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Wu Am I? Tha Dreadlocked Destroya & Phantom Overlord

August 3, 2009

Welcome to another edition of Wu Am I? for the 2009 season. Once again- I am trying to identify the 36 players of impact for the 2009 squad. So without any further bullshit, I open chambers 27 & 28…

Sergio Brown #31
6′ 2″ 205 lbs.
Maywood, Illinois
Wu Name: Tha Dreadlocked Destroya

Sergio came to Notre Dame in the fall/summer of 2006 as part of a large 28 man class. Sergio chose the Irish over schools like Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. Brown was considered to be the biggest “sleeper” prospect in this class. He was praised for his athleticism and his prototypical size for the safety position. Sergio’s first two year at Notre Dame were mirror images of themselves from an individual point of view. He saw very limited game experience at Safety, but was a big contributor on special teams. Last year, Brown battled Kyle McCarthy for the vacant safety spot once occupied by Tommy Zbikowski. The competition was considered neck and neck as spring ended, but something happened that helped decide the outcome of this position battle. Darrin Walls left Notre Dame for personal reasons. This opened up a huge hole at corner, which was filled by Raeshon McNeil- but in return opened up another huge hole at nickel back. Brown filled that hole- and did a damn good job at it too.

If you are at least a short time follower of Subway Domer, than you may already know my feelings on Sergio Brown and Kyle McCarthy. You just don’t bench the returning tam leader in tackles- or give him a diminished role. I like McCarthy, and consider him a very tough football player, but he is not in the same league with Brown when it comes to overall skills. Sergio is one of those guys that in hindsight should have been redshirted. But nevermind that. In a year where the nickelback will be as important as any other position on the defense, Sergio should shine. Notre Dame plays enough teams that run out of a spread formation, that Brown’s minutes will be up and he will most assuredly be making some big plays for the irish. I’m telling ya- watch out. He may of came in, as a sleeper- but don’t be sleeping on him, ’cause you might get took.

Mike Ragone #83
Tight End
6′ 5″ 251 lbs.
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Wu Name: Phantom Overlord

When Mike Ragone committed to Notre Dame in 2007, Irish fans felt like they were getting the type of tight end that Notre Dame both needed, and deserved. Mike had incredible speed to go along with a very big body. Mike played some in his freshman year, but mostly made an impact on special teams as he tutored under John Carlson. Irish fans (and haters) probably remember the ass-beating Ragone and Travis Thomas unleashed on a Penn State player. Mike was poised for a big year in 2008, but a knee injury forced him to redshirt last season. Mike’s regression, saw the emergence of another young tight end in Kyle Rudolph.

Make NO mistake about it- Notre Dame needs Ragone to stay healthy and become productive. When the Charlie Weis offense is rolling, it is usually out of a two tight end formation. Mike may have lost out on the #1 TE spot to Rudolph (who is considered one of the best in the NCAA right now), but because of that style that Weis like to play- Ragone will be of equal importance. One thing that Mike brings to the table better than Rudolph is attitude. Ragone can be a mean motherfucker. I remember an “insider report” about Ragone calling out every member of the 2007 offensive line by calling them a ” bunch of fucking pussies.” Whether that is all true or not, Mike is an intense player that the team can feed off of as they grind out games. Ragone is an important piece of the 2009 puzzle, and he could help tip the scale for an offense that is virtually intact from last year.

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March 24, 2009

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August 23, 2008

I just walked in the door and I see that Mike Ragone is out for the season. I will now link Blue-Gray Sky as they speak more eloquently than I can at this point. I’m too busy putting a hole in the fucking wall. Good luck to Mike on his long rehab.

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August 11, 2008

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