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The Michigan Hangover: Put Down The Axe

September 14, 2009

Sometime in the 4th quarter, I was reprimanded by my family. I held a “Tailgate” party for the game for some friends and family out by my pole barn. Sometime in the 4th quarter, I grabbed an axe and bashed my foundation a few times. Childish? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. My frustration meter was hitting peak levels. I’ve had time to simmer down a bit, and even though I couldn’t talk myself into watching the game again- I will try to give you a hangover post.

I realize that for many fans, this game was the “end all” for the 2009 season. If you are one of those fans, I really hope you read this post with an open mind. Put down the axe.

Not all was lost. Fighting Irish fans have a tendency to overreact after both, wins and losses. This is no different. I went and looked at a few message boards and saw post after post condemning Weis. I realize there are a lot of nutty nutbags out on the web- but seriously. get over it. This loss was not Charlie’s fault. This loss does not seal the deal on a mediocre season. We have 10 games left and most assuredly a bowl game, with 3 of those 10 regular season games being against teams that I would trade this game for a win in all 3. U$C, Michigan state, and Boston College. So just think about it for a minute, and put down the axe.

Jimmy Clausen can sling the motherfucking rock. Even with the loss to Michigan sitting there like a festering wound on our ass cheeks, we can look at Jimmy and be a lot more confident in him on the road. The offensive line protected Jimmy, and he turned out another big time performance with 336 yards, 3 TD’s, and most important- NO INT’S. Tate’s dropped balls, and a few route running mistakes on the wideouts were the only black marks on a passing game that is becoming damn near elite. Jimmy threw one very bad pass, and that was a dropped INT by a Michigan safety.

Not only was Jimmy passing the ball like the elite QB that he is, but he was really leading this team on the field and on the sideline. Jimmy did not make the “Tebow Speech” to the media afterwords, but he did gather the team after Weis spoke and said this would not happen again. He is becoming that all around QB that we hoped he would become.

The run defense is the cause for my diarrhea. It is sickening. I had my concerns after the Nevada game, but I allowed myself to think that maybe the defense was just keying on something else more dangerous. Now that I have seen 2 games in a row where the opposition averaged over 5 yards per carry- I’m a shaking bitch. Next up is a Michigan State team that always runs well, and remember Jake Locker, and- oh yeah… U$C.

I’m not going to sell out this defense just yet, considering they still pitched a shutout in the first game, but it is obvious that something is wrong. We all know that Tenuta is a blitz-happy psychopath that dreams of quarterbacks being gutted alive- but he is working with a limp. That limp is the defensive line.

I’m not seeing any real production from these guys. That leads to a 6 man rush instead of the “Tenuta 5.” That leads to defensive backs being out of position and wore down from man coverage. That leads to linebackers running past ball carriers. The defensive line has not done the job. Plain and simple. It is a line littered with talent- but young talent. This is not an excuse, as ND has a few upper-classmen in the main rotation, but it is just fact. And that sucks.

The nitty gritty is more grit than nit. With this post being published late on Monday, I will dispense with the bullshit that most of you already have read or heard. I do want to leave you with a few last thoughts about this game though. Just some things swirling in my head- and then I’m out like Kaiser Soze:

  • Ask yourself this question, “When was the last time Notre Dame scored 34 points in Ann Arbor (whore)?” Give up? Try never- or at least not in the modern era (I didn’t look back into the early 1900’s).
  • Michigan is a good team. They sucked balls last year, but they may make a legitimate run at the Big Ten conference, and they basically stole a victory from us in their house.
  • We got “Bobby-Browned” After watching Michigan players cheap shot ND all day, ND got flagged for “shhhing” the crowd. Fuck Michigan.
  • This offense NEEDS Michael Floyd. Remember last year after the Navy game? Yep. It sucked. that’s what it felt like when i saw Shaq Evans, a true freshman, run that route that should of been a first down and victory. If Floyd is out there- Irish win. Plain and simple. In a game where the other superstar WR struggled (Tate) Floyd made the big catches- until his patella was on national TV.
  • Speaking of Tate. He has made enough amazing catches for you- the fat, slow fan, to shut the fuck up. Tough game. He’ll be fine.
  • Armando Allen may be our only running back. It’s fucking sick and amazing to try and comprehend that fact- but it’s true.

That’s it. I’m done talking about this game. The rest of the season is still ahead. Try to enjoy some of it you whiny sacks of shit. Yes, there was AN AMAZING AMOUNT OF BULLSHIT that happened Saturday. We all need to move past it, just like this team does. No excuses- no surrender.

I’m sorry I called you a whiny sack of shit. I’m trying. I’m really trying… I need to put down the axe.

The Nevada Hangover… Goose-Eggs Taste Good

September 7, 2009

The season finally is up and running- and so are the Irish. After what seemed like a never ending offseason that had more than a few “pundits” proclaiming that the Irish would get upset by Nevada because they were so offensively potent- things happened a little differently than even I could have expected.

I realize that some of you may still be Goombay Smashed, so I’ll cut right to it and give you your hangover…

Blitzkrieg. The soothing presence of Fighting Irish Defensive Coordinator, John Tenuta, was felt in a bigger way in this season opener than last year. While the Irish only managed 2 sacks Saturday- that was two more than what they had against San Diego State a year ago. Besides that, the pressure was relentless all day. Tom “The Ice Princess” Hammond was quick to point out on more than a few occasions, that Notre Dame had at least one unblocked blitzer on almost every play. This unholy assault on the opposing team was the biggest contribution towards the shutout- something that hadn’t been done in almost 7 years.

Some things that bothered me… I know that I should be jumping up and down and pissing out champagne over a blowout, shutout victory- but the cynic in me can still find some things that make me scratch my head.

  1. Our pass coverage really looked awful. The WR’s for Nevada had at least 5 yards or more of cushion by the time the balls got to them- and they dropped them. Maybe I shouldn’t say awful, but I really expected something more out of these guys. In their defense, ND was playing man-to-man most of the time, and they never seemed to be confused or let a guy get behind them.
  2. Why can’t Nick Tausch smoke the football on the kickoff? I truly think that once a kicker puts on the Gold Helmet- he loses any ability to kick the ball into the endzone, or within 5 yards. His extra points looked fabulous.
  3. The massive transition of half the team to wear visors, was a little funny. I guess what bothered me was that I just wish they were the mirrored visors. Why this bothered me is still puzzling to me, but we won 35-0 so… I’m nitpicking here.

Jimmy is pushing for the stiff arm. 15-18 for 315 yards and 4 TD’s is a hell of a way to open up a season and to start your “quiet” Heisman campaign as a junior. There were many time on Saturday where I was watching Jimmy and thought he had some offseason rust still working against him, but his stats trump anything else that I saw. Obviously, Nevada’s pass defense is the probably going to be the worst that the Irish will see this year. However, Jimmy only threw 2 bad passes and none of the attempts looked to be interceptable at all. He commanded the offense and the team, and he looked like he was having a blast doing it as well. A tougher test is coming up, and I shall reserve judgement until then.

Michael Floyd… I love you. The lore of Michael Floyd grew once again as he caught 4 balls for 189 yards and 3 TD’s. It was an amazing performance. He showed so many facets of his game with only 4 catches. He showed his speed, which is underrated. He showed his ability to go over the middle. He showed how he can go up and get a ball with supernatural body control. As with Jimmy, Floyd has been undersold because of some other really good players in the country like Julio Jones, AJ Green, and Dez Bryant. I’ll take Floyd any day. The one thing that Floyd has to do is come up with that clutch TD or game-winning TD. Not that he needs it to be any better, but to keep the legend growing.

I have to say “My Bad” I have to cut this hangover a little short. I apologize to all of you that were expecting a bit more as I usually do for these. I have had a bad case of piss poor time management these last few days. So my bad- I’ll have more for the Michigan (sucks!) game.

Here’s a little highlight clip to help make up for this mediocre bullshit. Peace: