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Wu Am I? Chi-Town Colossal Ass-Kicker & Hayseed Tha Dragon-Slayer

June 12, 2009

Welcome to another edition of Wu Am I? for the 2009 season. Once again- I am trying to identify the 36 players of impact for the 2009 squad. So without any further bullshit, I open chambers 13 & 14…

Robert Hughes #33
Running Back
5’11” 237 lbs.
Chicago, Illinois
Wu Name: Chi-Town Colossal Ass-Kicker

Notre Dame has had more than its fair share of spectacular “Big Backs” in its history. None were better than Jerome Bettis. (Do not argue with me- for I know best). He is the bar that is set, for any back walking onto campus with a robust frame. Hughes was touted as the possible challenger to that title when he committed to Notre Dame after a long and grueling recruiting process that had Hughes heading to the Fighting Irish over Illinois and Michigan. In some ways he looked the part in 2007 as he looked like the best offensive player on a very bad team. His stock was soaring and most thought that 2008 would be a very big year for Hughes. It turned out to be a sophomore slump. Hughes doubled his carries, but dropped over 2 yards per attempt from 5.5 to 3.4 while ending 2008 with the same amount of TD’s (4) as in 2007. Robert did suffer a nagging injury against San Diego St. that those close to the program had said bothered him all year.

2009 could be that special year. Hughes was asked by his coaches to figure out what type of back he wants to be. I think we will see a much more determined runner in 2009 than we saw in 2008. All indications are that the offensive line will be much better this year and the Notre Dame will have a “Cliche” pair of backs with Allen and Hughes. Robert has a tremendous skill set, and for a big back- he has great feet. The real question for Hughes is: Can he put it all together? If the answer is yes, and it should be, than the Fighting Irish offense will continue to improve and start scaring the shit out of its opponents. Hughes can be that difference maker. The one that keeps drives alive on a 3rd and 1 and the one that pushes the pile and score when its 4th and goal from the one, and the one that suddenly burst through the middle for a long run. He has the tools, now let’s see if he learns how to use them. I vote-yes.

Harrison Smith #22
6’2″ 206 lbs.
Knoxville, Tennessee
Wu Name: Hayseed Dragon-Slayer

Athletic. That’s the best way to describe the long-haired Junior from Tennessee. He was a prize recruit from a state that produces few top prospects. He followed fellow Tennessee product, Golden Tate, to Notre Dame as an early Christmas present for Charlie Weis. If Tate didn’t earn some state honor, Smith did. Because of a good two-deep at safety when Smith arrived, he was able to redshirt and preserve a year of eligibility. Out of necessity of depth and a need for speed and overall talent at the linebacker position- Smith was thrown over to Jon Tenuta to become his primary blitzer from the outside. Although the sacks didn’t quite pile up, Smith made his presence known as he consistently applied pressure and was effective in batting down passes. He will probably be best known for his acrobatic rush style as he was in the air for a lot of those blitzes.

Flash forward. With a depleting depth chart at safety and an increase in talent at linebacker, Smith has been moved back to his natural safety position in 2009. Perhaps the short stint at linebacker, helped toughen Smith up and help make him a dangerous enforcer in the secondary. The potential for Smith is really, limitless. He has a big frame and could still add a few pounds while maintaining his good speed. I think Smith really has a banner year for the Irish as he will provide the opposing offenses a lot of headaches. he will be able to blitz effectively and provide solid run support- while at the same time be able to drop back in coverage against the pass. The Fighting Irish need a playmaker at safety, and Harrison Smith should be able to answer that call.

The Interviews Keep Coming…

March 25, 2009

Mike Floyd

Floyd raising the bar @ Rivals Video

James Aldridge

Aldridge on the move @ Rivals Video

Robert Hughes

Hughes back in action @ Rivals Video


September 3, 2008

Robert Hughes at practice.

Enter The 36 Chambers… Irish Style

April 24, 2008

So I was talking to my mom the other day (huge Irish and Packer fan) and I was showing her the website I was explaining to her all the site had to offer and how to maneuver around the site. She then stated that she was kind of lost this year on the players and wanted to get to know them a little better. Instead of calling Charlie Weis and straight pimp mom off to the defensive line, I thought I would give a little rundown on some of the players this year.

I love Wu-Tang, my mom loves Wu-Tang, and you should love Wu-Tang as well. With that being said, I am going to attach the Wu-Name for each player in this 36 man list. This list is by NO means a depth chart run down (I’ll get to that on a later post), but more of a list of players that should have ample playing time this year.

If you would like your own Wu-Name, follow this LINK and it will provide you with one. I’ll give two players a post and have a new post every few days or so until finished…

Robert Hughes #33
Running Back
5’11” 238 lbs.
Chicago, Illinois
Wu-Name: Arrogant Menace

Hughes is a fucking animal. Seriously. He is a cross between a rhino and a gazelle. He runs with so much power and yet has some very swift feet. He should see the bulk of the carries out of the backfield this year and honestly, he needs around 20-25 touches to be truly effective. He will, no doubt, take over the goaline back duties. You will also hear me refer to him as “The Chi-Town Colossal Ass-Kicker” as well.

Sam Young #74
Right Tackle
6’8″ 330 lbs.
Coral Springs, Florida
Wu-Name: Phantom Dominator

Sam Young came to South Bend as a highly recruited 5 star prospect. He has started every game since in his career at Notre Dame. While he played very well at right tackle his freshman year, he was forced over to the left side last year due to a wrist injury. He isn’t a left tackle. He is a force on the right side however and the Irish should see holes the size of Dick-Rod’s mouth on his side. The Irish must have Young perform at his best this year if they intend on moving the ball on the ground efficiently.

Now a little reminder of what being the C.R.E.A.M. of the crop really is…

Young Is A Monster And Running Back Has 3 Heads

March 30, 2008

Hughes, Allen, and Aldridge are looking help the team.

Sam Young is looking to lead the Irish to victory.