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Bagpipe Monday… Warriors Code

September 21, 2009

The reign of Sparty is OVER in South Bend. The Fighting Irish lost a good man in combat, but it was victory none-the-less.

No poll (once again- sorry)but enjoy the pipes!

Bagpipe Monday… Clocks

September 14, 2009

The clock is ticking. The season may only be two games old- but already time is slipping away. There is no poll, I just couldn’t stomach it this week. I’ll have the Hangover post out either later today or tomorrow.

Enjoy the pipes:

Bagpipe Monday… A Labor of Love

September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day everyone. Summer is dead, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s Michigan week, and I couldn’t be more disgusted with those winged-helmet freaks any more than I am right now… OK, I could be. You get the point. It’s time to go Skunkbear hunting!

The polls are back this week, and as always… enjoy the pipes!

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Bagpipe Monday… Back To Life

August 31, 2009

It’s finally here. Game week. If breaking the bowl streak against a mediocre Hawaii team did anything, it made all of us want the 2009 season to arrive as quickly as possible. 8 and a half months later- it’s time. It’s time for the Irish to take its rightful place among the top the standings. It’s time to pop holes in the Condoms, time to slay Spartans in our own home, and time to make outsiders hate us because we are good and not because we are a story. I am fucking JACKED.

So Bagpipe Monday is back to sound the path to War. Also, today is the day that an announcement is to be made by yours truly. Subway Domer is going to be going through a massive change within a month or so. I’m not going to go into too much detail right now, other than to say that the blog is ready for a big change and it is coming. I will clarify things more in a few weeks. This will be a very good thing for not just me- but for all of my fans and readers as well. So, I guess I am fucking JACKED for that too.

Here’s your bagpipes to kick this baby off. Enjoy. (Polls will return in a week).

And because I can’t get this tune out of my head- Here is a bonus clip:

Bagpipe Monday… Dammit- It’s Tuesday Again!

June 9, 2009

Welcome back to another edition of Bagpipe Monday- brought to you on Tuesday from the fine makers of Monday Housework. Anyways, last week I asked you a few questions about the TV announcing for Notre Dame football games. You people scare me:

  • 51% of you say they don’t give a crap what the announcers say during the game.
  • 53% of you said that you have screamed at the TV announcers for over a minute on an occasion.
  • 50% of you would like to see Christopher Walken and Gary Busey call the games for Notre Dame.

So, most of you are screaming at the TV announcers while not really giving a shit what is going on, AND your dream announcing crew would sound something like this:

Scenario—4th and goal. Notre Dame down 33-38 to U$C. 3 seconds remain on the clock. Do or die…

Walken: James Clausen steps behind the center and places- his hands- directly under the ass of Wenger.

Busey: That’s called ‘ Inner manhood.’

Walken: Jimbo takes the snap and fakes to Aldridge. What a LIAR! Now he zips one in the endzone… caught by Tate. That’s a TD folks and Pete Carrol is officially-anal raped.

Busey: That’s why they call Jimmy, The Eagle. He grabs his spirit jock and forces the frog to become part of his inner child. That is sexual, in its rawest form.

You people scare the shit out of me. Don’t forget to vote in this weeks survey in the right hand column, and enjoy the pipes!

Bagpipe Monday… Remember Those Who Served

May 25, 2009

I’ll take a pass on the bagpipes today. Remember to thank a Veteran today for all of their sacrifices. I forget to do that sometimes, and forgot late Sunday night when I saw a family member that served in the Army in Bosnia. Thank-you for all of your sacrifices.

The Subway Domer Family Roll Call. All served in wartime, and all came back home alive. Thank-you:

Christopher. Cousin. Marines. Iraq.
Corey. Cousin. Marines. Iraq.
PJ. B-I-L. Army. Bosnia
Calo. Grandfather. Army. Germany.
John. Grandfather. Navy. Korea.

Send prayers to the families of those that have lost their loved ones to war. May we all one day find peace.

Bagpipe Monday: Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor…

May 18, 2009
Welcome back to a special edition of Subway Domer’s Bagpipe Monday. There will be no poll this week as I posted the survey for the month on last week’s Bagpipe Monday. If you haven’t filled out the survey yet, please do so. It is located in the right hand margin.

But enough of that. This week, Bagpipe Monday is dedicated to my Brother-In-Law; Jon. On Saturday, Jon received his doctorate in Mathematics from The University of Notre Dame. My wife and I are so very proud of Jon and this tremendous accomplishment. I remember when I first heard that Jon was going to be attending ND for his Doctorate. I was thinking, ” Thank Christ! A free hotel on gameday!!!” OK, maybe that was a bit shallow. But seriously, I was also thinking, “Man. This guy must be pretty smart. Math? I kept withdrawing from intro math classes in college because I couldn’t understand the foreign professors. How in the hell, am I going to stack up to this guy at Christmas?”

And to think… Jon owes his life to me. I saved him from falling off of this cliff. Selective memory does not suit you, Jon.

Jon has been a huge source of information for the Subway Domer, as well as a freelance photographer. His quick thinking allowed me to get a very candid interview with Demetrius Jones at the Michigan State game in 2007. Thanks for everything Jon, It’s sad to see you and Julie move out of South Bend- but we will always have the huge globe.

Congratulations Dr. Hauenstein, on a job well done. Good luck in Toronto, and if you get the chance to do this- you must give it a try. I drink this Gin & Tonic (minus the tonic) to you sir!

Who is the Subway Alumnus & who is the Doctor? It’s any one’s guess…

These pipes are for you:

Bagpipe Monday… Shiny New Toys

May 11, 2009

Welcome back to your weekly Bagpipe Monday at Subway Domer. First things first- the results from last weeks poll question: “Will Notre Dame finally beat Michigan State in Notre Dame Stadium?”

  • 80% were confident enough that history would change and said, yes.
  • 6% are all too aware of the history and regrettably voted, no.

14% decided that they would punch their own mother in the face if the Fighting Irish lost, yet again, to the Spartans inside Notre Dame Stadium. Wasn’t Mother’s Day just yesterday?

The Fighting Irish have not beaten the Michigan State Spartans in South Bend since… wait for it… 1993. 16 fucking years. There was a 2 year break between 1995 &1996- and then Bob Davie became the Head football Coach at ND. Some guy named Holtz was 8-1 versus the Spartans, winning 8 in a row before the break in the mid-nineties. Davie was 0-5, Ty was 2-1, and Charlie is now 1-3. Good grief.

The weekly poll is being replaced this month by a survey that I will be using for some future posts for this summer, as well as just plain curiosity. It can be found on the right sidebar. The results are posted after you vote.

So if you haven’t voted yet, please do. BTW- All future polls conducted on Subway Domer for Bagpipe Monday- and any other post, will be made with the Quibblo thing. It just looks better. Whoo.

Anyways- time for some pipes! I think these guys are the Gwar of bagpipers.

Bagpipe Monday… The 5 Minutes Before Work Edition

May 4, 2009

I don’t have a lot of time this morning, so this might be a little short- but, at least you will be able to rock out to some bagpipes today. Don’t forget to vote in this weeks poll and enjoy the pipes!

Bagpipe Monday… The Hammer Throw

April 13, 2009

Welcome back to Bagpipe Monday here at Subway Domer. It’s game week for all of the Fighting Irish faithful. Time to start getting prepared for a huge victory- or loss. I guess it’s all how you look at it.

Last week I asked you “Would you sell your soul for a victory over U$C?” Here are the results…

  • 43% said NO
  • 40% said The blood was still fresh on their signature
  • 17% said YES

So… That must mean that…

  • 43% of you felt guilty about selling your soul with the whole Easter thing. I should of asked this question in July.
  • 40 % of you are eager for hell if that means watching the Poodle take one in the ass while he is in South Bend. Bravo- except what kind of person are you?
  • 17% of you want to read the fine print first and make sure you weren’t hosed. Some of you are still feeling the sting of your contacts being trumped by the Matt Leinhart contract of 2005 in which that fucker pledged his eternal soul for Bush to push his tush. Man they’re gay.

This week I ask you all a simple question. Should the NCAA drop the hammer on U$C in regards to the NCAA investigation of lack of institutional control? I know you have an opinion- let it be heard. Don’t forget to vote and enjoy the pipes!