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Random Randomness Kicks Things Off

April 28, 2009

So I’ve been knee deep in frozen breast milk, poopy diapers, and the color pink for a while now. Fatherhood is pretty sweet, but it does take up a lot of my time. I think I have things more scheduled now, so posting should be back to normal. I think I’ll have about 3 posts a week starting next week until July.

So, lets screw the excuses and jump right into it…

Yep, I went to the Blue-Gold Game. After weeks of indecision, I made it up to the game after narrowly escaping a “death by deer” incident on 31. I realize everything that could have been said about the game has been said, but here is a bit more that you may not or could not have known… with bullet points!!!:
  • Dad arrived at my house early- as usual. I noticed the McDonald’s coffee in his hand and I asked him why in the hell would he go get breakfast without me.
  • We arrived at McDonald’s.
  • Picked up The Great Stretchinsky. He hobbled his crippled ass to the car. I laugh at “The Savior of BF Goodrich.” (A short story, but longer than the time I have to offer).
  • Dad’s famous 20/20 vision is put to the test as he somehow misses hitting the biggest fucking deer I have ever seen on highway 31. (Slight exaggeration… but what part?)
  • We park.
  • Bought the tickets and headed over to Gate B. No sign of anyone wanting to fight me or Stretch. All I saw was a few random people and about 9 cops. I then wondered- “Who is the crazier asshole? The anonymous poster for calling a challenge against a blogger and his buddy, or the blogger and his buddy for showing up to meet some crazed dumb ass reader?” It feels like a fatal attraction. I’m done with that shit.
  • Walked over to Mike Frank’s tailgate for Irish Eyes members. I post over there as “skelaton26”. I greeted a busy Mike Frank and was told to drink up. We did indeed. Thanks for the beer Mike. I’ll make sure to stop by more during the season.
  • As I tried to walk into the stadium and hand my ticket to one of the ushers, 3 more ushers came over to me and demanded that I turned my shirt inside out. I wore my “Muck Fichigan” shirt. Needless to say, that my reaction to their overreaction was met with some stern warnings. I mean seriously. Muck? This is why the fun and electricity is gone from gameday. I told them I wasn’t gay, so I would turn it inside out in the restroom instead of letting them drool over my delicious body. They followed me anyways. They never did take my ticket. Maybe I’ll try a new shirt this fall.
  • I met Eric of The Subway Alumni Show. Nice guy. Skinny as a crackhead though. Must be something in Magic Hat Beer. Eric and I agree- Nate Montana should be starting…
  • BTW- The “Shirt” sucks in real life as well. Horrible.
  • I’m not sure when it happened, but early in the game I caught more shit from the ushers. They made me take out what was an enjoyable dip of tobacco. I wasn’t spitting on the person in front of me, and I wasn’t spitting on the stairs or ground. I used a plastic water bottle. They said it was a city law. I googled it- I didn’t find anything. There was like 1 usher for every 4 people there, so they probably needed something to do- but once again… seriously? I’ve been going to Notre Dame games since I was 19 and i started chewing during the game after they banned smoking inside the stadium all together ( I was a smoker until last June) and never was I reprimanded for chewing tobacco. I sat in a cloud of anger.
  • They played the game.

Now, I could probably give you my opinions on the game itself, but after a week and a half- what’s the point? I will say that the team speed on defense looked good, and the offensive line looks like they aren’t lost in the wilderness with Moses. Other than that, it was as vanilla as you would expect from a public scrimmage that was orchestrated by Coach Weis. I should have drank more.

The NFL Draft means that football season is officially over… until July. For the 3rd time in 11 years, Notre Dame only had one player drafted (David Bruton- Broncos). The other two times were in 1998 ( Allen Rossum- Eagles) and in 2000 (Jarius Jackson- Broncos). That says a lot about the program for this past decade… and it ain’t good. Five other players were signed as rookie free agents and another is weighing his options.

Next years draft could see a resurgence of draft picks with 6 seniors and possibly 6 or 7 juniors/5th year candidates. I’m not saying that 13 players will get drafted next year- that’s stupid. But, there is always a possibility. I’m guessing 7. Still a high number, but what the hell. Denver might do us another favor or two.

Sorry about the Bagpipes. Since I’ve been posting lightly, I haven’t had a “Bagpipe Monday” in a while. I hope this makes up for the lack of pipes these past few weeks.

Link-O-Rama At Random

March 12, 2009

You know why the posting at Subway Domer has been light, so I will save you the poopy details. Got some links- here ya go…

Random Randomness, Meticulously Placed At Random

January 14, 2009

As we head full steam into the later stages of the recruiting wars, I sit here at my computer with a level 5 migraine, a pregnant wife, and bracing for a blizzard- that just doesn’t want to start. There are many, many topics to cover and I’m sure we have many, many opinions on these topics, but right now I have just a few random points to put out there. Welcome to the discussion. And if you don’t think that this post is a random thing of beauty, then what is that picture of Tom Lopienski doing on the left hand side? Hmm? That’s what I thought…

Recruiting is at a fevered pitch right now. As it stands, the Fighting Irish have 17 commitments and are ranked #18 by in the recruiting rankings. Not exactly what we are used to, but this class has the same feel as the 2006 class. That class was ranked 5th in the team rankings and had a whopping 28 players. But, since then the 2006 class has lost 10 players due to transfers, medicals, and being a douche bag. So, as long as the 2009 class stays their 3 or 4 years, they should collectively be as good or even better than the 2006 class.

Don’t jump over the edge just yet. Weis is not done with the 2009 class by any stretch of the imagination. Along with some current offers that the staff has been actively pursuing they are looking at offering more kids as well, and have done so already. The current offer list has these recruits offered that are looking at Notre Dame and the Irish have at least a shot at gaining a commitment:

There are, of course, other prospects that Notre Dame has offered that are uncommitted, but these are the ones that they still have a shot with signing. Pollard, although a recent decommitment from the Irish, is still being heavily pursued by the Irish. It ain’t over yet, but is probably unlikely that Pollard changes his mind again- although I’ve seen weirder. The other committed prospect is Byron Moore, who most people on the inside think that his commitment to U$C is very soft. Buchanan is the most recent offer and I suspect that ND may have a couple more in mind before the end of next week. Just a hunch. I think Notre Dame will land 2 or 3 more prospects before it is all over with.

The coaching search is still quiet. No new hires have been made for any of the coaching vacancies. This is a slow and excruciating process for Irish fans, but one that has to take its course. A lot of names have been thrown out, but nothing of real substance has really been put out in front just yet. Also, there has been reports of Latina being fired, but that has been denied by the University. And when in the hell is Weis going to show Mendoza the line to the unemployment office? The Mendoza and Latina jobs ( Strength and Offensive line jobs) are probably the two that most need a change. Notre Dame passes the eye test with their lineman… until some guy that weighs 40 pounds less blasts them on their ass.

I don’t expect anything to surface too soon, but I’m not sure if that is good news or bad news. The fact remains that these staff assignments are of vital importance and if Notre Dame is going to take that next step as an improving team, these hires need to be of a first class nature. Weis knows this and I am sure he is doing all that he can to make the best possible hires from a pool of candidates that meets the criteria that both he and the administration have set out in front of them. Tenuta was a late hire last year, and I’m pretty sure that he has worked out well for the Irish- and for wildlife everywhere.

A few notes on the enemy. A mini-Link-O-Rama if you will…

Subway Domer News…

Despite pleas to my employer that National Signing Day is in all actuality a national holiday and worthy of a paid holiday, they have made no effort to pay me to stay at home to check message boards for information on the stream of Letters of Intent that will be coming over the fax machines at Notre Dame. So, it remains to be seen if I will be posting on that glorious day. If i do, I will have a Live Blog up and running for you to vent and boast.

Shortly after that beautiful holiday, I will post the Subway Domer Recruiting Spectacular: 2009. And by shortly, I mean a day or two or three after. Please take the time to check it out as I try hard not to swear. Here are the links to the 2007 & 2008 versions.

Then kids, after the Recruiting Spectacular has been out for a few days, I will post my State of Recruiting: 2009. This isn’t quite what you may think it is. You have to take it literally. Here are the links to the 2007 & 2008 versions.

This is all subject to me not dieing in this blizzard or my wife not giving birth before February 17th.

Congratulations are in order to OC Domer. That SOB won the Subway Domer Bowl Pick-Em for the 2nd year in a row. Last year he asked me to make a donation at the Grotto in lieu of the T-Shirt prize. Those regular alumni must really like not having to put the word “subway” as a prefix to their alumni status. So what’s it going to be this year OC, saint or shirt?

Random Daze

July 18, 2008

I have been far too busy with real life this week to post anything meaningful… until now of course.

Does Notre Dame Have A New Athletic Director? You bet! If you didn’t know that, then you must not surf the web enough. I am proud to say that I may be the only “regular” Irish blog to not publish a piece about Starbucks. I mean, what the hell is ND thinking? I’m all for hiring edgy prospects, but a cup of coffee? It must be one strong cup of java considering it is also an attorney. At any rate, if you need to read more on this caffeinated hire, please follow this link and don’t forget to ask for a double shot.
Personally, this hire doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. The AD position at Notre Dame is becoming football neutered and unless this cup of brew schedules the “U”… Whoopee.
Notre Dame Is Money. In a recent Journal-Gazette article, it showed that the Fighting Irish football team was the second biggest profiteer in the country behind only Texas. Whatever. Like we didn’t know this. What was interesting was the graph that the paper showed (not on the online article). Ohio State was the biggest spender. How much more? Like $16,000,000.00 more than the next biggest spender. This shouldn’t be big news considering they signed Terrelle Pryor. Add that to court costs, attorney fees, referees, and extra fire trucks and that just about covers that extra $16 million. What will be interesting to see, is how much more they spend this year considering their recruiting class is looking more and more like the #1 class in the country. Need a loan? Go ask Dick Tressel and be sure to tell him that you are really 19, run a 4.4 40 yd dash, and are fucking crazy. You might get it.
Announcing The Conversation. It is bound to come up soon enough. Can’t NBC find ANYONE other than Tom Hammond to announce Notre Dame football? I can actually deal with a former U$C quarterback doing the color commentary, but having the King of Figure Skating bore me to death with his triple axle bullshit, is borderline rape. I realize how horrible it is for Irish fans, but i didn’t know how bad it was for the rest of the world until I spoke with a co-worker and Buckeye fan…

“You’re paying them millions of dollars. Lick their fucking nuts.”

There is one name out there that needs to be researched. Dan Patrick. Dan is a self-announced Subway Alum, and needs a better gig anyways. At least ask his cousin, Jim Lampley. Another season of Hammond is inevitable, but recruiting is never ending.
Speaking Of Recruiting. I don’t mean to end this on a low note, but what is going on with Notre Dame’s Offensive Tackle recruiting thus far. The Fighting Irish have put out 8 offers and of those offers, 4 have committed elsewhere. That leaves 4 offered tackles. Of those four, recruiting experts give the Irish a decent chance at only two of them. Ouch!
In a year where the Irish really needed 2-3 offensive tackle recruits, they are slowly dragging behind. Look for more offers to come out if Indianapolis lineman, Zach Martin, goes elsewhere. This is a major need for this team in trying to establish TRUE depth at a position that in effect controls the offense.
One More Thing. If you haven’t read The Blue-Gray Sky’s recent post about ND’s sack trouble in 2007, you need to do this now. Amazing. Now go practice…

Ultimate Randomness

June 30, 2008

More random thoughts and stuff from the Emperor…

The 2008 season is slowly descending upon us. With that in mind I would like to extend an early invite to all of you out there. What is this exquisite invitation? It is Subway Domer’s: There Can Be Only One College Football Pick-em Contest. ( A long title, I know). Last year was a lot of fun and for those of you who finished the contest last year, I will be e-mailing you very shortly.

This contest is open to ANYBODY, and it is free to join and the winner will receive a T-Shirt. I will have more details soon, but if you are new to Subway Domer here are the links to the RULES and CONTEST PAGE from last year. I will most likely make a few changes this year, but this will help you understand how this all works.

If you are interested please e-mail me at and use the word CONTEST as your subject header.

Enough. I have asked Mark Allen to quit coming to Subway Domer and commenting on anything about links and whatever attacks are made about him or any other person. I am asking you as readers to please do the same. Trolls.

Say what? The wife and I are pregnant with our first child. This is awesome news and very surprising. Apparently, we weren’t supposed to get pregnant without a lot of help from doctors and other brilliant minds. These aren’t the same brilliant doctors that thought that my wife had leukemia when it was tonsillitis, but they were proved wrong once again. Time to break out the baby clothes…
Needless to say, I will have to eliminate the swearing and overall nastiness of this site at some point. But, I’m sure I will have at least 3 more years of being the foulest Irish site on the net. So don’t go calling me a sell out just yet, but I won’t be an asshole like this fool (via…

The 2008 preview? It’s coming. But until then, marvel at the not so accurate predictions from last year. This year could get a little interesting.

Peace Out,
The Emperor of the Subway Alumni
THE Subway Domer

Random Stops On The Subway

May 5, 2008
Slow news around the Bend, however there are just enough tidbits and freak shows out there (gentleman on the left), to make an impact on the college football scene. So take the time to observe and enjoy randomness at random…

Buzz Bissinger. The complete nutcase pictured and referred to already, has made a crusade against sports blogs. A reporter and writer taking pot shots and criticizing blogs is not brand new, but the manner in which he went completely mental… perhaps.

I was very prepared to put my 2 cents into the situation, but I procrastinated. I’m a blogger, not a journalist so I can admit that and feel good about it as well. Orson at EDSBS put it very eloquently about his journey into the blogosphere. He also just interviewed Buzz himself on his “legit” blog for The Sporting News as some Spencer Hall guy.The only thing I have to offer is this: I am done with journalists. My grandfather was one and spent his life in radio (WOWO) and with then WKJG-33 NBC Fort Wayne. I grew up respecting the profession and the craft. But, it has mutated into a sick virus of know-it-alls and pretenders.

I turned on to blogs about 5 years ago. Why? I can watch the games and understand them myself. I have a brain. I don’t need a writer to go over what happened in a repetitious manner. If I need to experience it again, I’ll watch it again. That is the magic of the Internet and technology. And the commentary they provide these days seems dull and drab. When they try to be comical or satirical, it just comes out as “blah, blah, blah… I’m a douche” (Yes, I’m talking about you Ben Smith of the Journal-Gazette). Blogs ,the good ones anyways, provide that comic relief and FAN insight that I really look for in a piece of writing.

I don’t need to read W.C. Heinz to understand what a zone blitz is and why TAH-NOO-TAH feels the need to blitz every down. I understand football, just give me something to laugh at because a 3-9 season only causes tears.

Bissinger did make a few points when he wasn’t making an ass of himself and has in fact spoken of regret of his actions…

May God have mercy on his soul.

Fighting Irish Football Schedule. I usually try to leave the schedule alone. I don’t meander over it on message boards all day (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I don’t post much about it here on Subway Domer. I have to however, comment on the recent happenings involving Notre Dame and a few of the Big East schools.

UConn and its fans sure are feisty. A 10 year deal? Hell no! Better make it 6. After a debate and vote in the Connecticut state legislature, UConn and the Fighting Irish are set to play 6 games. 3 at Notre Dame Stadium and 3 more at a neutral field such as Gillette Stadium. Good for them. Good for Zach Frazer. Yea Huskies!

Rutgers, the baddest most powerful football program in the universe, ain’t having it. No fucking way are they going to play at a neutral stadium IN THEIR STATE in front of 80,000 plus. Nope. It better be in their house in front of 50,000. That’s how they chop wood.

I really don’t see a big issue with Rutgers trying to act bigger than what they are. If that is the route they want to go, have fun getting nationally televised games by playing Morgan State. I am flipping out on having to wait to see that match-up.

What I do have a problem with is this: On one of’s podcasts, Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook discuss this scheduling practice at length. Beano was saying “Shame on Notre Dame” and “How dare they” when it came to the Rutgers decision. But when speaking about the UConn deal, Beano said that it was O.K. because UConn wanted to do so. But since Rutgers turned the Irish down, Notre Dame is totally in the wrong.

No Beano. You are very wrong. Maisel is kissing your ass because he thinks that he is the heir apparent to the College Football Papacy. I respect Beano Cook very much and look at him as the crazy old uncle I never had. But what kind of logic is that?! It’s O.K. to ask if they say yes, but totally wrong and shameful if you ask and they say no? And Ron Powlus should have won 3 Heisman’s too. Thanks again Beano…

The BCS. This thing is out of control. The BCS Conference commissioners plus Kevin White of Notre Dame decided to scrap all logic and reasoning for a system to stay in place that is as crooked as the mafia. The plus 1 format looks as if it will never see the light of day.

The regular arguments were made in favor of the snub: The regular season would mean less, the season goes too far into the next semester, they have 5 champions now instead of just a measly one, and the BCS is working just fine anyhow.

Are the BCS commissioners running the Iraq war as well? With these kind of statements it would appear so.

If they are that worried about the next semester than all they need to do is put the BCS games back on New Years Day and put the GMAC and International Bowls in December where they should be. Then a week later, National Title. Tah -Dah!

Sadly any kind of playoff will be turned down by the conferences because of their commissioners needs to constantly be fucked up on crystal meth and moonshine.

Lou Holtz. Holtz is going to be inducted into the College Football Hall Of Fame this year. While this is really good news and I am sure the party at the Hall in South Bend will be filled with Die-Hard Irish fans, the ceremony will be missing something. The induction of Tim Brown. How do you win a Heisman and not get inducted right away? Every Heisman winner should automatically be inserted as soon as he is eligible. Except, of course, for that fucking criminal Reggie Bush. He can be there however. Be there when they call Vince Young’s name as Bush hands Vince the trophy that should have been his anyways.

Holtz should be loved forever by Irish fans for this simple stat: 9-1-1. That is his record against the Condoms of USC. Enjoy…

A Cornucopia Of Randomness

January 9, 2008

The College Football season is over. Allow yourself a few minutes to stop screaming and find some composure. But just as in the NFL, the programs are cranking it up and preparing for the future. Whether that be roster moves, recruiting, hitting the weight room, or snorting a kilo of coke and beating up strippers. Well, maybe that last part is reserved for the SEC. Either way, expect big changes for ND over the next few months. With that said, expect more posts from Subway Domer that are filled with a mix of information. Such as these…

A Royal Departure
Notre Dame announced this week that sophomore cornerback Munir Prince will transfer to Missouri. This news is not all that shocking as I and a host of other bloggers and posters on the message boards have posted this. What it is though, is devastating. Over reacting? I don’t think so. Prince came to ND as a RB and saw action right away as a freshman. And right away, Irish fans could see that Prince just did not have the physical size to play as a running back. What he does have is tremendous speed and great hip action. He was moved to cornerback for his sophomore year and saw decent playing time and played well. With ND returning Lambert and Walls as the probable starters at corner, McNeil having played well as a nickel back, and Gary Gray being touted as a great one in the wings, Prince would of had a hard time seeing a lot of playing time this year. Maybe. The greatest jump a player makes upward in his skill set, is from his TRUE sophomore year to his TRUE junior year (more on this in a minute). So we don’t know exactly what all we will be missing until 2009 when Prince takes the field for Mizzu. What we will be missing is competition at not only cornerback, but as a punt and kick returner. Not only that, but after the 2008 season, ND’s depth chart at CB may look a little thin. Good luck to Munir.

Webb Out
Sophomore offensive lineman Bartley Webb is no longer able to play football due to injury. He will remain at ND as a student because ND is an institution of integrity. Had this been say…Florida, Meyer would have Bartley shunned, Amish style.

The Disappearing Class
After the Prince transfer and the Webb incident, the incoming class of 2006 is falling in numbers… again. That puts the total number of ’06 kids that are no longer on the team to 6. It could have been 7 if it wasn’t for Chris Stewart’s dad. Plus, the other names that have been tossed around as possible transfer candidates are ALL from this class. It was Charlies first recruiting class that he put together. It was ranked in the top 8 and produced 28 commits. What is truly disappointing is what I stated in the Munir Prince piece. Historically, the biggest improvement for a player is between his sophomore year and his junior year. This means a big loss in depth and quality play out of the Irish roster. Now I can say with total confidence that Demetrius Jones and Zach Frazer would still be sitting on the bench next year, they (along with Reuland, Carufel, Webb, and Prince) would still provide the depth, competition, and scout play that is needed for a team to improve in the off-season and the season itself. In no way is this class shaping up to be like the incoming class of 2004 in which 10 out of the 17 commits were no longer on the team last year… more than HALF!!! (Of those 10, Banda was a medical release as Webb is now and Darius Walker left early for the NFL) That class was also one of the worst in Irish history on a talent basis alone. Notre Dame faced a lot of problems this year because of that 2004 class. The Irish must retain the rest of this class if it wants to avoid a similar situation (although not nearly as severe) in the future.

Fifth Year Fever
Notre Dame released 3 names of players applying for graduate school that would make them eligible for a 5th year at the university. Maurice Crum Jr., Justin Brown, and Terrail Lambert are the 3 players. This will put ND at an 80 man roster right now, if the recruiting class stays intact. The quota is 85. This means that ND, which has 22 commits right now, can add 5 more recruits to its class. (The max class is 25 unless there are early enrollees and ND has 2 this year in Cwynar and Robinson). This is highly unlikely as ND has only 5 other REAL offers (Datone Jones, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Mike Martin, Kenneth Page, and Cyrus Gray) out to prospects right now. I really only see 2 maybe 3 of these guys committing to ND. 3 of the 5 (Jones, Kapron, and Martin) are already committed elsewhere but have visits scheduled with ND for this month. Weis spoke before the ’07 season and said after this year he would probably not be able to offer schollies to walk-ons next year. It looks as if that will be changed. Look for Mike Anello to receive one as a special teams phenom.

Ian Williams was named to the Football Writers Association of America’s All-American Team. This is a little bit of a surprise. Not that Ian played great and deserved this recognition, but the fact that 2 other Freshman A.A. lists had Ian no higher than 3rd team. The writers finally got something right. Ian played well on the field and showed great emotion and vigor as well. Williams should be the starting NT next year if they move Kuntz out to DE. Even if Pat stays at NT, this will create a solid rotation at the position. Congratulations Ian, on this achievement.

Rumors have surfaced about the head coaching job at Purdue. It seems as if the Athletic Director is sniffing around for a possible heir to the toilet as early as 2009. Nothing has been officially released and the University is only saying that Wilford Brimley will be their coach in 2008. Brimley needs only two wins next year to become the all time winningest coach at Purdue. It got me thinking. W.B. has been there 11 years. This has been their best 11 year run in school history. Arguably. And in that time, Purdue is 5-6 against the Irish. ND has had their worst 11 year stretch and still Purdue could not even get above .500. Medicrity is best served warm… like oatmeal.

Hunting Wolverines
It is official. According to The Detroit News, Manningham, Arrington, and Mallett are no longer skunkbears. Mario and Adrian are entering the draft and Mallett is looking to transfer. But, no official word has come from the players themselves. This comes from R. Rod. He is such a prick, these guys won’t talk to him. This is a disaster for Michigan… and I’m laughing my ass off.

Buckeyes Are The Bills of College Football
Once again Ohio State was in the title game this year. And once again, they got their ass kicked. Allow me to be the first to predict the national champs for next year. It’s Georgia’s turn to kick the Bucks in the nuts.

Random Randomness At Random

January 3, 2008

With so much going on in the College Football Universe (Bowl season, recruiting and the HS All-American Games, and everything else), I really can’t put together a good post that flows and actually has a point. So instead I am just going to put a list of thoughts of what is going on in my head.

I wanna say something. I’m gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can
take it, if you don’t, send it right back.

– Ron Burgandy

  • Omar is gone and isn’t coming back. Sigh. To say this is a disappointment, would be an understatement. Omar was THE perfect fit for ND’s 3-4 scheme. But Charlie, the constant recruiter, has offered DT Mike Martin a scholarship. Martin is not the player Omar is right now, but is a very good player with a lot of upside. This is not a “dire” situation as some people would lead you to beleive. ND still has Ian Williams coming back asfter starting a few games at NG and seeing a lot of time off of the bench, and It has commitments from Sean Cwynar, Hafis Williams, and most importantly: Brandon Newman. If ND locks up Martin and gets another quality DT next year… all is well.
  • Ryan Mallett looks like he is heading to UCLA. We all saw this coming after the hire of R. Rod. I have to say that I am a little disappointed. I would have liked to have seen Clausen VS. Mallett II, III, and IV. With that said, Michigan may find itself in a HUGE jam if they do not land Terrelle Pryor. David Cone and Jason Forcier do not scare me. Michigan is in trouble… and I like it. Fuck Michigan.
  • The Irish have 14 commits playing in the Army All-American game and 2 commits in the ESPN Under Armour All-American game. Hefty numbers for what is still, what most experts would agree, the #1 rated recruiting calss for 2008. The Irish are not done and it could get even better. WR Deion Walker could pull the trigger Saturday at the ESPN game or even WR/S Gerrell Robinson at the Army game. ND will also be getting visits from DE and Subway Domer favorite Datone Jones and also from Texas A&M commit, DE Kapron Lewis-Moore. Plus, there may be a suprise recruit in there somewhere.
  • This Bowl season sucked ass. Blowouts seemed to be the “In” thing. I am doing decent in the Subway Domer Bowl Bonanza (2nd behind OC Domer) but after watching most of these games, my prediction of a LSU blowout win looks like crap. It might be the other way around now. Seriously, did you EVER think WV was going to kick the living shit out of Oklahoma? They did, and now the Title game looks in jeopardy. I wonder hoe the Kansas and Virginia Tech matchup will end up?
  • Stop the Charlie Weis to Dolphins talk. Ain’t gonna happen.

Look for more Random Shit in the near future.

Off The Top Of My Skull

November 20, 2007

So I know this may be a little late for a Duke recap, but I will give it a shot anyhow. Things suddenly seemed bright and cheery after the win Saturday, but alas this season of infamy rolls on. Here are some thoughts on the Duke game and various other things…

  • That was as dead of a crowd as I have ever been in attendance for at ND stadium. At least for most of the first half. I sat in the student body this year for every game I attended and it always seemed rowdy… except for that first half of Duke. I think we were all in a little bit of a shock that it was 0-0 for most of the half. Why? Because Duke is horrible and we seemed to play that way as well. But then a turnover sparks a TD that gave way for another turnover that created yet another TD. Push ups and pandemonium ensued.
  • More dropped balls. Our WR keep getting the ball in their hands and keep batting it down like it was a mutant mosquito. If Weis wants some pro help, he needs to figure a way for Brett Farve to drill passes at our WR from like 15 yards away. Either they die with a hole in their neck, or they catch the fucking ball. Or Weis might employ wrench throwing. “If you can catch a wrench, you can catch a football!”
  • ACC refs are a joke. Instead of pointing for a first down, Carlson should of pointed his fist into said referee’s head. Even in the final minutes, they just couldn’t let the teams play and finish it up. Flag.
  • Robert Hughes is a fucking TITAN. I will not let the fact that it was against Duke, discourage me from saying so. He looked the part of a very good running back. A smaller Bettis? Maybe, but a few of his runs reminded me of Reggie Brooks. His balance and determination are astounding. He needs to be our goal line back if Weis insists on using Aldridge, Allen, and Hughes in the rotation. If I see Travis Thomas lineup inside the five yard line against the Trees, I will just die inside knowing Bobby Hughes would score if they just gave him the god damn ball. I will say it again, Reggie Brooks (maybe a bit slower)…
  • Weis put the “Human Planet” Chris Stewart in at Tight End on numerous occasions, and ran away from his side. His belt is the Equator and wears the Tropic of Cancer as a necklace. Let the running backs follow his ass if he is out there.
  • Thank-You NBC for 14 hours of commercial breaks this season. I didn’t realize I was watching an infomercial. I thought they were football games.
  • Jimmy Clausen is looking more the part every week. It has been said a million times already this season, but if Clausen adds some bulk to his frame and more strength, he is going to be VERY good. Add some blocking and WR’s that catch a ball in their hands, and he is going to be just fine. Fuck it… Clausen for Heisman ’09.
  • I always see Brian Smith and Kerry Neal together during pregame. These two are taking a big role in our defense and will be beasts for years to come. I realize everyone is excited about the incoming LB’s, but these two aren’t going anywhere.
  • I will not say good-bye to the Seniors just yet. They still have 1 more game to go. I will say that Zibby at QB was just sweet. Like super sweet. It was only fitting that Thomas fumbled the ball away after he got the first down. Zibby was driving. And if the Duke coach didn’t like it… Fuck Duke!