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The Pittsburgh Hangover. That Tasted Like Shit

November 4, 2008

Things have been a little crazy for The Subway Domer as of late and my only trip up to South Bend this year was no different.

I am appalled at the picture on the left. I don’t fucking care that Jon Bon Jovi was at the game. Play another song that sucks balls. This is just another example of Notre Dame becoming Notre Disney.

Like most of you, I was instantly pissed from the 3rd quarter on to the end of the game. Unlike some of you, I did not instantly come to the Internet to blast players and coaches alike. I did peek in on a few of the message boards and I instantly saw about 327 threads calling for Weis’s job and hundreds more flaming out against the program.

I’m spent. After being in a funeral home otherwise known as Notre Dame Stadium for what turned out to be the longest game in the existence of Notre dame Stadium, I saw far too much and far too little to come to any conclusion about the future of the program. Call me blind, just don’t call me a flamer. We were countless plays away from winning this thing and fell short. If we would have won, I’m sure the haters (ND fans and others alike)would have still blasted this team for the obvious reasons, but it would have been win #6 and a bowl berth so things would have been a little cheerier. Instead, I overcooked my steak, had skunked Michelob, and watched a team piss away a chance to improve. That tasted like shit. I should have stuck with Pabst.

Charlie Weis. As I stated earlier, people want his ass gone. I am not one of those people. I see no reason to have another coaching search and set up a chance that a few of our key players to have a decision to make on whether to stay or to head elsewhere. I think that in the overall scheme of things, that Weis is doing what is best for the program. However. There were many, many mistakes by the Fighting Irish Head Coach on Saturday. Go for the fucking throat Charlie. I am way past annoyed with the way Weis sits on a lead for the past 3.5 years. It’s old. The thing that Notre Dame does best right now is throwing the football. I’m not sure that we did enough of it on Saturday- and that’s with 44 attempts. The first down playcalling was awful. I know Haywood is the “playcaller” now, but ultimately the offense falls on Weis. A buddy of mine (Buckeye fan) that was with me at the game, stated that he could see the body language of the team coming out of the huddle and he could tell that they didn’t want to run whatever play that was called. It was maddening (a term that has been used a lot by others writing about this game). Weis says that he is looking for “closers” on this team. I want our Head Coach to be one. 7 yards in the 3rd quarter is fucked up. Do better.

Jimmy Clausen. After you look at Clausen’s stats for the game against Pitt (23-44 for 271 and 3 TD’s) you might think that he had a decent game. That may be a little true, but some of the decision making was really bad. He didn’t throw any INT’s but there should have been with some of the coverage that he threw into. Overall though Jimmy looked like a very good Sophomore quarterback. He will make a few mistakes from time to time and he will make some really good throws as well. He really suffered from having to deal with a lot of pressure from the front four of Pitt and throwing into a 7 man zone. That is not easy. Of course, people are going to blast him because of who he is and who he plays for, but I think that Clausen is right on track (vote in this weeks poll if you haven’t already) to be one of the greatest ever at QB for the Fighting Irish. He did not have a great game, and the overthrow to a WIDE OPEN Mike Floyd that could have won the game was really, really bad. He will have a hard time sleeping that one off this week.

The offensive line. These guys took a step back. After playing very well for the past few games, they were not firing on all cylinders. Clausen had too many balls batted down (5) and too many Pitt bodies in his face. Sam Young may be the weak link. I don’t know. Trevor Robinson looks like the real deal as a true freshman. He should see more time. Other than that, I’m not sure what the staff or the players will do about a lack of determination against only a 4 man rush let alone a blitz. Something doesn’t look right.

Golden Tate and Michael Floyd. With out a doubt, these are the very best weapons that Notre Dame has in its arsenal. It’s not even close. Floyd looked like a veteran with 10 receptions for 100 yards and 2 TD’s while Tate looked like another highlight all-star with 6 receptions for 111 yards and 1 TD. Floyd had a very blue collar day as his longest reception was only 18 yards. He ran a lot of comebacks and shorts outs to go along with his endzone fade patterns. Tate did a little bit of everything and made one of the best catcthes this year with a a bobble grab that went for 47 yards. The problem is that ND was not using anybody else with any kind of consistency. The Irish have to use Allen, Rudolph, and Kamara more since the defenses will be keying in on Floyd and Tate more and more. The more ND throws to others (I think the loss of Grimes is bigger than anyone is admitting right now) the more it will open up these playmakers.

The Running Backs. I have no particular comment of my own, but rather a quote from of Her Loyal Sons:

As awful as ND’s running game is – and at this point, no amount of statistical
spin can change that – it’s time to declare Armando Allen the #1

The Stadium. This game was a Wimbledon event. Wimbledon without the top seeds. Being Lutheran and having Catholics in the family, I am used to sitting down, standing up- repeat 20 times. But this is insane. I spent the last 3 years over in the student body (Thanks Jon) and maybe I am just in shock with the overall effort from the crowd. The TV timeouts suck and take the flow out of the game, but wow. So does all of the tight ass fans that yell only at the person in front of them. This Stadium is so overwhelmingly calm that it makes me want to assault a stuffed penguin. There were 2 moments that stick out to me that are not crowd related, but were things that happened that I will never forget.

  1. The sprinklers going off before the second part of the first overtime was insane. What the hell was going on? I realize that Irish fans wanted the game to be over, but maybe they should have waited until Pitts kicker was on that end to let it fly?
  2. After the Tate TD, the game was delayed. I thought that the officials were trying to decide if they should check the replay on the TD as they did with the Floyd TD’s. I saw a broken drum and started to yell out a few profanities about getting the game moving and other such things. It wasn’t until I saw the Pitt player that was shaken up on the play walking back to the bench that I realized what was going on. I felt like an asshole and I instantly issued a loud apology to the fans (Irish and Pitt). They all laughed as they must have sensed my embarrassment ant heartfelt repentance. My bad.

The Defense in Nutshells.

  • Lambert looked awful once again. Blanton looked a little bit better. This all makes me wish for Walls.
  • McNeil had 2 INTs and almost took one back to the house. He was the corner that Baldwin scored on in the corner, but that is an awfully hard job to do when the WR has 5 inches on you and can jump like superman. I thought McNeil did a really good job overall.
  • David Bruton makes plays. So does Kyle McCarthy. Maybe too many as they combined for 31 tackles.
  • Harrison Smith made a really bad decision when he got that personal foul. It was stupid. It may have cost us the game, but it is one of about 50 plays that the Irish can look back on as possible game changers.
  • The defense played a lot of young bodies. I can’t help but wonder how better off this defense would be if Toryan Smith would have panned out as a real MLB. Our personnel issues across the front 7 are scary. This unit is playing out of position as far as the position assignments go. It shows against teams that run effectively.

That’s really all I have. I am already moving on past this game and looking forward to Boston College. I just have these final thoughts for all of you trashing the program.

  • The Irish are right on track for what most experts considered them to be this year: 7-5/8-4 with a bowl bid.
  • This is still a young team. They will get better.
  • There are still 4 games left this season and anything can happen.
  • Better crack open another one, this one kind of tastes like shit too.

Pittsburgh. November 1, 2008

October 30, 2008

Welcome back to another Anti-Preview from The Subway Domer. The Irish are back home to take on the Pittsburgh Panthers in their second to last game at home for the 2008 season. Notre Dame can become bowl eligible with a win and they can also earn a little bit more respect with the voters with a nice victory over an opponent with a winning record. So here we go…

Pittsburgh. Pitt limps into South Bend with a similar 5-2 record and they are coming off of a 20 point loss to Rutgers at home. In that game, Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel threw for 351 yards and 6 TD’s as they put up 54 points ( the highest point total Pitt has allowed since a 60-6 loss to the Fighting Irish in 1996) on a supposedly good Pitt defense. Pitt may be without starting quarterback Bill Stull after he suffered a neck injury in the Rutgers game. It’s looking more likely that Stull will play as he has practiced in full pads this week but if he is not able to play, Pat Bostick will get the nod. Pitt has a dynamic running back in LeSean McCoy and the Irish have trouble with those types of backs.

What should you be drinking? Someone mentioned in an e-mail a few weeks ago that Steel Reserve would be a good choice for the Pitt game. I begged to differ, because I find it almost undrinkable. Fucking nasty. There is another Pennsylvania treat that has been a good friend to The Subway Domer for as long as I can remember drinking- Rolling Rock. Sadly, Rolling Rock was bought out by Anheuser-Busch and the brewery was moved to New Jersey.
How about a fall classic then that is simple and addictive? Apple Cider and Morgans. OOHHHH! How do I make it Subway Domer? Simply. That’s how. Any moron can make this concoction:
  • Take one bottle of Captain Morgan (750 ml)
  • Take one gallon of Apple Cider.
  • Mix it all up.
  • Enjoy!
  • You may also warm this up in a pot and add some cinnamon sticks if you are straight up gay.

This would also be a good week to imbibe in a blue collar beer such as Pabst Blue Ribbon. A personal favorite, or any of these family of beers.

What should I be eating? Lots of solids if you choose the Pabst. Seriously though, make yourself a chowder. I like a good shrimp and corn chowder. You can make this right at your tailgate if you do just a little prep work at home and brink along some kind of big ass pot and a tripod. Here is a video of yet another variation of this classic. They use crab instead. Still sounds fucking tasty. (BTW- Do yourself a favor and have some cornbread ready to serve with the chowder).

What should you be wearing? The forecast calls for great weather (especially for a November game in South Bend) on Saturday. This will be a great game for a t-shirt ( I always recommend these) and a pair of jeans. Plus if you want to celebrate the great mustaches in the world, stop shaving or get a fake one and let Dave know what you think of his porn star image. But, there is something that would top it off and make it complete. I want one of those Golden Dome Hard Hats with Mary on top. Where can I get one? Anyone? I can’t even find a good picture of them on the internet anywhere. Those things need to be worn by about 40,ooo fans inside the stadium. It would be too sweet. So if you know where to get them, shoot me an e-mail or just leave a comment below. I want one!

What freshman will make the biggest impact? I have been putting Michael Floyd in a different category for a few weeks now, and that is stopping right now. Mike Floyd will make the biggest impact. I really don’t have to explain why. He kicks ass and dominates his competition. need proof? Here ya go (I swear I hear Jimmy say “Pink Floyd” before the ball is snapped)…

What offensive player needs to step it up? Armando Allen. Irish fans are starting to forget that Allen is the main option at running back for Notre Dame. That should be a hard thing to do considering that Allen is the Fighting Irish’s all-purpose yardage leader. But, after a couple of good performances, fans are screaming for more Aldridge. “I gotta have more Aldridge baby!” But Allen is the option that the Fighting Irish need to go to more often than not. Not only has he kept improving as a runner with better vision and a spectacular burst, but his receiving out of the backfield has proved to be very dangerous and a nice option for Clausen as the last check down. The Irish offense is becoming more and more potent as more weapons emerge from the freshman and sophomores, but the mainstay should be Allen. I’m calling for a HUGE game for Armando. 130+ yards rushing and 60+ yards receiving with a couple of touchdowns. Mark it down.

What defensive player needs to step it up? Brian Smith. Brian is coming off of a game against Washington where he suffered a mild concussion. I’m surprised that he didn’t have a full blown concussion after a few of the hits that he had on the Huskies. Pittsburgh has a fantastic tailback in LeSean McCoy and the Irish are going to need to slow him down as much as possible to get the Panthers off of the field and get Jimmy and the scoring machine back on to it. Brian Smith will be the key to this formula. he has the speed and the strength to get to McCoy and drag his ass down… hard. A forced fumble or two would certainly be nice from Smith, but mostly the Fighting Irish just need Smith to be a McCoy Death Ray and destroy him play after play.

What special teams player needs to step it up? Golden Tate. Tate watches highlights of the Rocket every week to study how one of the greatest players in college football history played the game. The Rocket not only had great speed, but he had a knack for finding the seam and making a move on a guy and then exploding for daylight. Golden has the chance to become a fierce weapon like Ismail, but he needs a few more touches. Those extra touches can come on a punt return or a kickoff return. I would love to finally see a return for 6 (who was the last Irish player to return a kickoff for 6, Julius Jones?) but even if that isn’t the case, a good return to set the offense up with a short field is equally important. If Tate somehow manages a score on a return Saturday, he will really begin to cement his own legend and follow in one of his heroes footsteps.
Who’s gonna win? As long as the Irish defense can dictate the play selection from Pitt, i think they can slow them down and turn them into a one dimensional team. That of course would also be the case if the Irish offense puts a lot of points up early. I think that they can do both. I’m looking for a big victory that puts the Irish in a bowl game. 44-20 Irish. Clausen returns to form and makes Wannstache look like a fluffer instead of a star.

Why The Hell Not?… Act III Corntossing

August 11, 2008

This is the part of the season that Coach Weis always likes to split up into halves. The Irish go into a bye week after their loss at the hands of the Greg Littleless North Carolina Tarheels with a virtually injury free team and only one player on suspension. (Mike Ragone is out until the Pitt game for his beatdown of Purdue’s drum).

So let us continue to look into the future as we toss bags of corn and sip on some PBR in part 3 of this insanely optimistic prediction series…

ND (5-1) @ Washington (2-4) 31-27 IRISH

Despite having high hopes for the 2008 season with Jake Locker at the helm, Washington comes into this game at a very piss poor 2-4. They also have a new head coach after Washington fired Tyrone Willingham after their homecoming loss to Oregon State. He was reached by the athletic director while playing a round at Sand Point Country Club. Ed Donatell (defensive coordinator) was named interim head coach.

The start of the game was delayed by over an hour as a chaotic set of events was set off when the newly unemployed Ty Willingham was found driving on the field with a pimped out Rolls Royce golf cart. As security chased him down Ty hit his NOS switch and gunned it towards Irish head coach Charlie Weis. Weis is certainly not the most athletic coach out there, but he managed to sidestep the charge and sumo slam Ty. The grounds crew had to dig Ty out of the endzone. He was quoted as saying, “I’ve dealt with losing before.”

The game was almost as exciting as the pre-game. The Irish running attack was spear-headed by the bull, Robert Hughes, as he rumbled his way to 3 first half TD’s. Jake Locker was nearly as unstoppable as he ran and threw his way into 3 TD’s of his own as the teams entered the half tied at 21 a piece. Notre Dame looked sluggish and out of sync on offense in the second half. They fumbled the ball away three times in Washington territory. Washington didn’t fully capitalize on those turnovers as they only turned them into 2 field goals and a failed 4th down attempt. Notre Dame was down 27-21 with about 10 minutes left in the game.

Disaster struck Washington as Jake Locker was running one of his 27 QB sweeps of the day and was upended by Irish DE Morrice Richardson causing a fumble on the Washington 37 yard line. The Fighting Irish could only manage one first down and was forced to kick a 42 yard field goal to make the score 24-27 U-Dub. The ensuing drive for Washington went nowhere as Ronnie Fouch couldn’t complete a pass while filling in for the now injured Jake Locker. Golden Tate received the punt on the Irish 29 yard line and after a quick juke of the initial gunner, took that motherfucker to the house, putting the Irish up for good 31-27. Notre Dame used a swarming defense and a controlled ground game to end the game.

MVP- Robert Hughes: 29 carries for 192 yards and 3 TD’s.

ND (6-1) VS. Pitt (7-0) 17-13 IRISH

Pitt rolls into South Bend undefeated and ranked #6 in the country. Their offense has been on a tear averaging 36.8 points per game and having a legitimate Heisman contender in LeSean McCoy. The Pitt defense has been a stingy unit for the season. Scott McKillop leads the way for a defense that is averaging 3 forced turnovers a game. Dave Wannstedt, always a crazy motherfucker, refuses to put his crutches away even though they are not needed. Good luck charms from the 2007 West Virginia game that made Dick Rod cry like a bitch.

There was no scoring in the 1st quarter by either team due to a very conservative gameplan on both sides, and some very sure tackling on both sides. Notre Dame struck first in the 2nd quarter as they took a drive 72 yards down to the Pitt 11, but failed to convert on 3rd and 2. Brandon Walker trotted in and kicked the 28 yard field goal to put the Irish up 3-0. It was almost a disaster for Pitt as they fumbled the ensuing kickoff but fell back on the ball at their own 1 yard line. After a stuffed dive and an incomplete pass, Pitt was still sitting on the 1 on 3rd down. They tossed the ball on a sweep to McCoy that put him deep in the endzone with blitzing Kyle McCarthy bearing down on him. Kyle got a hold of McCoy’s jersey and then, POOF, McCoy broke out of it and went flying down the sideline all the way for a TD. 99 yards, but it was more like 105 after he broke the tackle. The Irish almost broke a long one as Armando Allen was tripped up at the Pitt 48 on the kickoff following the McCoy sixer. The very next play took care of it as Clausen heaved a bomb to a wide open Golden Tate, 48 yards for the TD. The Irish went into the half up 10-7.

Pitt took the opening kickoff for the 2nd half and mounted a long drive that consisted of a lot of short runs and a few timely passes to reach the Irish 13 yard line. Three incomplete passes later, Pitt settled for a FG by Conor Lee to tie it up at 10 a piece. After a quick 3 and out for the Irish on their next drive, Pitt again drove down deep into Irish territory. On 3rd and goal from the Irish 8, Stull tossed a fade pass to Derek Kinder for the TD making… This play is under review. OUT OF BOUNDS! Wannstedt goes apeshit on the replay official and tries swatting him with his crutches. he misses and falls flat on his ass breaking a hip. The official just walks away without tossing the poor asshole. Pitt knocks in the chipshot FG and takes the lead 13-10. After a few stalled drives by both teams, Pitt punts the ball deep to Golden Tate. He takes it from the 14 yard line and weaves and jukes his way to daylight and screams down the middle of the field for the TD. Irish lead 17-13. With time running down in the game, Pitt starts to march down the field. On 3rd and 6 from the Irish 31, Bill Stull steps up in the pocket and fires an interception to the “Glove” Gary Gray. The Irish sit on the ball in the final seconds and take the hard fought victory.

As Wannstedt approached Weis for the handshake he lifted his crutches in the air as if to attack Charlie. He was instantly mauled by a pack of rabid fans wearing kilts and red satin jackets. One of the attackers was identified as a blogger, The Subway Domer.

MVP- Golden Tate: 3 receptions, 92 yards 1 TD. 4 punt returns 162 yards, 1 TD.

ND (7-1) @ Boston Crap (3-5) 54-7 IRISH

Notre Dame cruises into this game ranked #12 and on a roll. Boston College is feeling the sting of the post Matt Ryan era as they enter this game on a 4 game losing streak. This game got ugly in a hurry.

Boston College got off to a good start when Notre Dame running back, Jame Aldridge fumbled the ball on the first series of the game at the Irish 22. Three plays later B.C. freshman tailback, Josh Hayden scored on a 11 yard swing pass from quarterback Chris Crane.

Then the Irish proceeded to drop 54 straight points on the Eagles in an impressive stampede of ass-kicking and pussy punching. Armando Allen led the way with 223 yards rushing on 21 carries and had 3 TD’s. Golden Tate continued his streak of special teams dominance as he returned a punt 74 yards to the house. Jimmy Clausen had a banner day himself. Clausen was an amazing 21-25 for 278 yards and 4 TD’s. Mike Floyd was on the receiving end of two of those TD’s, and David Grimes and Mike Ragone both pulled in one a piece.

Gary “The Glove” Gray might have stolen the show however with 3 INT’s and one he took 43 yards for a score in the first half.

Weis was questioned after the game and criticized for attempting to go for the 2 point attempt at the end of the last two scores. The Irish failed to convert on both attempts and Weis was quoted as saying, “To hell with Boston College. The pope said so.”

MVP- Armando Allen: 21 carries for 223 yards, 4 receptions for 42 yards, 3 TD’s.

Next Up: Seamen, ‘Cuse, and Condoms

Ranking: 11 A.P. / 12 Coaches