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The Defense Wants It Tough

September 17, 2009

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September 10, 2009

Fresh Backs And Some Linemen

August 9, 2009
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Wu Am I? Tha Lonely Donkey Kong & Embryonic Crusadah

May 7, 2009

Welcome to another edition of Wu Am I? for the 2009 season. Once again- I am trying to identify the 36 players of impact for the 2009 squad. So without any further bullshit, I open chambers 3 and 4…

Sam Young #74
Right Tackle
6’8″ 330 lbs.
Coral Springs, Florida
Wu Name: Embryonic Crusadah

Ever since Sam Young committed to Notre Dame, the expectations for the mammoth offensive lineman have been equally enormous. He was the top offensive lineman coming out of high school and he was well on his way to proving everyone right as he started the very first game of his freshman year against Georgia Tech. He has started every game since. That doesn’t mean that his career at Notre dame has been golden. Sam is a natural right tackle, but an injury early in the 2007 season to his right wrist forced him over to the left side. While playing left tackle, Sam was exposed as slow-footed as he went up against the opposing teams best pass-rushers. Of course, it didn’t help that he had no help around him, or that he was really playing out of position, or the fact that he was still only a sophomore.

This year, the offensive line got a late Christmas present in the form of Frank Verducci. I predict that NO ONE will benefit more from Verducci’s coaching than Young. Sam is already being touted as a first round lock in next years NFL Draft. Those are big expectations for someone that still is looking to justify prior ones. I think Sam can- and will develop into a dominant presence on the offensive line. He has the will to be great- the Irish faithful are waiting.

Ethan Johnson #9
Defensive End
6’4″ 280 lbs.
Portland, Oregon
Wu Name: Tha Lonely Donkey Kong

When Ethan Johnson committed to the Irish in June of 2007, he was being touted as a can’t miss 5 star prospect. Than, Ethan sprained his knee during the first game of his senior year and missed the rest of the season. To rehab his knee for his upcoming college career, Johnson joined the swim team. The results paid off for Ethan. He played a lot of critical minutes for the Irish, and as the season wore on- Ethan got better. He played a brilliant Hawaii Bowl and at times last year – he looked like the best defensive lineman on the team.

What helped get Ethan on the field early and often for the Irish was his versatility. He can play as either a defensive tackle, or on the outside as an end. Notre Dame has him listed as a defensive end right now, and that is looking like more of the major role that he will play. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ethan was moved around a lot in 2009. Aside from Ian Williams, the rest of the defensive tackles are very inexperienced. The best news for the Irish faithful, would be that their young defensive tackles developed and became a sound rotation, keeping Johnson on the outside. That seems a like a little too much to ask, but you never know. Personally, I think Johnson will retain the same kind of role across the front in 2009 as he had in 2008. Either way- he’s going to kick someones ass.

Player Interviews… Crist Is A Skinhead

March 21, 2009

No Condoms For Johnson

June 28, 2007

In what is turning out to be a whirlwind recruiting class for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, another top prospect has committed to Our Lady Of The Lake. Ethan Johnson, a 6’4″ 265 lbs. defensive end from Lincoln High in Portland Oregon, made the decision final Wednesday night and became the 17th prospect to commit for the incoming 2008 class. Johnson is rated as a 5 star by scout and is the 48th overall player by Rivals.

Ethan turned down offers from UCLA, Oregon, Skunkbears (what else did you expect), and wait for it……U$C. Apparently, Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell are not high on Johnson’s priorities.

This is a HUGE pickup for the Irish, which needed to shore up its front 7 this year. That makes it 3 DEs, 2 DTs (NG), and 3 LBs. Expect at least another LB, if not 2.

I would add more, but I am in “shock mode” with 17 commits before July. Please do not attempt to wake me!