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10 Quick Facts About Nevada

May 17, 2009

If you didn’t know by now, Mike Frank has made the move from Eyes to Irish Sports Daily, an ESPN affiliate. Nice job Mike.

Occasionally I’ll post a good quote, or an entire post, from any number of Notre Dame message boards here at Subway Domer. (As long, of course, as it is not “premium” information). The following is a post from the aforementioned Irish Sports Daily by the member KenND. If his facts hold up, it will be more like a rabbit hunt than a wolf hunt come September…

  1. 2008 record: 7-6.
  2. The only common opponent with ND in 2008 was Hawaii. Nevada lost 38-31.
  3. Nevada’s wins: Grambling State, UNLV, Idaho, Utah State, Fresno State, San Jose State, Louisiana Tech.
  4. Average ranking of Nevada’s opponents in total defense, not including Grambling State: 76
  5. Record against BCS teams: 0-3.
  6. Average score in the three losses against BCS teams: 48-23 (Texas Tech, Missouri, Maryland).
  7. Record against Top 25 teams: 0-3.
  8. Average score in the three losses against Top 25 teams: 48-23 (Texas Tech, Missouri, Boise State).
  9. Average win-loss record of the teams that Nevada beat, not including Grambling State: 5-7.
  10. Record against Bowl teams: 2-5 (wins were against Fresno State and Louisiana Tech).

Link-O-Rama 12/13

December 13, 2008

Since news is kind of scarce and time is a hot commodity during the holiday season, I will give you a small list of Links that you need to check out.

Join The Crowd…

October 29, 2008

Here’s your chance Irish fans, and in particular- Subway Alumni. The Subway Domer is making the trip up to South Bend for the game Saturday versus Pittsburgh. I usually make it to about 3-5 games a year, but due to circumstances that I only wish I could control- I am making this trip my one and only to the Mecca of College Football this year.

So join me, in decimating the population of liquid bread that has over run this country. You can find me stumbling along almost anywhere on campus whether it be White Field, Joyce parking lot, or even inside the stadium- wherever. The Subway Domer crew will be decked out in only the finest Internet-made game gear to make it easier for you to find, and since they are t-shirts, it should be that much easier on a 50 degree day.
Join the crowd and purchase your own Subway Domer t-shirts at the Subway Domer Store. Here are a few of the finest examples of too much time on my hands and not enough alcohol…
I mean, if that’s what you’re in to…

Ultimate Randomness

June 30, 2008

More random thoughts and stuff from the Emperor…

The 2008 season is slowly descending upon us. With that in mind I would like to extend an early invite to all of you out there. What is this exquisite invitation? It is Subway Domer’s: There Can Be Only One College Football Pick-em Contest. ( A long title, I know). Last year was a lot of fun and for those of you who finished the contest last year, I will be e-mailing you very shortly.

This contest is open to ANYBODY, and it is free to join and the winner will receive a T-Shirt. I will have more details soon, but if you are new to Subway Domer here are the links to the RULES and CONTEST PAGE from last year. I will most likely make a few changes this year, but this will help you understand how this all works.

If you are interested please e-mail me at and use the word CONTEST as your subject header.

Enough. I have asked Mark Allen to quit coming to Subway Domer and commenting on anything about links and whatever attacks are made about him or any other person. I am asking you as readers to please do the same. Trolls.

Say what? The wife and I are pregnant with our first child. This is awesome news and very surprising. Apparently, we weren’t supposed to get pregnant without a lot of help from doctors and other brilliant minds. These aren’t the same brilliant doctors that thought that my wife had leukemia when it was tonsillitis, but they were proved wrong once again. Time to break out the baby clothes…
Needless to say, I will have to eliminate the swearing and overall nastiness of this site at some point. But, I’m sure I will have at least 3 more years of being the foulest Irish site on the net. So don’t go calling me a sell out just yet, but I won’t be an asshole like this fool (via…

The 2008 preview? It’s coming. But until then, marvel at the not so accurate predictions from last year. This year could get a little interesting.

Peace Out,
The Emperor of the Subway Alumni
THE Subway Domer

More Freaking Shirts

May 18, 2008

Some for the foul-mouthed, some for the mild-mannered, and a few for you and your best bud.

New Shirts

May 8, 2008
A few new shirts are available now at the merchandise link on the right…

Eagle Eulogy

October 11, 2007
Nothing but Champs Sports Bowl bound. IU will bury you for good.

It’s been a good run for Boston College this year. 6-0 for the first time since, well, forever ago. And a big congratulations is due to those mighty Eagles for their incredibly challenging first half of the season. Tough victories over Bowling Green, Army, UMass (1-AA), North Carolina State, Wake Forrest, and Georgia Tech has left BC in position to make a national statement. Ranked #4 in the country and heading to “rival” Notre Dame for the not so annual Frank Leahy Bowl/Ireland Trophy Game the Eagles are riding high.

And then the rug gets pulled out from under your feet.

Boston College realizes that despite all their efforts of cupcake scheduling, conference jumping(no loyalty), and an advertising campaign for the ridiculously over-hyped QB Matt Ryan complete with blowjobs from Doug “Is My Mullett Making A Comeback” Flutie, you are who you are. Granted this is still Notre Dame BC is playing, the Godfather, of college football. And here you are… Fredo. The runt of the litter. The backstabber. The weasel. Skunkbears in training. You are… nothing. Not even a hint of respect will you receive from the Irish faithful. All the hopes and dreams will cease and only visions of a conference championship from a conference of cellar dwellers will be left. And in the end, even that dream will crash. Yes the season is over for you now and perhaps this is all you will ever be. 8-4, 9-3, or whatever mediocre record you will accomplish will be all that you can attain.

It’s Spartan Week… Let The Hate Begin

September 19, 2007

Available at the Subway Domer Merchandise Store.

Subway Domer’s "There Can Be Only One"

July 20, 2007

Alright folks, here are the rules for the Subway Domer Football Pick-Em contest…

  • The games will be any team in the top 10 (AP Poll), Notre Dame, and 3 games of MY choosing. This could be potentially 14 games or as small as 7.
  • A correct pick is worth 2 points. A correct pick involving 2 top 10 teams is 4 points. A correct pick with an underdog is worth 6 points. (e.g. #2 LSU loses to #9 Florida and LSU is favored by 3.5 on spread; you pick Florida and it is worth 10 points)
  • Winner (after Conference Title Games) will receive his/her choice of 3 T-Shirts as your prize.

  • Results and updates will be on a new page (updated on Mondays), still to be made. I will provide the link to everyone.
  • To protect your privacy, I will assign every contestant with a small school name that will be e-mailed to you. That will be your ID. For example: Lllloyd Carr = Appalachian St.
  • All picks must be in by Midnight Tuesday/Wednesday.

There is still room to join if you e-mail me at

Here is a little motivation for you to sign up…

Tailgating Gear

July 7, 2007

If you want a cool shirt, check out the link to the right and see some sweet stuff. These are a couple of examples. I make $1.00 on only one shirt design… and I’m not sure which one.