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Weis Presser Tidbits

February 13, 2009

Charlie Weis spoke to the media today and laid out some new things for program this year. Here is a short rundown of what was said…

  • Corwin Brown has been promoted to Associate Head Coach/Co-Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach.
  • Jon TAH-NOO-TAH has been promoted to Assistant Head Coach for Defense/ Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers Coach.
  • TAH-NOO-TAH!!! will be calling the defensive plays.
  • Bryant Young was officially announced as the Defensive Graduate Assistant.
  • Romeo Crennel will not be the new Defensive Line Coach.
  • Weis said he should have a decision on the Defensive Line coach soon.
  • Weis is making himself the Offensive Coordinator and will be calling the plays.
  • Weis would not rule out coaching from the press box next year and labeled the situation as “50-50,” but on the lower end.
  • Frank Verducci was officially named Offensive Line Coach and Running Game Coordinator.
  • Tony Alford was officially named Running Backs Coach.
  • Weis mentioned that several players will have to have their tonsils removed (no shit) and may not be ready for Spring Ball, but will be ready for the Summer/Fall.
  • There is no official word from the University on which players will be returning for a 5th year in 2009.
  • Weis mentioned that the 2010 recruiting class should be about 24-25 players to get the team up to the 85 allotted amount of players.
  • Weis is feeling good after surgery on his right knee, and has postponed the surgery to his left knee that was scheduled for this month, “indefinitely.”
  • Darrin Walls is back in school and with the team, and will be ready to go in the Spring.
  • Luke Schmidt’s football career is over because of concussions.
  • Jashaad Gaines is still on a leave of absence from the University due to personal issues. Weis said the “door is open” for a return, but nothing has been decided yet.

I’ll have some commentary on these events in a day or so. I’m still waiting for my wife to give birth to our first child. She (daughter), is already not listening to us and refuses to leave the womb. So… you never know.

UPDATE: Videos from today…


Weis makes changes @ Rivals Video


Alford ready to run @ Rivals Video


Verducci: OL problems are correctible @ Rivals Video

Rebuilding? "May God Strike Me Dead."

August 6, 2007

The first press conference of the season got underway today. There was the usual questions asked of Weis, and he really gave them no answer. ” Who’s the starter coach?” Like he was going to tell if he did know. But that’s why they pay reporters… to be idiots.

The video archive is up and running of the PC on and the transcript will be up shortly as well.

These are a FEW of the highlights of the PC.

  • When asked about this being a rebuilding year. Weis said that he doesn’t use that word. The press does. He also gave this quote, “May God strike me dead if I ever use that word.” One line to instill the confidence of the entire ND Nation.
  • He is not happy with the new no texting ban for recruiting. He said that was a valuable tool for him and on the last day for it, July 31, he sent out a “million”. He also said he was going through “text withdraw” the next day.
  • When he was asked, by some idiot, about if ND has changed him as it did with Holtz, Ara, etc. -meaning if he was feeling the pressure and felt he could go elsewhere, Weis listed off the inventory of his “sweet” home and the amenities. Said he feels great and feels better than when he arrived in 2005.
  • Cut Joe Schadd (ESPN) off and gave a look as he answered another question about Clausen and his elbow. He will name each ND QB as the starter until GT…and then say he knew it.

There is more to come today on with players and assistants. Stay tuned to Subway Domer for more updates.