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Charlie Weis Reads Subway Domer

August 29, 2007

At least I would like to think so. A few weeks back in my “Freshman Are Special People” piece, I stated that Allen and Tate would probably be returning the kicks for the Irish. So imagine my lack of surprise when Weis stated they were 1&2 on the depth chart. This is of course… AWESOME. We haven’t seen a duo with that much speed retuning kicks in a long time. Weis stated that this could be an “Outhouse or castle” type situation. Meaning, feast or famine. Being freshman they could choke like a Florida St. kicker or simply kick ass. I’m betting on the latter.

In other news…

  • Vernaglia looks to be the starter at ROLB. Good for him. The bigger question is if he can hold off freshman Brian Smith and Kerry Neal. Both frosh are impressing the staff and will see solid game action.
  • Darrin Walls is a starter now at cornerback. He beat out Ambrose Wooden during camp and will play opposite Terrail Lambert. Darrin may start to live up to the hype for himself , as he was highly ranked as an incoming freshman last year. He saw live action right away in 2006 facing off against super stud Calvin Johnson. Ambrose Wooden will be the nickel back.
  • Derrell Hand will serve a 3 game suspension for his indiscretions.
  • Will Yeatman (Lacrosse god) will be the #2 TE, beating out Ivan Drago’s lost son Konrad Reuland.
  • The kicker battle is still waging at the cost of 1000’s of lives and $2,346,785.74 per day.
  • Weis knows his QB, do you? Do they?