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Zach Frazer Named Irish Starter

July 14, 2007

According to EA Sports, Frazer gets the nod over actual ND students for the starting job. Other sweet tidbits about the Irish roster include…

  • Munir Prince is still a RB and has 96 speed. (Fastest on roster).
  • Of the 4 QBs, 3 are rated the same at 84… Jones is 83.
  • Kamara catches everything and is #81.
  • Stephenson and Brown are the DE’s, while Laws is the NT.
  • Young is at LT.
  • Grimes and Walls are the KR.
  • The 4 LBs are Crum, Smith, Vernaglia, and Brockington.

It is apparant EA did not wait for the spring games to decide upon its roster selections. I did get a game in TODAY. I played with Nebraska, while my B-I-L took ND at ND. I won 34-24. I kick ass.