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The BCS?

August 25, 2008

I was doing a little research and came across a few gems. These are quotes from players, coaches, administrators, and media types about the BCS on their official website. After last year, I am willing to bet that a lot of these guys are not so happy with the BCS and that they have probably changed their mind.

Why the BCS Works

“I’ve answered the playoff question on numerous occasions. First of all, there’s been no directive from college presidents and chancellors to ask us to research creating a playoff structure. We haven’t spent any time looking at playoff models or adding games to the postseason in a way to make it look like a playoff structure. College football comprises nearly 120 teams. It’s not a 32-team, NFL-type structure. We have problems and challenges associated if we were to create a playoff with where playoff games would occur. Would we shorten the regular season in order to play games leading into final exams, take a break and then come back and finish it afterward. It’s a sport where there are 85 scholarship players. The NFL has numerous replacement (free agent) players who can fill out a roster.

“There are issues relative to the number of games you can play. College presidents in the Big 12 have been consistent in saying if we get to a 15- or 16-game structure, we’re beyond where we should be with college football. A 12-game regular season with the opportunity for a conference championship game and a single postseason bowl game is where most presidents and chancellors have been at this point. The bowl system rewards 56 of those approximately 120 teams. A playoff structure would erode the base of the bowls. There’s a tremendous difference between a playoff structure and a bowl structure.”

Kevin Weiberg, Big 12 commissioner, BCS press conference, (July 11, 2005)

“I like [the BCS system] the way it is-I really do. They’ve tweaked the BCS every year. That’s all right, so long as we know what the rules are when the season begins. I think there’s enough integrity in those human polls that I think everybody’s gonna vote what they think is most fair.”

Georgia Coach Mark Richton the BCS standings,Gwinnett (Ga.) Daily Post

“I think people are looking for a perfect system and there isn’t a perfect system. We’ve never had that in college football. I’ve always been in favor of the polls being the most important factor. You usually don’t see too much out of line week to week with the polls. It’s rare that you get a situation like we had last year, and when you do get those circumstances somebody’s going to have a good argument. It still goes back to human opinions more than a computation. I think the idea that they are making the BCS system simpler is good.”

Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden, St. Petersburg Times

“The system, even though it has things that people question, is better than it was the old way, before the BCS. I think itÒs set and stable now, where thereÒll be less and less controversy every year.”

West Virginia Coach Rich Rodriguez,Beckley (W.Va.) Register-Herald(May 27, 2006)

“I feel very strongly about the BCS format. It allows for great interest and fan following and allows for the great tradition of the bowls to continue.”

Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan,

“I’m not for a playoff. You have to go undefeated. A playoff would be interesting, but I think it would be too many games.”

Matt Leinart, quarterback, national champion USC Trojans (Athlon Sports Football Annual 2005)

“I’m a BCS guy. It has done so many good things for college football all the way around. Once in awhile, if there are dual national champions, so what? I don’t know how that is harmful. In some ways, it leaves more people feeling good. Everyone wants the so-called ‘perfect system.’ But it’s awfully hard to come up with it.”

Nebraska Athletic Director Steve Pederson,Omaha World-Herald

“I think college football has the most exciting regular season of any sport because there is not a playoff system. The whole season is a playoff system. I don’t want a playoff system.”
Georgia Coach Mark Richt on why the BCS is better than a national playoff,Gwinnett (Ga.) Daily Post

“It is my opinion that these changes will help ensure that the two best teams are playing for the national championship.”

Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foleyon the changes to the BCS formula,St. Petersburg Times

“The BCS is college football’s equivalent of prayer in school. There’s always got to be a debate about it.”

ESPN commentator Beano Cook,

“I’m pleased the BCS has revised its selection procedures. A lot of the superfluous has been taken out and the computers have been reduced to six. I think this is a superior system to what we’ve had. And what happened to Oregon three years ago and USC last year would not have occurred under this new system. Instead, they were taken out of the national championship game.”

Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen,

Why the Regular Season is so Important

“In Division I(-A) football, every game is a playoff. Once you lose one game, you’re mostly out. If you lose two, you’re definitely out. We got 12 playoff games. Teams take that approach. That’s probably why there’s so much interest. You stub your toe, you can never get back in.”

West Virginia Coach Rich Rodriguez,on why college football doesn’t need a playoff system
(August 15, 2006 from

“I’ve given it a thought, and I think it’s an awful thought [of an NFL-style playoff]. I’ve coached in the National Football League, and college football’s not the National Football League, it’s entirely different. This is just one person’s opinion, but to even think it’s workable, it’s feasible, and good for anybody involved is ludicrous.”

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz, on why college football does not need a playoff (Dec. 29, 2005 from Iowa City Press-Citizen article)

“In basketball there is far less interest in the regular season than there is in the tournament. Everyone gets March Madness for the tournament. You don’t want everyone to get January madness for football and forget about everything else that’s happening in the regular season. I think basically we are in a playoff the last half of the year in the regular season. … People from coast to coast are watching each other because if anyone slips, you’re going to be out.”

Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops on why he opposes a playoff(January 2, 2005 from the Los Angeles Times)

“The season is really long. It puts a tremendous amount of stress and fatigue on our players. Everybody needs to relax a little bit and understand the players are here to get an education. Let’s make the conference championships a big deal and make the bowl games a reward. I hope that we never do see a playoff.”

Louisville Coach Bobby Petrino, Associated Press

“There’s a lot of football (left). When we get toward the end and we’re healthy and still rolling along pretty good, and I’m sitting down to my Thanksgiving turkey and we’re undefeated, I’ll be concerned about it then.”

Miami Coach Larry Cokeron why he doesn’t worry about the BCS standings in mid-October(October 18, 2004 from the Miami Herald)

“If those teams (non-BCS) have equal access to the BCS, strength of schedule must be comparable. It’s a little different stepping up once or twice a year when we do it 10 or 11 times a year.”

Tommy Bowden, Clemson football coach(September 17, 2004 from Denver Post article)

“You’re not going to see a playoff in the next decade. In the BCS, every game really does matter. College football probably has the most vibrant regular season in sports. The conference races shape national landscape, culminating in a holiday football smorgasbord.”

Jim Delany, Big Ten Commissioner(August 10, 2004 from a CBS article)

“Bowl games bring a measure of importance to the regular season not seen in other sports. If teams are simply playing for seeding for a playoff, the outcomes would not mean as much and the interest and excitement, likewise, would not be as feverish. No other intercollegiate sport plays as few regular season games as football and every game means something, conference championships mean something.

“You tell me what other sport, three months before the conclusion of the season, has a game that captures the fancy of the country? There are a lot of things that take place week to week. It’s like an ongoing drama. Now, if people want a playoff, let’s talk about what it does to the regular season. Anybody who says it has no effect has their head in the sand.”

Mike Tranghese, Big East Commissioner(Fall 2002, from USA Today article)

“Big-time college football depends on a meaningful regular season. It can’t become college basketball, which, for the largest segment of the sports public, begins the first week of March.”

Tim Cowlishaw, Dallas Morning News(November 27, 2001)

“I’ve told college football coaches if they ever go to a national playoff system, they’re ridiculous. The NCAA tournament has gotten to the point where nothing else counts any more other than to win the whole thing.”

Basketball Coach Lute Olson, Arizona(speaking to reporters on the eve of the2001 national basketball championship game)

“I’ve followed college football ever since the late ’30s, and it’s always been decided by a vote. The best team over the course of the season wins, and I’m satisfied with that.”

Bobby Bowden, FSU Head Coach(August 1, 2002)

“The Division I-A college playoffs begins in August and ends in January. In a 16 team tournament schools would spend four months playing for seeds.”

Tim Cowlishaw, Dallas Morning News(November 6, 2003)

“Our system has worked beautifully. We have the best regular season of all the sports. I don’t know if a tournament really produces the best team. Our champion is determined from August through December.”

David Cutliff, Mississippi Football Coach(August 2003)

“We ask so much of these guys it’s just unbelievable. We ask an awful lot of them as far as the football part, yet we want them to be exemplary students, we want them to be exemplary citizens, and that’s all right, but how much more blood do we want to take out? At some point you have to put the welfare of the players (first). That should be our guiding light on all of our thinking. If we go down the playoff road, then we’re not thinking that way. We’re appeasing someone else, not the players.”

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz, on the demands a playoff would place on student-athlete welfare(Dec. 29, 2005 from Iowa City Press-Citizen article)

“A playoff would destroy the game’s most romantic feature: College football is the last sport in which a season, that period in which leaves turn and air grows cold, really matters.”
Sally Jenkins, The Washington Post(January 1, 2002)

“College football is built on the regular season. Tennessee-Alabama, Georgia-Florida, Florida-FSU, USC-Notre Dame, Michigan-Ohio State ? that’s the guts of college football, the backbone. If you put your eggs in the playoff basket, we deflate this.”

Roy Kramer, former Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference(June 21, 1999)

Source: Football Bowl Association

Random Stops On The Subway

May 5, 2008
Slow news around the Bend, however there are just enough tidbits and freak shows out there (gentleman on the left), to make an impact on the college football scene. So take the time to observe and enjoy randomness at random…

Buzz Bissinger. The complete nutcase pictured and referred to already, has made a crusade against sports blogs. A reporter and writer taking pot shots and criticizing blogs is not brand new, but the manner in which he went completely mental… perhaps.

I was very prepared to put my 2 cents into the situation, but I procrastinated. I’m a blogger, not a journalist so I can admit that and feel good about it as well. Orson at EDSBS put it very eloquently about his journey into the blogosphere. He also just interviewed Buzz himself on his “legit” blog for The Sporting News as some Spencer Hall guy.The only thing I have to offer is this: I am done with journalists. My grandfather was one and spent his life in radio (WOWO) and with then WKJG-33 NBC Fort Wayne. I grew up respecting the profession and the craft. But, it has mutated into a sick virus of know-it-alls and pretenders.

I turned on to blogs about 5 years ago. Why? I can watch the games and understand them myself. I have a brain. I don’t need a writer to go over what happened in a repetitious manner. If I need to experience it again, I’ll watch it again. That is the magic of the Internet and technology. And the commentary they provide these days seems dull and drab. When they try to be comical or satirical, it just comes out as “blah, blah, blah… I’m a douche” (Yes, I’m talking about you Ben Smith of the Journal-Gazette). Blogs ,the good ones anyways, provide that comic relief and FAN insight that I really look for in a piece of writing.

I don’t need to read W.C. Heinz to understand what a zone blitz is and why TAH-NOO-TAH feels the need to blitz every down. I understand football, just give me something to laugh at because a 3-9 season only causes tears.

Bissinger did make a few points when he wasn’t making an ass of himself and has in fact spoken of regret of his actions…

May God have mercy on his soul.

Fighting Irish Football Schedule. I usually try to leave the schedule alone. I don’t meander over it on message boards all day (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I don’t post much about it here on Subway Domer. I have to however, comment on the recent happenings involving Notre Dame and a few of the Big East schools.

UConn and its fans sure are feisty. A 10 year deal? Hell no! Better make it 6. After a debate and vote in the Connecticut state legislature, UConn and the Fighting Irish are set to play 6 games. 3 at Notre Dame Stadium and 3 more at a neutral field such as Gillette Stadium. Good for them. Good for Zach Frazer. Yea Huskies!

Rutgers, the baddest most powerful football program in the universe, ain’t having it. No fucking way are they going to play at a neutral stadium IN THEIR STATE in front of 80,000 plus. Nope. It better be in their house in front of 50,000. That’s how they chop wood.

I really don’t see a big issue with Rutgers trying to act bigger than what they are. If that is the route they want to go, have fun getting nationally televised games by playing Morgan State. I am flipping out on having to wait to see that match-up.

What I do have a problem with is this: On one of’s podcasts, Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook discuss this scheduling practice at length. Beano was saying “Shame on Notre Dame” and “How dare they” when it came to the Rutgers decision. But when speaking about the UConn deal, Beano said that it was O.K. because UConn wanted to do so. But since Rutgers turned the Irish down, Notre Dame is totally in the wrong.

No Beano. You are very wrong. Maisel is kissing your ass because he thinks that he is the heir apparent to the College Football Papacy. I respect Beano Cook very much and look at him as the crazy old uncle I never had. But what kind of logic is that?! It’s O.K. to ask if they say yes, but totally wrong and shameful if you ask and they say no? And Ron Powlus should have won 3 Heisman’s too. Thanks again Beano…

The BCS. This thing is out of control. The BCS Conference commissioners plus Kevin White of Notre Dame decided to scrap all logic and reasoning for a system to stay in place that is as crooked as the mafia. The plus 1 format looks as if it will never see the light of day.

The regular arguments were made in favor of the snub: The regular season would mean less, the season goes too far into the next semester, they have 5 champions now instead of just a measly one, and the BCS is working just fine anyhow.

Are the BCS commissioners running the Iraq war as well? With these kind of statements it would appear so.

If they are that worried about the next semester than all they need to do is put the BCS games back on New Years Day and put the GMAC and International Bowls in December where they should be. Then a week later, National Title. Tah -Dah!

Sadly any kind of playoff will be turned down by the conferences because of their commissioners needs to constantly be fucked up on crystal meth and moonshine.

Lou Holtz. Holtz is going to be inducted into the College Football Hall Of Fame this year. While this is really good news and I am sure the party at the Hall in South Bend will be filled with Die-Hard Irish fans, the ceremony will be missing something. The induction of Tim Brown. How do you win a Heisman and not get inducted right away? Every Heisman winner should automatically be inserted as soon as he is eligible. Except, of course, for that fucking criminal Reggie Bush. He can be there however. Be there when they call Vince Young’s name as Bush hands Vince the trophy that should have been his anyways.

Holtz should be loved forever by Irish fans for this simple stat: 9-1-1. That is his record against the Condoms of USC. Enjoy…

Everybody Else Is Doing It… Episode VI The Empire Strikes Back

July 14, 2007

Welcome to the 5th and final edition of Subway Domer’s “Why The Hell Not, 2007 Season Predictions.” Enjoy!

The Fighting Irish are heading to a BCS bowl for the 3rd year in a row. Which one? Back to the desert for a nineteen year rematch with those couch-burning rednecks from the mountains- West Virginia. The entire BCS shook out like this:

  • BCS Championship #1 LSU VS. #2 Texas
  • Rose Bowl #6 UCLA VS. #10 Penn State
  • Orange Bowl #4 Virginia Tech VS. #8 Louisville
  • Sugar Bowl #9 Georgia VS. #7 Miami
  • Fiesta Bowl #3 Notre Dame VS. #5 West Virginia

(No Mid-Majors made it this year. The leading contenders were supposed to be TCU and Hawaii, but both teams ended up with 2 losses and out of the top 15).

Notre Dame (11-1) VS. West Virginia (11-1)

What could be a better way to finish a great season, than to end a long bowl losing streak? Ending a drought in the desert? We as Irish faithful have heard this mumbo jumbo before. Remember Oregon State and Ohio State? Well, here’s how it went down…

The game got off to a fast start for W.V. Vaughn Rivers took the opening kickoff 99 yards to the house to go on top 7-0. After a 3 and out for the Irish, W.V. took the ball at their own 20 and marched down the field in 12 plays and scored on a 4 yard run by Slaton to make it 14-0. The game was then delayed 65 minutes after W.V. fans took their nacho boxes, torched them, and threw them on the field. Among the 397 arrested; Noel Devine, Pac-Man Jones, and Deion Sanders. (Apparently Deion didn’t get enough bowl action at the 2nd straight Emerald Bowl appearance by his Florida State Criminoles… they lost to Navy). After the smoke cleared, literally, W.V. kicked off to Armando Allen. AA took it 71 yards to the 27 yard line. 2 plays later, the Irish got on the board with a 21 yard strike from Sharpley to Kamara. The Mountaineers took it right back to the Irish with another long drive (83 yards on 14 plays) that ended with another TD run by Slaton that put W.V. up 21-7 at the half. Fox made the mistake of putting cameras outside of the ND locker room at halftime. They now owe the FCC millions of dollars after Charlie’s halftime speech turned out to be more like a Sam Kinnison reincarnation. It seemed to work though. ND took their opening drive right down the field with fire and balls. Thomas for 3, Aldridge for 4, Hughes for 4, Jabbie for 2, Schwapp for 6 etc. 21 plays for 81 yards and a 1 yard TD by Jabbie that took 11 minutes off the clock. (21-14 W.V.) The defense had been giving up long drives to W.V. and they were resulting in TD’s. They needed a stop, or Weis was going to have a heart attack. They gave up 1 first down and got the ball back with a shanked punt that went out of bounds at the W.V. 41 yard line. The very next play the Irish came out with a 5 wide set. (Kamara, Tate, Grimes to the left and Demetrius Jones and Crlson to the right). Sharpley took the snap in the shotgun tossed it to Grimes and then Grimes unloaded a bomb to Carlson sitting all alone on the 3 yard line after 4 defenders followed Jones on a crossing route. TD Irish… It’s tied 21-21. Start the 4th… West Virginia proceeded to take another drive down the field after several big runs from Pat White. They lost their groove a little though after Chris Stewart got in on a play and CRUSHED White on a blind sided sack after white rolled out to his right on a pass play. White was helped off the field and did not return for the remainder of that series, and the Mountaineers settled for a 37 yard field goal by Pat McAfee. (24-21 W.V.) ND had to answer with only 5 minutes remaining in the game. What an answer it was. The kickoff was returned to the 38. 3 plays later Sharpley saw Hord running free on a post. Evan cocked his arm back-WHAM!!! Reed Williams crushed Evan’s arm and forced a fumble that Johnny Dingle fell on. W.V. ball; leading 24-21 with 3 minutes left. They ran Slaton left and Slaton right for a first down. The clock was winding down, but Weis was holding on to his T.O.s. They ran Slaton right-BAM!!!…kaboshed by Kerry Neal and the ball was on the ground. Crum picked the ball up on the 2nd bounce, ran 5 yards and saw Zibby coming up behind him and handed it off to him. 83 yards later TOUCHDOWN IRISH!!! 28-24 ND with 1:34 on the clock. ND squibbed the kick down to the 27. White threw 2 incomplete passes and then on 3rd down, threw the sealer to Ambrose Wooden for the INT. 3 kneel downs by Evan later…Fiesta Bowl Win. Morgantown implodes.

28-24 IRISH

MVP- Tommy Z. 15 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 FR forTD.

The Irish finished 2nd in the polls behind LSU. 2008 should be grand.

This was not a return to glory story. This is an Empire rising from the ashes of desolate times caused by previous regimes. It is time to rule once again.

“This team is now the ultimate power in the Universe.”

Everybody Else Is Doing It…Part IV, As In The Best Rocky Movie Ever Part IV

July 10, 2007

The 2007 season continues with Subway Domer’s “Why The Hell Not, 2007 Season Predictions” Part 4 of the epic 5 part series.

Notre Dame (7-1) VS. Navy (8-0) 47-14 IRISH

During the preseason, this game was pegged by some “experts” as an upset special. I suppose after 43 straight wins by the Irish in this series, they should lose sometime…right? Navy came into the game undefeated and had an impressive win at Rutgers (37-13). Well…wrong. This is the Charlie Weis era, and losing to an academy (all due respect) just doesn’t happen. The Irish came out with a balanced attack in the first half, and scored TD’s on its first 5 possessions. Clausen was 14-16 for 210 yards and 3 TDs (Grimes, West, Allen). The other 2 TDs were both runs by Thomas of 3 and 42 yards. The 1st half ended with the score 35-0. The Irish put its reserves in for the entire 2nd half. Navy did score 2 TDs quickly on the opening kickoff, and a fumble by Luke Schmidt that fell into the hands of Clint Sovie for a 28 yard return. Notre Dame’s other scores were a 33 yard bulldozing from Robert Hughes, a 34 yard FG from Walker, and a Safety on a blitz from Ray Herring.

MVP- Jimmy Clausen 14-16 210 yards 3 TDs

Notre Dame (8-1) VS. Air Force (6-4) 38-10 IRISH

In another game versus a Service Academy, the Irish came away with another victory. This was not so easy early on. ND was sloppy in the first half and had 2 fumbles and an interception in the red zone. Air Force was methodical and scored on its first 2 possessions. The first was a 21 yard FG after an apparent TD on a 4th and goal. (Offsetting penalties caused the play to be replayed and AFA took the chipshot that time around). The 2nd was a masterful 93 yard drive directed by Shaun Carney that ended with an 11 yard TD run by Carney on a QB sweep. The half ended with AFA up 10-0. Weis had a few words for the entire team at the half that I believe had something to do with Fudruckers. ND came out in the 2nd half and dominated AFA with physical play on both sides of the ball. Weis benched most of his running backs in the 2nd half and played Jabbie and Schwaap exclusively. Although it was only a 10 point deficit and not eligible for a “Great Comeback” moniker, it was quite impressive…here’s how…

  • Goerge West takes the opening kickoff back 82 yards to the AFA 8.
  • Jabbie Stiff Arms his way in for the first Irish TD.
  • Tommy Z gets an INT and takes it 41 yards for a TD.
  • Walker FG.
  • 72 yard TD reception by Richard Jackson via D. Jones.
  • 11 yard TD reception by Carlson via D. Jones.
  • 94 yard fumble return by Kerry Neal with 30 seconds left.

MVP- Kerry Neal 3 sacks, FR, TD, 13 tackles.

Notre Dame (9-1) VS. Duke (0-10) 42-0 IRISH

This needs no rehashing. It was a blowout from start to finish.

MVP- James Aldridge 20 carries 211 yards and 2 TDs

Notre Dame (10-1) @ Stanford (5-5) 31-28 IRISH

Stanford came into this game on a 5 game winning streak after starting out 0-5, and needed just one more win in their last two games to be bowl eligible for the first time since 2001. They are going to have to get that last win versus Cal. This was a nail bitter for Irish fans. A win would solidify a BCS berth and perhaps, with some luck, a National Championship appearance. It started out all ND in the 1st half. ND went up 21-0 in the first quarter on 3 big plays; 82 yard bomb to Kamara (third play of the game), 67 yard punt return by Zibby, and a blocked punt returned for a TD by McNeil. Stanford did get on track in the 2nd quarter with 2 drives of 81 and 73 yards that both ended with Ostrander to Moore TD receptions. At the half the score was 21-14 with the momentum (and the ball) to Stanford to start the third quarter. Stanford was pinned inside their own 5 to start the half after a bad return and a holding penalty. It took only 3 plays to get to the Irish 20 after strikes to Moore and Bradford. Two plays later, Cardinal fullback Emeka Nnoli carried a few Irish defenders into the endzone for a 16 yard TD run to tie the game. Notre Dame answered right away with a long drive of its own for 80 yards to score a TD on a D. Jones 12 yard pass to Carlson for a TD. And like a yo-yo, Stanford returned the favor with a TD drive that took only a shade over 3 minutes with another Moore TD reception. With 4 and a half minutes ND got the ball back on its 27 yard line. It methodically moved the ball one play after another. 5 yards here, 3 yards here, first down. The big play came on a screen pass to Armando Allen that got the Irish to the Cardinal 22 yard line with 49 seconds remaining. 3 running plays for a net 1 yard and 3 Stanford T.O.s later, Walker set up for a 38 yard FG. NAILED! The ghost of the Skunkbears behind them, the FG unit finally hit a clutch shot. The game ended with a desperation bomb that was intercepted by David Bruton. Let’s Go Bowling!

MVP- Brandon Walker 4-4 PAT 1-1 FG 38 yards.

Next Up: Bowl Game TBD

Ranking: 5 A.P. / 5 Coaches / 4 BCS

Everybody Else Is Doing It… Episode III

June 20, 2007

The Journey into next season continues with Subway Domer’s “Why The Hell Not, 2007 Season Predictions” The 3rd part in the ongoing 5 part saga.

ND (5-1) VS. Boston Crap (6-0) 28-3 IRISH

The Eagles came into South Bend with a 6-0 record, a #11 ranking, and a lot of confidence. Wouldn’t you be confident too, if you just went 3-0 after an excruciating 3 game stretch at home versus Army, UMass, and Bowling Green? The Eagles got off to a decent start with a 10 play 87 yard drive down to the Irish 3. They could not punch it in as easy as say… against UMass, so they opted for a field goal. The Fighting Irish started their first drive from the 20… and proceeded to RUN the effing ball relentlessly. Brian Toal was eventually knocked out of the game after 6 straight lead iso blasts that had Asaph Schwaap laying the wood to his ass 6 straight times. Wuss. Robert Hughes ended up with the 4 yard touchdown run that would be the game clincher… in the first quarter. The Irish did turn the ball over several times with 2 fumbles and an interception that were all in B.C. territory, so the beatdown could have been larger. Thomas and Hughes finished the game with a combined 297 yards and 2 TDs. The superdouches walked out of the stadium with a new realization that this is Charlie effing Weis, not Boobs or Ty… and we are no longer to be messed with.

MVP- Trevor Laws 11 tackles (5FL); 3 sacks; Cleats up Ryans ass

ND (6-1) VS. U$C (6-0) 30-28 IRISH

The #1 team in the country strolled into South Bend undefeated and again having all media patting them on the back. It started out with quite a thud. When the SC ran onto the field the Poodle tripped and fell. He broke his patella and cracked his right wrist. The 8 inch grass(unofficially) was of course immediately put to blame. The Poodle spent the game on the sideline on the bench. It was all U$C on the field in the first half. The condoms scored 3 TDs off of 3 long methodical drives. In those drives, Booty was 15-17 for 134 yards and 2 scores-both TD receptions were to Patrick Turner. (Tyler scored the other TD with a 5 yard run). ND did take the last drive of the half 54 yards to the condom 22 after a 41 yard catch and run from Clausen to Golden Tate. Burkhart nailed the 39 yard FG with no time remaining, to make it 21-3 at the half. Since the Irish already had the Green Jersey’s on, Weis switched helmets at the half to help fire up the team. Those are the LEATHER hats ala 1924. Concussions and brain functions be damned. The sight of this display of pure balls had the condoms leaking in their pants. Jimmy Clausen proceeded to DOMINATE the remainder of the game. SC turned the ball over 3 times in the third quarter and JC took the Irish to the promised land after each TO. He did spread the wealth with TDs to Carlson, Grimes, and D.J. Hord. SC took a drive down to the ND 2 and punched it in with a weird Bush Push that involved the Dirty Sanchez and a guy named Booty…82,000 people vomited. 5:31 was remaining at kickoff and 28-24 Condoms. This is a timeline of what happened next…

  • Allen returns the KO to the 27.
  • Travis Thomas runs for 7 yards.
  • Clausen hits Ragone for 15 yards; First Down.
  • Schwaap runs over Cushing for 3 yards. Cushing cries and runs off the field.
  • Allen takes a screen pass 48 yards for a TD. Flag on the field. Sully was called for holding just because he Sumo dropped Sedrick Ellis.
  • Clausen hits Kamara for 11 yards on an out.
  • Clausen to Parris for 8 yards on a slant.
  • 4th down…. Luke Schmidt 2 yard dive ; First Down.
  • Clausen hits Thomas for a 7 yard swing pass.
  • Aldridge runs for 12 on a sweep; First Down.
  • Clausen scrambles for 11 yards FD clock is ticking with 44 ticks remaining.
  • Clausen sacked for a 5 yard loss (on the 12 if you lost track)
  • Clausen scrambles to the 3 yard line and was crushed by Taylor Mays.
  • Clausen leaves the field.
  • Sharpley enters.
  • ND Timeout ….no more TO for either team.
  • Sharpley scrambles out of bounds with 2 ticks remaining.
  • Sharpley hits Carlson on a diving catch in the back of the endzone.
  • Song Girls Cheer
  • Stadium goes apeshit.

MVP- Evan Sharpley 1-1 3 yards 1 TD. And for flipping the bird to Keith Rivers.

Next Up: Seamen (for real), Falcons, Blue Devils, and Trees.

Ranking: 6 A.P. / 6 Coaches / 4 BCS

Bizarro And Commitment #13

May 27, 2007

Brandon Newman is Irish. The 6’1″ 305 pound nose tackle informed Coach Weis this weekend that he was coming to ND in 2008. This was during a scheduled visit to ND and a sleepover at Braxton Cave’s home. Captain Caveman has been as involved in recruiting other top talent as the Irish staff.

The Pleasure Ridge Park High (Louisville, Kentucky) standout chose ND over a host of other schools, including in-state rivals Louisville and Kentucky. There is no doubt he will be receiving even more offers now that he has committed to Notre Dame.

What makes this a truly extraordinary commit, besides being a top talent, is the fact that this is the 3rd DT committed to the Irish. O.K., the other two project more as defensive ends, but none the less this is HUGE for ND which has struggled in the past to attract top talent on the d-line, despite offering early playing time.

What world are we living in? Is this Bizarro World. Things are changing for the Irish and the hiring of Corwin Brown seems to be the catalyst. Of the 13 commits, 6 of them are on the defensive side of the ball. This is a long ways away from Ty’s days of losing out on these guys, and not filling out the depth chart. Another bizarre point; Our 13th commit last year was Taylor Dever…on December 16th. Next someone will be telling me that at the end of the season, ND will have a top 10 defense and, despite their youth and a EXCRUCIATINGLY tough schedule, the Fighting Irsh will make back to a BCS game… and win. I think I might like this world, which is looking like the glory days of old.

I need a Beer. I’m Irish.
Welcome To ND Brandon!!!

Copycats, Copybucks, Copymakers And So Forth

May 21, 2007

You saw this coming, right? Have you been saving up the comebacks? For as long as Notre Dame has had its T.V. contract with NBC, the fans of the Big Integer have dogged ND about it. Well, maybe their contempt was out of pure jealousy.
On Friday the 18th, The Big Ten network sent out a letter to bloggers intergerwide. Here are the contents:

Hey Everyone,On Monday, May 21st, I will be sending you an open letter from Mark Silverman, president of the Big Ten Network regarding some key questions/answers that Big Ten fans have about the network. Also, we are planning an open Webchat with Mark Silverman on the site on Thursday, May 24th at 1:00 p.m. EDT. I hope you can join us.
If possible, will you please share this letter and promote the Webchat on your individual sites, it would be much appreciated. Also, we are planning something special for you all in support of the network. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact me.
Take care and have a great weekend!

Bribery. Get the word out and get some treats. The best news about this new network is that the great games of Indiana VS. Northwestern or Illinois VS. Minnesota will now be seen on their network and not on ESPN. Now ESPN can fill its slots up with Duke VS. East Carolina or Baylor VS. Rice.
This is of course, an obvious cash grab for another greedy conference. Yes, this network is going to show more than just football, but let’s face it…football is king and the nucleus. This is another direction the big conference schools are going to further line their pockets with dough. This is why you will NEVER see a playoff in 1A or even a plus one game.
Say what you will about ND and NBC. The fact is, is that ND goes with the flow of the other Universities and does what it must to survive as an independent. The conferences are trying to do all they can to destroy that. Their money means control and to do things their way. If it weren’t for the NBC contract, ND may be forced into doing things it doesn’t want to do as far as scheduling and so forth.
Try as they might, no Big Integer school will EVER have the draw or the prestige of ND… but they will try.