with the schools in this state and the caliber of players already at ND from the state- Notre dame should continue this trend and keep Tennessee in these rankings.

8. Pennsylvania

  • 4 players.
  • A.S.R………. 3.25
  • Most Notable……… Darrin Walls (4*), Steve Paskorz (3*)
  • Biggest Loss……… Mike Turkovich (4* OT)
  • Newcomers……… EJ Banks (3* CB)
  • 2008 Ranking- #8 (4/3.50)
  • We need help in Pennsylvania. What was once fertile recruiting grounds for the Fighting Irish, is now just a modest handful of players. Ohio State, Penn State, and Pittsburgh have really been pushing the Irish out of western PA. Notre Dame must do a better job of securing signatures from the homeland of Joe Montana, Raghib Ismail, and Ricky Watters. With some work and some luck, Notre Dame may end up with more than a couple commits from the Keystone State.

The 2009 Subway Domer Recruiting Spectacular

February 6, 2009

Link-O-Rama… Because I’m Sitting here

February 6, 2009

A small, but needed, Link-O-Rama for all of you to consume. Please chew carefully.

Late Addition

February 6, 2009

The Fighting Irish added a late addition to the 2009 incoming class of freshman. Roby Toma, 5’10” 160 lbs. WR from Hawai’i, was offered a scholarship late in the game and on Thursday he accepted the invitation to play for Notre Dame in 2009 and beyond.
Toma becomes the 18th and final commit for the incoming class of 2009. I’ll have more on Toma in a few days.
Welcome to Notre Dame Roby!!!