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From the Mind of $crot…9/24

September 24, 2007

Sports, like a fine woman, will seduce you until you crack. Sports will lift you up high in the air and then drop you. I am going through an interesting period of time with my teams right now. I live and die with the Mets and the Irish. I am a Dallas fan, but I like fantasy NFL better. Last week I found my mood getting increasingly worse as we got closer to Saturday. Forget about the fact that it took the Irish over three games to score an offensive touchdown. I was watching in agony as the Mets’ lead in the NL East dwindled as the bullpen managed to blow every game. I think that the Mets are going to pull off a second consecutive NL East crown, and since this is an ND site, I will get to the Irish.
Is it possible that my column from last week managed to make it to Coach Weis’ desk? Did the rest of you see the power running game they broke out? (I, for one, think that maybe Lou Holtz was calling the plays.) Hughes and Aldridge were running hard. By the way, did anyone see who scored the first touchdown of the year? That’s right, Travis Thomas. The same Travis Thomas that was MIA since the Tech game, aside from the waxing of the Penn State player.
I have come to the conclusion that this Irish team is just going to have to take baby steps until they can mix everything together. But weren’t they supposed to be doing that during spring and summer practices? I am seeing the inability to take the basic fundamentals of football (run, pass, tackle, block) and combine them into a whole game. What exactly is going on during practice time? Am I asking too many questions? At this point I am sick of getting drunk on Saturdays and not being happy about it.
Up next is 4-0 Purdue who is tied for #25 in the USA Today poll and is putting up an average of almost 49 points per game. They put up 52 in the first two and 45 in the last two. The Irish won 35-21 last year in South Bend. Purdue is another team that is looking for a little payback from the last couple of years. If the Irish continue that this pace, it could get ugly.
The Irish are 0-4 for the first time in their history and it doesn’t look good for this week. Looks like I’ll spend the week stocking up on Busch Lights. Word.