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Johnny Come Lately

April 19, 2007

With the Blue-Gold Game just a few days away now, I’m sure that I might be the last yahoo to post about the rosters being announced. But I just might add a little something that no one else has, so….here are a few tidbits.

    • As much as Charlie had talked about a competitive game, I had originally thought that the teams would be picked almost like a pick-up game. I was of course very wrong. The trend seems to be that the Blue Squad is primarily the 1st team Offense and 2nd team Defense, while the Gold Squad is the 2nd team Offense and 1st team Defense. This is mostly true. (Just like you can be mostly dead). The lineman are forced to wear the green jerseys and play a little iron-man.
    • The QBs are split up in a manner that shouts that Clausen and Jones are the top 2. I myself think Frazer is the #2 right now… but we will see. It is a disadvantage to Frazer and Sharpley to be on the Gold Squad. They have almost no one to throw to. Hord, Gallup, and Jackson are the WR, while they get both sophomore TEs (Yeatman and Reuland). By the way if you haven’t heard, senior WR Darrin Bragg left the team. Good Luck son.
    • Ahh the RBs. This should be a dandy of a horse race. Travis Thomas, looking to cement his starter status, will try to become the Blue-Gold Game MVP for a 2nd year in a row. Armando Allen will make his debut as “lightning in a bottle”. James Aldridge will try to cap off what has been an impressive spring camp, and solidify himself as the main competition for carries with Thomas in the Fall. Another name that has been dropped quite a bit has been Junior Jabbie. Hell Yes. I love this kid and his name. Some insiders have been so impressed with his performance, that they have touted him as a starter on 90% of the other schools out there.
    • Weis has Schwapp and Schmidt flipped at FB. This is probably to get Asaphs head on straight. I have heard he did not have a great spring (rusty), while Luke looked very solid.
    • I think the LB situation is getting a little out of hand. Don’t read too much into where what guys are where. I think this is a very fluid battle with the lone exception being Maurice Crum. I will say that I am surprised that of all the combos I have heard of the 4 LBs, not one included Toryan Smith, Mo Crum, and Joe Brockington on the field at the same time. I think those are the best guys we got and I believe with the lack of TRUE depth, they ALL should be out there.
    • Keep an eye on Paul Duncan at Left Tackle. He will be key to the success of whatever QB is starting this fall.
    • Also keep a SHARP eye on David Bruton. If he plays well, so should the rest of our secondary.

    These are just a few thoughts about the rosters. Honestly though, I don’t feel like Weis is going to tip his hat too much as to who all the starters would be. Just too many spots to be fought over. GT and Michigan got a pretty good look at us last year because most of the jobs were already won. The element of surprise ladies and gentleman. We may not know what we really have until August…what a long summer.

    • Editors Note: I would love to hear from any and all of you that attend the Blue-Gold Game about your thoughts. Please E-Mail me at my address on this page. If your thought is noteworthy, I will quote and credit you.(With credit not cash).

    An Emotional Recap…Stats Are For Losers

    December 7, 2006

    Here is the recap of the 2006 season as seen through my eyes. Keep in mind no stats will be used and also no animals were harmed in the course of these events.

    • Georgia Tech… The game is finally here. I can’t stand a season opener on prime time. Two years in a row we have all had to endure this unholy torture. I called into work and let them know I wasn’t feeling all that well and would not be coming in that night. What ends up happening was not too far from the truth. As proud as I was of the defense, doubts about our team arose in my mind about our offense. Satan went ice skating and I slapped myself in the face for clarity. None of it really mattered- we won and now we go home to make Joe Pa crap his pants for the first time this season.
    • Penn State… This one was a weird one for me. First off, if I wanted to go to the game I had tickets. But God himself proclaimed that I must not at at any circumstances be there. My cousin was getting married that day to what I thought was a HUGE Irish fan when it turns out, he might be a poser. Could I skip the wedding? No, I am a groomsman. But in a shitty turn of events that ended up being magical, I saw the game from start to finish under the supervision of the state of Ohio. I was in Jail. Arrested and detained on a probation violation of which I was unaware. (the bastard got me during my fantasy draft) But a weekend in jail could not dampen the utter joy of an ass-whooping.(by ND jerky) I was out on Sunday And ND was #2.
    • SkunkbearsNothing good came from this game. It was a total nightmare. I didn’t know you could lose the Heisman during the third game of the year, but Quinn managed to do just that. He had lots of help including a porous secondary, dropped balls, tipped balls, playing with no balls, etc., etc. I found out something about myself that day. I learned that the Davieham era has preconditioned me to a blowout loss and I found myself just sitting there, taking it like a man. I barely had the stomach for the 2nd half… but I marched on, knowing there were better days to come. I believe this game was the most talked about during the season. Every week someone mentioned it. Screw you Mark May.