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Kicking Ass Wu Style

April 29, 2008

Time for 2 more of the 36 Chambers to be opened. Todays deadly assassins are…

Brandon Walker #14
6’2″ 190lbs.
Findlay, Ohio
Wu-Name: Childish Gambino

The Irish need a big year from Brandon. No. The Irish need a fucking super-sized year from Brandon. Charlie Weis is a offensive genius… right? Well that may be true but he is also flipping insane when it comes to the kicking game. Weis doesn’t trust it, and he has no real reason to. This is the main reason for so many 4th down attempts and why he didn’t kick the field goal against Navy. Notre Dame is still going to be very young on offense this year and there is no real way of knowing how good they are going to be. If they want to win the close games and the tough road games, Walker must be as cold as ice and willing to sacrifice his first-born child and knock that pigskin through those fucking goal posts. BTW- people from Findlay are totally psycho. My college roommate in the Fraternity house was from Findlay and had a complete arsenal in the closet… we had grenades. Walker HAS to drop bombs of his own.

Eric Maust #43
6’2″ 180 lbs.
Roswell, Georgia
Wu-Name: Superintendent God-Botherer

Consistency. That is exactly what we need from Maust. We all thought that is what we were going to get from Geoff Price last season and unfortunately for us all, it just wasn’t there. With a young ball club, field position means so much. When the offense can’t get that first down, it is up to the punter and the coverage to squeeze the opposing team into a corner. That also gives the defense so much more room and confidence to make plays. Not just stop the opposing “O”, but make those turnovers inside OUR redzone. Kick the Eric and kick it hard.