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Wu Am I? Tha 3rd World Dictator & Tha Womanly Panther

July 21, 2009

Welcome to another edition of Wu Am I? for the 2009 season. Once again- I am trying to identify the 36 players of impact for the 2009 squad. So without any further bullshit, I open chambers 21 & 22…

Mike Anello #37
5’10” 170 lbs.
Orland Park, Illinois
Wu Name: Tha 3rd World Dictator

There was no recruitment of Mike Anello- at least not at the hands of the Notre Dame football staff. No. Not Mike Anello. Not the greatest gunner in all of college football. No the little engine that could, did not have coaches from around the country drooling at the prospect of having Mike on their team. It’s funny- I’d bet that just about every program wishes that they had him now. As a former walk-on, Mike has to earn his scholarship every day. And , for the past few years he has done that.

Anello now enters his 5th year at Notre dame. He was invited to play his final year of eligibility, and was able to tell his parents that they don’t need to pay tuition- again. His name has been turned into Irish legend as every Saturday we all get to watch Mike streak down the sideline and make the plays and tackles that no one else gets out of the gunner position on both the kickoff and punt teams. If the Irish are going to continue to improve in 2009 and make a BCS bowl, the special teams play will need to continue to improve. The Notre Dame kickoff unit was perhaps the best kickoff unit in the country (stats that I know exist will back this up). Who do we owe a lot of this success to? The motherfucking dictator- that’s who.

Jordan Cowart #60
Long Snapper
6’2″ 225 lbs.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Wu Name: Tha Womanly Panther

Jordan is the first freshman to appear in the Wu Am I series- and for good reason. He has the best chance of ALL of the incoming freshman, to start and play in every game in 2009. That’s an impact player. Here’s a few blurbs from “The Subway Domer Recruiting Spectacular” published earlier this year by yours truly with some help from The Brawling Hibernian:

Subway Domer: People were generally confused when Cowart committed to the Irish. Why? Weis is taking drastic measures to improve the special teams play at Notre Dame, and this is a key element to solid play. Remember some of the snaps and holds that Walker had to deal with this year? JJ Jansen was Notre Dame’s LS for a few years and we rarely had an issue. This is a solid pick-up at a position of need, and in all likelihood, Cowart should start this year. If Notre Dame had a guy like Cowart last year, Braxton Cave would not have burned a year of eligibility. That’s important.

Brawling Hibernian: I can already hear the wailing over this one. “Why give someone who’s just a long-snapper a scholarship?” Just a long-snapper? JUST a long-snapper?! Do you people know how hard it is to be a long-snapper? First of all, you spend more time bent over than Liberace’s pool boy on Quaaludes. Then, should you screw up, your team ends up more fucked than, well, Liberace’s pool boy on Quaaludes. In other words, unless you like getting the business end of a creepy, dead pianist, you better entrust long-snapping to a professional. Welcome aboard, Jordan!

The Fighting Irish HAVE to play better on ALL special teams, and I think Jordan will make a huge impact on the team- and he may do it without his name ever being called.

What The Hell Just Happened?

December 8, 2008

I realize that a lot of news just broke about the Notre Dame Football program. I also realize that I was very short with my posts about both the Bowl news and the new commit. These both need to be addressed and commented on- and I don’t feel like painting the baby room yet. So let’s take a little deeper look at both of these stories.

Jordan Cowart is Irish. I really don’t think this needs a big explanation, but after reading some of the message boards I was surprised at the lack of insight by some of the posters. People are generally confused about this offer and acceptance. Did you see the special teams unit play this year? More importantly, did you see some of the snaps made on the punts and field goals? They were less than stellar and almost never looked like a smooth play. This commitment give Notre Dame a guy who’s sole purpose in life, is to snap the ball. Some wondered about the scholarship numbers. How could Notre Dame “waste” a scholarship on a longsnapper? First, I don’t think it was a wasted scholarship. I did a recruiting math post a while back and I fucked it up very badly. So let me summarize what ND has as far as numbers go.

  • There are currently 76 scholarship players on the team after you factor in Mike Anello.
  • Subtract 11 departing seniors. = 65
  • I have heard from various sources that Jashaad Gaines will not return to Notre Dame and Luke Schmidt will have to take a medical due to his head injuries (Schmidt is in the same category as Bartley Webb and Abdel Banda, whereas they stayed in school but they were not counted towards the 85 allotted scholarships). This is not official by any means, but I will chalk it up as more than likely for this post. = 63
  • Darrin Walls is going to return to Notre Dame. = 64
  • There are currently 18 verbal commitments for 2009. = 82
  • That leaves 3 available spots that are open for the 2009 roster.
  • There are 6 prospects that ND is really looking at that may be possibilities: Opurum, Nixon, Custis, Te’o, Jenkins, and Starling. Of those six, if there were going to be 3 that committed, I would put my money on Te’o, Opurum, and Custis. I’m not saying that all 3 of these guys will commit (how in the hell would I know) but they are the most likely.

So, the Irish had a scholarship to use and with a possibility of 22 or more guys leaving after next year before you consider any type of 5th year players. This wasn’t wasted. The NFL uses a roster spot for a long snapper with only 65 (?) spots available. The Fighting Irish have 85 and they may still not fill that total with recruited scholarship guys for 2009. (These numbers should be right this time).

Notre Dame is heading to the Hawaii Bowl. This comes as a little bit of a surprise to most Irish fans as the big bowl talk after the USC game was the Sun Bowl if Louisville beat Rutgers and if they didn’t, the Irish would probably be playing in Houston in the Texas Bowl. But, here we are at 6-6 and heading to Hawaii for a matchup versus the native Warriors of Hawaii. Why?

  • The players were allowed input on what bowl they would like to go to.
  • The Christmas Eve game allows for final exams to not be interfered with for the players.
  • This game will be on ESPN Prime Time as opposed to the NFL network Prime Time.
  • Manti Te’o still resides in Hawaii.
  • Pick one of the following: Honolulu, Detroit, Houston, Shreveport, and Louisville. Hmmm.
  • Of all of the possible Bowl matchups, this one may give the Irish the best chance to snap the bowl losing streak.

This is a chance for Charlie Weis to put this team in a position to be successful in 2009. In reality the 2008 season is still not over, but an overwhelming fact is that the Bowl games count as much for the following year as it does for the current one. This is that step that Notre Dame has to take to keep improving. Laugh if you will, but an impressive bowl performance (translation over 18 point victory) could land the Irish in the preseason top 25.

No trip to the islands should be took lightly, especially when the game is against the home team. The Irish must keep their focus and stick to business- something they have had a hard time doing anywhere this year.

I’ll have more on this Bowl matchup during the next few weeks.

Jordan Cowart Is Irish?

December 7, 2008

Notre Dame got a new commitment this weekend, but it wasn’t a name most fans are familiar with. Jordan Cowart is coming to South Bend.

Jordan is a one star center from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Florida (same school as Wenger, Young, and Turk). But Notre Dame is not looking for him to be a center. The Irish will place him as a long snapper.

The Irish faced tough times snapping the ball this season after the departure of current Green Bay Packer and Fighting Irish long snapper J.J. Jansen. This will look to solidify an improving special teams unit.

ESPN provides this evaluation of Cowart:

I can’t imagine there to be a better long snapper in the country than Cowart.
He has a lot of velocity on his punt snaps; very little arc on the 14 yd. snap.
Punt snaps are not only fast enough, they are accurate thus making it easy for
the punter to handle. Short snaps mirror the long snaps in terms of speed and
accuracy. The short snaps are a tight spiral and consistently hit the holders
hands. Cowart also carries a big enough frame to provide solid protection as a
snapper. There is no doubt he is destined to be a Division 1 long snapper.

This is an important pick up for Notre Dame from a need standpoint.

Welcome To Notre Dame Jordan!!!