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Depth Chart Unleashed

September 1, 2009
Weis wont count style points @ Rivals Video

7 Jimmy Clausen 6-3, 223, Jr., 2V
10 Dayne Crist 6-4, 235, So., RS
13 Evan Sharpley 6-2, 215, Sr., 3V

5 Armando Allen 5-10, 200, Jr., 2V
25 Jonas Gray 5-10, 220, So., 1V
33 Robert Hughes 5-11, 234, Jr., 2V
20 Cierre Wood 6-0, 218, Fr., HS

23 Golden Tate 5-11, 195, Jr., 2V
18 Duval Kamara 6-5, 219, Jr., 2V
1 Deion Walker 6-2, 193, So., RS
19 George West 5-8, 196, Sr., 3V

3 Michael Floyd 6-3, 220, So., 1V
82 Robby Parris 6-3, 205, Sr., 3V
11 Shaquelle Evans 6-1, 203, Fr., HS
81 John Goodman 6-3, 203, So., RS

34 James Aldridge 6-0, 225, Sr., 3V
86 Bobby Burger 6-3, 248, Sr.,
30 Steve Paskorz 6-2, 245, Jr., 2V

9 Kyle Rudolph 6-6, 260, So., 1V
83 Mike Ragone 6-5, 251, Jr., 1V
86 Bobby Burger 6-3, 248, Sr.,
80 Tyler Eifert 6-5, 237, Fr., HS

72 Paul Duncan 6-7, 315, Sr., 3V
77 Matt Romine 6-5, 295, Jr., 1V
73 Lane Clelland 6-5, 290, So., RS

74 Sam Young 6-8, 320, Sr., 3V
75 Taylor Dever 6-5, 301, Jr., 1V
73 Lane Clelland 6-5, 290, So., RS

59 Chris Stewart 6-5, 330, Sr., 2V
51 Dan Wenger 6-4, 302, Sr., 2V
52 Braxston Cave 6-3, 310, So., RS
68 Alex Bullard 6-3, 290, Fr., HS

78 Trevor Robinson 6-5, 305, So., 1V
76 Andrew Nuss 6-5, 300, Jr., 1V
66 Chris Watt 6-3, 295, Fr., HS
65 Mike Hernandez 6-2, 280, So., RS

55 Eric Olsen 6-4, 305, Sr., 3V
51 Dan Wenger 6-4, 302, Sr., 2V
57 Mike Golic 6-3, 293, So., RS

89 K. Lewis-Moore 6-4, 270, So., RS
53 M. Richardson 6-2, 255, Sr., 3V
91 Emeka Nwankwo 6-4, 274, Jr., 1V

56 Kerry Neal 6-2, 250, Jr., 2V
90 John Ryan 6-5, 255, Sr., 3V
97 Kallen Wade 6-5, 245, Sr., 2V

95 Ian Williams 6-2, 295, Jr., 2V
99 Brandon Newman 6-1, 295, So., RS
92 Tyler Stockton 6-1, 290, Fr., HS
93 Paddy Mullen 6-3, 295, Sr., 2V

9 Ethan Johnson 6-4, 280, So., 1V
79 Hafis Williams 6-2, 295, So., RS
98 Sean Cwynar 6-4, 283, So., RS

45 Darius Fleming 6-1, 240, So., 1V
41 Scott Smith 6-3, 245, Sr., 3V
46 Steve Filer 6-3, 236, So., 1V
48 Dan Fox 6-3, 230, Fr., HS

58 Brian Smith 6-3, 240, Jr., 2V
5 Manti Te’o 6-2, 244, Fr., HS
54 Anthony McDonald 6-2, 230, So., RS

49 Toryan Smith 6-1, 244, Sr., 3V
36 David Posluszny 6-0, 225, So., RS
44 Carlo Calabrese 6-1, 235, Fr., HS

8 Raeshon McNeil 6-0, 190, Sr., 3V
2 Darrin Walls 6-0, 190, Sr., 2V
26 Jamoris Slaughter 6-0, 185, So., RS
27 E.J. Banks 5-11, 185, Fr., HS

12 Robert Blanton 6-1, 185, So., 1V
4 Gary Gray 5-11, 190, So.,
37 Mike Anello 5-10, 170, Sr., 3V

28 Kyle McCarthy 6-0, 210, Sr., 3V
31 Sergio Brown 6-2, 205, Sr., 3V
17 Zeke Motta 6-2, 215, Fr., HS

22 Harrison Smith 6-2, 207, Jr., 1V
6 Ray Herring 5-10, 200, Sr., 3V
15 Dan McCarthy 6-2, 205, So., RS
24 Leonard Gordon 5-11, 187, Sr., 2V

40 Nick Tausch 6-0, 180, Fr., HS
14 Brandon Walker 6-3, 213, Jr., 2V
39 Ryan Burkhart 5-11, 195, Sr., 2V

43 Eric Maust 6-2, 190, Sr., 3V

60 Jordan Cowart 6-2, 215, Fr., HS
52 Braxston Cave 6-3, 310, So., RS
50 Ryan Kavanagh 6-3, 180, Fr., 1V

34 James Aldridge 6-0, 225, Sr., 3V
32 Theo Riddick 5-10, 195, Fr., HS
11 Shaquelle Evans 6-1, 203, Fr., HS
21 Barry Gallup Jr. 5-11, 190, Sr., 3V

5 Armando Allen 5-10, 200, Jr., 2V
23 Golden Tate 5-11, 195, Jr., 2V
11 Shaquelle Evans 6-1, 203, Fr., HS
82 Robby Parris 6-3, 205, Sr., 3V

43 Eric Maust 6-2, 190, Sr., 3V
35 Ben Turk 5-11, 193, Fr., HS
39 Ryan Burkhart 5-11, 195, Sr., 2V

Asaph Schwapp Is History & Other Roster Hits

January 26, 2009

It’s over for Schwapp. Asaph has declined an offer to play for a fifth year at Notre Dame, and will look to try and become a blocking fullback in the NFL according to the NFL Draft Bible.

Draft Daddy had this to say about Asaph:

Of the new names, not counting the 4 big names we reported Monday should’ve been on the list, Asaph Schwapp should be the most notable to college football fans. He was the top high school player from the state of Connecticut in the class of 2004 and was hotly recruited, but did not have a great career at Notre Dame. Schwapp accumulated only 98 rushing yards and 62 receiving yards, with no touchdowns, in his four years in South Bend. That said, he may earn a free agent deal and tried as a blocking back.

This is obviously not a surprise to most, but it does leave a gaping hole at the depth the Irish have at fullback for the 2009 season. Steve Paskorz will enter the spring as the #1 fullback… the only fullback. But does it really matter?

Notre Dame has not really used the FB as an effective offensive weapon since the departure of Powers-Neil. When RPN was playing in the Weis system, he was effective as a running fullback, a receiving fullback, and as the featured back near the goaline and short yardage. He worked.

Notre Dame can actually make this position viable again by incorporating those same type of principles with the 2009 offense. But, that depends on the player available.

As mentioned earlier, Steve Paskorz is now the #1 FB on the roster. A converted Tailback from High School, Steve started as a linebacker for the Irish until an onslaught of injuries at the TE and FB positions, along with an influx of talent at the linebacker position forced a move.

Steve certainly has the athleticism to help improve the play at the fullback position. He had his senior season in high school cut in half because of a bad hamsting, but before that happened, Steve rushed for over 4000 yards in his career at Hampton High School in Allison Park, Pennsylvania. He had over 2000 yards duiring his sophomore season.

There may be other options for the Irish as well. Notre Dame was actively recruiting two prospects this year as a fullback- Tyler Gaffney and Toben Opurum. Opurum verballed to Kansas and the opportunity to be more of a featured back. Gaffney is making his verbal declaration on Monday, and it is looking like a Stanford and Irish battle. Gaffney was the player of the year in his division in California and he is exactly what we are needing in a fullback. The problem is, is that he may want to be more of a featured back and Stanford has shown what it can do with a powerful, fullback like runner with Gearhart (I really don’t care if I spelled this right… he plays for Harbaugh).

Now, listen to Yoda… “There is an…oth…er, Sky…walk…er.” There is, but his name ain’t Luke- it’s Robert. Robert Hughes to be exact. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that there is no way that is going to happen, and maybe you are right for the most part. While recruiting Hughes, Weis assured Robert that he would be used as a feature back and not as a fullback. Weis is many things, but he is no liar. That’s not to say that Weis won’t have a talk with Hughes about playing a little more fullback, but I’m sure the conversation will be more of a tester than a demand.

The thing is, Hughes should jump at this chance. I see the Irish offense spreading itself out more in 2009 and using its best weapons in the passing game. There will be more and more formations used that offer only a one back set, but you know Charlie will pull out the regular two back formations a lot as well. How would a switch help Hughes then? Well, it wouldn’t be a full switch. The times that ND would need or want Hughes in the same backfield as Allen, Aldridge, and Gray they would be able to put him there with the confidence that he can accomplish the goal of the play.

Really, all I’m saying is that an athletic fullback can drastically improve the offense that has a hard time getting the short yards that it needs to sustain drives. Look at U$C and their fullback Havili. That guy may be their MVP. He’s fucking ridiculous the way he catches the ball out of the backfield, blocks, and runs. That’s what wee need, and at the moment- we probably lack. That could change soon however.

Yoda thinks Hughes is the shit.

Some other quick roster news… Nyshier Oliver is probably going to decommit from the Irish and head back to his original commitment of Tennessee. This is not fact yet, but I ‘ve read enough to just face it and admit that he is probably gone. Nyshier visited Tennessee this weekend, and all signs point to him spurning the Irish. Oliver was a very nice grab for this class, but the combination of a very talented depth chart at WR at Notre Dame, and a smooth-talking Lane Kiffin, will probably end this relationship. Good luck to Oliver.

Updating the Eligibility Chart for 2009. As I was taking Schwapp off of the chart, I decided to do the same with Oliver. Again, this may be jumping the gun, but someone has to be the asshole… it might as well be me. I also put Gary Gray back on the chart as it was reported that he will be back at ND this summer. (BTW- I will have an eligibility chart for 2010 out soon as we already have one commitment for that class and we may get another this week).

The Irish have 5 spots open for 2009, and as of right now, they are in the mix for Starling, Moore, Te’o, and Gaffney. The Irish are in good shape with 3 of the 4 with Gaffney probably heading to the Farm. Te’o is down to three, and Moore decommited from USC and most likely will sign with the Irish… knock on wood.

Special Thanks to Frankie V at Blog for posting a lot of good recruiting info that I and other bloggers have neglected this last few weeks. Good show.

Trouble On The Corner

January 11, 2009

Notre Dame is seeing some bad news lately as it pertains to the cornerback position and the future of the depth chart. Marlon Pollard, a four star CB from California that committed to ND months ago after decommitting from UCLA, has recommitted to UCLA.
It is, what it is. I’m not going to harp on Pollard for flip-flopping, but to shrug this off as a minor event is just plain dumb. The depth chart is suffering at cornerback with the news that Gary Gray is not enrolled for the spring semester.
Notre Dame will be fine at the position next year, but after 2009 we may see a void if Weis can’t get 2 or 3 commits at CB in 2010. The depth chart has McNeil, Anello, Walls, Slaughter, Blanton, and Banks playing in 2009 with Anello and McNeil out of eligibility at the end of the season and Walls may decide to leave early. Anello is not a factor at CB. So 2010 could have only Slaughter, Blanton, and Banks if Gray doesn’t return, although all reports are that he should return to ND in the Summer.
Having Pete Carroll in California is bad enough, but to also compete with Slick Rick at UCLA is going to be a tough task to overcome for an Irish staff that has done pretty well in that state since the arrival of Weis.

2009 Eligibility

January 6, 2009

With the season over and Irish fans waiting anxiously for spring practice, some of us may be wondering what the roster will look like next year. I took the time to put the scholarship players and spreadsheet their asses. This particular one is based off of the free chart at Irish Illustrated as there is a similar one at Irish Eyes.

The reason I am basically copying this stuff, is so that I can use it as a resource for future posts whether they be about new recruits, depth chart, transfers- whatever. So get used to seeing this thing as I will embed it with a lot of roster-type posts.

The future of a program can be foretold by objectively looking at the depth chart and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

A few notes from The Subway Domer:

  • Gary Gray is still on the eligibility chart. Until further notice from the university, I will count Gary as a roster member.
  • No official word has come from the University about the players that may return for a fifth year. We have all heard that 5 players were for certain (Anello, Herring, Duncan, McCarthy, and S. Smith) would be invited back for a fifth year. This chart has two others that still have a year left and after the recruiting class is signed, they may be back next year (Bemenderfer & Schwaap.).
  • Harrison Smith is still considered a linebacker until he practices with the safeties. As much as Weis may want to move him, it may not happen.
  • The black boxes on the chart represents the fact that no players are designated for that eligibility year. The two that are the most significant are the Junior eligibility for offensive tackles and the Senior eligibility for the defensive tackles.
  • Darrin Walls is listed as the word has been spread about his return this month.
  • The defense that ND is running is kind of like Optimus Prime. It transforms. I’m not sure you can label this unit. 3-4? 4-3? Well, the Irish ran most of the year with an even front and I would venture that next year will be similar. The hybrids and other linebackers could get moved around.
  • Ethan Johnson is known as a defensive end, but he played more defensive tackle this year than anything else.

There is a lot of discussion available as far as the depth charts and positioning goes, and I will be discussing these more and more as we roll into the spring.

The Last Thought On The Depth Chart

August 29, 2008

Of all of the chatter about the recently released depth chart, there was little talk about one of Subway Domers favorites.

Luke Schmidt.

Luke is the “Chewbacca” of the offense. He isn’t the starting TE (Kyle Rudolph) or the starting FB (Asaph Schwaap) but he is a starter. He is the H-Back and it appears as if he is the only one on the team. The “Jack of all trades” and the wearer of crossbows.

I salute you sir!

Depth Chart For The Bye Week…

August 25, 2008
7 Jimmy Clausen 6-3, 217, So., 1V
13 Evan Sharpley 6-2, 215, Sr., 2V
10 Dayne Crist 6-4, 233, Fr.,
5 Armando Allen 5-10, 195, So., 1V
33 Robert Hughes 5-11, 237, So., 1V
34 James Aldridge 6-0, 225, Jr., 2V
18 Duval Kamara 6-5, 219, So., 1V
23 Golden Tate 5-11, 195, So., 1V

11 David Grimes 5-10, 177, Sr., 3V
3 Michael Floyd 6-3, 215, Fr.,

44 Asaph Schwapp 6-0, 257, Sr., 2V
32 Luke Schmidt 6-4, 246, Jr., 1V
30 Steve Paskorz 6-2, 235, So.,
9 Kyle Rudolph 6-6, 252, Fr.,
84 Will Yeatman 6-6, 265, Jr., 2V
77 Mike Turkovich 6-6, 305, Sr., 3V
70 Matt Romine 6-5, 292, So.,
74 Sam Young 6-8, 330, Jr., 2V
75 Taylor Dever 6-5, 308, So.,
55 Eric Olsen 6-4, 303, Jr., 2V
72 Paul Duncan 6-7, 308, Sr., 3V
59 Chris Stewart 6-5, 337, Jr., 1V
78 Trevor Robinson 6-5, 301, Fr.,
51 Dan Wenger 6-4, 302, Jr., 1V
67 T. Bemenderfer 6-5, 300, Sr., 3V
52 Braxston Cave 6-3, 315, Fr.,
53 M. Richardson 6-2, 255, Jr., 2V
94 Justin Brown 6-3, 277, Sr., 3V
89 K. Lewis-Moore 6-4, 257, Fr.,
96 Pat Kuntz 6-3, 283, Sr., 3V
9 Ethan Johnson 6-4, 275, Fr.,
95 Ian Williams 6-2, 310, So., 1V
93 Paddy Mullen 6-3, 300, Jr., 1V
22 Harrison Smith 6-2, 212, So.,
41 Scott Smith 6-3, 235, Sr., 2V
90 John Ryan 6-5, 264, Jr., 2V
56 Kerry Neal 6-2, 246, So., 1V
45 Darius Fleming 6-1, 236, Fr.,
40 Maurice Crum 6-0, 235, Sr., 3V
48 Steve Quinn 6-2, 225, Sr., 3V
58 Brian Smith 6-3, 245, So., 1V
49 Toryan Smith 6-1, 244, Jr., 2V
8 Raeshon McNeil 6-0, 190, Jr., 2V
4 Gary Gray 5-11, 188, So.,
20 Terrail Lambert 5-11, 195, Sr., 3V
12 Robert Blanton 6-1, 180, Fr.,
27 David Bruton 6-2, 212, Sr., 3V
31 Sergio Brown 6-2, 205, Jr., 2V
28 Kyle McCarthy 6-0, 203, Sr., 2V
6 Ray Herring 5-10, 198, Sr., 3V
I am completely mental about the John Ryan over Kerry Neal deal. This must be evidence that ND will run more 4-3 looks this year, or Ryan has photos. Discuss

Doesn’t The Word "Depth", Imply Deep?

January 19, 2008

With the departure of Pat Kuntz this spring, and the future of Darrell Hand a question mark (Hand has been linked to rumors about heart problems that may end his football career) where do the Irish go to find its defensive lineman?

For argument sake, let’s take Hand out of the equation even though nothing has been officially announced. This leaves the Irish with only 6 scholarship players on the defensive line for the Spring game. That includes early enrollee Freshman, Sean Cwynar. Including Sean are: DE Paddy Mullen (JR), DE Justin Brown (5SR), NT Ian Williams (SO), DE Kallen Wade (JR), and offensive line covert DT Emeka Nwankwo (SO). Of these players, only Ian Williams and Justin Brown have started for the Irish and those were due to an injury pushing them into the lineup. Not very deep, is it? For the past few years, Notre Dame has had to use a rotation system with the offensive lineman and play them for both the Blue and Gold teams. It looks like this year, the defensive line might have to play the Iron man role. This does not look good for a defense looking to improve during the second year of Corwin Browns system.

There is hope on the way however. Come summer and fall, the Irish D-Line will be infused with more talent and youth. 3 more players will be suiting up and will be looking for significant playing time due to the lack of depth…and their own talent. DE Ethan Johnson, NT Brandon Newman, and DT Hafis Williams will be ready to go and might have that impact that Freshman All-American Ian Williams had last year. Plus, Kuntz might be able to return to ND as soon as this summer. That is starting to look a lot better. The Irish are still hammering away at possible commitments from two other D-Line prospects for the freshman class with signing day only 17 days away. DE Kapron Lewis-Moore is on campus right now, and DT Mike Martin will be visiting the Irish next weekend. Both are rated as 4 stars and could be impact recruits. The Irish already have their best D-line haul in almost two decades and it could be significantly better if one OR both commit to the Irish. We will have to wait and see.

Any way you look at the situation, the Irish should be in a lot better shape come Summer. In the meantime, watch the progression of the players at the Spring game. Hopefully, they will all improve and help create a real solution to a terrible problem. Doesn’t the word “depth” imply deep? Not quite yet, but soon.

A Cornucopia Of Randomness

January 9, 2008

The College Football season is over. Allow yourself a few minutes to stop screaming and find some composure. But just as in the NFL, the programs are cranking it up and preparing for the future. Whether that be roster moves, recruiting, hitting the weight room, or snorting a kilo of coke and beating up strippers. Well, maybe that last part is reserved for the SEC. Either way, expect big changes for ND over the next few months. With that said, expect more posts from Subway Domer that are filled with a mix of information. Such as these…

A Royal Departure
Notre Dame announced this week that sophomore cornerback Munir Prince will transfer to Missouri. This news is not all that shocking as I and a host of other bloggers and posters on the message boards have posted this. What it is though, is devastating. Over reacting? I don’t think so. Prince came to ND as a RB and saw action right away as a freshman. And right away, Irish fans could see that Prince just did not have the physical size to play as a running back. What he does have is tremendous speed and great hip action. He was moved to cornerback for his sophomore year and saw decent playing time and played well. With ND returning Lambert and Walls as the probable starters at corner, McNeil having played well as a nickel back, and Gary Gray being touted as a great one in the wings, Prince would of had a hard time seeing a lot of playing time this year. Maybe. The greatest jump a player makes upward in his skill set, is from his TRUE sophomore year to his TRUE junior year (more on this in a minute). So we don’t know exactly what all we will be missing until 2009 when Prince takes the field for Mizzu. What we will be missing is competition at not only cornerback, but as a punt and kick returner. Not only that, but after the 2008 season, ND’s depth chart at CB may look a little thin. Good luck to Munir.

Webb Out
Sophomore offensive lineman Bartley Webb is no longer able to play football due to injury. He will remain at ND as a student because ND is an institution of integrity. Had this been say…Florida, Meyer would have Bartley shunned, Amish style.

The Disappearing Class
After the Prince transfer and the Webb incident, the incoming class of 2006 is falling in numbers… again. That puts the total number of ’06 kids that are no longer on the team to 6. It could have been 7 if it wasn’t for Chris Stewart’s dad. Plus, the other names that have been tossed around as possible transfer candidates are ALL from this class. It was Charlies first recruiting class that he put together. It was ranked in the top 8 and produced 28 commits. What is truly disappointing is what I stated in the Munir Prince piece. Historically, the biggest improvement for a player is between his sophomore year and his junior year. This means a big loss in depth and quality play out of the Irish roster. Now I can say with total confidence that Demetrius Jones and Zach Frazer would still be sitting on the bench next year, they (along with Reuland, Carufel, Webb, and Prince) would still provide the depth, competition, and scout play that is needed for a team to improve in the off-season and the season itself. In no way is this class shaping up to be like the incoming class of 2004 in which 10 out of the 17 commits were no longer on the team last year… more than HALF!!! (Of those 10, Banda was a medical release as Webb is now and Darius Walker left early for the NFL) That class was also one of the worst in Irish history on a talent basis alone. Notre Dame faced a lot of problems this year because of that 2004 class. The Irish must retain the rest of this class if it wants to avoid a similar situation (although not nearly as severe) in the future.

Fifth Year Fever
Notre Dame released 3 names of players applying for graduate school that would make them eligible for a 5th year at the university. Maurice Crum Jr., Justin Brown, and Terrail Lambert are the 3 players. This will put ND at an 80 man roster right now, if the recruiting class stays intact. The quota is 85. This means that ND, which has 22 commits right now, can add 5 more recruits to its class. (The max class is 25 unless there are early enrollees and ND has 2 this year in Cwynar and Robinson). This is highly unlikely as ND has only 5 other REAL offers (Datone Jones, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Mike Martin, Kenneth Page, and Cyrus Gray) out to prospects right now. I really only see 2 maybe 3 of these guys committing to ND. 3 of the 5 (Jones, Kapron, and Martin) are already committed elsewhere but have visits scheduled with ND for this month. Weis spoke before the ’07 season and said after this year he would probably not be able to offer schollies to walk-ons next year. It looks as if that will be changed. Look for Mike Anello to receive one as a special teams phenom.

Ian Williams was named to the Football Writers Association of America’s All-American Team. This is a little bit of a surprise. Not that Ian played great and deserved this recognition, but the fact that 2 other Freshman A.A. lists had Ian no higher than 3rd team. The writers finally got something right. Ian played well on the field and showed great emotion and vigor as well. Williams should be the starting NT next year if they move Kuntz out to DE. Even if Pat stays at NT, this will create a solid rotation at the position. Congratulations Ian, on this achievement.

Rumors have surfaced about the head coaching job at Purdue. It seems as if the Athletic Director is sniffing around for a possible heir to the toilet as early as 2009. Nothing has been officially released and the University is only saying that Wilford Brimley will be their coach in 2008. Brimley needs only two wins next year to become the all time winningest coach at Purdue. It got me thinking. W.B. has been there 11 years. This has been their best 11 year run in school history. Arguably. And in that time, Purdue is 5-6 against the Irish. ND has had their worst 11 year stretch and still Purdue could not even get above .500. Medicrity is best served warm… like oatmeal.

Hunting Wolverines
It is official. According to The Detroit News, Manningham, Arrington, and Mallett are no longer skunkbears. Mario and Adrian are entering the draft and Mallett is looking to transfer. But, no official word has come from the players themselves. This comes from R. Rod. He is such a prick, these guys won’t talk to him. This is a disaster for Michigan… and I’m laughing my ass off.

Buckeyes Are The Bills of College Football
Once again Ohio State was in the title game this year. And once again, they got their ass kicked. Allow me to be the first to predict the national champs for next year. It’s Georgia’s turn to kick the Bucks in the nuts.

Spring Into Action

January 4, 2008

It is January people. That’s right…January. It isn’t August contrary to what some of you may think out there. But that’s, alright. I understand how anxious some of you are about putting together starting lineups (and for you recruiting junkies: putting freshman right in the mix) and projections for the 2008 season. I get it, I’m excited too. But first things are definitely first… signing day and then spring practice culminating with the Annual Blue-Gold Game.
With that in mind, The Subway Domer is bringing you a little foretaste of the feast to come… The Spring Game. I thought I would share with you on what I would like to see Coach Weis do with the game. Last year was kind of a bore and I think with the starting QB in place, it should make for a little better spectacle. And yes, I will give you what I think will be the depth chart… for spring.

  • After having not one, but two Irish coaching legends coach the game this year, I wonder what Weis has in store? I contacted Charlie and let him know that if called upon, The Subway Domer and Colonialhead would be more than ready to take the reigns. He said that he would have to get back with me. Fair enough. If not us, I would like to take a wild guess and say Aaron Taylor (somewhere Latina is shaking) and Michael Stonebreaker (somewhere the Thunder is Shaking). Why not?
  • The 2008 Irish need to be more physical and become what Weis has promised us…Nasty. With that in mind , I believe the practices leading up to the game needs to take on that role. HIT,HIT,HIT! What Weis shouldn’t do is something that he eluded to during the season: QB being fair game. That would just be asking for trouble, and honestly, I don’t see Charlie letting it happen in practice or at the spring game. Everyone else = snot bubbles.
  • In keeping with the physical theme, Spring needs to be all about competition at every position. Play the best man. With an improving depth chart, this will be a little easier to accomplish this year than last year. Next year’s Spring game will really be loaded with depth, but I digress. There are still some glaring holes, most noticeably on both the O-Line and D-Line, but there is enough to make it interesting.
  • Make this years game special. Meaning: include ALL special teams play. Kickoffs, punts, all of it, and do it full bore. Special teams have been very disappointing during the Weis administration if you took away Zibby, and guess what? Zibby is gone and needs to be replaced. I think we have the personnel to do it, but it MUST be practiced. Games can be won with special teams and the 2008 Fighting Irish will need all the help we can get.
  • As far as the game play itself: 2 twenty minute halves. 1st team O (Blue) versus 1st team D (Gold) and 2nd team O (Gold) versus 2nd team D (Blue). Clock runs continuously until it gets inside 3 minutes and then normal game play ensues.
  • Let’s show up. Last year was a record setting affair. Yes the weather was gorgeous and Clausen was making his debut, but after the horrible campaign last year, let’s really get behind this team and set a new attendance record. If Weis doesn’t call my number for the coaching gig, I will be there. At least I think I will. I am currently in negotiations with my wife, who can’t understand why the Spring game always coincides with her Birthday weekend, about my plans to attend this year. I am devising a plan for an all-girls weekend in Chicago. If any of you in the Chicago area are fans of Subway Domer and would like to see great coverage online, please send me money, tickets to a show, paid hotel reservations, gift certificates to Tiffany’s, or whatever you think would help 4 gals have a great time in Chi-Town.
  • Now, the depth charts for the Blue-Gold Game. Please keep in mind that these are very rough…

Blue Team

QB- Jimmy Clausen
TB- James Aldridge
TB- Robert Hughes
FB- Asaph Schwaap
TE- Will Yeatman
WR- Duval Kamara
WR- David Grimes
WR- George West
WR- Robby Parris
LT- Sam Young
RT- Paul Duncan
C- Dan Wenger
LG- Eric Olsen

RG- Chris Stewart

DE- Paddy Mullen
NT- Darrell Hand
DE- Kallen Wade
OLB- John Ryan
ILB- Scott Smith
ILB- Steve Paskorz
OLB- Mo Richardson
CB- Gary Gray
CB- Raeshon McNeil
S- Ray Herring
S- Sergio Brown

Gold Team

QB- Evan Sharpley
TB- Armando Allen
FB/TB- Luke Schmidt
TE- Mike Ragone
WR- Richard Jackson
WR- D.J. Hord
WR- Golden Tate
WR- Barry Gallup Jr.
LT- Matt Romine
RT- Taylor Dever
C- Thomas Bemenderfer
LG- Michael Turkovich
RG- Trevor Robinson

DE- Justin Brown
NT- Ian Williams
DE- Pat Kuntz
OLB- Brian Smith
ILB- Mo Crum
ILB- Toryan Smith
OLB- Kerry Neal
CB- Terrail Lambert
CB- Darrin Walls
S- David Bruton
S- Harrison Smith

So, there you have it. If you were wondering why I have Schwaap on the first team ,it was because of having Allen on the Gold squad. I thought Schmidt could play the RPN role and double as a TB/FB.

Please discuss. I would love to know your thoughts on this subject. Use the shoutbox, the comment link, or discuss in any forum you see this is placed. (I love pimping SD).

Roster Moves?

September 18, 2007

Training camp huh. Well from what I remember from training camps , they decide who the starters will be for the season. And unlike the camp they had in August, this one is a full blown ass kicking. Full pads, full contact. This may be the most important week for the Irish this year.

Here is a look at what may be the starting Offense and Defense come Saturday. These are strictly hunches and a small wishlist, but what the hell else do we have?

  • QB- Clausen
  • FB- Schwaap
  • RB- Aldridge
  • WR- Parris
  • WR- West
  • WR- Kamara
  • LT- Young
  • LG- Olsen
  • C- Sullivan
  • RG- Carufel
  • RT- Duncan
  • TE- Carlson

There should be a change to a more power style offense. Think more I-formations and 2 tight sets with Yeatman on the other side and more throws designed to go to the tight end. I feel Weis will try to get the running game into focus and base the Air attack off of that, with more play action and a continuing trend of screens. No Grimes? I’m not sure about David. He may see less playing time if his first two steps off the line don’t get any better. Weis may also want bigger body receivers such as Parris and Kamara in to help with run blocking on the edge. The line is antibody’s guess, and I’m probably wrong about Duncan… I just hope I’m not.


  • DE- Brown
  • DE- Laws
  • NT- Kuntz
  • LOLB- S. Smith
  • ILB- Crum
  • ILB- Brockington
  • ROLB- Vernaglia
  • CB- Lambert
  • CB- Walls
  • S- Bruton
  • S- Zbikowski
  • NB- NcNeil

This doesn’t look too different but looks can bee deceiving. John Ryan has to be replaced. He just is not physical enough or athletic enough… which makes you wonder why he was out there to begin with. Scott Smith is listed as an inside LB but I remember in August Corwin Brown said he could be used on the outside as well. Also another thing to consider, is that we may be in more 4-3 sets this week as MSU is more of a running team than in the past. If that’s the case, multiple personnel groupings will be used and Toryan Smith and Dwight Stephenson will be used more frequently. I actually think that when the Irish go to a more conventional 4-3 (as they do on running downs) Crum, Brockington, and Toryan Smith should be on the field together. Also, Ambrose Wooden will more than likely be replaced as the Nickel back by Raeshon McNeil. Wooden is playing like he runs a 5.5 40 time. He is thinking too much and it is slowing him down. McNeil looks more fluid out there and should give the Irish more of what they need out of the Nickel spot.

Once again, these are just guesses. The main idea is that there should be, and WILL be, changes amongst the starters on both sides of the ball. Perhaps Weis will divulge into what these changes might be on Thursday, but then again… we’ve been down this road before.

A little humor might be in order for this season. So with that in mind, here’s a video I saw on Youtube and laughed my ass off watching it. I hope it can do the same for you.