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Sitting In My Living Room On A Beach Chair

December 9, 2008

The Captains talk about the impending Hawai’i Bowl and its impact on them and their families.

Wu-Banga Tuesday… Therapy

September 16, 2008

Therapeutic. That’s what a win over a big rival feels like for the next week. It doesn’t last long with another rivalry game coming up for the Irish.

So here we go with another Wu-Banga MVP edition:

David Bruton. The man was everywhere for the Irish against Michigan. People can say what they want about the game and how those fucking skunkbears “gave ND the game.” FUCK THAT! Bruton took what he wanted with 15 tackles (1.5 TFL) a forced fumble inside the 5 and an interception inside the 5 as well. David Bruton’s new name is “Mr. Impossible The Redzone Killah.”

Brian Smith. Javon Ringer carried the ball 43 times for 282 yards against Florida Atlantic last week. Brian Smith has to, and will step up and make Ringer wish he got hurt against FAU. In the first two games, Irish opponents used a pass spread and a run spread as their primary offensive attack. MSU is more of a traditional power offense, meaning nothing more than they like to line up in a “I” formation or double tight “ACE” and run the shit out of the ball. Look for Smith to be everywhere the ball carrier is and bringing a lot of violence with him.

Defensive Madmen

September 4, 2008

Practice with David Bruton.

Brian Smith wants to hit your grandma.

Protect Ya Neck

June 13, 2008

Time to get back in the swing of things and open up a few more Chamber doors. This is part 3 of a 18 part “series.” And I “seriously” procrastinate…

David Bruton #27
6’2″ 210 lbs.
Miamisburg, Ohio
Wu-Name: Jive-Talkin’ Choirboy

David Bruton is about to blow up. He was arguably the best defensive player for the Irish last year. This year he looks to continue to improve and turn himself into a dominating player and a potential first round draft pick.

Bruton is very athletic and looks like a gazelle when he runs. That gazelle turns into a lion as he approaches ball carriers and/or the ball in mid-flight. He will be an absolute menace to opposing offenses if the Tenuta/Brown scheme of constant pressure using different blitz packages succeeds. Those blitzes will count for errant throws which turn into more interceptions for the budding star. Give me a motherfucking #27 jersey. Seriously. Someone needs to send me one.

Ian Williams #95
Nose Tackle
6’2″ 306 lbs.
Altamonte Springs, Florida
Wu-Name: Thunderous Wizard

Thunderous Wizard is an excellent match for this large and impressive sophomore to be. Ian became an impact player as a true freshman last year while coming off of the bench in relief of Irish starter Pat Kuntz, and started in place of Pat while he (Kuntz) was injured. Ian made a freshman All-American team and is just days away from unveiling his cure for cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Williams will most certainly be an every down player this year and was the only “true” nose tackle the Irish had on the roster for spring ball while Pat Kuntz was taking care of his academics. Plus, the common knowledge has been that Kuntz will split out to the DE spot vacated by all-life player Trevor Laws. Ian will have some competition coming in this summer from true freshman Brandon Newman and Hafis Williams. Watch for Ian to really become the playmaker needed on the inside.

Opposing teams: Protect ya fuckin neck!