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Petey Poodle Is Pissed

January 15, 2009

Southern Cal quarterback, Mark Sanchez, made his announcement that he would forgo his final year of eligibility and enter the NFL Draft. I guess the Poodle didn’t take it so well…

USC coach Pete Carroll was extremely ungracious during the Mark Sanchez press conference. He stormed out of the room and did not even sit at the table before Sanchez addressed the media. Something he never did when Matt Leinart, etc., announced their decisions.
Carroll never sat down at the table but stood with his palms on the table. His anger was clear if you spend time around him.
Not a great moment. – Scott Wolf, The Daily Trojan

What a dick.

Bagpipe Monday… You Know You Missed It

January 5, 2009

After missing last weeks Bagpipe Monday, I’m sure you were moved to tears and fits of rage. Sorry, I guess the holiday’s have a way of tapping that inner dark side. Did last Monday look something like this?

So much has happened in the last few weeks for the Fighting Irish football program and I have not posted quite as often as i would have liked. Well, maybe some of the stuff was minor, but I’m sure I could have made it a big deal- if only for a moment.

Don’t forget to vote in this weeks poll on Bret Musburger (The Musburger Drinking Game), and Go Irish! Remember, you are the greatest wingman… ever.

Happy Birthday Dad

May 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to the man that gave me Notre Dame Football. One of the greatest joys in life is sharing something special with loved ones and freinds. ND is that something special. I remember the first game we went to together, a comeback win versus Oklahoma at home. I remember the win versus Michigan in 2004 and 2005 (we traveled to the lions den and the old man almost didn’t make it out alive). Happy Birthday dad and thanks for Our Lady of the Lake and all that comes with her.

“You failed your highness, I am a Subway Alum. Like my father before me.” Screw you Pete Carroll… We hate you!

The Cannons Are Loaded…Crist Commits

April 19, 2007

Dayne Crist is the top quarterback in the state of California. Dayne Crist is coming to Notre Dame to play for the Irish. Sound familiar? For the 2nd year in a row ND is stealing one from the Poodle’s backyard. The news leaked out from the LA Times today. Crist chose the Irish over U$C, LSU, and Stanford.He becomes the 8th verbal commit for the Irish’s 2008 incoming class. The announcement was taped the other day and is prepared to run tonight on FSN at 10:30 Pacific time, but the LA Times in an eerily timed move, let the cat out of the bag today. (Mitch Mustain announced today that he will transfer to U$C).

Obviously, this is fantastic news. Now ND MUST go hard after the top-flight WRs. It’s not that the Irish haven’t been gunning for these kids, it’s just that they haven’t been pulling the trigger just yet. But with the cupboard full for at least another 4-5 years, it may make the decision easier for a few of the recruits out there.

This also adds some momentum heading into the Blue-Gold Game. There is going to be a lot of talent visiting ND this weekend, although not as much as last year, and I like the fact they are going to see some slots filling up. Rumors are flying around about Darius Flemming(LB) and Brandon Newman (NT) possibly committing this weekend as well. Is there a game going on?