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Link-O-Rama And The Hatred of Alabama

May 4, 2007

Well Irish fans, and you haters who stop by, this now becomes a very dead period for our beloved Fighting Irish. The NFL Draft is over, Signing Day was back in February, and Kickoff against Georgia Tech is 120 days away…ugh. What to do? Never fear Subway Nation, Your Emperor is here to help fill the void, all praises due.

For you enlightened few who only get your football knowledge from this site, I will now start providing Links to all that is happening in the world of Professional College Football. (Every school pays their players…except ND.) With so many sites dedicated to the REAL national pastime, I shall save you the time of endlessly scouring the net for all the gems. (Yes, Her Loyal Sons blog does the same…but only on Fridays. I’ll even do it on A Tuesday, even though today is Friday). How else are you going to find out about all the offseason arrests at Florida, Penn State, etc.?

Here is an example of the gems to be found. Nippert Stadium, one of the few College Stadiums to serve alcohol at the games, was visited by a college kid who is trying to hit all 119 stadiums in Division 1-A. This is the picture he took while visiting. Great right? Well this douche then goes on to say…oh yea, hit the LINK.

BTW- The Hatred of Alabama title is due to a few things that have nothing to do with this post.

  1. They just claimed their 48th National Title for a 1960s team that was voted on by a redneck magazine. In reality they have somewhere between 6-11. It changes every day. ND by the way now has 3 more. I claimed ’93, ’90, and 2005 (Rick Minter was a mole and destroyed us from the inside. Cheater.)
  2. Alabama rhymed with Link-O-Rama.
  3. Nick Saban.
  4. Their best coach and our worst, came from a school that thinks its 12th man is better than Rudy. (I’m talking about Texas A&M, Bryant, and Mr.Footbaw-Boobs Davies)