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The Final Countdown

January 30, 2008

With a week left to go until National Signing Day, the countdown is ON! The Fighting Irish have 22 verbal commitments right now, and all is quiet on the western front. Meaning: all 22 should/will fax their letters of intent next Wednesday.

The Irish do, however, have a chance to lock in two more recruits. DE/LB Keith Wells and RB Milton Knox are visiting the Irish this weekend. Last minute commitments from big name recruits have not been the forte of the Irish in seasons past. However, both prospects seem genuinely interested in the Irish and are not just throwing the Notre Dame name around for “status” as some have in the past.

Milton Knox is committed to UCLA, but had been working feverishly to improve his test scores and receive an offer from Notre Dame. He did just that. Just a short while ago, Knox got the offer he has been working for and scheduled an official visit with the Irish. Knox committed to the Bruins back in June, but after a coaching change and a very disappointing season for the Bruins, Knox has been looking to go elsewhere. I think it is between ND and UCLA although I will never rule out Florida when the clock is ticking. A pledge from Knox would solidify the running back corps for years to come. At least at tailback… fullback is a whole other nightmare.

Keith Wells is a former verbal commit to Florida State. In short, he didn’t like what he saw from the program and decommitted from the Seminoles and isn’t considering them at all. Wells has been long considered an Ohio State lean. After the Buckeyes, Tennessee is right in the mix. It has been, basically, those two schools out in front for Keith’s signature. That changed recently, when the Irish told Wells they would offer the 4 star prospect if he made a visit to South Bend. So although Wells is not officially offered a scholarship right now, he will be offered on Saturday. Wells would be a very welcome addition to the Irish front 7 after Notre Dame was spurned by Kapron Lewis-Moore and was unable to get Datone Jones qualified. Wells can play the weakside DE or at an outside linebacker spot. He is a good athlete and very versatile. I believe Wells has the Buckeyes on top right now with the Volunteers right on their heels. However, his desire to seek out the Irish and truly see what Weis and the program has to offer is very intriguing.

In the end, the only thing that really matters is the future. If we lock up both or one of the two prospects, Notre Dame has a very likely chance of finishing with the number one recruiting class for this year. And while that is very enticing to be able to say that, it doesn’t change the fact that Notre Dame already has its best class in over 20 years. The balance of the class is phenomenal and is filling up true needs at needy positions. The countdown is on, and I’m counting every second.


Updating For Updates Sake

January 23, 2008

My apologies. Things have been really slow on all fronts and I don’t quite feel like regurgitating all of the “stories” surrounding Irish football. I have noticed a lot of hits lately on the site, and realize that all the die-hards are out and seeking every nugget of news there is. Quite frankly, there hasn’t been much. The Dana Jacobson story has been well versed, but still, no definitive video evidence has been displayed. (Although I hear that she/ESPN has issued an apology).

What is going on, is WAR. With two weeks left until Signing day, college coaches are pulling out all the stops to keep, receive, and poach prospects. I am purposely staying away from speculation on certain recruits because most of the reports out there are bullshit.

Take Tom Luginbill at ESPN for instance… This guy is a hack. ESPN is now in the recruiting game and have pushed Luginbill, Craig Haubert, and their “150” on us as if they were Mike Frank, Tom Lemming, or even Mike Farrell. They may be able to evaluate talent… maybe. But everything else is a load of crap. They are the leader in rumor-mongering. Luginbill does not talk to any of these recruits, except for the players that were in the Under-Armour All-American Game. If I called or e-mailed him right now and said “Word is, Thaddeus Brown has talked teammates Dayne Crist and Anthony McDonald into decommitting from Notre Dame and teammate Wes Horton into decommitting from USC and then, together, sign with Eastern Michigan on signing day”, he would turn it into a story. He is a douche and his prognostications should be treated as such. So pay NO attention to the “Jonas Gray might visit Michigan” stuff. Not gonna happen. ESPN is a corporate giant that is simply just looking for another way to generate more profit. Whores.

Speaking of signing day, I will be posting the 2008 Subway Domer Recruiting Spectacular a day or two after. Look for a little bit more this year and Colonialhead will be adding his thoughts as well. (I assume). Also, if any of you have any questions that I might be able to answer about this years class, please e-mail me at with your inquiries. I will answer them and publish them in the recruiting piece.

There will be a lot more to report on leading up to the spring game and even throughout the summer. I have PLENTY of Dick-Rod stuff lined up. That guy is truly an asshole. But, we need a pick-me-up. After a 3-9 season just remember, anybody can bounce back…

A Cornucopia Of Randomness

January 9, 2008

The College Football season is over. Allow yourself a few minutes to stop screaming and find some composure. But just as in the NFL, the programs are cranking it up and preparing for the future. Whether that be roster moves, recruiting, hitting the weight room, or snorting a kilo of coke and beating up strippers. Well, maybe that last part is reserved for the SEC. Either way, expect big changes for ND over the next few months. With that said, expect more posts from Subway Domer that are filled with a mix of information. Such as these…

A Royal Departure
Notre Dame announced this week that sophomore cornerback Munir Prince will transfer to Missouri. This news is not all that shocking as I and a host of other bloggers and posters on the message boards have posted this. What it is though, is devastating. Over reacting? I don’t think so. Prince came to ND as a RB and saw action right away as a freshman. And right away, Irish fans could see that Prince just did not have the physical size to play as a running back. What he does have is tremendous speed and great hip action. He was moved to cornerback for his sophomore year and saw decent playing time and played well. With ND returning Lambert and Walls as the probable starters at corner, McNeil having played well as a nickel back, and Gary Gray being touted as a great one in the wings, Prince would of had a hard time seeing a lot of playing time this year. Maybe. The greatest jump a player makes upward in his skill set, is from his TRUE sophomore year to his TRUE junior year (more on this in a minute). So we don’t know exactly what all we will be missing until 2009 when Prince takes the field for Mizzu. What we will be missing is competition at not only cornerback, but as a punt and kick returner. Not only that, but after the 2008 season, ND’s depth chart at CB may look a little thin. Good luck to Munir.

Webb Out
Sophomore offensive lineman Bartley Webb is no longer able to play football due to injury. He will remain at ND as a student because ND is an institution of integrity. Had this been say…Florida, Meyer would have Bartley shunned, Amish style.

The Disappearing Class
After the Prince transfer and the Webb incident, the incoming class of 2006 is falling in numbers… again. That puts the total number of ’06 kids that are no longer on the team to 6. It could have been 7 if it wasn’t for Chris Stewart’s dad. Plus, the other names that have been tossed around as possible transfer candidates are ALL from this class. It was Charlies first recruiting class that he put together. It was ranked in the top 8 and produced 28 commits. What is truly disappointing is what I stated in the Munir Prince piece. Historically, the biggest improvement for a player is between his sophomore year and his junior year. This means a big loss in depth and quality play out of the Irish roster. Now I can say with total confidence that Demetrius Jones and Zach Frazer would still be sitting on the bench next year, they (along with Reuland, Carufel, Webb, and Prince) would still provide the depth, competition, and scout play that is needed for a team to improve in the off-season and the season itself. In no way is this class shaping up to be like the incoming class of 2004 in which 10 out of the 17 commits were no longer on the team last year… more than HALF!!! (Of those 10, Banda was a medical release as Webb is now and Darius Walker left early for the NFL) That class was also one of the worst in Irish history on a talent basis alone. Notre Dame faced a lot of problems this year because of that 2004 class. The Irish must retain the rest of this class if it wants to avoid a similar situation (although not nearly as severe) in the future.

Fifth Year Fever
Notre Dame released 3 names of players applying for graduate school that would make them eligible for a 5th year at the university. Maurice Crum Jr., Justin Brown, and Terrail Lambert are the 3 players. This will put ND at an 80 man roster right now, if the recruiting class stays intact. The quota is 85. This means that ND, which has 22 commits right now, can add 5 more recruits to its class. (The max class is 25 unless there are early enrollees and ND has 2 this year in Cwynar and Robinson). This is highly unlikely as ND has only 5 other REAL offers (Datone Jones, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Mike Martin, Kenneth Page, and Cyrus Gray) out to prospects right now. I really only see 2 maybe 3 of these guys committing to ND. 3 of the 5 (Jones, Kapron, and Martin) are already committed elsewhere but have visits scheduled with ND for this month. Weis spoke before the ’07 season and said after this year he would probably not be able to offer schollies to walk-ons next year. It looks as if that will be changed. Look for Mike Anello to receive one as a special teams phenom.

Ian Williams was named to the Football Writers Association of America’s All-American Team. This is a little bit of a surprise. Not that Ian played great and deserved this recognition, but the fact that 2 other Freshman A.A. lists had Ian no higher than 3rd team. The writers finally got something right. Ian played well on the field and showed great emotion and vigor as well. Williams should be the starting NT next year if they move Kuntz out to DE. Even if Pat stays at NT, this will create a solid rotation at the position. Congratulations Ian, on this achievement.

Rumors have surfaced about the head coaching job at Purdue. It seems as if the Athletic Director is sniffing around for a possible heir to the toilet as early as 2009. Nothing has been officially released and the University is only saying that Wilford Brimley will be their coach in 2008. Brimley needs only two wins next year to become the all time winningest coach at Purdue. It got me thinking. W.B. has been there 11 years. This has been their best 11 year run in school history. Arguably. And in that time, Purdue is 5-6 against the Irish. ND has had their worst 11 year stretch and still Purdue could not even get above .500. Medicrity is best served warm… like oatmeal.

Hunting Wolverines
It is official. According to The Detroit News, Manningham, Arrington, and Mallett are no longer skunkbears. Mario and Adrian are entering the draft and Mallett is looking to transfer. But, no official word has come from the players themselves. This comes from R. Rod. He is such a prick, these guys won’t talk to him. This is a disaster for Michigan… and I’m laughing my ass off.

Buckeyes Are The Bills of College Football
Once again Ohio State was in the title game this year. And once again, they got their ass kicked. Allow me to be the first to predict the national champs for next year. It’s Georgia’s turn to kick the Bucks in the nuts.

Spring Into Action

January 4, 2008

It is January people. That’s right…January. It isn’t August contrary to what some of you may think out there. But that’s, alright. I understand how anxious some of you are about putting together starting lineups (and for you recruiting junkies: putting freshman right in the mix) and projections for the 2008 season. I get it, I’m excited too. But first things are definitely first… signing day and then spring practice culminating with the Annual Blue-Gold Game.
With that in mind, The Subway Domer is bringing you a little foretaste of the feast to come… The Spring Game. I thought I would share with you on what I would like to see Coach Weis do with the game. Last year was kind of a bore and I think with the starting QB in place, it should make for a little better spectacle. And yes, I will give you what I think will be the depth chart… for spring.

  • After having not one, but two Irish coaching legends coach the game this year, I wonder what Weis has in store? I contacted Charlie and let him know that if called upon, The Subway Domer and Colonialhead would be more than ready to take the reigns. He said that he would have to get back with me. Fair enough. If not us, I would like to take a wild guess and say Aaron Taylor (somewhere Latina is shaking) and Michael Stonebreaker (somewhere the Thunder is Shaking). Why not?
  • The 2008 Irish need to be more physical and become what Weis has promised us…Nasty. With that in mind , I believe the practices leading up to the game needs to take on that role. HIT,HIT,HIT! What Weis shouldn’t do is something that he eluded to during the season: QB being fair game. That would just be asking for trouble, and honestly, I don’t see Charlie letting it happen in practice or at the spring game. Everyone else = snot bubbles.
  • In keeping with the physical theme, Spring needs to be all about competition at every position. Play the best man. With an improving depth chart, this will be a little easier to accomplish this year than last year. Next year’s Spring game will really be loaded with depth, but I digress. There are still some glaring holes, most noticeably on both the O-Line and D-Line, but there is enough to make it interesting.
  • Make this years game special. Meaning: include ALL special teams play. Kickoffs, punts, all of it, and do it full bore. Special teams have been very disappointing during the Weis administration if you took away Zibby, and guess what? Zibby is gone and needs to be replaced. I think we have the personnel to do it, but it MUST be practiced. Games can be won with special teams and the 2008 Fighting Irish will need all the help we can get.
  • As far as the game play itself: 2 twenty minute halves. 1st team O (Blue) versus 1st team D (Gold) and 2nd team O (Gold) versus 2nd team D (Blue). Clock runs continuously until it gets inside 3 minutes and then normal game play ensues.
  • Let’s show up. Last year was a record setting affair. Yes the weather was gorgeous and Clausen was making his debut, but after the horrible campaign last year, let’s really get behind this team and set a new attendance record. If Weis doesn’t call my number for the coaching gig, I will be there. At least I think I will. I am currently in negotiations with my wife, who can’t understand why the Spring game always coincides with her Birthday weekend, about my plans to attend this year. I am devising a plan for an all-girls weekend in Chicago. If any of you in the Chicago area are fans of Subway Domer and would like to see great coverage online, please send me money, tickets to a show, paid hotel reservations, gift certificates to Tiffany’s, or whatever you think would help 4 gals have a great time in Chi-Town.
  • Now, the depth charts for the Blue-Gold Game. Please keep in mind that these are very rough…

Blue Team

QB- Jimmy Clausen
TB- James Aldridge
TB- Robert Hughes
FB- Asaph Schwaap
TE- Will Yeatman
WR- Duval Kamara
WR- David Grimes
WR- George West
WR- Robby Parris
LT- Sam Young
RT- Paul Duncan
C- Dan Wenger
LG- Eric Olsen

RG- Chris Stewart

DE- Paddy Mullen
NT- Darrell Hand
DE- Kallen Wade
OLB- John Ryan
ILB- Scott Smith
ILB- Steve Paskorz
OLB- Mo Richardson
CB- Gary Gray
CB- Raeshon McNeil
S- Ray Herring
S- Sergio Brown

Gold Team

QB- Evan Sharpley
TB- Armando Allen
FB/TB- Luke Schmidt
TE- Mike Ragone
WR- Richard Jackson
WR- D.J. Hord
WR- Golden Tate
WR- Barry Gallup Jr.
LT- Matt Romine
RT- Taylor Dever
C- Thomas Bemenderfer
LG- Michael Turkovich
RG- Trevor Robinson

DE- Justin Brown
NT- Ian Williams
DE- Pat Kuntz
OLB- Brian Smith
ILB- Mo Crum
ILB- Toryan Smith
OLB- Kerry Neal
CB- Terrail Lambert
CB- Darrin Walls
S- David Bruton
S- Harrison Smith

So, there you have it. If you were wondering why I have Schwaap on the first team ,it was because of having Allen on the Gold squad. I thought Schmidt could play the RPN role and double as a TB/FB.

Please discuss. I would love to know your thoughts on this subject. Use the shoutbox, the comment link, or discuss in any forum you see this is placed. (I love pimping SD).

All-Davieham Team… Part 2 Defense

January 1, 2008

Now it’s time for the other side of the ball. I received some pretty passionate responses to my offensive selections. Remember, I am basing these choices on production and not on a man-crush. Well, most of them anyways. Again, the criteria was for the players to play in at least 2 years of this God-awful era.
Defensive Ends: Grant Irons & Justin Tuck. Grant Irons came to ND after a heated recruiting battle with Michigan. Grants older brother played for the Skunkbears, but Grant showed his superior intelligence for choosing ND. Irons was plagued by injuries during his 5 years at ND, but was quite a force on the field. Grant was switched from OLB to DE and was a 4 year starter at ND. Justin Tuck was one of the best (if not THE best) pass rushing DE in Irish History. Justin could have been legendary. Tuck did not see the field his freshman year and was an outside linebacker. His sophomore year Tuck moved to DE and was a pass rushing specialist. He finished that year with 10 TFL and 5 sacks. His breakout year was his junior year at ND. He set the single season sack record with 13.5 sacks and also left as the career leader as well and dominated the game at times. After “The Molder of Men” was sacked himself, Tuck left ND for the NFL draft despite having 2 years of eligibility left. Tuck was truly one of the best ever and may not be remembered as well, due to his short tenure at ND.

Defensive Tackle: Anthony Weaver & Lance Legree. Notre Dame was very consistent during this era with the lack of TRUE playmaking defensive tackles. To this day, the Irish have had problems with acquiring those important hogs for the d-line. Of all of those guys that fit the mold of play making DT it would have to Weaver. Anthony was a 4 year starter at ND and was a dominant run stopper as well as a very good pass rusher. He was moved around a lot during his time at ND from DT to DE, but one thing remained: Weaver stayed on the field and produced. Lance Legree became a very good DT for the Irish during his stay at ND. Lance was moved around as well, but settled in at DT and was a force his 5th year with 50 tackles.

Outside Linebacker: Kory Minor & Rocky Boiman. Kory Minor came to ND as part of a number 1 recruiting class. Minor was a 4 year starter at ND and was a very fearsome pass rusher. He is 2nd all-time in sacks at ND and developed into a fan favorite during his time there as well. Speaking of fan favorites, Rocky Boiman made the list as well. Rocky will probably be remembered most for his love of rocking out to Metallica before a game and his fiery red hair. Boiman was a very energetic player and seemed to be around the ball a lot.

Middle Linbacker: Jimmy Friday & Courtney Watson. Jimmy Friday was a staple of the Irish defense for 2 years at ND. He led the team in tackles his junior year with 109 and was 2nd his senior year with 79. Not as well known as other Irish players, Friday was very physical and was very intimidating as a run stopper. Courtney Watson developed into a modern day Irish legend. After coming to ND to be a RB, Watson quickly found himself on the other side of the ball. Once there, Watson found his home and was a starter for 3 years. In his final 2, he led the team in tackles and was the first Irish player to do so in two consecutive years since Irish Great Demetrius DuBose (R.I.P.). Watson was undersized, but his speed allowed him to make contact quickly and once there, Courtney took his man down. Perhaps his greatest game was during an Irish loss. In 2001 ND played Nebraska. Watson was all over the field and recorded a career high, 18 tackles. Watson truly played bigger than his physical stature would have you believe.

Cornerback: Vontez Duff & Shane Walton. These two players were teammates and really helped and relied on one another to shine and be as productive as possible. Duff was a 3 year starter at cornerback for the Irish. During a time in ND history of being scorched through the air, Duff was an exciting coverman. Duff was a very quick player with a knack to find the ball in the air. Anytime Vontez picked one off, you had to hold your breath. True Story: I was at the Purdue game in 2002. Remember that year, the Irish did not score during their first 2 games (Maryland & Purdue). The Irish were ties and I was saying to my buddy, “Duff needs a pick 6 right now for us to win.” Tada… Duff came through. Walton IS a legend at ND. One of the best finds of the Davie era, Shane was a soccer player for ND. Usually, when a soccer player comes over to play football it is because they need a kicker. Not so with Shane. Davie saw his quick feet and the rest is history. Walton went on to become an All-American and was a lockdown corner. Walton always found himself in good situations and was rewarded for those with being able to make big play after big play. My favorite was the INT that sealed the victory versus Michigan in 2002.

Safety: Glenn Earl & Gerome Sapp. Another teammate tandem and on top of that, they were teammates with Duff and Walton. It says a lot about the secondary that was there and about the lack of depth during the Davieham era. Sapp was a ball hawking safety who just made plays. He was in on a lot of tackles and helped keep the deep zone well covered. Ironically, he may be better remembered for his fumble recoveries than his INTs. Glenn Earl was a very physical player for the Irish. Earl was only 6’1″ 205 pounds, but played much bigger. He was 2nd in tackles for the team his junior year and delivered big hit after big hit. One of Glenn’s best moments came during his sophomore year against Air Force. Earl blocked a 28 yard field goal as time expired to send the game into overtime. (ND wound up with the victory).
Part 3 will be available soon and will cover Special Teams and those who missed the cut.

The All-Davieham Team… Part 1 Offense

December 29, 2007

Things need a little lightening up around NDNation. I realize that even the slight utterance of Bob Davie and Tyrone Willingham has the opposite effect. However, many of the players on these 2 buffoon’s teams are quite loved and respected. To honor these players and to change the topic around the blogosphere (recruiting, depth charts, etc.) I bring you The Subway Domer All-Davieham Team. To be a member of this team, a player would have had to been at least a 2 year starter during the years of 1997-2004. Enjoy…

Quarterback: Jarious Jackson. Surprise! I know some of you are already yelling at the computer screen for Brady Quinn, but Jarious started more games in his 2 years and set passing records that Quinn didn’t break until his Junior year (with the help of Weis). Jarious had a very up and down 2 years at the helm, but managed to beat USC both years and had an amazing comeback victory versus Oklahoma. Need more to satisfy? Well, The House That Rock Built put this paragraph together that is quite poetic:

By far one of the gutsiest quarterbacks ever to don the blue
and gold,
particularly since he was unfettered week to week with anything
resembling an
offensive gameplan or playbook. Nay, Jarious was instructed to
run around in the
backfield, dodging potential career-ending tackler after
career-ending tackler,
then fling the ball haphazardly downfield and pray
for a miracle. Surprisingly,
he set an impressive array of school records
doing this. You can read more about
this proven offensive strategy if you
buy ESPN Insider. Bob Davie’s columns
alone on the “Run & Fling” offense
will make it all worthwhile.

Tailback: Autry Denson & Julius Jones. There was no way I was going to chose between the two great ones. Denson left ND as its all-time leading rusher (4318 yds.) and second in rushing TD’s (43) behind Allen Pinket (49). Denson was a very smart runner and ran the draws and screens better than anyone that ever put on a Gold Helmet. (Yes, better than D. Walker). Jones was one of the most electrifying players in Irish history. Whenever Jones carried the ball or was returning a kick, you held your breath in anticipation of something magical. Jones holds the single game rushing record of 262 yards and is currently 5th all-time in yardage. Jones was a Ty victim. If he was fed the ball, we won. Instead, he played second fiddle to a then fumbling and less explosive Ryan Grant. Jones won the hearts of many Irish fans with his perseverance in a time of adversity. Jones left school for academic reasons in 2002 and worked hard at a Junior College in Arizona to comeback to play for the Irish and graduate.

Wide Receiver: Bobby Brown & Rhema McKnight. Of all the wide receivers to play during this era (and a lot were underused by Kevin Rogers) these 2 were the only ones to lead the team in receptions and yards in 2 different years. Bobby Brown might be more remembered for his personal foul penalty against Michigan in 1999 after a touchdown that helped the Skunkbears to victory. (It was a bullshit call…Q-Dogs!What!) Brown was THE go to WR in a system that didn’t know how to use one. McKnight came to ND as a 5-Star recruit and put together a very good career at ND. During the Ty era McKnight was used as the bubble screen runner extraordinaire. It was as if ND didn’t have any other route for him. Rhema did have some spectacular catches at ND but was ridiculed by fans and media his senior year for some dropped balls. McKnight will always be remembered for his season ending injury in 2005 (against the Skunkbears) that helped jumpstart the Legend of Samardzija.

Fullback: Tom Lopienski. After the great fullbacks of the Holtz Era (Bettis, Zellers, and Edwards), the Irish have been pretty bare at this position which continues even today. Tom, however was a 3 year starter and a very gritty special teams player. Had only 1 TD in his tenure at ND and it was a pass reception. Tom was a very good blocker and continued on to the NFL to do more of the same dirty work as he did at Notre Dame.

Tight End: Jabari Holloway. The Irish have had a long history of great tight ends. Holloway will never really fit into this category, but was very good during his time at ND. He was a three year starter and a clutch option for Jackson. Holloway was a ferocious blocker and in the system provided, that was priority #1.

Offensive Tackles: LT Luke Pettigout & RT Kurt Vollers. Back when the Irish had actual depth on the O-Line, There were generally only 2 year starters in a career. Pettigout was one of these guys. Luke was a stout run blocker and protected the quarterback fiercely. Kurt Vollers was an enormous specimen at tackle. He had a decent career at ND, but was called for holding quite a few times. Never the less, he held his own against some of the nations top defenses during his tenure at ND.

Center: Jeff Faine. Quite possibly the greatest center in Irish history. He certainly was the most pissed off. Faine wasn’t just intense, he was downright NASTY. Watching him block was a clinic on blocking from snap to whistle. His ability to give 120% on every play and still wanting more, created a spot for himself in legions of Irish fans hearts. Jeff liked to mix it up with the opposing defense and was called for more than his fair share of personal fouls. But, that’s what you get from a offensive lineman with a defensive lineman’s mentality. Think: Zorich at center. Jeff was a 3 year starter and then moved on to the NFL as one of the 1st round draft picks in this dreadful era.

Guards: Mike Gandy & Sean Mahan. I really have no stats or reasoning for these selections, but I would like to think that I would. Both Mike and Sean were standouts at their positions as they benefited from depth to compete against. (Thanks again Ty!)
I will provide Part 2 (defense) and Part 3 (special teams) along with a short editorial on this era of players soon. On another note, as I was writing this post I started to wonder if this had been done before. Meaning: it’s a good idea and probably a few years too late. Lo and behold, after I wrote this piece and before I published it, I stumbled onto a Blue-Gray Sky post that covered these topics already. Man those guys are good. Looks like I won’t even waste my time with the All Holtz-team. But as I said, I will continue with parts 2 & 3.

Nevin’s 2007 "Highlight" Video

December 16, 2007

After a 3-9 season, there is a lot to be concerned about. However, with the amount of young guys in this video making big plays, look out for ND because the Fighting Irish will be back.

Thanks to Nevin O’Donnell for his hard work in putting this together.

Quick Recruiting Tidbit

December 6, 2007

Weis has recently stated that ND could take as many as 27 commits for the 2008 incoming class. This is quite a lofty number considering the Irish have 21 commits right now with 2 months until National Signing Day. That means that there are 6 recruits that Weis is strongly recruiting. Most we have known about and others are names that have been lost due to other commitments. The possible 6 might be from this list…

  1. Trevor Robinson (OL 4*)
  2. Gerrell Robinson (WR 4*)
  3. Deion Walker (WR 5*)
  4. Milton Knox RB (RB 4* No offer yet and Committed to UCLA)
  5. Kapron Lewis-Moore (DE 4* Committed to Texas A&M)
  6. Datone Jones (DE 4* Committed to UCLA)
  7. Cyrus Gray (RB 4*)

I feel very confident in the 2 Robinsons and Deion Walker. T-Rob is coming to the awards banquet at ND and Irish fans should look for him to commit then. If he doesn’t, he probably won’t. G-Rob will wait until the Army A.A. Game to announce, but I feel 97% sure that he is Irish. Walker has cancelled his visits to USC and has not scheduled another for the Condoms. This is a Penn State and Notre Dame battle, but Deion will not announce until ESPN’s A.A. game in January.

Knox has not seen an offer yet, but I believe that is due to a combination of 1) Test scores and 2) Cyrus Gray. ND would like another RB and if Knox gets his scores up, he should be offered. He is looking around after UCLA fired Karl Dorrell. Gray looks like he will be heading elsewhere, but nothing is set in stone.

Lewis-Moore is committed to A&M, but has openly stated that he is looking elsewhere and has not yet spoken to new Aggie head coach Mike Sherman. ND is very high on Kapron and would be a welcome addition.

The Irish are also getting a strong look from current UCLA commit, Datone Jones. Like Knox. the Dorrell firing may be the catalyst for Jones to be Irish when it is all said and done.

These are just possiblities. As everything in recruiting, this is all very fluid. What is interesting, is the high number Weis is willing to take. It would also mean that ND would have 2 Early Enrollees for the spring. And if Weis did reach that number, only 1 spot would be available for a fifth-year possibility for next year. Mo Crum is the likely candidate.

I will keep you all informed as much as I can in the coming weeks and months of all that is happening. What has been evident, is that this is already the best overall class for ND in many years and it may still get better. Add 3 or 4 of these recruits and it may be the best… ever.

I Hate Tree Huggers

November 26, 2007

I don’t like hippies. Especially Tree Hugging, cheating, drum circle loving, Cardinal hippies. It is a shame the Irish couldn’t beat them 100-0. That still, would not be enough to quench my blood lust for the extinction of all hippies. They do have good grass however.

Here are my final thoughts on the final game of the final season of losing for The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Run Bobby Run

What an amazing showcase Robert Hughes has put on these last 2 games. His display of vision, power, and determination keeps my prior comparison to Reggie Brooks viable. I could not help, however, as to sigh as he was caught from behind on the first run. Brooks would have took it to the house. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this kid and he has become perhaps my favorite player on offense (know where I can get a #33 jersey). He seems to have everything that Aldridge was supposed to have and is healthy. With all that has happened to him and his family these past months, it just amazing what he has accomplished. I can’t wait for the spring game to see how much he has improved during the off-season. One of the main areas of concentration should be his explosiveness. Top end speed is difficult to improve on, but getting to your top speed quicker is a very reachable goal. HUGHES!!!

Turn Over And Fry

Once again the Irish failed to hold on to the football. Their only saving grace was the fact that Standford’s kicking game looked like ours. Derek Belch went 0-4 for the game for the Cardinal. One turnover was an ill advised throw from Clausen and the other 3 were fumbles (one by Schwaap… more on that in a minute). Stanford only turned the ball over twice on interceptions. One of those resulted in a short Irish drive that was capped by a Jimmy Clausen TD run, his 2nd of the year, solidifying his spot as the teams third leading TD rusher after Thomas (5), and Hughes (4). Tommy Zbikowski nabbed his 2nd INT of the year with a nice one handed catch that looked like he would take into the end zone, until he slipped on the turf.

Piece of Schwaap

Once again Asaph Schwaap was given the ball 3 times and kept with his 1 yard average and of course fumbled it away. I have said it before on this site…

Asaph Schwaap has incriminating evidence against Weis. How else does he not only
get to start and play against AFA, but he had 3 carries and a screen pass
he was supposed to be on the receiving end of until the ball hit the
ground in
front of him. Horrible. His blocking has improved, but the calls
from the
faithful are chanting Luke Schmidt’s name. Maybe Robert Hughes
could get some
P.T. at FB. Try something better.

Something needs done about this.

Behold, The Mighty Slant

I just can not figure out why the Irish didn’t throw the slant more often this year. They finally threw one to Kamara for a nice completion with about 1:36 left in the first half for the first time in what I believe was 5 games. “Throw The Slant” should be the motto for the 2008 version of “The Shirt”. Timing is a big reason why this play works so well. That and man coverage. And defenses play a lot of man on the Irish because of how much they blitz against ND. This pattern needs to be one of the main focuses of improvement by Jimmy and the WR’s this off season. If ND can get this pattern going next year, watch out for a HUGE season from Duval Kamara and maybe even incoming recruit Michael Floyd, as they have the hands and body type for this type of play.

Harbaugh Is Nucking Futs

I figured Harbaugh to be a complete psycho after Pac-10 media day. And I knew he was an asshole because he is also a skunkbear. I didn’t know he was a TOTAL dick however. That was cemented after he put Pritchard back in at QB after 1. Pritchard was knocked senseless and limp by Lambert in the head. 2. Ostrander went out of the game. 3. After the medical staff took Pritchards helmet away and shut him down, Jim called upon his services despite looking as groggy as an early Mike Tyson victim. If I was Tavita Pritchards dad, I would have kicked Jims ass. The kid then got hit in the head again by Kerry Neal. It wasn’t that hard of a hit but you saw Tavita go limp when it happened. Harbaugh and his “staff” made this comment:

“He was asked a series of questions. The NFL and college football have an
evaluation process that takes place after a hit and he passed that test,”
Harbaugh said. “The doctors made the decision about two plays before T.C. took
the helmet on the elbow that he would be available. Before we put him back in
there, it was confirmed that he was available to go back in.”

Lying sack of crap.


In another amazing display of incompetence, the Pac-10 replay booth went clueless again. You all saw it and it has been the most talked about play of the game by the fans. David Grimes was completely robbed of a TD catch. Someone else put these pics together (I’d give credit but I took them from a message board without credit being applied to them)

Not only were there idiots in the booth, but on the field as well. Big East officials flagged Laws on the lateral touchdown run by Tommy Z for a personal foul. I still have not seen what he did. Maybe I’m wrong, but screw ’em.

Farewell Fifth-Years

This game marked the end of a few careers at ND. Most notably: Trevor Laws, Tom Zbikowski, Jon Carlson, and Joe Brockington. I will have a tribute to EACH 5th year senior on later postings from Subway Domer. Until then, Thank -you boys, for all you have given this University and its loyal fan base. Thank-you and we will miss you.

Random Thoughts

  • That was the worst playing surface I have seen in a while. And I was at 4 ND home games this year… so that’s saying something.
  • The progress Corwin Brown has made with the defense this year has been outstanding. If he can just get them to tackle. Back to basics boys.
  • Speaking of tackling, we should try to do that on kickoffs. Maybe we didn’t have enough chances to work on it this year. Punt coverage is kick ass however. Hmmm
  • The Stanford Axe Keyboard commercial left a puddle in my pants. Nerds.
  • Notre Dame finally won a trophy game.
  • Thank Jesus… Victory!

Ready for a long cold winter?

NDNation Vent…Zahm Is On Notice

November 14, 2007

I saw this on NDNation and needed to share it with everyone. LINKLINK

I’ve often thought that I should send an annual letter to the Observer
In it I would simply offer brief, real-life rebukes to all the recycled douchebaggery that manifests itself in the viewpoint section of the Observer. For example, this year’s might read: (Caution: language and irritation) Dear current ND students, Let me save you all a lot of time and typing by summarizing what the world outside 46556 thinks of your issues:
-To the guys wearing the “Gay? Go to hell” shirts: You are giant shitheads whose point–actually wrong, per the catechism–is entirely eclipsed by the sheer failure of your attempt to be clever. You are neither clever nor correct, and I dare you to wear that shirt off the ND campus someday.
-To the folks who annually whine about meat not being served in the dining halls on Lenten Fridays: Get over yourselves. We have a word for you in the real world, and that word is “really fucking annoying.” Go to Burger King and get a super-sized helping of go fuck yourself.
-To the students who have written in and called for Weis’ firing or to decry the efforts of the football team: Give me your football tickets. I will distribute them to people who aren’t complete pussies, and then I will come to your dorm rooms and give you a brief powerpoint presentation about the accomplishments of the Weis era w/r/t the Davie/Willingham eras. There will be a brief Q&A session, followed by me kicking the ever-loving shit out of you.
-To the dipshit students who publicly make fun of St. Mary’s women and the St. Mary’s women who earnestly defend their honor in this paper: Both of you just stop it. Get together in a dorm room with a couple of cases of cheap beer, turn on a Dave Matthews CD, and hook up with each other. Nothing could be more beneficial to the inter-school dynamic than if you’d all just shut the fuck up and make out.
-To Zahm: You suck. Thank you for continuing to embrace it.
-To anyone who complains about the content of the Keenan Revue: I have added your names and addresses to the subscription lists of the following magazines–Penthouse Forum, MAD Magazine, Model Airplane Monthly, and Dog Fancy. Why? In order, because you need to learn what offensive content really is, you have no sense of humor, you have too much time on your hands, and you’re a whiny bitch.
-To those people who write in to decry the Vagina Monologues: If you will simply shut the fuck up, the play will disappear for lack of interest. It’s a shitty play regardless of your feelings about it, and no one would ever go see it if it weren’t for the constant stream of controversy drummed up by thin-skinned cretins like yourself. Stick a sock in your yammering gob and have some patience, you daft knob.
-To anyone who complains about parietals: You have two options. First, you can transfer to another school where parietals don’t exist. I must warn you, though, that people will probably think you’re a shithead there too. Secondly, I take it you are aware that you can live off campus? I know you’ve probably never been invited to a party that wasn’t run by Flipside, but there are actually other places to live than under the oppressive regime that is apparently keeping your booming social life under wraps. BTW, I actually lied–your third option is to realize that a whiny little faux-activist dipshit like you won’t ever have to worry about breaking parietals, you miserable prat.
-To the ladies and wanna-be ladies writing in about the sexism inherent in the Victory March: We get it. We really do. We just want you to understand that the song was written by Jesus almost 2000 years ago, before women were admitted to Notre Dame and before you had the right to vote or hold property. As such, it’s grandfathered into the category of “things that don’t get touched by the PC police” along with “Blazing Saddles” and the right of men to pull one another’s fingers before farting. If you want to change the words to the fight song, take it up with Jesus. He lives on the library. In the meantime, sing the fucking song however you want to sing it and shut the fuck up about it already.
-To the few remaining fartsniffers who are against the ROTC presence on ND’s campus: Nobody likes war, but shit happens and not everything in this world is puppy dogs and ice cream. And if somebody has to be in command of a Trident submarine or a B-2 with nuclear weapons, I want that somebody to be the guy down the hall from me at ND and not some military automaton from State U (or a wishy-washy hippie like you). It will be a cosmic event if you wankers grasp what I’ve said, but barring that I order you to pull out your credit cards and pay for the students who otherwise couldn’t afford to go to school here if not for ROTC funding. Doing so will prevent, or at least delay, the impending ass-kicking I plan to deliver unto you.
Giggity_Giggity, ND ’98