TAH-NOO-TAH!!! Eats Baby Rabbits…

TAH-NOO-TAH say, “Te’o no Katzenmoyer, but still will rip your intestines out.”

Tenutas vision of the defense @ Rivals Video

Bryant Young is Barry White trapped in a defensive lineman’s body. (He actually says, “Get in where you fit in.” Too $hort!!!! Must be his Bay area influence).

Young wants to share his knowledge of the game @ Rivals Video

BTW- Are those sweaters black? Somebody must be reading Three Guys In A Basement and watching the Subway Alumni Show.


2 Responses to “TAH-NOO-TAH!!! Eats Baby Rabbits…”

  1. Irish Right Says:

    Good grief! When Bryant Young was tapping his fingers on the table, it sounded like gunshots. Let’s hope he instills some of his toughness in his players. This is a GOOD move on Charlie’s part.

  2. Doug Says:

    Enjoy the blog. Any chance we can link up with you guys?

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