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The SDSU Game… Commercial FREE!

September 10, 2008

I realize that the game versus San Diego State was almost entirely unimpressive, but after watching it for the 4th time, I come away with a brighter outlook on the season. I am just going to go with the whole rust theory. Plus, the game just feels like a set-up for the Skunkbears. Vanilla as an ice cream cone.

Here is the game (without a commercial every 3 minutes) and I invite you to watch it one more time and see for yourself.

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter

Sam Young

Golden Tate

Sunday Hangover- Fucking Tecate!

September 7, 2008

So here is your Sunday Hangover. Fresh off of a Saturday of binge drinking and watching an Irish team that coughed it up as many times as a wasted freshman girl, you may not be ready for the truth. No, not that you were hitting on your wife’s sister all day- the facts of the game as seen by The Subway Domer.


Golden Be Thy Tate. As if Golden Tate hasn’t become an Irish cult icon by now, he has appeared to turn the corner and became a true WR today. Tate had 6 receptions for 93 yards (15.5 yd. avg.) and a 38 yard TD catch. Tate still ran his patented fly route (the TD), but he also had nice grabs on outs and some really good catches on a few slants. He is ND’s main deep threat and will keep the defensive backs honest with his newly found route running.

Kamara? I’m not sure what happened to Duval today. He had only one reception for 28 yards and, to be brutally honest, was responsible for both of Jimmy’s interceptions. The first was a pass that hit him square in the numbers and bounced right into the hands of an Aztec defender. The second, was a fad route to the front corner of the endzone that Duval played so poorly, that he made himself the defender while the ball was halfway there. Kamara is an excellent WR and he should take this game and use it as a tool to motivate himself. Let’s just call it rust.

Jimmy- “Pressure situations, I’m ready to go.” Let it never be said that Clausen lacks confidence in himself. He has it in oodles, and it showed in crunch time. Overall Clausen was 21-34-2-3 ( 61.7% and 3 TD’s). He looked good doing it as well. His passes were thrown with great accuracy and had the zip that he lacked last year. When Jimmy was flushed out of the pocket he made good decisions for the most part. (The spinning throw that should have been intentional grounding to avoid a sack comes to mind as a bad decision, but ended up as a good one). I already spoke about his two INT’s in the Kamara clip. Despite trailing for most of the game, Clausen played with fire and led the team to two TD drives almost entirely made up of his right arm.

Kyle McCarthy is no Tom Zbikowski. It will never be said by a sane person that McCarthy has the same physical tools that former Notre Dame safety Tommy Z possessed. However, he looked better all around than TZ did all of last year. The difference? McCarthy is able to play a more traditional role as a safety than Zibby because of an improved defensive scheme and more playmakers on the defense as a whole. As as a result, McCarthy had a monster day as a tackler. He had 14 total stops with 10 of those being solo tackles. He was close to making a few pass break ups but was just a step too late.

FLOYD! FLOYD! FLOYD! Jimmy Clausen aside, Michael Floyd has been the most highly anticipated freshman in recent memory. He didn’t disappoint the faithful when he hauled in a pass for 22 yards and a TD. It was his only catch of the day. Fans are already shouting at the dome to start Floyd. A lot of fans said that he was wide open on several occasions, deep. Well, whatever. How many true freshman at ND can say that they scored a TD? How many?

Talk to me Splerge! Sergio Brown played his ass off on Saturday. He was all over the field as a nickelback and with special teams. He was in coverage, supporting the run, blitzing the QB, batting down passes and making his presence known on special teams. His official stat line had 6 tackles and 1 sack. He also had 2 pass breakups and put the QB on his ass another time. Call me crazy, but I am sure that was Brown that blocked the punt as well. He was a nice surprise on a day full of bad surprises.

Mike Anello for Dictator. With Mike’s determination and fearless ambition to jump into battle, he would have no problem in becoming a ruthless leader of a small poor country. He is the FIRST man down on punts and kickoffs. Anello, I predict, will make an absolutely HUGE play this year that will help the team in a tight game. He can throw that “walk-on” title in the trash. He fucking rocks! I heard he outlasted Rudy in a Chinese water torture contest.

That was John Ryan? After a 2007 season that had many Irish fans wondering what Ryan was doing on the field, he really didn’t impress anyone again. He did have 2 nice pass breakups and looked like a decent pass rusher… kind of. One play stands out to me as the kind of play to expect from Ryan. On a third down and the shadow of the goaline looming for the Aztecs, SDSU used a shuffle pass to a RB to make a big gain and a first down. Ryan was stood up and made no effort to do anything as the RB ran by him after he was easily sealed by a blocker. I believe the phrase, ” avoids physical play” comes to mind.

The Blitzkrieg? Notre Dame played very well on defense for the most part, but where were the spices? Where were the chips? The Irish defense accounted for a grand total of 1 sack and 4 QB knockdowns. They did have 8 pass breakups. The biggest problem was, I think, that SDSU just did a really good job of picking up the 5th and 6th rusher. The blitzes just never seemed to really get home. Wrong hole or wrong side. Maybe this is just due to the new system being used on a different offense for the first time, or maybe SDSU just did a good job of picking it up and having their QB get rid of the ball quickly.

Pound this. Coach Weis wanted to really pound the ball this year. I’m not sure if that is going to happen. The offensive line was supposed to dominate this SDSU front 7 with size and strength, but they looked overmatched yet again. The running backs never got into a groove as well. Hughes put the ball on the grass and Allen still hasn’t been able to use his “breakaway speed” to “break” a big one. The ground game was stagnant as 2007 with 105 yards. We got pounded.

Overall? I don’t know. I’m tired. A win is a win I guess. I gave a decree to everyone I talked to before the game that if ND didn’t win this thing by a score of 36-6 or 42-0 or something similar, that we would be in big fucking trouble this year. I’m concerned with a lot of things, but I have been telling myself to just chill the fuck out. It is a scientific fact that a team improves the most between game 1 and game 2. Well, scientists are often wrong so we will wait and see against Michigan. Until then I suggest that you all chill the fuck out as well. The message boards are INSANE right now and unless you want to put a bullet in your head, I’d stay away. We may be in for a long haul, but it is… our haul.

San Diego State. September 6th, 2008

September 5, 2008

Before I begin with this “preview” let me just say- this is not a preview. I’m not sure what to call it, but if you are looking for meaningful previews might I suggest you peruse the Irish Blogroll on the right side of the page. This is more like the anti-preview.

San Diego State Aztecs.

The season opener / home opener is finally upon us. If you are reading this, you either can’t sleep or wake up early and need something. That “something” is probably a beer and some football. Do yourself a favor and please wait until 10:oo am before communing with the god of hops and barley. Five and a half hours should still be plenty of time to kill the rest of the brain cells that cling to the memory of 2007. Now on to the good stuff…

What should you be drinking? Tecate, Tecate, Tecate. Aztecs are of Mexican decent and so is this nectar of the gods. Too many of you gringos are under the assumption that Corona or Dos Equis are the only Mexican Cerveza’s in existence. Wrong. Take the time to grab this southern treat that has a bold flavor and is one of the few beers in the U.S. served in a can. You can add a lime if you wish- to be gay.

What should you be eating? Fish tacos. If you haven’t tried this most delectable treat of the sea, I recommend you run to the grocery and give it a whirl. If you are too afraid to try and make them yourself, there is a place in South Bend called “Mi Cocina” on Western avenue. I am told that it is fant├ístico.

What should I be wearing? The forecast calls for a very nice Saturday (75 degrees will feel like 92 after all of the Tecate and fish tacos). I recommend a pair of board shorts for the fellas and a green bikini for the ladies. Overkill? I think not. Let’s prove to the recruits that we are just as hot as the people in southern California.

What freshman will make the biggest impact? Easy there tiger. I know you want to pull the trigger and say Michael Floyd, and you may be right. But the safe bet is on TE Kyle Rudolph. Kyle has the size and speed to become a true downfield threat. He’s no pretty boy though. Rudolph has become a very good run blocker according to those in the know. (Those in the know are Joe Montana via The Cincinnati Enquirer). I predict a 3rd quarter TD grab by the frosh.

What offensive player needs to step it up? That would be Michael Turkovich. Turk takes over at the LT position and if the Irish are going to improve and win a good amount of ball games this year. Turk has the mean streak needed in the rushing attack and has proved himself in practice to agile on his feet as a pass protector on Jimmy’s blind side.

What defensive player needs to step it up? How about… Pat Kuntz. Kuntz takes over the end spot previously occupied by the dominant Trevor Laws. Pat has the motor and the knack for getting his hands up to deflect passes (team leader in 07) just like Laws, but is he athletic enough to make all of the plays that Laws did? I think he can, and he can thank a more aggressive and athletic “D” for the help Laws never seemed to have.

Who’s gonna win? The Irish- by a large margin. How about… 46-6. SDSU lost to Cal Poly last week and looked really bad in doing it as well. They have lost 5 starters for this game and beyond and will simply be outmatched. If the Irish don’t put up huge numbers and allow very little… we could be in for a long season. But, that shouldn’t happen Saturday.

(Irish Illustrated’s McStug)

Fine Tuning

September 5, 2008

The Irish practice for San Diego St. for the final time.

Why The Hell Not? 2008 Season Predictions… Part I

July 27, 2008

It’s back. Last year I created a monster and thanks to a few e-mails kicking me in the ass, I have finally decided to sit down and put my Nostradamus like skills to use. Unfortunately for last year, I was not as accurate as one might hope. But, I blame a weird hallucinogen laced fruit salad I ate while visiting my good friend Dave Wannstedt. That crazy cripple.

So here we go, Part 1 in a 5 part series…

ND VS. San Diego State 38-6 IRISH

The season/home opener for the Irish went off without a hitch. Despite protests by scores of Notre Dame alums over the ages of 65, the game kicked off at its scheduled time of 3:30 instead of the proposed 9 AM kickoff. The alums were requesting this early time because of fear that San Diego Sate fans would be bringing their cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy with them to South Bend. Instead, 17 SDSU fans showed up with bikinis and speedos and coolers full of fish tacos and Corona.

The game itself was a complete blowout, and one that Notre Dame, Weis, and the fans desperately needed . The Irish put up 31 points in the first half led by an awesome ground attack from James Aldridge and Robert Hughes. They combined for 215 yards and 3 TD’s for the game. Jimmy Clausen had a good outing for the first start of the season with a 19-22 248 yard performance with 2 TD ( a 24 yard fade to Duval Kamara and a quick slant that went 44 yards to Golden Tate). The defense was particularly good and took the ball away three times. All three turnovers were INT’s with Bruton, McNeil, and Crum each snagging a pick. (Isn’t odd that Crum is even playing, since ESPN has him tabbed as a key departure?)

Aztec, Russell Allen continued to impress the NFL scouts with a 18 tackle performance including one sack for San Diego State. Bryan Shields kicked in two FG’s from 42 and 44 yards to put the Aztecs on the board in the second half.

MVP- David Bruton #27: 14 tackles, 1 INT and for a crushing hit on Darren Mougey.

ND (1-0) VS. Michigan (2-0) 24-13 IRISH

Michigan has been Houdiniesque so far this season after escaping with a last second field goal victory over Utah in the season opener and narrowly defeating Miami (OH). The Miami game was almost a loss due to the entire starting offensive line for the Skunkbears arrests after the Utah game from the week prior. All 5 were suspended one game. (Details were not released, but there had been whispers about a llama, a White Castle on Carpenter Road and a group of retirees). “Those that stay will be champions” is more like “Those that stay will leave with criminal records.”

After a quiet debut for Michael Floyd with only 2 receptions and 17 yards versus SDSU, he showed up for the Skunkbears and DOMINATED. He caught 7 balls for 182 yards and two touchdowns. One of the touchdowns came in the last 7 minutes of the game, a 42 yard bomb after a turnover, basically sealing a win for the Fighting Irish as it put them ahead 24-13.

The vaunted, DickRod offense sputtered all day as the Irish brought the wood. A combination of stellar D-Line play and well timed blitzes kept the Skunkbears in check and laid out on the grass. The buttery hands of Carlos Brown helped the Irish as he fumbled the ball away twice in Irish territory.

The stadium was comparable to the U$C game in 2005 as it deafened several ushers trying to stop a marshmallows fight in the student section after the last Floyd TD.

Weis 1 DickRod 0

MVP- Michael Floyd #3: 7 rec. 182 yards 2 TDs and a personal foul for moonwalking back to the sideline.

ND (2-0) @ Michigan State (3-0) 34-31 IRISH

Both teams were equally confident coming into this matchup. Both were undefeated and both teams were really moving the ball offensively and holding on to it as well. The Irish had yet to turn the ball over and Michigan State had only one turnover for the year, a Hoyer INT versus Cal in the first quarter. The Irish were looking to extend an odd streak of visiting team wins that stretched back to 2001.
After a fairly conservative first half ended in a 10-10 tie, the fireworks went off in the second half for both teams as they put the ball in the air play after play and had their WR’s come down with huge catches. But that paled in comparison to what happened during a TV timeout.

In the 3rd quarter, a completely naked man painted with green body paint and a white “S” on each butt cheek, got on the field and started running around like a crazed squirrel. He was carrying a white flag of surrender and when he reached the 50 yard line he stopped and waved it ferociously until security grabbed him and beat him to a green pulp. John L. Smith had escaped from the loony bin.

Back to the action… The Spartans made the score 31-24 with ten minutes left in the game after a 16 yard TD run by Javon Ringer. The Fighting Irish methodically moved down the field using about 5 minutes of clock with a 12 play drive that ended with a Robert Hughes TD from the one that tied the game. The Spartans took the ensuing kickoff 40 yards and reached the Irish 45. Brian Hoyer than threw an ill-advised pass while being flushed out of the pocket by Big Brandon Newman. That pass was picked off by Raeshon McNeil. The Irish wasted little time and got into field goal range after 3 consecutive passes by Clausen that put them on the Sparty 21 yard line. The Irish melted away the clock with 3 runs for a first down to the MSU 13 and 3 more runs up the gut by Schwaap to the 10. Brandon Walker jogged onto the field and chipped in the 27 yard FG to put the Irish up 3 with 3 ticks remaining on the clock. MSU tried a backwards pass type return on the kickoff, but it was swatted down by freshman Robert Blanton.

The streak continues as insanity prevails.

MVP- Jimmy Clausen 28-39 327 yards 3 TD’s. Inciting a riot. The streets burn in East Lansing.
Next Up: Purdue, Stanford, North Carolina

Ranking: 21 A.P. / 20 Coaches