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2009 Eligibility Chart Updates

March 22, 2009

Since I had a few minutes this morning, I decided to take a look at the Eligibility chart for 2009 and see if any adjustments were needed. Sure enough, there were. Here are a few notes pertaining to the eligibility chart, followed by the chart itself.

  • There is no need to be hasty and move Aldridge into the fullback slot right now. He may very well play more meaningful downs as a FB, but until we get past spring practice and the spring game- he remains a running back. I will have a post that goes a little more in depth with this possible positional change soon.
  • The same rules apply to Trevor Robinson as a tackle. He will have to win the left tackle spot, before I move him as well.
  • Since the Irish are moving away from the 3-4 terminology and settling in on a 4-3 verbal base, I have changed the position titles a bit. There are nose guards and defensive tackles.
  • There are no more hybrid slots, as you are either have your hand up or your hand down 99% of the time. Also, I have not split up the linebackers into Sam, Mike, and Will. I may do this in the future, but not yet.

Late Addition

February 6, 2009

The Fighting Irish added a late addition to the 2009 incoming class of freshman. Roby Toma, 5’10” 160 lbs. WR from Hawai’i, was offered a scholarship late in the game and on Thursday he accepted the invitation to play for Notre Dame in 2009 and beyond.
Toma becomes the 18th and final commit for the incoming class of 2009. I’ll have more on Toma in a few days.
Welcome to Notre Dame Roby!!!

Chris Martin Is Irish & Roster Movement

February 5, 2009

Yesterday may have been a banner day for the Irish after getting Manti Te’o, but it didn’t just affect the 2009 class… it has ripped into the 2010 class as well. Chris Martin, 5 star linebacker / defensive end, has committed to Notre Dame for the 2010 class. Coach Weis hinted at this commitment during his press conference announcing the 2009 class.

Chris seems to be a very dynamic defensive player, and the type that Notre Dame is looking to keep adding to its roster for the future.

Welcome to Notre Dame Chris!!!

More news of note…

  • Thomas Bemenderfer, senior offensive lineman, will not try and apply for a fifth year of eligibility. He has decided to instead, attend medical school.
  • The 2009 class may still not be finished. Jawanza Starling was reconsidering his decision to play at USC and held his fax until this morning. Irish coaches worked the phone hard, but it was the Trojans in the end. Roby Toma still has not sent his fax to UCLA. Notre dame offered the young man and he may visit the Irish soon before deciding.
  • Here are the eligibility charts for 2009 & 2010:

Depth Chart Filler

January 27, 2009

On Monday, Daniel Smith, Wide Receiver from Clay High in South Bend, committed to Notre Dame and became the second player to do so for the 2010 class.

The 6′-4″ 205 pound Smith, didn’t hesitate to jump on the opportunity to play for the Fighting Irish. Almost immediately after he was offered a scholarship, Smith scooped it up.

I’m a little late on the draw here so here are a few links that you should read if you haven’t already…

Welcome to Notre Dame Daniel!!!

I promised you guys this the other day, so I might as well put it on here. The following is the 2010 eligibility chart. Before you go crazy on my ass, I better explain a few things first.

  1. The senior column has all those that have that kind of eligibility. I’m not sure who from that column that will have a 5th year, will decide to come back or leave.
  2. Also, the freshman column is a little thin. This is because we still have to wait a while to find out which 2009 freshman will redshirt in 2009.

Trouble On The Corner

January 11, 2009

Notre Dame is seeing some bad news lately as it pertains to the cornerback position and the future of the depth chart. Marlon Pollard, a four star CB from California that committed to ND months ago after decommitting from UCLA, has recommitted to UCLA.
It is, what it is. I’m not going to harp on Pollard for flip-flopping, but to shrug this off as a minor event is just plain dumb. The depth chart is suffering at cornerback with the news that Gary Gray is not enrolled for the spring semester.
Notre Dame will be fine at the position next year, but after 2009 we may see a void if Weis can’t get 2 or 3 commits at CB in 2010. The depth chart has McNeil, Anello, Walls, Slaughter, Blanton, and Banks playing in 2009 with Anello and McNeil out of eligibility at the end of the season and Walls may decide to leave early. Anello is not a factor at CB. So 2010 could have only Slaughter, Blanton, and Banks if Gray doesn’t return, although all reports are that he should return to ND in the Summer.
Having Pete Carroll in California is bad enough, but to also compete with Slick Rick at UCLA is going to be a tough task to overcome for an Irish staff that has done pretty well in that state since the arrival of Weis.

2009 Eligibility

January 6, 2009

With the season over and Irish fans waiting anxiously for spring practice, some of us may be wondering what the roster will look like next year. I took the time to put the scholarship players and spreadsheet their asses. This particular one is based off of the free chart at Irish Illustrated as there is a similar one at Irish Eyes.

The reason I am basically copying this stuff, is so that I can use it as a resource for future posts whether they be about new recruits, depth chart, transfers- whatever. So get used to seeing this thing as I will embed it with a lot of roster-type posts.

The future of a program can be foretold by objectively looking at the depth chart and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

A few notes from The Subway Domer:

  • Gary Gray is still on the eligibility chart. Until further notice from the university, I will count Gary as a roster member.
  • No official word has come from the University about the players that may return for a fifth year. We have all heard that 5 players were for certain (Anello, Herring, Duncan, McCarthy, and S. Smith) would be invited back for a fifth year. This chart has two others that still have a year left and after the recruiting class is signed, they may be back next year (Bemenderfer & Schwaap.).
  • Harrison Smith is still considered a linebacker until he practices with the safeties. As much as Weis may want to move him, it may not happen.
  • The black boxes on the chart represents the fact that no players are designated for that eligibility year. The two that are the most significant are the Junior eligibility for offensive tackles and the Senior eligibility for the defensive tackles.
  • Darrin Walls is listed as the word has been spread about his return this month.
  • The defense that ND is running is kind of like Optimus Prime. It transforms. I’m not sure you can label this unit. 3-4? 4-3? Well, the Irish ran most of the year with an even front and I would venture that next year will be similar. The hybrids and other linebackers could get moved around.
  • Ethan Johnson is known as a defensive end, but he played more defensive tackle this year than anything else.

There is a lot of discussion available as far as the depth charts and positioning goes, and I will be discussing these more and more as we roll into the spring.