Turn Around Bright Eyes

This is something that can not wait until the Hangover post. Please hold back the tears and the urge to call your high school girlfriend…


6 Responses to “Turn Around Bright Eyes”

  1. Clay Says:

    That was great. Just excellent stuff.

    Golden's dive into the wrong band was THE GREATEST touchdown celebration of all time. Hands down. It had everything–pinache, acrobatics, wanton and wreckless disregard for the health and safety of the opposing fan base, spontaneity, a rock and roll theme (stage dive), an excessive celebration no-call, and an overall theatrical quality. I say BRAVISSIMO to Mr. Tate, a virtuoso of the big play and ensuing end zone celebration!


  2. Burke Says:

    Clay – great thinking. Just the kind of thinking that encourages Toriyan Smith to dive over the end zone line and get 15 yard penelaty that helped Navy almost beat us last year and Allen to shhh the crowd – we know where that ended up.

    Stupid – should have been 15 yard flag on excessive celebration and stupidity. These player are too into themselves and need too much me attention.

  3. Schize Says:

    Buddy relax.

  4. easterneagle Says:

    what an asshat

  5. Clay Says:

    Burke, I can tell by your erratic typing and syntax that you're very excited about this. I'd have been pretty pissed if he had gotten flagged, but he didn't, thus it was the greatest TD celebration of all time. Have some fun, man. If I were you, I'd be more excited/pissed about the way our D has been playing. Actally, I am pretty pissed about the way our D has been playing. I'm also pretty pissed at the number of penalties (does anyone else think that holding should be 5 yards from the spot of the infraction? you could call holding on every play, and there's no reason to bring a 90 yard play all the way back because of a hold somewhere in the final 5 yards). But the Golden celebration I like.

    Just a clarification, easterneagle–who's an asshat?

  6. al Says:

    Clay is right!!! hands down no question. It is the greatest td celebration ever. It was a great impromptu moment. And Burke we get the bad calls all the time, damn man we won, it's not like the refs are going to flag us, the games already over. oh Clay, burke is the asshat, i think and know. lol

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