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Link-O-Rama 12/18

December 18, 2008

It’s time to throw your calender out and rearrange the week. It’s not Friday- it’s Sunday. Blasphemy you say? Hardly. If the Hawai’i Bowl was played on a Saturday- then today would be Sunday. It’s Outback Math. Anyways- here’s a few links to keep you occupied:

Post-Game Rant… Days Later

September 4, 2007

I have tried to write a post for the Georgia Tech game since Sunday night. It just isn’t working. This must be how Weis must have felt ( at least a little) on Saturday. Nothing I am typing down is really flowing or has any real rhythm to its reason. Frustrated, I am going to go into a point for point mini-rant. So much has changed since Saturday, meaning that my outlook for the season has become cloudy at best. So here are a few of the observations that I have made surrounding the game, the fans, the media… all of it.

  • At least the pressure is off of winning a National Title. Please take this as a notice to breath during each game.
  • Anthony Vernaglia played VERY well. He was a bright spot and a surprise on Saturday with his tenacity.
  • The offensive line is in bad shape. They are young and were going up against a defense that feasts on young lines and young QBs. But, they must improve if the Irish are going to do anything on offense this year.
  • The running game is not as bad as it seemed on Saturday. At least the Running backs anyways. I know everyone is down on Thomas, but try getting any positive yards after you are hit by 2 defenders 1 secound after you receive the ball. Once again the O-Line MUST get it done in the trenches for these backs to do anything. Aldridge looked very capable of taking over the #1 spot. Allen had a good showing on why Weis is so high on him as a burner. He looked very fast and with more reps, will be a threat this year.
  • The message boards on the net were unreadable following the game and into last night. Everyone needs to chill the fuck out! Yes, this sucks. I was as pissed as the next guy but some of you are getting borderline psychotic. Weis is a good coach and should get called out for his mistakes, but firing him… get real.
  • This is a young team. A lot of freshman and sophomores saw the field and had significant playing time. This will mean that we will struggle because of our youth. Even some juniors who played have not seen much playing time as well, so, there is hope that this was a learning experience.
  • Some people in the media are still lazy assholes still playing the speed and talent card (or lack there of). My answer to them is to read the above post and then look at our last three recruiting classes. Help is here. But again we are young and inexperienced and have a new defensive scheme. Even Bob Davie stood up for ND and said as much on the radio. Not that we need his approval, but he is a hater and sees what kind of a make-up this team has.
  • Georgia Tech is a SOLID football team. They may be very underrated and will be in hunt for BIG things this season. Tashard Choice is a Heisman caliber running back.
  • Start getting geared up for Penn State.
  • Clausen should be starting but it will be Sharpley. This will be known in a little while today at Weis’s presser. How do I know? I don’t. It’s called a guess stupid.
  • Remember to breath.
  • 6 or 7 wins is still very managable. This may not be what we want, but it will be enough for a bowl appearance, and this young team will need the extra practice time going into next year.
  • The season is not over. The program is not in shambles. This is… a rebuilding year after all.

Nothing Else To Say – Gameday Preview…Georgia Tech

September 1, 2007

With kickoff just a few hours away, there really is nothing new left, to put out there. So here we go…

Georgia Tech

Offense- Many around the college football world have equated “new math” when it comes to the GT offense. They figure addition because of subtraction to help this team. This means that many have deducted GT to be better off without Reggie Ball, who regressed every year since his freshman year, and improved with new starter Tyler Bennett. While this may be true, please keep in mind that Bennett had great numbers in the bowl game in place of the suspended Ball because of SUPERFREAK Calvin Johnson. No more Calvin, means no premier option to throw to at WR… that we know of. They also have an extremely talented running back in Tashard Choice. Although the Irish held Choice to only 54 yards last year, he did improve and became the ACC’s leading rusher. The O-Line may have some question marks and may be out a few starters with injuries.

Defense- The Tenuta led defense is a good one. Last year they kept Irish legend, and the incarnation of the Thunder god-Thor, Brady Quinn to a fairly average game. This year they should blitz even more with an inexperienced signal caller for the Irish. Phillip Wheeler leads the way for the Yellow Jackets and runs their defense as well as any LB in the country. The biggest weakness is at the corner positions with big play written all over them… provided we keep Wheeler off the QBs ass. The D-line is small, but quick. If ND wants to over power GT, they should be able with their size advantage.

Special Teams- GT has an All-American at punter in Durant Brooks. He could be critical in the field position game.

Fighting Irish

Offense- ND will probably be using a power running game to exploit GT’s weaknesses in size up front and to protect their young QB (If the rumors are true on the net… it will be Demetrius Jones). ND has a stable of backs in Thomas, Aldridge, Jabbie, Allen, and Hughes and don’t forget about the 2 fullbacks Schwaap and Schmidt. We should see a vast majority of the 7 see quality playing time. ND will need a big game from John Carlson receiving the ball. He’s cool. Wide receiver has been a question mark all preseason, but Weis like the guys he has. Grimes and West are small but quick, while Parris and probably Kamara will see quality time when we need a jump ball. Watch for a stronger, more physical, nastier offensive line from the Irish this year. Have paramedics standing by.

Defense- With the new 3-4 scheme put in place by new DC Corwin Brown, look for the Irish to play more aggressive on this side of the ball. No more calculus before the snap. I’m really excited about Darrin Walls beating out Wooden for the corner spot opposite Lambert. This give the Irish their first REAL CB tandem since Walton and Duff… and this may turn out even better. The real key will be Pat Kuntz and his NT position. Kuntz must hold down the fort and give Crum, T. Smith and company some space to make the necessary plays. ND should get a better pass rush out of this years team despite losing Abiamiri. The new D allows for a more creative blitz package and can be disguised better than a conventional 4-3. Zibby should be back to 2005 form, hence making big plays. The question mark will be Bruton and his pass coverage skills. He is athletic and fats, but how’s his head?

Special TeamsND will counter Brooks with their own big-booter, Geoff Price. Who will emerge as a consistent place kicker? I don’t know, but I’m sure Weis will keep a short leash on them. Also keep keen ryes on our return game. Zibby will be deadly again this year and we now have some fresh fast legs returning kicks in freshman Armando Allen and Golden Tate…SHAZAM!


Tech lost Johnson and only scored 10 points on our horrible defense in Atlanta last year. Welcome to South Bend and welcome to the Corwin Brown era on defense. He should do to our defense what Weis has done to our offense. If ND plays power ball and the QB makes as few mistakes as possible, chalk it up as a “W” baby.

Subway Domer Says: 31-13 Irish

Mitch Says: 24-0 Irish (Mitch is a contributor to SD and is now related by marriage. He boldly predicted blowout wins versus USC the past 2 years… so bow down)


Everybody Else Is Doing It…Part One

May 30, 2007

The Brooklyn Bridge. How many times in your life have you heard this bit of wisdom; “If all your friends go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump too?”.

Well, the Subway Domer is ready to jump in with all the ass-clown making these huge preseason predictions (this is never more blatant than at Well here goes Subway Domers Why The Hell Not, 2007 Predictions. This is the first part in a five part series. Please Enjoy!

ND VS. Georgia Tech 27-10 IRISH

The home opener for the Irish turned out to be a passing of the torch scenario. With Brady Quinn gone the head honcho now is Jimmy Clausen. The first half was a little tough on the true freshman, he went 8-15 with 1 TD and 2 INT. There was a lot of pressure put on by GT and their front 7/8 with blitz after blitz. The second half started with an Armando Allen kickoff return for 97 yards and a TD. After that the Irish used a steady diet of running plays which freed up J.C. for some nice playaction throws. The Irish D was stout in Corwin Browns first game and held the Yellow Jackets to 92 yards rushing and only 186 yards passing. The only scores for G.T. came in the first half off of the 2 INTs.

MVP- Travis Thomas 148 yards on 22 rushes and 1 TD (47yds).

ND (1-0) @ Penn State (1-0) 33-20 IRISH

A lot of trash talking by the Nittany Lions through the week led to a scuffle on the opening kick. Armando Allen was hit while CLEARLY out of bounds and a small fight broke out. No one was tossed but, Joe Pa did sit Dan Conner out for the first series. It made no difference. The game turned out to be a close replica of the 2006 battle. J.C. was 22-37 for 3 TDS (all to John Carlson) and no INTs. Morrelli struggled all day and threw 2 picks and fumbled twice as well. It was 26- 6 at the start of the 4th quarter when Demetrius Jone made his first appearance of the year and made a nice 54 yard run to the 5 yard line. Two plays later, Junior Jabbie made a tough 3 yard run to grab his first TD of the year. The D was solid all day until the last 5 minutes when Morrelli hit Williams for a 68 yard bomb and then PSU recovered the onside kick and 3 plays later Austin Scott ran in for a 8 yard score.

MVP- John Carlson 9 rec. 123 yards and 3 TDs.

ND (2-0) @ Michigan (2-0) 27-24 Wolverines

Kicking game woes. It killed the Irish. This could of been a steal. With Mario Manningham in Jail awaiting trial for cocaine trafficking, and Mike Hart going out quickly in the first with an undisclosed injury by a hit from Toryan Smith, the Skunkbears seemed less potent. But with 2 redzone turnovers by the Irish and an 0-4 field goal performance by Burkhart and Whittaker, the Irish could not pull off the upset. Kevin Grady carried his team and the Irish for all 3 scUM TDs. The Irish had the ball on 4th down on Michigan’s 30 yard line with 6 seconds to go. Weis opted not to try a field goal and called for a pass that was completed on the 4 yard line, but Parris could not make it in because of a big hit from Morgan Trent.

MVP- Travis Thomas 17 carries for 122 yards 1 TD. 5 rec. for 32 yards and 1TD.

Next Up: Sparty, Purdue, and UCLA.

Ranking: 23 A.P. / 20 Coaches