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There Can Be Only One… Week One Results

September 7, 2009

Your top of the polls looks like this:

1. Union College (36)
Slippery Rock
Owens Community College

4. Elon (32)
Western State

7. Grand Valley St. (30)
Minnesota St.
Mount Union
Seattle Central C.C.

Union College survived the 3rd tiebreaker so- Union College is #1 this week and gets the weekly prize. (BTW, The tiebreakers go 1. Most correct picks in a week 2. Most points overall in the season. 3. Name drawn out of my ND hat).

One quick note… the games for week 2 will be out as soon as the AP poll is released- or shortly there after. The possibility of having the GT / Clemson game will hinge on that speed. We’ll see…

Here are the complete standings. Notice that anyone that chose Memphis did NOT send in their picks. They are noted, and any more violations will be cause of removal.