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The BC Hangover

November 10, 2008

For the sixth game in a row, Boston College has beaten Notre Dame after a disastrous 17-0 loss for the Fighting Irish. Allow that to soak in a little bit as you stare at Chris Crane holding the Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl Trophy as the Ireland Trophy comes into view.

That game sucked.

I was so distraught, that i immediately erased the game from my DVR. I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch it again. I just can’t. I usually watch the game 2-3 times before I post a hangover, but not this time. This was painful. So please forgive me if my upcoming thoughts on the game are a little off.

Stating the obvious.

  • You will not win football games when you lose the turnover battle 0-5.
  • You will have a hard time moving the football with penalties in crucial situations.

Notre Dame has had some turnover problems this year in its losses. In the four losses that Notre Dame has had they have lost by a combined score of 105-64 (26.25-16) with a turnover margin of 13-4 (3.25-1). If you take the Pitt game out of the equation, in which ND actually won the turnover battle 3-0, the Irish lost the turnover battle 13-1. This is a bigger indictment for the reasoning of the losses than anything else in my opinion. Turnovers are KILLERS. They take away any kind of success that an offense might have with one poor decision or one slip of a finger. This is very evident in this last game:

  • Turnover #1. After going nowhere in the first quarter, ND started moving the ball against BC and made it to the 50 yard line. Clausen threw an INT that was returned 76 yards for TD.
  • Turnover #2. Trailing 10-0, ND started driving the football and were sitting in BC territory. Clausen threw an INT.
  • Turnover #3. The second half started out well for ND… for a second. The Irish forced BC to punt after a 3 and out and it looked like ND would get the ball in good field position. Tate fumbled the punt and BC, then drove for a TD to make it 17-0.
  • Turnover #4. Late in the third quarter ND drove the ball 63 yards on 6 plays and looked like it was threatening to score when Clausen throws pick #3 in the endzone.
  • Turnover #5. Down 17-0 with almost no chance to win, ND drove the ball 47 yards for Clausen to throw his last INT inside the redzone.
  • Turnover on Downs. ND also turned the ball over twice after failed 4th down attempts. One in the third on only 4 plays and once in the 4th after a 9 play 53 yard drive.
  • The blocked punt. This was the second blocked punt in the last two weeks. This was deep in Irish territory and luckily ND escaped with a missed FG attempt.

The Irish had 6 penalties for 58 yards compared to BC’s 9-90. Yet the Irish penalties seemed so much more crucial. They killed drives and kept the Irish pinned back deep in their own territory.

  • Chop block on the first drive after a big play to Floyd.
  • Holding call on a Allen reception that put ND inside the 7 yard line of BC.
  • Two holding calls/ block in the backs on Jonas Gray on kickoffs.
  • Holding call on an Allen run that was for first down yardage.
  • Can’t remember the 6th, but I’m sure it sucked.

These things I just mentioned, are reason enough that ND got dominated by BC. But how about a few other reasons/excuses?

Stating the not so obvious at the time… maybe.

  • Clausen’s ankle injury is killing his accuracy. However it is bothering him, it is destroying him. Most of his passes looked off target, even some of those that the WR’s caught. All of his INT’s were high.
  • Clausen was battling the flu. If you ever had the flu than you understand how bad it sucks. Even if it wasn’t the flu, Clausen was sick and he looked like shit physically. The real question should be if he should have played at all or even in the second half. Hindsight is always 20/20, and I don’t have a real answer.
  • The lack of a real threat running the ball killed all hopes. We all knew this would bite us in the ass, but when ND needed to get something going after turnovers and stalled drives, they tried to run the ball to help get into a rhythm. The only rhythm was that of BJ Raji dancing after he threw Eric Olsen (LG) back into the backfield 5 yards. Olsen fell back into Aldridge and took James down for a 5 yard loss. That says it all. We needed some yards running, and we were totally lacking.

The defense played well. The defense did a very good job of stopping BC, but they still allowed over 100 yards to a BC rusher and created no turnovers. I’ll give BC QB Chris Crane credit, he did not make any mistake that would put his team in jeopardy of a turnover like he has in so many games this year. The defense only allowed 246 yards (79 passing, 167 rushing) and only gave up 10 points. The longest scoring drive that they allowed was a 73 yard drive that ended in a FG. The defense didn’t play great, but they played well enough to win. BC was in complete control of the game defensively, so the BC offense did not have to do much. That allowed Crane to make good decisions and cancel out any type of opportunity that the defense could create for itself and the team. My hats off to the Irish defense.

Charlie Weis. I’ll save you the trouble. Charlie Weis will not be fired after the season is over. (The Chicago-Sun Times wants to sell papers). Not happening, so quit talking about it or suggesting it, because that is as futile as talking about Notre Dame’s chances of making a BCS game this year. Weis is making his fair share of mistakes, without question. He is also doing some things right as well. But no one wants to hear about the things he does well, so let’s look at a few things that he needs to change and will be changing:

  • Shut up Chuck. Quit spewing your philosophy of coaching to the media. Quit talking about the NFL, Tommy Brady, and the two Bills. The two Bills never give the media anything to write about. You keep divulging all of your mind tactics for all to hear when it should be a team only kind of thing. The good cop bad cop crap with Jimmy? I’m sure Clausen can read the paper and doesn’t give a shit about the good cop bad cop deal with you and Paulus. Give Tressel like answers- coated in an extra layer of vanilla.
  • Call the plays. I know that handing over the playcalling duties sounded like a good idea at the time to EVERYONE, but it just isn’t working. Notre Dame pays you millions of dollars to call these things because that is what made you so good to begin with. I know you announced that you would be doing this. Good job. The defense will be fine with Brown and Tenuta. You can’t tackle anybody with that leg anyways.
  • You are going to need to make some coaching changes at seasons end and I think you need to look no farther than John Latina (offensive line) and Jappy Oliver (defensive line). These units are grossly under performing. The offensive line has players that almost every school in the country were after and they still get blown back on running plays. The defensive line is undermanned for sure, but they are not getting a decent production week in and week out.

These are just a few things that can be done that will help the team and the perception of the team throughout the country.

The program. After this loss Irish fans are losing their fucking minds. Why? Did you all seriously think that ND would be 10-2 this year? Well I did too. But I am also aware of most of the so called experts predicting an 8-4 / 7-5 season. Did I miss something? Is the season over? No? That’s right, the Fighting Irish still have 3 games to go and are sitting on a 5-4 record. Slightly better than the 1-8 record at this time a year ago.

The Irish are set to play Navy (N), Syracuse (H), and USC (A). If ND beats Navy and Syracuse and loses to USC, that puts them at 7-5 and either an undeserved Gator Bowl berth or a trip to the Sun Bowl. Even if the unthinkable happens and ND splits with Navy and Syracuse and end with a 6-6 record, they will still go to the Sun Bowl more than likely or even the International bowl.

No matter what your feelings are about the type of bowl game the Irish go to, they will have a chance to end the bowl streak. But maybe what’s more important is that they go to a bowl game- period. When a team has the chance to get more practice time- ESPECIALLY FOR A YOUNG TEAM, that makes the preparation for the following season easier. And with a team that could have 17 starters (18 if you include Walls returning in the spring) coming back for 2009, you have the beginnings of what could be a very good ND team. Maybe not NC good, but BCS worthy. I’ll take that. The young players this year can and should improve next year, including Clausen which I might remind everyone is a TRUE SOPHOMORE.

I’m just saying that we all should think twice before we jump off of the bandwagon. The program has its holes, but it also has its bright spots. I’m saving my ankles for the cheering in a bowl game. It’s going to happen. And then I’ll need those ankles for the 2009 and 2010 campaigns. Am I a little too optimistic for you? That may be, but I am just a fan- just like you and I need something to cheer about and something to believe in as well. We all do in these turbulent times in the world. Just give it time. ND is still better than it was in 2007 and will be better in 2009 than it is now. I hope. I believe.

Boston College. November 8, 2008

November 7, 2008

Welcome to the 9th edition of Subway Domer’s Anti-Preview’s for the 2008 Fighting Irish Football team. This week the Irish travel to historical Boston Massachusetts for another battle with the Boston College Eagles. Notre Dame will be trying to become bowl eligible after they failed to do so versus Pitt last week in a kicking contest. At Notre Dame, all games are “must wins”- but it is even MORE necessary that the Irish win this week for their own confidence and the confidence of a nation.

Boston College. The Eagles enter this game on a two game losing streak and with an overall record of 5-3. Boston College is feeling the sting after 5th year senior and gay porn star, Matt Ryan, left and headed to the NFL. Ryan’s replacement, Chris Crane, has been inconsistent to say the least. He is completing 56% of his passes and has 12 interceptions to 8 TD’s. Historically, B.C. quarterbacks have been pretty accurate throwers, and especially against ND, they have stepped up in a big game and delivered with a good performance. The common opponent that B.C. and ND have had this year was North Carolina. Both games were in Chapel Hill. Both teams lost. The Eagles lost to the Heels 45-24. So whatever.
What should you be drinking? Well we are going to be in Boston. Sam Adams seems like a good fit here. But which one? The Sam Adams website has a great section that pairs all of its brews up with foods in the same way those fucking wine snobs do. Seeing as Boston is a coastal city I had to go with a beer that blends with a seafood palate. Sam Adam’s Cream Stout.

Samuel Adams® Cream Stout is a true cream stout, balancing body and
sweetness with the natural spiciness of grain and hand selected English hops.
Our Brewers use generous portions of roasted chocolate and caramel malts as well
as unroasted barley to impart a fullness of body, a roasty malt character and
rich, creamy head. Its dark mahogany color make it almost as easy on the eyes as
it is on the palate.

Those are a lot of words for something that will make you unable to read in a short amount of time.
What should I be eating? Oysters! If you haven’t tried oysters by now, please do so this weekend (unless you are allergic to shellfish- sorry about the whole death thing). You can eat them raw, fried, baked- whatever really. It’s all up to your taste and desires. Here is a delicious recipe to make your own Rockin’ Oysters Rockefeller. It may be a little hard to make this dish while tailgating, but it has been done before! If you are in Boston and want a good dish of oysters and don’t feel like making them yourself, check out the Union Oyster House. If you do, you will also be enjoying a little bit of history along with your meal. The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in America, dating it’s origin back to 1826. And BTW- here is what Sam Adams has to say about the oysters and that Cream Stout you’ve been pounding back:

With fresh shellfish, you get a lot of salty flavors but there is also a subtle
sweetness from the meat of the shellfish. These interesting flavors are the
perfect compliment to our Cream Stout. There is a slight bitterness and
sweetness from the roasted malt.

I do know, that you definitely don’t want to blend Oysters. Watch and see…

What should I be wearing? The forecast is not looking that great for gametime. If it was an afternoon game, the weather would be perfect for football- 60 and cloudy. As it stands, the rain will start sometime around 6 pm and should last for most of the game. Standing in the rain sucks. Cold weather games are bearable and even enjoyable if you have the right amount of liquid heat in you and a good Carhartt outfit. However, if you are caught in the rain for the game, make sure you are packing a good yellow rain suit. Take some tips from the New England fisherman that seem to be iconic in them. Plus, if you happen to have your pet with you to ward off those bastard Boston College Jesuits, grab them a suit as well.

What freshman will make the biggest impact? This week I should have named this section, “What freshman do we need to play balls out?” The answer is Kyle Rudolph. Kyle has kind of disappeared these last few games after emerging as a go to option for Clausen. With so much attention being given to Floyd and Tate (rightfully so), this should open up the middle of the field for the 6’6″ tight end. Not only do the Irish need to get back to utilizing Rudolph in the middle of the field in the passing game, but they also need Kyle to really step it up when it comes to run blocking and sealing the edge. If Rudolph has been criticized this year, it has usually been about not finishing his blocks and allowing his end to crash down on the runner. I think we see the re-emergence of Kyle Rudolph as an offensive weapon this week. I’m guessing that he will see about 5 receptions and one of those will be a TD.

What offensive player needs to step it up? I think it comes down to line play on both sides of the ball in bad weather games. Of course you can always say the “battle is won in the trenches” every week, but when footing is a problem the line of scrimmage can be like a force field. Sam Young needs to step up his game. The dude is 6’8″ and 330 pounds. Pay physical. Young can dominate at times, but more often than not throughout his career he has been beaten by a speed rush and then he gets bull rushed BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN PLAYING WITH A SKIRT. (Sorry Sarah). When Clausen is pressured, the natural movement for him is to roll out to his right. When Young gets beat, Clausen gets powerbombed into the turf with or without the ball. I’ve always liked Sam Young. I think he has the potential to be great. I remember when the story came out last year about Sam waiting for Weis in the early hours of the early morning to ask Charlie what he (Young) could do to be a bigger leader on a team that was in dire need of leadership. This is the time and the moment is coming Saturday night. Young can establish himself as the anchor of the line with a good PHYSICAL game against a hated opponent. I believe in him and I think that he can produce those type of results. I just hope he still believes in it as well.

What defensive player needs to step it up? Staying with the theme of trench diggers, I pull out the guy that looks like a grave digger. Pat Kuntz. Kuntz needs another one of those emotional trainwrecks of a game like he had against Stanford. I don’t think it takes a lot for Pat to get fired up and the thought of those BC fucks across the line from him is probably making him smash his head into a fucking window as I write this. If Kuntz is able to help provide pressure either himself or to help open the blitz lane for another defender, he will be doing his job. Crane is shaky enough, where he will make multiple mistakes without pressure let alone with an animal on his ass. Emotion is always a need for the Irish and Kuntz has that in bunches. I think Kuntz gets the job done and provides that spark that the entire team will need to win what will be a tough road test.

What special teams player needs to step it up? We all saw Brandon Walker grow up before our eyes last week. And we all saw the agony he showed at the end of the game. He may have missed that last FG, but he made all of the other ones that put us in a position to win. You may want to knock on wood, but I think Walker is settling in as a good kicker. It is up to him to continue that streak of good fortune. This week we need Eric Maust to step up. In a bad weather game, or really any game for that matter, field position is key. Maust has the leg and the Irish punt team has the coverage skills to flip the field on an opponent. Maust had a shaky game last week- he HAS to step it up and do the job.

Is there a rivalry trophy at stake? As a matter of fact, yes. (I wouldn’t have asked otherwise) Here is an excerpt from an old Subway Domer post on all of ND’s rivalry trophy games

This is the only rivalry game in existence, that I have heard of, that contains
two trophies to the winner. The one depicted to the right is called The Ireland
Trophy. It was created by the Notre Dame Student Government as a sign of
goodwill and sportsmanship. The second is called The Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl.
This second trophy gives this game its unoffical name- The Leahy Bowl. This is
after legendary ND and BC coach Frank Leahy. Frank coached BC during the 1939
and 1940 seasons leading the Jesuits to a 20-2 record. He than left for his Alma
mater, ND. BC fans will say he was stolen away, but remember… they are idiots
and are insanely jealous of ND.

Who’s gonna win? I have took the Irish every week this year as the winner. To my and their credit, they had a chance in every ball game to win. This week is no different as the Fighting Irish head into Chestnut Hill as a 3.5 point underdog. I think the Irish defense holds strong against a team that has a lot of issues at QB and is on a 2 game losing streak. Notre Dame gets the job done in an ugly game that will still produce points. IRISH 34-24.

Why The Hell Not?… Act III Corntossing

August 11, 2008

This is the part of the season that Coach Weis always likes to split up into halves. The Irish go into a bye week after their loss at the hands of the Greg Littleless North Carolina Tarheels with a virtually injury free team and only one player on suspension. (Mike Ragone is out until the Pitt game for his beatdown of Purdue’s drum).

So let us continue to look into the future as we toss bags of corn and sip on some PBR in part 3 of this insanely optimistic prediction series…

ND (5-1) @ Washington (2-4) 31-27 IRISH

Despite having high hopes for the 2008 season with Jake Locker at the helm, Washington comes into this game at a very piss poor 2-4. They also have a new head coach after Washington fired Tyrone Willingham after their homecoming loss to Oregon State. He was reached by the athletic director while playing a round at Sand Point Country Club. Ed Donatell (defensive coordinator) was named interim head coach.

The start of the game was delayed by over an hour as a chaotic set of events was set off when the newly unemployed Ty Willingham was found driving on the field with a pimped out Rolls Royce golf cart. As security chased him down Ty hit his NOS switch and gunned it towards Irish head coach Charlie Weis. Weis is certainly not the most athletic coach out there, but he managed to sidestep the charge and sumo slam Ty. The grounds crew had to dig Ty out of the endzone. He was quoted as saying, “I’ve dealt with losing before.”

The game was almost as exciting as the pre-game. The Irish running attack was spear-headed by the bull, Robert Hughes, as he rumbled his way to 3 first half TD’s. Jake Locker was nearly as unstoppable as he ran and threw his way into 3 TD’s of his own as the teams entered the half tied at 21 a piece. Notre Dame looked sluggish and out of sync on offense in the second half. They fumbled the ball away three times in Washington territory. Washington didn’t fully capitalize on those turnovers as they only turned them into 2 field goals and a failed 4th down attempt. Notre Dame was down 27-21 with about 10 minutes left in the game.

Disaster struck Washington as Jake Locker was running one of his 27 QB sweeps of the day and was upended by Irish DE Morrice Richardson causing a fumble on the Washington 37 yard line. The Fighting Irish could only manage one first down and was forced to kick a 42 yard field goal to make the score 24-27 U-Dub. The ensuing drive for Washington went nowhere as Ronnie Fouch couldn’t complete a pass while filling in for the now injured Jake Locker. Golden Tate received the punt on the Irish 29 yard line and after a quick juke of the initial gunner, took that motherfucker to the house, putting the Irish up for good 31-27. Notre Dame used a swarming defense and a controlled ground game to end the game.

MVP- Robert Hughes: 29 carries for 192 yards and 3 TD’s.

ND (6-1) VS. Pitt (7-0) 17-13 IRISH

Pitt rolls into South Bend undefeated and ranked #6 in the country. Their offense has been on a tear averaging 36.8 points per game and having a legitimate Heisman contender in LeSean McCoy. The Pitt defense has been a stingy unit for the season. Scott McKillop leads the way for a defense that is averaging 3 forced turnovers a game. Dave Wannstedt, always a crazy motherfucker, refuses to put his crutches away even though they are not needed. Good luck charms from the 2007 West Virginia game that made Dick Rod cry like a bitch.

There was no scoring in the 1st quarter by either team due to a very conservative gameplan on both sides, and some very sure tackling on both sides. Notre Dame struck first in the 2nd quarter as they took a drive 72 yards down to the Pitt 11, but failed to convert on 3rd and 2. Brandon Walker trotted in and kicked the 28 yard field goal to put the Irish up 3-0. It was almost a disaster for Pitt as they fumbled the ensuing kickoff but fell back on the ball at their own 1 yard line. After a stuffed dive and an incomplete pass, Pitt was still sitting on the 1 on 3rd down. They tossed the ball on a sweep to McCoy that put him deep in the endzone with blitzing Kyle McCarthy bearing down on him. Kyle got a hold of McCoy’s jersey and then, POOF, McCoy broke out of it and went flying down the sideline all the way for a TD. 99 yards, but it was more like 105 after he broke the tackle. The Irish almost broke a long one as Armando Allen was tripped up at the Pitt 48 on the kickoff following the McCoy sixer. The very next play took care of it as Clausen heaved a bomb to a wide open Golden Tate, 48 yards for the TD. The Irish went into the half up 10-7.

Pitt took the opening kickoff for the 2nd half and mounted a long drive that consisted of a lot of short runs and a few timely passes to reach the Irish 13 yard line. Three incomplete passes later, Pitt settled for a FG by Conor Lee to tie it up at 10 a piece. After a quick 3 and out for the Irish on their next drive, Pitt again drove down deep into Irish territory. On 3rd and goal from the Irish 8, Stull tossed a fade pass to Derek Kinder for the TD making… This play is under review. OUT OF BOUNDS! Wannstedt goes apeshit on the replay official and tries swatting him with his crutches. he misses and falls flat on his ass breaking a hip. The official just walks away without tossing the poor asshole. Pitt knocks in the chipshot FG and takes the lead 13-10. After a few stalled drives by both teams, Pitt punts the ball deep to Golden Tate. He takes it from the 14 yard line and weaves and jukes his way to daylight and screams down the middle of the field for the TD. Irish lead 17-13. With time running down in the game, Pitt starts to march down the field. On 3rd and 6 from the Irish 31, Bill Stull steps up in the pocket and fires an interception to the “Glove” Gary Gray. The Irish sit on the ball in the final seconds and take the hard fought victory.

As Wannstedt approached Weis for the handshake he lifted his crutches in the air as if to attack Charlie. He was instantly mauled by a pack of rabid fans wearing kilts and red satin jackets. One of the attackers was identified as a blogger, The Subway Domer.

MVP- Golden Tate: 3 receptions, 92 yards 1 TD. 4 punt returns 162 yards, 1 TD.

ND (7-1) @ Boston Crap (3-5) 54-7 IRISH

Notre Dame cruises into this game ranked #12 and on a roll. Boston College is feeling the sting of the post Matt Ryan era as they enter this game on a 4 game losing streak. This game got ugly in a hurry.

Boston College got off to a good start when Notre Dame running back, Jame Aldridge fumbled the ball on the first series of the game at the Irish 22. Three plays later B.C. freshman tailback, Josh Hayden scored on a 11 yard swing pass from quarterback Chris Crane.

Then the Irish proceeded to drop 54 straight points on the Eagles in an impressive stampede of ass-kicking and pussy punching. Armando Allen led the way with 223 yards rushing on 21 carries and had 3 TD’s. Golden Tate continued his streak of special teams dominance as he returned a punt 74 yards to the house. Jimmy Clausen had a banner day himself. Clausen was an amazing 21-25 for 278 yards and 4 TD’s. Mike Floyd was on the receiving end of two of those TD’s, and David Grimes and Mike Ragone both pulled in one a piece.

Gary “The Glove” Gray might have stolen the show however with 3 INT’s and one he took 43 yards for a score in the first half.

Weis was questioned after the game and criticized for attempting to go for the 2 point attempt at the end of the last two scores. The Irish failed to convert on both attempts and Weis was quoted as saying, “To hell with Boston College. The pope said so.”

MVP- Armando Allen: 21 carries for 223 yards, 4 receptions for 42 yards, 3 TD’s.

Next Up: Seamen, ‘Cuse, and Condoms

Ranking: 11 A.P. / 12 Coaches

Headbutts And Groin Kicks… B.C. 2007

October 16, 2007
  • Brian Smith. This kid is going to be a good one. We have heard that line all week… and I like it. KABOSH!
  • Evan Sharpley. The kid comes in and good things happen. Take that 1 off of his jersey and he might remind you of another QB coming off of the bench. Well, at least a little bit.
  • Trevor Laws. He should receive a headbutt every hour on the hour for what he means to this team. KABOSH!
  • Robby Parris. Samardzija didn’t break out until his junior year. Robby is a sophomore and reminds a lot of people of Jeff. Personally, I think he looks like Bob.

Groin Kicks

  • Charlie Weis. I have a lot of reasons this week, but one will suffice. Does opening up an offense begin with the same lame swing passes and dive plays? I think not… swift kick to the junk.
  • Silva. Get a fucking haircut, hippie.
  • Fredo Fans. You suck. And your dialect is amusing to no one.
  • NBC. Seriously, does ND get that big of a check that you feel the need for 44 extra minutes of commercials?
  • Jaghjghjgdasofdski. Your reaction to one second remaining in the game was pathetic. Don’t worry big boy, the refs you brought were paid well and can not add 14 points to ND’s total with only a second remaining. Boston College is the right fit for you. Dick.
  • Those psychotic, fat pocketed, prick refs. Turk finally blocks a guy (the first all year) and he gets penalized for it. Made my day. One kick for each of your nuts. That’s a double nut smash.

Eagle Eulogy

October 11, 2007
Nothing but Champs Sports Bowl bound. IU will bury you for good.

It’s been a good run for Boston College this year. 6-0 for the first time since, well, forever ago. And a big congratulations is due to those mighty Eagles for their incredibly challenging first half of the season. Tough victories over Bowling Green, Army, UMass (1-AA), North Carolina State, Wake Forrest, and Georgia Tech has left BC in position to make a national statement. Ranked #4 in the country and heading to “rival” Notre Dame for the not so annual Frank Leahy Bowl/Ireland Trophy Game the Eagles are riding high.

And then the rug gets pulled out from under your feet.

Boston College realizes that despite all their efforts of cupcake scheduling, conference jumping(no loyalty), and an advertising campaign for the ridiculously over-hyped QB Matt Ryan complete with blowjobs from Doug “Is My Mullett Making A Comeback” Flutie, you are who you are. Granted this is still Notre Dame BC is playing, the Godfather, of college football. And here you are… Fredo. The runt of the litter. The backstabber. The weasel. Skunkbears in training. You are… nothing. Not even a hint of respect will you receive from the Irish faithful. All the hopes and dreams will cease and only visions of a conference championship from a conference of cellar dwellers will be left. And in the end, even that dream will crash. Yes the season is over for you now and perhaps this is all you will ever be. 8-4, 9-3, or whatever mediocre record you will accomplish will be all that you can attain.

Everybody Else Is Doing It… Episode III

June 20, 2007

The Journey into next season continues with Subway Domer’s “Why The Hell Not, 2007 Season Predictions” The 3rd part in the ongoing 5 part saga.

ND (5-1) VS. Boston Crap (6-0) 28-3 IRISH

The Eagles came into South Bend with a 6-0 record, a #11 ranking, and a lot of confidence. Wouldn’t you be confident too, if you just went 3-0 after an excruciating 3 game stretch at home versus Army, UMass, and Bowling Green? The Eagles got off to a decent start with a 10 play 87 yard drive down to the Irish 3. They could not punch it in as easy as say… against UMass, so they opted for a field goal. The Fighting Irish started their first drive from the 20… and proceeded to RUN the effing ball relentlessly. Brian Toal was eventually knocked out of the game after 6 straight lead iso blasts that had Asaph Schwaap laying the wood to his ass 6 straight times. Wuss. Robert Hughes ended up with the 4 yard touchdown run that would be the game clincher… in the first quarter. The Irish did turn the ball over several times with 2 fumbles and an interception that were all in B.C. territory, so the beatdown could have been larger. Thomas and Hughes finished the game with a combined 297 yards and 2 TDs. The superdouches walked out of the stadium with a new realization that this is Charlie effing Weis, not Boobs or Ty… and we are no longer to be messed with.

MVP- Trevor Laws 11 tackles (5FL); 3 sacks; Cleats up Ryans ass

ND (6-1) VS. U$C (6-0) 30-28 IRISH

The #1 team in the country strolled into South Bend undefeated and again having all media patting them on the back. It started out with quite a thud. When the SC ran onto the field the Poodle tripped and fell. He broke his patella and cracked his right wrist. The 8 inch grass(unofficially) was of course immediately put to blame. The Poodle spent the game on the sideline on the bench. It was all U$C on the field in the first half. The condoms scored 3 TDs off of 3 long methodical drives. In those drives, Booty was 15-17 for 134 yards and 2 scores-both TD receptions were to Patrick Turner. (Tyler scored the other TD with a 5 yard run). ND did take the last drive of the half 54 yards to the condom 22 after a 41 yard catch and run from Clausen to Golden Tate. Burkhart nailed the 39 yard FG with no time remaining, to make it 21-3 at the half. Since the Irish already had the Green Jersey’s on, Weis switched helmets at the half to help fire up the team. Those are the LEATHER hats ala 1924. Concussions and brain functions be damned. The sight of this display of pure balls had the condoms leaking in their pants. Jimmy Clausen proceeded to DOMINATE the remainder of the game. SC turned the ball over 3 times in the third quarter and JC took the Irish to the promised land after each TO. He did spread the wealth with TDs to Carlson, Grimes, and D.J. Hord. SC took a drive down to the ND 2 and punched it in with a weird Bush Push that involved the Dirty Sanchez and a guy named Booty…82,000 people vomited. 5:31 was remaining at kickoff and 28-24 Condoms. This is a timeline of what happened next…

  • Allen returns the KO to the 27.
  • Travis Thomas runs for 7 yards.
  • Clausen hits Ragone for 15 yards; First Down.
  • Schwaap runs over Cushing for 3 yards. Cushing cries and runs off the field.
  • Allen takes a screen pass 48 yards for a TD. Flag on the field. Sully was called for holding just because he Sumo dropped Sedrick Ellis.
  • Clausen hits Kamara for 11 yards on an out.
  • Clausen to Parris for 8 yards on a slant.
  • 4th down…. Luke Schmidt 2 yard dive ; First Down.
  • Clausen hits Thomas for a 7 yard swing pass.
  • Aldridge runs for 12 on a sweep; First Down.
  • Clausen scrambles for 11 yards FD clock is ticking with 44 ticks remaining.
  • Clausen sacked for a 5 yard loss (on the 12 if you lost track)
  • Clausen scrambles to the 3 yard line and was crushed by Taylor Mays.
  • Clausen leaves the field.
  • Sharpley enters.
  • ND Timeout ….no more TO for either team.
  • Sharpley scrambles out of bounds with 2 ticks remaining.
  • Sharpley hits Carlson on a diving catch in the back of the endzone.
  • Song Girls Cheer
  • Stadium goes apeshit.

MVP- Evan Sharpley 1-1 3 yards 1 TD. And for flipping the bird to Keith Rivers.

Next Up: Seamen (for real), Falcons, Blue Devils, and Trees.

Ranking: 6 A.P. / 6 Coaches / 4 BCS


June 8, 2007

An absolutely dominant word. Nemesis. What does it mean? Well, two of the definitions are; 1. Archenemy, and 2. punishment or defeat that is deserved and cannot be avoided. These are strong definitions that fit in context with the ND Football program very well. Because we have them. But, we may not have them for very long…at least the redheaded step-child kind anyways.

(Hardcore disclaimer: This is not an entirely new thought. Lou Somogyi first wrote about this, and it was just discussed briefly on Blue And Gold Radio. These are my 2 cents.)

It has been put forth that the following recent coaches of ND had these Nemesis’ and the results of those games had a huge impact on them being out of a job in South Bend.

  • Gerry Faust and the Falcons of Air Force
  • Bob Davie and the Spartans of Michigan State
  • Ty Willingham and the Eagles of Boston College

Gerry Faust was 1-4 against AFA. Nuff said.

Bob Davie went an incredible 0-5 versus Michigan State. I still have nightmares of this series. I keep telling myself that this stretch of mediocrity didn’t happen. I was in a pretty sweet drug and alcohol-induced haze during Bob’s run with ND, so the details of most of these hideous displays of footbaww are sketchy. We always made MSU look like a real contender in the first half of the season, only to watch them be…well, Michigan State. But was this his Nemesis? Let’s see…

  1. Lose to Archenemy no less than 3 years in a row…..check.
  2. Were the losses justified as payback? Maybe Holtz’s ass kickings had something to do with this. Karma is a motherf’er.

Ty “the molder of men” Willingham went 0-2 versus Boston College. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! Did I make myself clear enough? Two of the most gut-wrenching losses I have ever known. The first was a drive to ND from Ohio and then back again on gameday, because we were dumped on by the Ticket gods. Made it back home in time to see Dillingham (only time ever will he be mentioned here on this blog) hand the ball off to B.C. , literally. Then season 2 I was locked up and lost a bet… I will not disclose any other info. B.C.!!! Give me a flipping break. Nemesis

  1. Lose to Archenemy 3 years in a row… well if his ass wasn’t fired and we played them in 2006, you can bet your sweet ass we would have lost…check.
  2. Justifiable? No the ’93 game was all the justice B.C. should have been allowed on the earlier beatdowns. But… with Ty as the Head Coach, losing to B.C. was unavoidable…CHECK.

So why talk about these ass-clowns now? Well, this is just your reminder that ND is on its way to the top again. Weis will not lose to these mediocre teams on a consistent basis as his predecessors had done. Weis’s Nemesis is USC. The way it should be, and I see a change in that for the future, as we become the Nemesis of Troy. Weis has brought back that Holtz feel to the program and will take his rightful place as the successor of the name “Great Notre Dame Football Coach”.

Just a little something to make you put out a fistpump and yell “fuck yes!”. Need some more? Check out our commitment list for 2008-That’s a double fistpump.

Link-O-Rama…I Just Got Off Of Work Edition.

May 14, 2007

Here is a list of some good links to check out.

  • Corwin Brown impresses Gator Nation. (BTW- If you haven’t checked out EDSBS, you are either a tool or uninformed).
  • Blue-Gray Sky stalks Charlie Weis, and proves once again that Weis is the Emperor.
  • OC Domer professes his love of Our Lady and of the Grotto as an ode to Mothers Day.
  • The “men” of BC bring us a story about Tom O’Brian. We knew he was a douche for a long time…what took you so long?
  • This is an excerpt from a real moron. Look at the date…now read the article…WOW. This guy is an idiot.I truly hope this was an error by Blogger. In any case however, I will be removing him from my blogroll and replace him with a Spartan that is worthy to be called an enemy. (If the guys at BGS don’t know about this let them know. They are being dealt with 7 months later and somehow the game hasn’t happened yet in “Spartan Bobs” head.BTW- The spelling errors in his piece are his not, mine. I noe ware my spelchek butun is at.

Saturday, April 28, 2007
“A nice long look…”

Michigan State is no stranger to weird phobias and hard shit to put behind them. So it is with great amusement that I have followed the development of the image at right into a Leprechaun Lodestar for the game this Saturday. Blue-Gray Sky is a typical example. They dedicate a medium-sized column (by their standards) to warding off all of the counter-motivationals that Michigan State is allegedly imagining so as to mitigate the supposed talismanic power of “The Flag” to wake the echoes and restore some balance to the 2-7 slide against Michigan State. The Flag, you see, was a crime! No act of bad form on the Irish side may be cited to detract from the power of Flag. BGS did exhaustive research and found all the evidence wanting: No dissing about missing megaphones and certainly no pouting about pillowtalk between Charlie and Mrs. Charlie about never again surrending to Spartans. Lost in it all is an interesting question: What if Michigan State wins?If, after making such a big deal of this flag matter (which few Spartans ever cared about anyway), the Irish fail get the job done, then the flag becomes a self-inflicted monkey on the back of Notre Dame and Charlie Weis. A symbol of failure that will resurface year after year until they beat Michigan State. When and if the “Fire Charlie” websites spring up, that picture becomes worth a thousand words of evidence.BGS tries some rally-round-the-flag moments in the posting:
“I would certainly hope that each player on the Irish roster takes a nice long look at this before heading out onto the field Saturday night.” Indeed, take that look. You created this mountain out of a molehill in your own minds. You earned that look. You’ve worked hard for that look. And if you don’t get the job done, you’ll get a whole lot better view of it in the year to come.
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Shillelaghs, Megaphones, And Bragging Rights

March 30, 2007

I’m sure by now most of you have realized that Notre Dame has a few rivalries. In fact, they may have more than most teams. And some of you may have even figured out that there are trophies that go along with some of these games. Seriously, they do. Why don’t we know them more? With a school steeped in tradition as much as Notre Dame, it seems to get lost in all the other hoopla surrounding these games. Subway Domer is here to educate you in these fine pieces of hardware.

There are truly 5 games that are considered Rivalry Trophy games. Southern California, Purdue, Michigan State, Boston College, and Standford. One of these games has 2 trophies on the line each game… but I’ll get to that further down the post.


The Jeweled Shillelagh is the hardware given to the winner of the annual contest of the Trojans and The Fighting Irish. Legend states that Howard Hughes’ pilot brought this Gaelic Warclub, made of blackthorn oak, over from Ireland in 1952. The Notre Dame Alumni Club of Los Angeles created the award. The winner of the contest is awarded the trophy with a new medallion to mark the victor. ND has emerald shamrocks while USC has ruby encrusted Trojan heads. Although the trophy was created in 1952, the entire series is recorded back to 1926. There have been 5 ties and those games are represented with a combo medallion. The original shillelagh was retired after the 1995 season. There was simply no more room for anymore shamrocks or heads. It now resides at Notre Dame because the Irish won more games up to that point. (We still do even after losses for 5 straight seasons with a 42-31-5 mark). There is a new trophy that is a little longer than the original. It was purchased by Jim Gillis, a former baseball player for ND and USC. It is the same kind of oak and hails from the County Leitrim in Ireland. It was introduced in 1996.


In continuing with the shillelagh theme we next look at the Purdue game. It is simply called The Shillelagh Trophy. It was donated by a merchant seaman and Fighting Irish fan, Joe McLaughlin. He purchased the blackthorn oak club while in Ireland. The winner of the game has received this trophy since the 1957 game. The winner has its initials put on a football medallion, along with the score, and that is placed on the oak stand the Shillelagh sit upon.

Michigan State

Known only as The Megaphone Trophy, this trophy may now be the most famous of the ND trophies…or should I say infamous. Introduced in 1949, it is a joint sponsorship by the Alumni Clubs of ND and MSU in Detroit. Half of the megaphone is painted blue with an ND monogram and the other side is white with a green MSU. The score from each year is painted on it. The current trophy is the third one in use since it has run out of room for scores twice before. This award became nationally known after the 2005 and 2006 games. The Spartans were outraged when ND did not present them with the trophy after they were victorious at ND in 2005. ND stated that it has been the custom all along to give the trophy to the opposing team after a defeat away from the field. This might have been the starting point for Johnelle to become crazy as a bat. Most of the ND players and Coach Weis himself, admitted to not even knowing the trophy existed. This is probably true since the picture you see is from the video game NCAA 2007 by EA sports. I could not find a pic of it anywhere else.

Boston College

This is the only rivalry game in existence, that I have heard of, that contains two trophies to the winner. The one depicted to the right is called The Ireland Trophy. It was created by the Notre Dame Student Government as a sign of goodwill and sportsmanship. The second is called The Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl. This second trophy gives this game its unoffical name- The Leahy Bowl. This is after legendary ND and BC coach Frank Leahy. Frank coached BC during the 1939 and 1940 seasons leading the Jesuits to a 20-2 record. He than left for his Alma mater, ND. BC fans will say he was stolen away, but remember… they are idiots and are insanely jealous of ND.


This might be the most obsolete trophy. It is not even published by a video game. It was presented for the first time in 1989 by the Notre Dame Club of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Legends Trophy, is a combination of Irish Crystal and California Redwood. Whatever the hell that means.

There seems to be a continuing theme amongst all the trophies. Notre Dame Alumni ,or in one case a fan, were the originators of the hardware. So why the secrecy? Why are there no presentations? Why don’t the players get to hoist these bad boys up after a victory and yell “Take that Stanford! You stupid trees. Check out this sweet crystal wood thingy”? Maybe ND has too much tradition to be able to squeeze another ounce of tangible lore. ND is an Independent. All or nothing, and that is the way we like it. But wouldn’t be nice to have a little more to celebrate. Or a more emotional rallying call such as ” Let’s kill those Trojans and take the Shillelagh back!” Maybe you’re thinking I’m insane or a little to preoccupied with hardware. But what about all the Heisman talk? That is an individual award (or so it is supposed to be). These rivalry trophies represent the TEAM and in doing so should take precedence over all others, excluding bowl games. I leave you with this thought. Remember the Minnesota-Wisconsin game when the kicker made the game winner and ran straight over to grab the ax? That was a great moment. Can’t we as the GREATEST University in the land have something as similar? No jumbo trons, just Pride and exuberance.