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Somewhere Deep Underground In Northwest Ohio

February 7, 2008

I have a few minutes before the Nazis (A.K.A.- wife and dogs) realize that I have let my gaurd down. Here are a few tidbits that were just declassified….

* Terrelle Pryor is a media whore. It’s true. And Buckeye fans should be outraged at Pryors father for delaying his choice… which was OSU last night. Bucknakedbrutus- this means you bitch!

* If you are one of those insecure types who have to be right all the time and can not argue, nay, debate about why you are so right. You are probably pretty pissed at ESPN for giving the Irish a #8 ranking for the incoming class of 2008. Calm down. ESPN is an entertainment giant and since no player that they give head to committed to the Irish today (KLM hates ESPN…remember that), no way were they going to give the Irish any big props. On the reality flipside Lemming, Rivals, and Scout have us at #2 right behind the MAMMOTH class of Alabama. They signed 33 players. Holy Shit!

*All 23 of ND’s commits signed with the Irish today. So, no news is good news.

I have to get. I hear loud thumps coming from the outside of the war room. Must be those fucking Nazis again. Man I really hate those guys.