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The Brady Fixation

April 25, 2007

This is getting a little out of hand. At first I thought I was in the minority, but after reading a few message boards, I realize there are a few of you out in NDNation that feel the same way. NO, I am not gay and this is not a man-crush post. I am sick and tired of the “Brady” talk. Are some of you shocked? Well you shouldn’t be. Why? Read on…

I have to admit, in the beginning of “draft season” I was very opinionated about where Quinn should go and where I would like to see him end up. I scoffed at all the media and their outright blasts on the man. I mean, did they not see the same QB I saw for the last 4 years? (And the defense that was supposed to have his back?) This kid has been nothing but a class act, and by the way OWNS every important passing record at ND. So yes, I debated with a few people and cussed and shook my head at the T.V., Internet, and radio. Then, like every draft season, I realized what was going on. These guys don’t know squat! The debating is to draw viewers in to pay attention to a very lackluster class in terms of star power. Regardless of where Brady goes, which will be in the top 9 at least, what does this mean to ME. So I had to break it down into my loyalties and what I truly care about. You should try doing the same.

  1. The University of Notre Dame and its Football Team. This is mine, and perhaps most of yours as well. Will Brady going #1 be beneficial to the team? Absolutely! Will Brady going in the top 10 be just as rewarding? ABSOLUTELY! Any way you slice it it is good for ND. He doesn’t have to go #1 to see the results. The results are Jimmy Clausen and Dayne Crist. This is what Brady has helped do the most. He (with help of course) has made ND a national power again and nothing in the draft can take that away from us now. Fans from across the country like to talk about how many alumni are in the NFL, and how many first rounders they have as well. He fits both criteria. It is time to move on. Everyone is talking about Quinn, but we should be WAY more concerned about who is to replace him. Weis said it best when he described how #10 won us a lot of games and now he is gone. Brady will make his millions, I want the millions of fans to bunker down.
  2. My NFL Team… Green Bay. My team doesn’t have a shot in hell to get Quinn. I tried. I know Favre is done soon and Rodgers is not the answer. I rooted my ass off to LOSE this year so we could have a top 5 pick again. Obviously that didn’t happen. I will say that I would prefer it if he stays out of Detroit and Minnesota however. I don’t want to see Quinn get killed by his brother-in-law (Hawk), or Urlacher twice a year. And I like to see ND guys succeed and I just see either place boding well for him… which leads me to …
  3. Notre Dame Alumni in Pro Football. Notice that I didn’t say the NFL. Why? Because I follow everyone in all the leagues. Tony Rice, Deke Cooper, Devron Harper, Jarious Jackson…the list goes on and on of ND guys in other leagues that I pay attention to. I root for the success of all the guys Jones, Fasano, Black, Fisher etc. etc. If they do well it all goes back to Priority #1, ND. I cheer them all on while I pray for the downfall of most of the teams they play for. By the Way, another ND alum that I loved in college and hated all the teams he was with in the NFL AND he is in my top 5 all time ND guys- Ricky Watters. His wife is smoking hot. I saw them at the BG Game. We need more guys like Watters.

So the way I look at it is that I wish all the best to Brady, just don’t hurt Green Bay too bad. And the truth is, the farther he falls in round 1, the better chance he has of really doing well. Just ask Big Ben, and Quinn is WAY better than that motorcycle wrecking, Jerome Bettis coat tailing, my D and Randall El did everything else for me tool.

Subway Domer

Will she have to make a jersey like this with Green Bay and Detroit…God I hope not.

You Can’t Spell U$C Without $CUM

April 16, 2007

Sorry about the lack of info everyone! I will have some pieces put together soon however. The recruiting news and spring game stuff should keep me busy for at least a month or so.

There is one little blurb that I recently uncovered. It is a UCLA site, but their hatred of Trojan assbags is very insightful. Follow the link below and check them out. (There is one little jab at Digger Phelps, but an 88 game winning streak is a lot to let go).

Trojan Haters Club (link)

Subway Domer