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Random Randomness Kicks Things Off

April 28, 2009

So I’ve been knee deep in frozen breast milk, poopy diapers, and the color pink for a while now. Fatherhood is pretty sweet, but it does take up a lot of my time. I think I have things more scheduled now, so posting should be back to normal. I think I’ll have about 3 posts a week starting next week until July.

So, lets screw the excuses and jump right into it…

Yep, I went to the Blue-Gold Game. After weeks of indecision, I made it up to the game after narrowly escaping a “death by deer” incident on 31. I realize everything that could have been said about the game has been said, but here is a bit more that you may not or could not have known… with bullet points!!!:
  • Dad arrived at my house early- as usual. I noticed the McDonald’s coffee in his hand and I asked him why in the hell would he go get breakfast without me.
  • We arrived at McDonald’s.
  • Picked up The Great Stretchinsky. He hobbled his crippled ass to the car. I laugh at “The Savior of BF Goodrich.” (A short story, but longer than the time I have to offer).
  • Dad’s famous 20/20 vision is put to the test as he somehow misses hitting the biggest fucking deer I have ever seen on highway 31. (Slight exaggeration… but what part?)
  • We park.
  • Bought the tickets and headed over to Gate B. No sign of anyone wanting to fight me or Stretch. All I saw was a few random people and about 9 cops. I then wondered- “Who is the crazier asshole? The anonymous poster for calling a challenge against a blogger and his buddy, or the blogger and his buddy for showing up to meet some crazed dumb ass reader?” It feels like a fatal attraction. I’m done with that shit.
  • Walked over to Mike Frank’s tailgate for Irish Eyes members. I post over there as “skelaton26”. I greeted a busy Mike Frank and was told to drink up. We did indeed. Thanks for the beer Mike. I’ll make sure to stop by more during the season.
  • As I tried to walk into the stadium and hand my ticket to one of the ushers, 3 more ushers came over to me and demanded that I turned my shirt inside out. I wore my “Muck Fichigan” shirt. Needless to say, that my reaction to their overreaction was met with some stern warnings. I mean seriously. Muck? This is why the fun and electricity is gone from gameday. I told them I wasn’t gay, so I would turn it inside out in the restroom instead of letting them drool over my delicious body. They followed me anyways. They never did take my ticket. Maybe I’ll try a new shirt this fall.
  • I met Eric of The Subway Alumni Show. Nice guy. Skinny as a crackhead though. Must be something in Magic Hat Beer. Eric and I agree- Nate Montana should be starting…
  • BTW- The “Shirt” sucks in real life as well. Horrible.
  • I’m not sure when it happened, but early in the game I caught more shit from the ushers. They made me take out what was an enjoyable dip of tobacco. I wasn’t spitting on the person in front of me, and I wasn’t spitting on the stairs or ground. I used a plastic water bottle. They said it was a city law. I googled it- I didn’t find anything. There was like 1 usher for every 4 people there, so they probably needed something to do- but once again… seriously? I’ve been going to Notre Dame games since I was 19 and i started chewing during the game after they banned smoking inside the stadium all together ( I was a smoker until last June) and never was I reprimanded for chewing tobacco. I sat in a cloud of anger.
  • They played the game.

Now, I could probably give you my opinions on the game itself, but after a week and a half- what’s the point? I will say that the team speed on defense looked good, and the offensive line looks like they aren’t lost in the wilderness with Moses. Other than that, it was as vanilla as you would expect from a public scrimmage that was orchestrated by Coach Weis. I should have drank more.

The NFL Draft means that football season is officially over… until July. For the 3rd time in 11 years, Notre Dame only had one player drafted (David Bruton- Broncos). The other two times were in 1998 ( Allen Rossum- Eagles) and in 2000 (Jarius Jackson- Broncos). That says a lot about the program for this past decade… and it ain’t good. Five other players were signed as rookie free agents and another is weighing his options.

Next years draft could see a resurgence of draft picks with 6 seniors and possibly 6 or 7 juniors/5th year candidates. I’m not saying that 13 players will get drafted next year- that’s stupid. But, there is always a possibility. I’m guessing 7. Still a high number, but what the hell. Denver might do us another favor or two.

Sorry about the Bagpipes. Since I’ve been posting lightly, I haven’t had a “Bagpipe Monday” in a while. I hope this makes up for the lack of pipes these past few weeks.

The MVP’s & The General

April 19, 2009

Armando Allen

The sky is the limit for Allen @ Rivals Video

Robert Blanton

Blanton has great expectations @ Rivals Video

Coach Weis

Weis sees spring progress @ Rivals Video

You can see more highlights and interviews at… HERE.

I’ll have my own thoughts on the game and the gameday experience in a day or so. I just need a little more time to let this stuff marinate- it’s not like I don’t have some time between now and the Nevada game. Don’t worry though- it will be up soon.


April 16, 2009

Zeke Motta

Motta making the transition @ Rivals Video

Tyler Stockton

Stockton standing tall @ Rivals Video

EJ Banks

Banks ready for fall @ Rivals Video

Time For Battle

April 16, 2009

Charlie Weis

Weis committed to Irish @ Rivals Video

The OL and DL Battle

Battle lines @ Rivals Video

Big Recruiting Weekend

April 15, 2009

Pete Sampson talks about some of the visitors that will be in South Bend to see the Blue & Gold game.

AMP: Big weekend in South Bend @ Rivals Video

The Tradition Does Not Continue In 2009

April 15, 2009

I was trolling the message boards, and ran across a video that was just recently posted on Youtube. It’s a montage tribute to the 2008 Fighting Irish defense. The video is well made, and as you can tell- I posted it in this post. A couple of things you should know before you watch this:

  • A couple of things were unintentionally funny. At the 8:12 mark the screen flashes the word dominate. It then shows a sack against Syracuse.
  • It wraps up with some highlights from the U$C game and then closes with the phrase, “The Tradition Continues.” Yes, the tradition of Notre Dame getting our ass kicked by Carroll is continued.

Just thought you should know those things right away. Here’s the video:

A couple of thoughts while I have your attention about the Notre Dame Defense:

  • The reality is- the 2008 defense was light years ahead of what the program has fielded in the entire Charlie Weis regime.
  • People still say our pass defense is our Achilles heel. These are ignorant fools that base things off of results from two and even three years ago. The 2008 defense ended with a #22 Pass Efficiency Defense.
  • The real root of the problem was the rush defense. It was fucking awful. It ranked #45- giving up over 134 yards a game.
  • The 2009 defense has a very good chance at not only improving on its already good pass defense, but also improving against the run.
  • The defense is making another shift- the 3rd in 3 years. But, it has improved. If ND would have had some type of offense in 2007, there would have been a better result for the defense. Then it improved drastically in 2008. The jump from decent to very good is coming very soon.
  • Get your fucking hard hats ready.

Bagpipe Monday… The Hammer Throw

April 13, 2009

Welcome back to Bagpipe Monday here at Subway Domer. It’s game week for all of the Fighting Irish faithful. Time to start getting prepared for a huge victory- or loss. I guess it’s all how you look at it.

Last week I asked you “Would you sell your soul for a victory over U$C?” Here are the results…

  • 43% said NO
  • 40% said The blood was still fresh on their signature
  • 17% said YES

So… That must mean that…

  • 43% of you felt guilty about selling your soul with the whole Easter thing. I should of asked this question in July.
  • 40 % of you are eager for hell if that means watching the Poodle take one in the ass while he is in South Bend. Bravo- except what kind of person are you?
  • 17% of you want to read the fine print first and make sure you weren’t hosed. Some of you are still feeling the sting of your contacts being trumped by the Matt Leinhart contract of 2005 in which that fucker pledged his eternal soul for Bush to push his tush. Man they’re gay.

This week I ask you all a simple question. Should the NCAA drop the hammer on U$C in regards to the NCAA investigation of lack of institutional control? I know you have an opinion- let it be heard. Don’t forget to vote and enjoy the pipes!

Mitch Mustain Has A Message

April 10, 2009

“High. My name is Mitch Mustain, and I sniff my mom’s panties. Don’t I look cool and super suave with this killer stache man? This is why I transferred to U$C. I wanted to grow a stache, become a 3rd string quarterback, and be closer to my future profession as a smut dealer. Life is GREAT!!!”

A Plethora Of PiƱatas

April 10, 2009

Toryan Smith and Jimmy… The Odd Couple

April 9, 2009

Practice spotlight on Toryan Smith

Spotlight on Toryan Smith @ Rivals Video

Jimmy Clausen

Clausen strong in experience @ Rivals Video