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Why The Hell Not?… The Final Act

August 28, 2008

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of this overly optimistic prediction series. Please enjoy!

Like a crazy Wookie army, the Fighting Irish are invading the BCS for a third time in 4 years. This is how the BCS shook down in 2008.

        • BCS Championship #1 Ohio State VS. #2 Georgia
        • Orange Bowl #7 Clemson VS. #6 Missouri
        • Rose Bowl #9 USC VS. #11 Michigan St.
        • Fiesta Bowl #4 Oklahoma VS. #5 BYU
        • Sugar Bowl #3 Notre Dame VS. #8 Florida

        Notre Dame (11-1) VS. Florida (10-2)

        The Irish march once again into New Orleans to play in the Sugar Bowl against an SEC foe. This time it is a rematch of the 1992 Sugar Bowl against the Florida Gators.

        Oh my oh my. As one could probably imagine, the Gator football team and the party city of N.O. did not mix well. There were reports all week of Gator players getting into a lot of shit, but nothing really surfaced until the night before the game.

        Ronnie Wilson of AK-47 fame, took a midnight stroll around the city. He figured since he was out and about, that he might as well sell some crack that he got from Tim Tebow. This was some good shit as Tebow used his missionary status to smuggle it in from the source. Once Ronnie got his stash all sold for the night he took a personal hit for himself and whipped out his latest weapon of choice… another AK-47. No one was hurt, but he did manage to hold the entire French Quarter in terror for about an hour while he shot up every street sign he could find. He was finally detained when a late night nutria hunter knocked his ass out with a string of dead nutrias and New Orleans police arrived and took Ronnie into custody. No one got a good look at the Good Samaritan, but some bystanders described him as a wild-eyed older gentleman that just seemed “bat-shit” crazy. When questioned about the event, Florida coach Urban Meyer dazzled the media by proving he could tap his head and rub his tummy. Chris Fowler was overheard saying, “This man is a saint. I will follow him.”

        On to the game.

        Compared to the night before, the game seemed to take on a calm undertone as both teams warmed up and stretched. Tim Tebow was dressed and ready despite the accusations of drug running that came after the Wilson incident. Then, as if it was straight out of the movie Braveheart, Jon Tenuta comes running out of the tunnel wearing a kilt and an enormous cape made of nutria fur. He runs over to the Florida side of the field and begins chanting an insane mix of gibberish, Latin, and profanities not seen since George Carlin. Tenuta was the hero of the French Quarter.

        The game itself turned into a defensive battle. Tim Tebow was somehow ineffective running his coaches PAL offensive system. Corwin Brown was smart enough to show game film from about 30 different PAL games in Indianapolis to show his defensive players what they were up against. Quarterback run left, middle, right and sometime a long pass. The Irish weren’t moving the ball much either due to the stout Gator run defense with a couple of big DT’s in Omar Hunter and Justin Trattou. When ND tried to pass, they were just a little off target and out of sync. The game was tied at 0-0 at the half.

        Right away in the third quarter things started to change dramatically as the Irish started to string together a long drive by running the ball right down the throat of the Gator defense. It wasn’t until James Aldridge scored on a 22 yard TD run that the public was aware of what was happening. Urban Meyer was carried off by a cult of media followers that canonized him at half-time. Chris Fowler, Mark May, and John Saunders formed as the leaders of this crazy rabble of worshipers. But because Urban wasn’t there, a slew of players followed him during this ritual. Players such as Omar Hunter, Justin Trattou, Percy Harvin, and others walked calmly next to him. It was later discovered that all of the players involved in this “walk-out” were under a trance similar to that of the CIA’s MK-Ultra and that was how they originally were recruited by Meyer. What a fucking game.

        Oh yea, the IRISH won 42-0.

        MVP- Chris Fowler for dedicating his life to Meyer and taking him and his mind-controlled players with him to a compound somewhere outside of Boulder, Colorado.

        The Irish finished 2nd in the polls behind Ohio State. Just wait until 2009!

        Editors note: I am completely bat-shit crazy (man I love that word today) myself and believe this latest post should be the proof needed to lock me away in a state mental ward. Hi mom!

        Why The Hell Not?… Episode IV A New Hope

        August 21, 2008

        The season is drawing closer and closer to the opening kickoff for our beloved Irish. Notre Dame stands at 8-1 and just a few votes away from being in the top 10. The Fighting Irish feel as if they are being overlooked and under ranked with only one blemish on their record. Three teams stand in their way for a BCS berth and possibly a shot at the National Title.

        ND (8-1) @ Navy (5-4) 42-14 IRISH

        Navy comes into this game needing only one more win to be bowl eligible. They are coming off of a much needed bye week as their starting QB Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada (or simply: Kaipo) was out for most of the game versus Temple with a hamstring injury that has bothered him since fall camp. Notre Dame and its legion of alums and fans are eagerly looking forward to this game and are ready to dish out some revenge after last season’s 3OT loss to end the 43 year losing streak by Navy.

        The game was never really close. The Irish took their first three drive of the game for a TD. The first was on a 8o yard drive that ended with a 4 yard TD run from Robert Hughes. It was his 6th carry of the drive. The second TD drive was considerably shorter on both yards and plays. One play was all it took and Luke Schmidt took a screen pass out of his H-Back position with a convoy 47 yards for a TD. The third drive was after Navy slotback Shun White broke a long run, but was stripped of the ball at the Irish 22 by a hustling Gary Gray. Kyle McCarthy fell on it for the recovery. 12 plays later Michael Floyd caught a 17 yard crossing route in front of the goalline and fell back into the endzone for the score. Navy finally scored on a wicked triple reverse that put Tyree Barnes in the endzone. Notre Dame led at the half 21-7.

        The Irish jumped all over the Middies in the second half to continue the onslaught. They put up two touchdowns in the third quarter (8 yard run by Aldridge and a 12 yard pass to Ragone). This put the Irish at a comfortable 35-7 lead going into the 4th. Navy scored a TD on a very well choreographed drive of 76 yards. The Irish took the ball on the kickoff and ate up the next 8 minutes of clock by running the ball and running it some more. Jonas Gray finally punched it in for the TD with about 1:19 on the clock.

        MVP- Brian Smith: 18 Tackles. 5TFL. 3 Sacks. Beast

        ND (9-1) VS. Syracuse (2-8) 49-0 IRISH

        It was surprising that Greg Robinson lasted as long as he did. He was finally fired after Syracuse lost its 6th straight and 8th overall for the season versus UConn. They lost that game 38-0 while Zach Frazer threw for over 300 yards and 5 TD’s for the Huskies.

        This was a killing. Jimmy Clausen threw for a career high 397 yards and 5 TD’s ( Grimes 15yd, Schmidt 17yd, Grimes 29yd, Floyd 44yd, Kamara 22yd) as he is getting better and better as the season winds down. Robert Hughes topped the 100 yard mark with 112 yards and scored a TD on a52 yard run. Asaph Schwaap scored the first TD in his 4 years on a dive from the one.

        Syracuse was dismal and only had 138 yards of offense, three turnovers (2 fumbles, 1 INT) and was sacked 6 times. three of those sacks were via Kerry Neal.

        After the game, Syracuse called Cincinnati and forfeited the next game. Two hours later, Syracuse announced the cancellation of the entire football program.

        Troy Nunes continues to blog.

        MVP- Jimmy Clausen: 31-40 397yds 5 TDs.

        ND (10-1) @ U$C (9-1) 3-0 IRISH

        The Trojans are coming off of a bye week and boy did they need it. The team has had 14 different outbreaks of jock itch this season. The players spent the off week sitting in tubs of ice. When Fighting Irish Assistant Head Coach Jon Tenuta was asked by a reporter if he “felt that this jock problem would translate into a positive for ND”, Tenuta calmly grabbed a a dead caribou carcass from under the desk and gnawed on it. I take that as a no comment.

        The game itself turned into a disaster for both teams as a killer storm attacked Los Angeles. By killer, I mean that Brittany Spears, Tom Cruise, Paula Abdul, and Keanu Reeves are no longer with us. DUUUDE. The officials delayed the game for 2 hours waiting on the lightning to pass. When it finally did, the crap hole known as the Coliseum was now a real crap hole.

        Neither team could move the ball efficiently and as frustration set in over the field conditions, tempers flared. Eric Olsen was tired of the bullshit. After the Irish came out at halftime with the game tied at 0-0, Olsen heard that fucking song from the Trojan band one too many times and destroyed the entire brass section himself. He was escorted out of the stadium by security to the applause of 79,000 fans. They were glad that the band finally was silenced as well.

        The game continued on to be one punt after another. Field goals were tried and field goals were missed. Turnovers happened at a steady pace. Then, lightning struck. No not that lightning, Armando Allen. He received a punt at the Irish 22 yard line and somehow found enough footing to juke and jive his way to open daylight and streak down the sideline. He was finally pushed out of bounds at the Trojan 27 yardline. After 3 short runs Notre Dame was on the U$C 20 with :22 remaining after an Irish timeout. Brandon Walker trotted on to the field. The ball was set, and then it was snapped… right over the head of the holder! Walker chased the ball and fell on it to stop the play. Turnover on d….Flag on the play. U$C was lined up in the neutral zone. Irish ball. 1st and 10 from the 15. Weis kept his kicking unit out there as the clock now read :13. Walker was 32 yards away from glory. Snap is good… hold is good… the kick… motherfucking good!!!!! The Irish have a 3-0 lead with :7 remaining. The Trojans tried a lateral return on the kickoff but fumbled it away to Steve Paskorz with time expired.

        Walker was carried off of the field. Pete Carroll wept as Snoop Dog beat his ass. The Irish finish the regular season at 11-1 and now wait on the BCS in a few weeks to find out where they play.

        MVP- Brandon Walker: 1-4 FG 32 yarder & Ian Williams: 13 tackles 3TFL 2 sacks.

        Next Up: Bowl Game

        Ranking: 3 A.P. / 4 Coaches / 3 BCS

        Why The Hell Not?… Act III Corntossing

        August 11, 2008

        This is the part of the season that Coach Weis always likes to split up into halves. The Irish go into a bye week after their loss at the hands of the Greg Littleless North Carolina Tarheels with a virtually injury free team and only one player on suspension. (Mike Ragone is out until the Pitt game for his beatdown of Purdue’s drum).

        So let us continue to look into the future as we toss bags of corn and sip on some PBR in part 3 of this insanely optimistic prediction series…

        ND (5-1) @ Washington (2-4) 31-27 IRISH

        Despite having high hopes for the 2008 season with Jake Locker at the helm, Washington comes into this game at a very piss poor 2-4. They also have a new head coach after Washington fired Tyrone Willingham after their homecoming loss to Oregon State. He was reached by the athletic director while playing a round at Sand Point Country Club. Ed Donatell (defensive coordinator) was named interim head coach.

        The start of the game was delayed by over an hour as a chaotic set of events was set off when the newly unemployed Ty Willingham was found driving on the field with a pimped out Rolls Royce golf cart. As security chased him down Ty hit his NOS switch and gunned it towards Irish head coach Charlie Weis. Weis is certainly not the most athletic coach out there, but he managed to sidestep the charge and sumo slam Ty. The grounds crew had to dig Ty out of the endzone. He was quoted as saying, “I’ve dealt with losing before.”

        The game was almost as exciting as the pre-game. The Irish running attack was spear-headed by the bull, Robert Hughes, as he rumbled his way to 3 first half TD’s. Jake Locker was nearly as unstoppable as he ran and threw his way into 3 TD’s of his own as the teams entered the half tied at 21 a piece. Notre Dame looked sluggish and out of sync on offense in the second half. They fumbled the ball away three times in Washington territory. Washington didn’t fully capitalize on those turnovers as they only turned them into 2 field goals and a failed 4th down attempt. Notre Dame was down 27-21 with about 10 minutes left in the game.

        Disaster struck Washington as Jake Locker was running one of his 27 QB sweeps of the day and was upended by Irish DE Morrice Richardson causing a fumble on the Washington 37 yard line. The Fighting Irish could only manage one first down and was forced to kick a 42 yard field goal to make the score 24-27 U-Dub. The ensuing drive for Washington went nowhere as Ronnie Fouch couldn’t complete a pass while filling in for the now injured Jake Locker. Golden Tate received the punt on the Irish 29 yard line and after a quick juke of the initial gunner, took that motherfucker to the house, putting the Irish up for good 31-27. Notre Dame used a swarming defense and a controlled ground game to end the game.

        MVP- Robert Hughes: 29 carries for 192 yards and 3 TD’s.

        ND (6-1) VS. Pitt (7-0) 17-13 IRISH

        Pitt rolls into South Bend undefeated and ranked #6 in the country. Their offense has been on a tear averaging 36.8 points per game and having a legitimate Heisman contender in LeSean McCoy. The Pitt defense has been a stingy unit for the season. Scott McKillop leads the way for a defense that is averaging 3 forced turnovers a game. Dave Wannstedt, always a crazy motherfucker, refuses to put his crutches away even though they are not needed. Good luck charms from the 2007 West Virginia game that made Dick Rod cry like a bitch.

        There was no scoring in the 1st quarter by either team due to a very conservative gameplan on both sides, and some very sure tackling on both sides. Notre Dame struck first in the 2nd quarter as they took a drive 72 yards down to the Pitt 11, but failed to convert on 3rd and 2. Brandon Walker trotted in and kicked the 28 yard field goal to put the Irish up 3-0. It was almost a disaster for Pitt as they fumbled the ensuing kickoff but fell back on the ball at their own 1 yard line. After a stuffed dive and an incomplete pass, Pitt was still sitting on the 1 on 3rd down. They tossed the ball on a sweep to McCoy that put him deep in the endzone with blitzing Kyle McCarthy bearing down on him. Kyle got a hold of McCoy’s jersey and then, POOF, McCoy broke out of it and went flying down the sideline all the way for a TD. 99 yards, but it was more like 105 after he broke the tackle. The Irish almost broke a long one as Armando Allen was tripped up at the Pitt 48 on the kickoff following the McCoy sixer. The very next play took care of it as Clausen heaved a bomb to a wide open Golden Tate, 48 yards for the TD. The Irish went into the half up 10-7.

        Pitt took the opening kickoff for the 2nd half and mounted a long drive that consisted of a lot of short runs and a few timely passes to reach the Irish 13 yard line. Three incomplete passes later, Pitt settled for a FG by Conor Lee to tie it up at 10 a piece. After a quick 3 and out for the Irish on their next drive, Pitt again drove down deep into Irish territory. On 3rd and goal from the Irish 8, Stull tossed a fade pass to Derek Kinder for the TD making… This play is under review. OUT OF BOUNDS! Wannstedt goes apeshit on the replay official and tries swatting him with his crutches. he misses and falls flat on his ass breaking a hip. The official just walks away without tossing the poor asshole. Pitt knocks in the chipshot FG and takes the lead 13-10. After a few stalled drives by both teams, Pitt punts the ball deep to Golden Tate. He takes it from the 14 yard line and weaves and jukes his way to daylight and screams down the middle of the field for the TD. Irish lead 17-13. With time running down in the game, Pitt starts to march down the field. On 3rd and 6 from the Irish 31, Bill Stull steps up in the pocket and fires an interception to the “Glove” Gary Gray. The Irish sit on the ball in the final seconds and take the hard fought victory.

        As Wannstedt approached Weis for the handshake he lifted his crutches in the air as if to attack Charlie. He was instantly mauled by a pack of rabid fans wearing kilts and red satin jackets. One of the attackers was identified as a blogger, The Subway Domer.

        MVP- Golden Tate: 3 receptions, 92 yards 1 TD. 4 punt returns 162 yards, 1 TD.

        ND (7-1) @ Boston Crap (3-5) 54-7 IRISH

        Notre Dame cruises into this game ranked #12 and on a roll. Boston College is feeling the sting of the post Matt Ryan era as they enter this game on a 4 game losing streak. This game got ugly in a hurry.

        Boston College got off to a good start when Notre Dame running back, Jame Aldridge fumbled the ball on the first series of the game at the Irish 22. Three plays later B.C. freshman tailback, Josh Hayden scored on a 11 yard swing pass from quarterback Chris Crane.

        Then the Irish proceeded to drop 54 straight points on the Eagles in an impressive stampede of ass-kicking and pussy punching. Armando Allen led the way with 223 yards rushing on 21 carries and had 3 TD’s. Golden Tate continued his streak of special teams dominance as he returned a punt 74 yards to the house. Jimmy Clausen had a banner day himself. Clausen was an amazing 21-25 for 278 yards and 4 TD’s. Mike Floyd was on the receiving end of two of those TD’s, and David Grimes and Mike Ragone both pulled in one a piece.

        Gary “The Glove” Gray might have stolen the show however with 3 INT’s and one he took 43 yards for a score in the first half.

        Weis was questioned after the game and criticized for attempting to go for the 2 point attempt at the end of the last two scores. The Irish failed to convert on both attempts and Weis was quoted as saying, “To hell with Boston College. The pope said so.”

        MVP- Armando Allen: 21 carries for 223 yards, 4 receptions for 42 yards, 3 TD’s.

        Next Up: Seamen, ‘Cuse, and Condoms

        Ranking: 11 A.P. / 12 Coaches

        Why The Hell Not?… Episode II

        August 7, 2008

        Alright psychos. Are you ready for the next installment of Subway Domer’s 2008 Predictions? I thought so. The Irish enter week three rated 21st in the A.P. and 20th in the Coaches Polls. They look to continue their 3 game winning streak and derail the Bon Voyage party for Tiller. Let us Begin…

        ND (3-0) VS. Purdue (1-2) 44-27 IRISH

        Purdue crawls into South Bend riding a humiliating two game losing streak with both losses (Oregon and Central Michigan) coming at dismal Ross-Ade Stadium. Time is running out on their diabetic, oatmeal eating, insurance spokesman and his quest to put his record versus Notre Dame at 6-6 for his career. It looks like he ends it at 5-7.

        Jimmy Clausen had a spectacular day for the Fighting Irish as he threw for 367 yards and 5 touchdowns while completing 25 of 32 pass attempts. His big target was the same player that blew up on the scene last year… Golden Tate. Tate had two TD’s and 142 yards receiving on 8 receptions. Mike Ragone, David Grimes, and Armando Allen also had one TD each.

        The Irish needed those points as the defense was a little loose as Purdue kept racking up the yards. The “D” did come through with 4 forced turnovers all on fumbles by Boiler running backs.

        As the game ended and the players walked on to the field, Mike Ragone grabbed his helmet and beat the shit out of the Purdue drum screaming. “Fuck this drum yo! Fuck this Drum!!!” He felt like the drum was giving him some shit, so he went wise guy all over it. Ouch.

        MVP- Jimmy Clausen 25-32 for 367 yds. and 5 TD’s.

        ND (4-0) VS. Stanford (2-3) 41-2 IRISH

        Michigan Man, Jim Harbaugh, and his Stanford Cardinal came into South Bend like crazed assholes ready to shit on anything that moved. Fortunately for Irish fans, they couldn’t catch anyone to shit on anyways. Why? The Irish were simply too fast and too powerful for the Hippie Trees to manage.

        The Irish started the game off with a statement. The opening kickoff was took 99 yards to the house by Armando Allen. The run was so spectacular in nature that Allen has since legally changed his first name to “Arundo”. Interesting. After that, the Irish kept piling it on with long drive after long drive. Three true freshman scored a touchdown in the first half. Jonas Gray had a 27 yard run to the slashed endzone. Michael Floyd continued his brilliant freshman season with a 18 yard TD reception, and Kyle Rudolph scored his first TD on a 9 yard rollout pass. Rudolph was starting for the suspended Ragone. The half ended at 28-0.

        The second half got a little bit tense despite the overwhelming lead for Notre Dame. After a barrage of punts back and forth between the two teams, the Irish finally put some points on the board with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter. James Aldridge and Robert Hughes pounded the ball with a combined 14 carries for 85 yards and a TD (7 yard run by Aldridge).

        On the next possession for Stanford Tavita Pritchard was sacked viciously by Kerry Neal forcing a fumble that Steve Filer picked up for the 12 yard return for a TD. Pritchard was laying unconscious on the field for about 5 minutes. He finally got up and walked off of the field with some help from the Stanford trainers to the sound of enormous cheers from the spectators. The ensuing PAT was blocked and returned by the Cardinal for a 2 point score. Harbaugh didn’t see it though. He was being escorted off of the field by the Indiana State Police for assaulting the referee. Jim thought a personal foul should have been called on the previous sack and hit the ref with football and kicked him in the groin. Michigan Man.


        MVP- Kerry Neal 14 tackles 4 TFL with 3 sacks.

        ND (5-0) @ North Carolina (5-0) 21-17 Tarheels

        Both teams came into this fantastic October matchup undefeated and ranked in the top 15 (ND #13 & UNC #9). Both teams were looking to make a statement as the game was moved to the prime time slot.

        North Carolina was disadvantaged from the start as its leading rusher and Flip Flop major, Greg Little, held a press conference on the Wednesday prior to the game. He stated on Wednesday that he would have a press conference on Friday. On Friday, he stated at the press conference that he would play for North Carolina on Saturday at running back as a confused Butch Davis sat silent and stoic. Come game time however, Greg Little was on a bus to Wofford to play defensive tackle for the Terriers.

        Amazingly, nobody is surprised. To the game…

        Notre Dame looked good in the first quarter putting two long drives together ending in scores to go up 14-0. Clausen connected on all 11 passes in both drives and looked to be unstoppable. Michael Floyd and Duval Kamara were the recipients of the two TDs. The Tarheels got on the board right away in the second quarter. Hakeem Nicks pulled down a 51 yard bomb from TJ Yates for a TD to start off the scoring. After a punting contest, North Carolina scored a TD on a 27 yard fumble return by Deunta Williams after Marvin Austin caused the loose ball with a crushing blow to Asaph Schwaap. The half came to a close after Jimmy Clausen threw only his third INT of the season with no time remaining. 14-14.

        The second half was all defense as Clausen was intercepted 3 more times and North Carolina fumbled it away twice. The Irish finally held on to the ball and marched down the field 61 yards to set up a chip shot 27 yard FG for Brandon Walker that he put right down the middle of the posts with about 4:30 left on the clock that put the Irish up 17-14. The Tarheels started from their own 20 and moved the ball efficiently for the first time all day as they racked up first down after first down with short runs and timely passes. Butch Davis called a timeout on 2nd down with 10 seconds left with N.C. on the 11 yard line . Instead of kicking the FG to tie the game, N.C. was going to try a quick pass and try to leave a second or two if it fell incomplete. As the ball was snapped Ian Williams busted through the Tarheel offensive line and gave chase to Yates. Yates rolled out of the pocket away from Ian and was met by a blitzing Mo Crum. As Crum hit Yates, T.J. threw the ball towards the endzone in desperation. As it was in flight, time expired. the ball floated in the air for what seemed like a decade and then was plucked from the sky and pulled down for the reception and TD by TE Zach Pianalto.

        Insanity followed. The Irish fall for the first time since November 10th of 2007.

        MVP- Ian Williams 11 tackles. Two sacks. Two Forced Fumbles. Too much.

        Next Up: Ty, The Stache, and Fredo.

        Ranking: 17 A.P. / 16 Coaches

        Why The Hell Not? 2008 Season Predictions… Part I

        July 27, 2008

        It’s back. Last year I created a monster and thanks to a few e-mails kicking me in the ass, I have finally decided to sit down and put my Nostradamus like skills to use. Unfortunately for last year, I was not as accurate as one might hope. But, I blame a weird hallucinogen laced fruit salad I ate while visiting my good friend Dave Wannstedt. That crazy cripple.

        So here we go, Part 1 in a 5 part series…

        ND VS. San Diego State 38-6 IRISH

        The season/home opener for the Irish went off without a hitch. Despite protests by scores of Notre Dame alums over the ages of 65, the game kicked off at its scheduled time of 3:30 instead of the proposed 9 AM kickoff. The alums were requesting this early time because of fear that San Diego Sate fans would be bringing their cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy with them to South Bend. Instead, 17 SDSU fans showed up with bikinis and speedos and coolers full of fish tacos and Corona.

        The game itself was a complete blowout, and one that Notre Dame, Weis, and the fans desperately needed . The Irish put up 31 points in the first half led by an awesome ground attack from James Aldridge and Robert Hughes. They combined for 215 yards and 3 TD’s for the game. Jimmy Clausen had a good outing for the first start of the season with a 19-22 248 yard performance with 2 TD ( a 24 yard fade to Duval Kamara and a quick slant that went 44 yards to Golden Tate). The defense was particularly good and took the ball away three times. All three turnovers were INT’s with Bruton, McNeil, and Crum each snagging a pick. (Isn’t odd that Crum is even playing, since ESPN has him tabbed as a key departure?)

        Aztec, Russell Allen continued to impress the NFL scouts with a 18 tackle performance including one sack for San Diego State. Bryan Shields kicked in two FG’s from 42 and 44 yards to put the Aztecs on the board in the second half.

        MVP- David Bruton #27: 14 tackles, 1 INT and for a crushing hit on Darren Mougey.

        ND (1-0) VS. Michigan (2-0) 24-13 IRISH

        Michigan has been Houdiniesque so far this season after escaping with a last second field goal victory over Utah in the season opener and narrowly defeating Miami (OH). The Miami game was almost a loss due to the entire starting offensive line for the Skunkbears arrests after the Utah game from the week prior. All 5 were suspended one game. (Details were not released, but there had been whispers about a llama, a White Castle on Carpenter Road and a group of retirees). “Those that stay will be champions” is more like “Those that stay will leave with criminal records.”

        After a quiet debut for Michael Floyd with only 2 receptions and 17 yards versus SDSU, he showed up for the Skunkbears and DOMINATED. He caught 7 balls for 182 yards and two touchdowns. One of the touchdowns came in the last 7 minutes of the game, a 42 yard bomb after a turnover, basically sealing a win for the Fighting Irish as it put them ahead 24-13.

        The vaunted, DickRod offense sputtered all day as the Irish brought the wood. A combination of stellar D-Line play and well timed blitzes kept the Skunkbears in check and laid out on the grass. The buttery hands of Carlos Brown helped the Irish as he fumbled the ball away twice in Irish territory.

        The stadium was comparable to the U$C game in 2005 as it deafened several ushers trying to stop a marshmallows fight in the student section after the last Floyd TD.

        Weis 1 DickRod 0

        MVP- Michael Floyd #3: 7 rec. 182 yards 2 TDs and a personal foul for moonwalking back to the sideline.

        ND (2-0) @ Michigan State (3-0) 34-31 IRISH

        Both teams were equally confident coming into this matchup. Both were undefeated and both teams were really moving the ball offensively and holding on to it as well. The Irish had yet to turn the ball over and Michigan State had only one turnover for the year, a Hoyer INT versus Cal in the first quarter. The Irish were looking to extend an odd streak of visiting team wins that stretched back to 2001.
        After a fairly conservative first half ended in a 10-10 tie, the fireworks went off in the second half for both teams as they put the ball in the air play after play and had their WR’s come down with huge catches. But that paled in comparison to what happened during a TV timeout.

        In the 3rd quarter, a completely naked man painted with green body paint and a white “S” on each butt cheek, got on the field and started running around like a crazed squirrel. He was carrying a white flag of surrender and when he reached the 50 yard line he stopped and waved it ferociously until security grabbed him and beat him to a green pulp. John L. Smith had escaped from the loony bin.

        Back to the action… The Spartans made the score 31-24 with ten minutes left in the game after a 16 yard TD run by Javon Ringer. The Fighting Irish methodically moved down the field using about 5 minutes of clock with a 12 play drive that ended with a Robert Hughes TD from the one that tied the game. The Spartans took the ensuing kickoff 40 yards and reached the Irish 45. Brian Hoyer than threw an ill-advised pass while being flushed out of the pocket by Big Brandon Newman. That pass was picked off by Raeshon McNeil. The Irish wasted little time and got into field goal range after 3 consecutive passes by Clausen that put them on the Sparty 21 yard line. The Irish melted away the clock with 3 runs for a first down to the MSU 13 and 3 more runs up the gut by Schwaap to the 10. Brandon Walker jogged onto the field and chipped in the 27 yard FG to put the Irish up 3 with 3 ticks remaining on the clock. MSU tried a backwards pass type return on the kickoff, but it was swatted down by freshman Robert Blanton.

        The streak continues as insanity prevails.

        MVP- Jimmy Clausen 28-39 327 yards 3 TD’s. Inciting a riot. The streets burn in East Lansing.
        Next Up: Purdue, Stanford, North Carolina

        Ranking: 21 A.P. / 20 Coaches

        Everybody Else Is Doing It… Episode VI The Empire Strikes Back

        July 14, 2007

        Welcome to the 5th and final edition of Subway Domer’s “Why The Hell Not, 2007 Season Predictions.” Enjoy!

        The Fighting Irish are heading to a BCS bowl for the 3rd year in a row. Which one? Back to the desert for a nineteen year rematch with those couch-burning rednecks from the mountains- West Virginia. The entire BCS shook out like this:

        • BCS Championship #1 LSU VS. #2 Texas
        • Rose Bowl #6 UCLA VS. #10 Penn State
        • Orange Bowl #4 Virginia Tech VS. #8 Louisville
        • Sugar Bowl #9 Georgia VS. #7 Miami
        • Fiesta Bowl #3 Notre Dame VS. #5 West Virginia

        (No Mid-Majors made it this year. The leading contenders were supposed to be TCU and Hawaii, but both teams ended up with 2 losses and out of the top 15).

        Notre Dame (11-1) VS. West Virginia (11-1)

        What could be a better way to finish a great season, than to end a long bowl losing streak? Ending a drought in the desert? We as Irish faithful have heard this mumbo jumbo before. Remember Oregon State and Ohio State? Well, here’s how it went down…

        The game got off to a fast start for W.V. Vaughn Rivers took the opening kickoff 99 yards to the house to go on top 7-0. After a 3 and out for the Irish, W.V. took the ball at their own 20 and marched down the field in 12 plays and scored on a 4 yard run by Slaton to make it 14-0. The game was then delayed 65 minutes after W.V. fans took their nacho boxes, torched them, and threw them on the field. Among the 397 arrested; Noel Devine, Pac-Man Jones, and Deion Sanders. (Apparently Deion didn’t get enough bowl action at the 2nd straight Emerald Bowl appearance by his Florida State Criminoles… they lost to Navy). After the smoke cleared, literally, W.V. kicked off to Armando Allen. AA took it 71 yards to the 27 yard line. 2 plays later, the Irish got on the board with a 21 yard strike from Sharpley to Kamara. The Mountaineers took it right back to the Irish with another long drive (83 yards on 14 plays) that ended with another TD run by Slaton that put W.V. up 21-7 at the half. Fox made the mistake of putting cameras outside of the ND locker room at halftime. They now owe the FCC millions of dollars after Charlie’s halftime speech turned out to be more like a Sam Kinnison reincarnation. It seemed to work though. ND took their opening drive right down the field with fire and balls. Thomas for 3, Aldridge for 4, Hughes for 4, Jabbie for 2, Schwapp for 6 etc. 21 plays for 81 yards and a 1 yard TD by Jabbie that took 11 minutes off the clock. (21-14 W.V.) The defense had been giving up long drives to W.V. and they were resulting in TD’s. They needed a stop, or Weis was going to have a heart attack. They gave up 1 first down and got the ball back with a shanked punt that went out of bounds at the W.V. 41 yard line. The very next play the Irish came out with a 5 wide set. (Kamara, Tate, Grimes to the left and Demetrius Jones and Crlson to the right). Sharpley took the snap in the shotgun tossed it to Grimes and then Grimes unloaded a bomb to Carlson sitting all alone on the 3 yard line after 4 defenders followed Jones on a crossing route. TD Irish… It’s tied 21-21. Start the 4th… West Virginia proceeded to take another drive down the field after several big runs from Pat White. They lost their groove a little though after Chris Stewart got in on a play and CRUSHED White on a blind sided sack after white rolled out to his right on a pass play. White was helped off the field and did not return for the remainder of that series, and the Mountaineers settled for a 37 yard field goal by Pat McAfee. (24-21 W.V.) ND had to answer with only 5 minutes remaining in the game. What an answer it was. The kickoff was returned to the 38. 3 plays later Sharpley saw Hord running free on a post. Evan cocked his arm back-WHAM!!! Reed Williams crushed Evan’s arm and forced a fumble that Johnny Dingle fell on. W.V. ball; leading 24-21 with 3 minutes left. They ran Slaton left and Slaton right for a first down. The clock was winding down, but Weis was holding on to his T.O.s. They ran Slaton right-BAM!!!…kaboshed by Kerry Neal and the ball was on the ground. Crum picked the ball up on the 2nd bounce, ran 5 yards and saw Zibby coming up behind him and handed it off to him. 83 yards later TOUCHDOWN IRISH!!! 28-24 ND with 1:34 on the clock. ND squibbed the kick down to the 27. White threw 2 incomplete passes and then on 3rd down, threw the sealer to Ambrose Wooden for the INT. 3 kneel downs by Evan later…Fiesta Bowl Win. Morgantown implodes.

        28-24 IRISH

        MVP- Tommy Z. 15 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 FR forTD.

        The Irish finished 2nd in the polls behind LSU. 2008 should be grand.

        This was not a return to glory story. This is an Empire rising from the ashes of desolate times caused by previous regimes. It is time to rule once again.

        “This team is now the ultimate power in the Universe.”

        Everybody Else Is Doing It…Part IV, As In The Best Rocky Movie Ever Part IV

        July 10, 2007

        The 2007 season continues with Subway Domer’s “Why The Hell Not, 2007 Season Predictions” Part 4 of the epic 5 part series.

        Notre Dame (7-1) VS. Navy (8-0) 47-14 IRISH

        During the preseason, this game was pegged by some “experts” as an upset special. I suppose after 43 straight wins by the Irish in this series, they should lose sometime…right? Navy came into the game undefeated and had an impressive win at Rutgers (37-13). Well…wrong. This is the Charlie Weis era, and losing to an academy (all due respect) just doesn’t happen. The Irish came out with a balanced attack in the first half, and scored TD’s on its first 5 possessions. Clausen was 14-16 for 210 yards and 3 TDs (Grimes, West, Allen). The other 2 TDs were both runs by Thomas of 3 and 42 yards. The 1st half ended with the score 35-0. The Irish put its reserves in for the entire 2nd half. Navy did score 2 TDs quickly on the opening kickoff, and a fumble by Luke Schmidt that fell into the hands of Clint Sovie for a 28 yard return. Notre Dame’s other scores were a 33 yard bulldozing from Robert Hughes, a 34 yard FG from Walker, and a Safety on a blitz from Ray Herring.

        MVP- Jimmy Clausen 14-16 210 yards 3 TDs

        Notre Dame (8-1) VS. Air Force (6-4) 38-10 IRISH

        In another game versus a Service Academy, the Irish came away with another victory. This was not so easy early on. ND was sloppy in the first half and had 2 fumbles and an interception in the red zone. Air Force was methodical and scored on its first 2 possessions. The first was a 21 yard FG after an apparent TD on a 4th and goal. (Offsetting penalties caused the play to be replayed and AFA took the chipshot that time around). The 2nd was a masterful 93 yard drive directed by Shaun Carney that ended with an 11 yard TD run by Carney on a QB sweep. The half ended with AFA up 10-0. Weis had a few words for the entire team at the half that I believe had something to do with Fudruckers. ND came out in the 2nd half and dominated AFA with physical play on both sides of the ball. Weis benched most of his running backs in the 2nd half and played Jabbie and Schwaap exclusively. Although it was only a 10 point deficit and not eligible for a “Great Comeback” moniker, it was quite impressive…here’s how…

        • Goerge West takes the opening kickoff back 82 yards to the AFA 8.
        • Jabbie Stiff Arms his way in for the first Irish TD.
        • Tommy Z gets an INT and takes it 41 yards for a TD.
        • Walker FG.
        • 72 yard TD reception by Richard Jackson via D. Jones.
        • 11 yard TD reception by Carlson via D. Jones.
        • 94 yard fumble return by Kerry Neal with 30 seconds left.

        MVP- Kerry Neal 3 sacks, FR, TD, 13 tackles.

        Notre Dame (9-1) VS. Duke (0-10) 42-0 IRISH

        This needs no rehashing. It was a blowout from start to finish.

        MVP- James Aldridge 20 carries 211 yards and 2 TDs

        Notre Dame (10-1) @ Stanford (5-5) 31-28 IRISH

        Stanford came into this game on a 5 game winning streak after starting out 0-5, and needed just one more win in their last two games to be bowl eligible for the first time since 2001. They are going to have to get that last win versus Cal. This was a nail bitter for Irish fans. A win would solidify a BCS berth and perhaps, with some luck, a National Championship appearance. It started out all ND in the 1st half. ND went up 21-0 in the first quarter on 3 big plays; 82 yard bomb to Kamara (third play of the game), 67 yard punt return by Zibby, and a blocked punt returned for a TD by McNeil. Stanford did get on track in the 2nd quarter with 2 drives of 81 and 73 yards that both ended with Ostrander to Moore TD receptions. At the half the score was 21-14 with the momentum (and the ball) to Stanford to start the third quarter. Stanford was pinned inside their own 5 to start the half after a bad return and a holding penalty. It took only 3 plays to get to the Irish 20 after strikes to Moore and Bradford. Two plays later, Cardinal fullback Emeka Nnoli carried a few Irish defenders into the endzone for a 16 yard TD run to tie the game. Notre Dame answered right away with a long drive of its own for 80 yards to score a TD on a D. Jones 12 yard pass to Carlson for a TD. And like a yo-yo, Stanford returned the favor with a TD drive that took only a shade over 3 minutes with another Moore TD reception. With 4 and a half minutes ND got the ball back on its 27 yard line. It methodically moved the ball one play after another. 5 yards here, 3 yards here, first down. The big play came on a screen pass to Armando Allen that got the Irish to the Cardinal 22 yard line with 49 seconds remaining. 3 running plays for a net 1 yard and 3 Stanford T.O.s later, Walker set up for a 38 yard FG. NAILED! The ghost of the Skunkbears behind them, the FG unit finally hit a clutch shot. The game ended with a desperation bomb that was intercepted by David Bruton. Let’s Go Bowling!

        MVP- Brandon Walker 4-4 PAT 1-1 FG 38 yards.

        Next Up: Bowl Game TBD

        Ranking: 5 A.P. / 5 Coaches / 4 BCS

        Everybody Else Is Doing It… Episode III

        June 20, 2007

        The Journey into next season continues with Subway Domer’s “Why The Hell Not, 2007 Season Predictions” The 3rd part in the ongoing 5 part saga.

        ND (5-1) VS. Boston Crap (6-0) 28-3 IRISH

        The Eagles came into South Bend with a 6-0 record, a #11 ranking, and a lot of confidence. Wouldn’t you be confident too, if you just went 3-0 after an excruciating 3 game stretch at home versus Army, UMass, and Bowling Green? The Eagles got off to a decent start with a 10 play 87 yard drive down to the Irish 3. They could not punch it in as easy as say… against UMass, so they opted for a field goal. The Fighting Irish started their first drive from the 20… and proceeded to RUN the effing ball relentlessly. Brian Toal was eventually knocked out of the game after 6 straight lead iso blasts that had Asaph Schwaap laying the wood to his ass 6 straight times. Wuss. Robert Hughes ended up with the 4 yard touchdown run that would be the game clincher… in the first quarter. The Irish did turn the ball over several times with 2 fumbles and an interception that were all in B.C. territory, so the beatdown could have been larger. Thomas and Hughes finished the game with a combined 297 yards and 2 TDs. The superdouches walked out of the stadium with a new realization that this is Charlie effing Weis, not Boobs or Ty… and we are no longer to be messed with.

        MVP- Trevor Laws 11 tackles (5FL); 3 sacks; Cleats up Ryans ass

        ND (6-1) VS. U$C (6-0) 30-28 IRISH

        The #1 team in the country strolled into South Bend undefeated and again having all media patting them on the back. It started out with quite a thud. When the SC ran onto the field the Poodle tripped and fell. He broke his patella and cracked his right wrist. The 8 inch grass(unofficially) was of course immediately put to blame. The Poodle spent the game on the sideline on the bench. It was all U$C on the field in the first half. The condoms scored 3 TDs off of 3 long methodical drives. In those drives, Booty was 15-17 for 134 yards and 2 scores-both TD receptions were to Patrick Turner. (Tyler scored the other TD with a 5 yard run). ND did take the last drive of the half 54 yards to the condom 22 after a 41 yard catch and run from Clausen to Golden Tate. Burkhart nailed the 39 yard FG with no time remaining, to make it 21-3 at the half. Since the Irish already had the Green Jersey’s on, Weis switched helmets at the half to help fire up the team. Those are the LEATHER hats ala 1924. Concussions and brain functions be damned. The sight of this display of pure balls had the condoms leaking in their pants. Jimmy Clausen proceeded to DOMINATE the remainder of the game. SC turned the ball over 3 times in the third quarter and JC took the Irish to the promised land after each TO. He did spread the wealth with TDs to Carlson, Grimes, and D.J. Hord. SC took a drive down to the ND 2 and punched it in with a weird Bush Push that involved the Dirty Sanchez and a guy named Booty…82,000 people vomited. 5:31 was remaining at kickoff and 28-24 Condoms. This is a timeline of what happened next…

        • Allen returns the KO to the 27.
        • Travis Thomas runs for 7 yards.
        • Clausen hits Ragone for 15 yards; First Down.
        • Schwaap runs over Cushing for 3 yards. Cushing cries and runs off the field.
        • Allen takes a screen pass 48 yards for a TD. Flag on the field. Sully was called for holding just because he Sumo dropped Sedrick Ellis.
        • Clausen hits Kamara for 11 yards on an out.
        • Clausen to Parris for 8 yards on a slant.
        • 4th down…. Luke Schmidt 2 yard dive ; First Down.
        • Clausen hits Thomas for a 7 yard swing pass.
        • Aldridge runs for 12 on a sweep; First Down.
        • Clausen scrambles for 11 yards FD clock is ticking with 44 ticks remaining.
        • Clausen sacked for a 5 yard loss (on the 12 if you lost track)
        • Clausen scrambles to the 3 yard line and was crushed by Taylor Mays.
        • Clausen leaves the field.
        • Sharpley enters.
        • ND Timeout ….no more TO for either team.
        • Sharpley scrambles out of bounds with 2 ticks remaining.
        • Sharpley hits Carlson on a diving catch in the back of the endzone.
        • Song Girls Cheer
        • Stadium goes apeshit.

        MVP- Evan Sharpley 1-1 3 yards 1 TD. And for flipping the bird to Keith Rivers.

        Next Up: Seamen (for real), Falcons, Blue Devils, and Trees.

        Ranking: 6 A.P. / 6 Coaches / 4 BCS

        Everybody Else Is Doing It…Part Deux

        June 2, 2007

        Welcome back to Subway Domer’s “Why The Hell Not, 2007 Predictions” This is the 2nd part of the 5 part epic.

        ND (2-1) VS. Sparty (3-0) 44-17 IRISH

        The Irish haven’t beaten Sparty in South Bend, since 1993. WOW. I knew the streak has been a long one (Thanks TY…Thanks Boobs), but what a drought. That , however, ended very suddenly and very powerfully. The Irish came out to destroy their opponent and did just that with 383 rushing yards. From start to finish, Notre Dame used ALL of its running backs in a stampede of ass-kicking. Travis Thomas led the backs with 132 yards on the ground with just 15 carries. Allen had 52, Aldridge had 101,Hughes rushed for 55 yards and Jabbie snuck in 43. It was like dating a USC song girl… everyone got a shot and everyone scored. Clausen only threw the ball 11 times but hit 9 of the throws for 145 yards. One was a 22 yard post to a wide open Duval Kamara for his first TD of his career. Anthony Vernaglia also got in on the action with a safety on QB Brian Hoyer for the Spartans. He was too busy admiring his new jersey and was almost crippled. Don’t ask me how Sparty scored, I really think that they were mercy points the new MAC officials gave them. (The MAC, always trying to catch up to Big Integer). The Sports Inferno melts down…AGAIN. Better go watch another showing of 300.

        MVP- Anthony Vernaglia 17 tackles(8FL); 2 forced fumbles; Safety; INT

        ND (3-1) @ Purdue (3-1) 42-0 IRISH

        Another game at Ross-Ade and the weather is of coarse, RAIN,RAIn, RAin, Rain, and more…rain. This became an advantage to Weis and the Fighting Irish as they have been pounding the ball with ease. Tiller thought that having his players wear speedos would put fear in the hearts of the Irish. Instead, the Irish seemed to have put in an extra gear, as to not be touched by these fairy princesses. The defense and special teams was lights out and did HALF of the scoring. McNeil took a pick 61 yards to the house, as did Tommy Zbikowski for 37 yards return to the house. Tommy Z also took a punt 84 yards for a score. James Aldridge scored 2 TDs and led all rushers with 116 yards on 22 carries. Travis Thomas saw limited action due to an ankle injury suffered during practice. (Should be 100% for the Bruins). The remaining TD was a 17 yard reverse by George West on a 3rd and 15 play. Tiller blamed bloggers everywhere for the loss.

        MVP- Tommy Z 12 tackles, 2 sacks, INT for TD, 84 yrd PR for TD and a forced fumble.

        ND (4-1) @ UCLA (5-0) 17-14 Bruins

        The land of roses was not so rosy for the Lads of Notre Dame. The offense struggled in the first half. ND only earned one first down and that was during the first series on a QB scramble by Clausen. The Bruins did not do so hot themselves, but a blocked punt and a long punt return set them up for 2 easy scores from within the 10 yard line. It was 14-0 at the half. The Irish put themselves back in the game with 2 long scoring drives that in its totality took over 32 plays and 18 minutes. Both TDs were the Clausen to Carlson variety (12,9). The defense did what it needed and got the ball back from the Bruins with 3:03 remaining in the game. On the very first play with the ball back, Bruce Davis blindsided Clausen and forced a fumble that was took down to the ND 23 yard line by Dragovic. The bruins managed to secure one first down and wound the clock down to 0:43 seconds before Kai Forbath came in and knocked down the 25 yard chipshot. ND got the ball back with decent field position (ND 42) and Clausen threw 2 quick strikes to David Grimes to get the Irish to the UCLA 27 yard line. After ND called a timeout they had 4 seconds remaining to tie the game with a field goal. Once again the Irish kicking game let them down and sophomore Ryan Burkhart missed the 44 yard kick as it ricocheted off the right post. DAMN!

        MVP- Carlson 8 rec. for 104 yards and 2 TDs.

        Next Up: Fredo, Condoms, and Seamen

        Ranking: 15 A.P. / 19 Coaches

        Everybody Else Is Doing It…Part One

        May 30, 2007

        The Brooklyn Bridge. How many times in your life have you heard this bit of wisdom; “If all your friends go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump too?”.

        Well, the Subway Domer is ready to jump in with all the ass-clown making these huge preseason predictions (this is never more blatant than at Well here goes Subway Domers Why The Hell Not, 2007 Predictions. This is the first part in a five part series. Please Enjoy!

        ND VS. Georgia Tech 27-10 IRISH

        The home opener for the Irish turned out to be a passing of the torch scenario. With Brady Quinn gone the head honcho now is Jimmy Clausen. The first half was a little tough on the true freshman, he went 8-15 with 1 TD and 2 INT. There was a lot of pressure put on by GT and their front 7/8 with blitz after blitz. The second half started with an Armando Allen kickoff return for 97 yards and a TD. After that the Irish used a steady diet of running plays which freed up J.C. for some nice playaction throws. The Irish D was stout in Corwin Browns first game and held the Yellow Jackets to 92 yards rushing and only 186 yards passing. The only scores for G.T. came in the first half off of the 2 INTs.

        MVP- Travis Thomas 148 yards on 22 rushes and 1 TD (47yds).

        ND (1-0) @ Penn State (1-0) 33-20 IRISH

        A lot of trash talking by the Nittany Lions through the week led to a scuffle on the opening kick. Armando Allen was hit while CLEARLY out of bounds and a small fight broke out. No one was tossed but, Joe Pa did sit Dan Conner out for the first series. It made no difference. The game turned out to be a close replica of the 2006 battle. J.C. was 22-37 for 3 TDS (all to John Carlson) and no INTs. Morrelli struggled all day and threw 2 picks and fumbled twice as well. It was 26- 6 at the start of the 4th quarter when Demetrius Jone made his first appearance of the year and made a nice 54 yard run to the 5 yard line. Two plays later, Junior Jabbie made a tough 3 yard run to grab his first TD of the year. The D was solid all day until the last 5 minutes when Morrelli hit Williams for a 68 yard bomb and then PSU recovered the onside kick and 3 plays later Austin Scott ran in for a 8 yard score.

        MVP- John Carlson 9 rec. 123 yards and 3 TDs.

        ND (2-0) @ Michigan (2-0) 27-24 Wolverines

        Kicking game woes. It killed the Irish. This could of been a steal. With Mario Manningham in Jail awaiting trial for cocaine trafficking, and Mike Hart going out quickly in the first with an undisclosed injury by a hit from Toryan Smith, the Skunkbears seemed less potent. But with 2 redzone turnovers by the Irish and an 0-4 field goal performance by Burkhart and Whittaker, the Irish could not pull off the upset. Kevin Grady carried his team and the Irish for all 3 scUM TDs. The Irish had the ball on 4th down on Michigan’s 30 yard line with 6 seconds to go. Weis opted not to try a field goal and called for a pass that was completed on the 4 yard line, but Parris could not make it in because of a big hit from Morgan Trent.

        MVP- Travis Thomas 17 carries for 122 yards 1 TD. 5 rec. for 32 yards and 1TD.

        Next Up: Sparty, Purdue, and UCLA.

        Ranking: 23 A.P. / 20 Coaches