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In the Last Hours

February 3, 2009

The clock is ticking as we arrive only hours away from National Signing Day. For the Fighting Irish faithful, Signing Day can be an ego killer. From past experience, I suggest that you step away from the computer right now and start drinking heavily. (After you read this, of course… or maybe not).
You know who is play, so I will dispense with the bullshit of pretending to know more than you on who Notre Dame still has a chance with and who- if any sign with the Irish tomorrow.
I’m here as your wingman. If you need to gloat, boast, and talk mad shit about a rival that we beat out for a recruit… I’m here for you. If you need a shoulder to cry on because you are, in fact, a whiny bitch and can’t handle rejection… I’m here for you. Whatever is going to get you through today and tomorrow that doesn’t result in a DUI, crabs, or an early morning acid flashback- let me know.
I was going to try and have a Live Blog for tomorrow, but that is looking like less and less of a possibility due to the J-O-B. At any rate, the Recruiting Spectacular should be up on either Friday or Saturday followed by the State of Recruiting post that CNN/SI writer Andy Staple stole out of my head by using a piece of foil, two twisty straws, and turkey baster. (I’ll deal with that asshole later).
Just remember, not every recruit wants to go to Notre Dame, and not every recruit should go to Notre Dame. This class already has a lot of talent from top to bottom and despite any ranking from the recruiting sercices, it fills needs and lacks a lot of fluff that the 2006 class had with a consensus top 10 ranking. So start drinking, and if you need to vent, post a comment here or on the shoutbox.

BTW- Sorry about no Bagpipe Monday this week. I think I slept for almost the entire day and night. It was fun. So, here’s something else…

Hey Marinelli… Go Fuck Yourself

October 3, 2008

So I just deleted a bunch of shit about Marinelli and his comments.

The title says it all.

What The F…..

January 31, 2008

John Tenuta to Notre Dame? What in the fuck is going on?! According to Irish Illustrated he has been hired and Bill Lewis will retire and will be announced after National Signing Day.
I really have no commentary on this development, other than to think that the timing is fucking horrible. If this effects any recruit to rethink their commitment to ND, than I am going to go apeshit all over Rivals. Sampson, Prister, Farrell, Ashley Russell… all of them. Rambo style.
Here is the LINK to the story. After I let all of this sink in I will produce more commentary.
I will say this however: This can be a good thing, but the timing. Do you really think that Tenuta will just coach DB’s as Lewis did? What is to become of Corwin Brown? This is fucked up. And Mike and I have some of our recruiting post for signing day already done. I might need to edit a few posts. Shit.
(Note the crazed look in John’s eyes. Scary.)

A Weak Response

January 25, 2008

I don’t really have a long and potent post planned for this, but here goes…
SHUT THE FUCK UP. A lot of posters across the web on message boards, chat rooms, and in the blogosphere have been complaining about Notre Dames weak finishes when it comes to recruiting. Put your head in a tub of boiling water, for you are fucking clueless and deserve to have your face melted off.
I fully agree with the last years class finishing weak. We lost 2 commits on signing day and lost another a few weeks before LOI day. Two 4 stars and a 5 star recruit that were committed and then lost in the last few moments of recruiting IS a shitty outcome.
However, this year is a whole new subject. Yes we lost 5 star Omar Hunter a few weeks ago. Bummer. This isn’t the death of the class or even the death of our D-Line class. The Irish still have done very well on the defensive line class this year and by all accounts, is the BEST we have had in a very long time. Shut the fuck up.
Recently, some Irish targets have made their decisions on what school to go to. And they aren’t coming to South Bend. Bummer. Let’s see… Mike Martin, a verbal commit to Michigan since June, has chose the Skunkbears after a few weeks of deliberations on maybe checking out ND. Kapron-Lewis Moore, a verbal commit to A&M since August, did the same and stayed at A&M. A few other prospects didn’t have the grades and went elsewhere. And a big offensive lineman, Kenneth Page, decided to stay close to mommas cooking and chose in-state Clemson over the Irish. SHUT THE FUCK UP.
This is a GREAT 22 man class as it is right now. Period. If a few more want to jump on board, even better. But recruiting is not the playoffs (if Div-I had them), it is not how you finish exactly. Weis does not need to just offer plan B and C guys to get more numbers. Recruiting is about filling needs with top quality guys and perhaps nabbing a few instant impact players. The Irish have done that already. Anything more this year wouldn’t be the icing on the cake, it would be the fucking baker presenting it to you. Please, shut the fuck up.

Let’s Finish This

November 9, 2007

Over the past few weeks, this blog and my e-mail account has been filling up with hate notes. Some of you out there are having a hard time dealing with reality and quite honestly, are acting like a bunch of asses. Why? Because in your warped minds, you have somehow come to the conclusion that Subway Domer is a Weis hater. In your peanut sized brains, you put criticism in line with hate. How misguided you are. Are you the ones that would cry like a baby in practice because a coach would yell at you when you screwed up? I’m guessing that you were. It is quite funny that the same coach you defend so adamantly, is the kind of guy who would yell at you for your mistakes and drop you down about 50 notches.

So, let me state what I thought rational people would gather from the few posts that I have ripped into Charlie.

  1. I like Charlie Weis.
  2. I believe in Charlie Weis.
  3. I want Charlie Weis as our Head Coach.

I have never once, in any post on Subway Domer or on any message board (subwaydomer26 and skelaton26 are my screen names) said that Weis is no good or that I think that he should be fired. That kind of insanity is well… insane. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

I truly believe in what Charlie is trying to do with the program. I just think that he has made some mistakes along the way. What do we expect? Nobody is perfect and Charlie is the type of coach who will learn from these mistakes. Remember, his only other Head Coaching gig was for a high school in New Jersey a long time ago. (The exact date escapes me and I am on too much of a roll to look it up). But none of that doesn’t mean that he can’t be criticized for his mistakes! Personal attacks may be a bit much, but call me the “kettle” and Weis the “pot” then. Anger has its ways of putting words into peoples mouths and on computer screens. Charlie is a “Jersey Guy”, he can take it. He will get this program moving in the right direction after this season. It is what so many Irish followers have stated already, The perfect storm. Tough schedule, bad recruiting with the upperclassmen, and a total lack of experience with most of our players on the 2 deep roster. Add that with being Notre Dame and getting the best game from every team that plays you because, you are ND… and it all adds up to this nightmare 1-8 season.

Now for all you Weis HATERS. You are worse than the others. At least those people are loyal to the program. You on the other hand, have no idea what a Weis firing would do to this program. It would BURY it. No hope for like 4 -6 years. Think Faust only worse. You are the fair weather pricks I despise with every ounce of my being. You are the rats that tear apart the weak and jump ship when the seas are rough. I hate you. Please go away. the good news for me and others like me is that Weis isn’t going anywhere. You may cry all you want right now, but Charlie is the Head Coach of ND. And that’s the way I like it.

Stream Of Unconsciousness

November 5, 2007

My 11th and 12th grade C.P. English teacher had a writing exercise for us students called “The Stream of Consciousness.” Basically, we took 10 minutes and wrote down anything and everything that came to mind. Because I do not have the stomach to write anything worthwhile about the game versus Navy, this is all I can muster… unconsciously.

  • This team can’t tackle for shit.
  • Navy deserves credit, and Charlie Weis deserves blame.
  • Why did we try to run the clock down with Navy the entire game?
  • I started to make a list of all the big plays that helped decide this game. To my dismay, I stopped around number 18.
  • This was a great game to watch. Kind of. Any game ND loses is bad and this was to Navy.
  • We just lost to NAVY.
  • Kick the bloody field goal fat man.
  • 1-8. I am allowed to call Weis out.
  • I will also stick by Weis. If not him then who?
  • I liked the way we ran the ball. Of course, so has every other Navy opponent this year.
  • Robert Hughes deserved that TD. In all my years and of all the games I have gone to, that TD was the only one that put chills up my spine and a tear to my eye. R.I.P. Earl Hughes. Little brother is going to be O.K.
  • Fuck all you Zibby haters. He put us in the position for Weis to make a horrible call to NOT kick the FG.
  • Headbutts and Groin Kicks might have seen their last days. My head hurts and I have a high ankle sprain.
  • I wanted to punch every fan, as I left the stadium, and heard so many of them say “At least the game was competitive.” And then my wife said it. I love my wife. I love my wife.
  • Pass interference on Walls. And I’m a Gator fan.
  • NBC is the Ant-Christ. Nothing but absolute evil would torture so many with their thirst for TV timeouts.
  • This may be the best college football season ever. AND WE ARE 1-8!!! Something is screwy.
  • I hear we will be underdogs to AFA. Wake me up and tell me Quinn is still taking snaps for the Irish.
  • We are 1-8 and still able to give ESPN front page news.
  • A radio “personality” said Weis was arrogant for trying to score a TD instead of kicking the field goal. It was STUPID… not arrogant dipshit.
  • How many guys are going to leave? Aldridge was quoted after the game in an interview and said” This is the only place I want to be.” O.K. What about everybody else?
  • Indiana is going to a bowl game. NOTRE DAME IS 1-8!!!
  • I like what I am seeing from the freshman and most of the sophomores.
  • B.C. lost to FSU. Sweet justice.
  • #34 sack on Sharpley in mid-air. Fucking sick.
  • At least we don’t have to hear any more about “The Streak” It’s over and it has been due now for over a decade.
  • This sucks.
  • Congratulations to the Naval Academy. Now go find Bin Laden.
  • This sucks.
  • Go Irish!!!

Monday Morning Fact Slap

October 15, 2007

Well, it has been a few days and I’m still puking my guts out over Saturdays performance. The word tragic can not describe vividly enough the way this season has gone from the beginning. The worst part is, I’m not sure who to blame. There is someone to blame, right? Of course there is but it definitely isn’t one person.

But enough of all that. Here’s a little rundown on what is going on with the program, general comments, and generally a mild vent/rant. More will come about the B.C. game later.

  • Matt Carufel has decided to leave Notre Dame. Weis gave this statement:

    “I spoke via telephone with Matt Carufel Sunday evening, and he informed me he
    was going to leave the team and withdraw from the University of Notre Dame. I
    appreciate all Matt has done for Notre Dame and wish him nothing but the best.”

    Carufel is the 3rd player to transfer during this season following Demetrius Jones and Konrad Reuland out of South Bend. He is the 4th since the spring, when Zach Frazer decided to depart after becoming the 4th man in the quarterback race. Matt is deciding between Iowa and that dork Tim Brewster. All of the players that have left this season have been from the 2006 recruiting class. Chris Stewart tried as well… and Daddy sent him back to honor his COMMITMENT. The 2006 class was supposed to be the foundation of the future. But that is becoming as rocky as the season has been.

  • Sharpley must be the starter against USC and for the rest of the season. This is becoming obvious to anyone paying attention to Notre Dame Football this year. Evan has that “gunslinger ” mentality that this team desperately needs to compete. This is NOT a slam on Clausen. I think Jimmy will do very well at ND in the future, but the present is Evan. Sharpley should have started from game one this year. Jimmy still needs more time to develop as a college QB. He just doesn’t make the throws down field to keep a defense honest. Whether Jimmy is still having arm trouble or he just doesn’t want to make a mistake and is thinking too much in the pocket, it doesn’t really matter. Evan will take those chances because I think he feels that he has nothing too lose. The team responds, because they want that chance too.
  • The running game is atrocious. This fact alone may be the most puzzling outcome of what has happened so far this year. All of ND Nation believed we would be able to run the ball. The majority of us felt that with the departure of Darius Walker we would be able to open the floodgates with a stable of seemingly more than capable backs in Aldridge, Hughes, Allen, Thomas, and Jabbie. But there are definitive reasons for the lack of success running the football. 1) We have no real threat of throwing the ball downfield unless Golden Tate is running a fly route. Teams are jamming the line of scrimmage with bodies and plugging any holes quickly. 8 or 9 men in the box has not been uncommon for the opposing team to show. 2) The line is not physical. A truly sad fact. They are not pushing bodies around to make the necessary hole for the backs to run through. This looks like another finesse type of line as the last 2 years have been. 3) The loss of veteran wideouts on the outside is hurting the downfield blocking schemes. The younger guys must do a better job of locking on to their man and pest block them. Take a tape of 2005 and watch Mo Stovall. 4) I see no real burst from the backs at the line of scrimmage. I am not saying that there is no speed at the position, only that they all lack that ability to see that seam and WHOOP blow through that hole. I think Allen possesses this and Hughes and Aldridge can make up for a smaller amount with their power style, but no one is USING it.
  • The defense needs help. This help has to come from the offense. Giving short fields to an opposing offense is like giving crack to an addict… they’re going to smoke it. This has been the constant Achilles heel for the ND defense. While they play very well at times and the past two games have finally put good pressure on the quarterback… they still are not a great defense that can carry you through the season. The progress that Corwin Brown has made has been outstanding, but the yards ND allows on the ground has to be cut considerably more if the Irish want to beat these elite teams. A huge test is coming Saturday in USC and their 67 running backs.
  • Special teams are (insert cliche’). If you didn’t guess it, the term is: not so special. Aside from the freakish abilities of Trevor Laws to block field goals this area is VERY disappointing. Teams are kicking the ball to Zibby on punts, but he has no where to go. The few times that there has been a seam and gets a big return, I see a yellow rag lying on the ground. Kick returns are just as bad. I can only scream “BLOCK SOMEBODY!!!” so many time a game. Returners are getting gobbled up like M&Ms.

This review may seem a little negative and harsh, but it is certainly true. I have been pulling on silver linings all season long, but there comes a time when things that are so insanely obvious that they must be called out. There is a lot of hope for the future (and I will get to that this week) but the present fucking sucks!

Post-Game Rant… Days Later

September 4, 2007

I have tried to write a post for the Georgia Tech game since Sunday night. It just isn’t working. This must be how Weis must have felt ( at least a little) on Saturday. Nothing I am typing down is really flowing or has any real rhythm to its reason. Frustrated, I am going to go into a point for point mini-rant. So much has changed since Saturday, meaning that my outlook for the season has become cloudy at best. So here are a few of the observations that I have made surrounding the game, the fans, the media… all of it.

  • At least the pressure is off of winning a National Title. Please take this as a notice to breath during each game.
  • Anthony Vernaglia played VERY well. He was a bright spot and a surprise on Saturday with his tenacity.
  • The offensive line is in bad shape. They are young and were going up against a defense that feasts on young lines and young QBs. But, they must improve if the Irish are going to do anything on offense this year.
  • The running game is not as bad as it seemed on Saturday. At least the Running backs anyways. I know everyone is down on Thomas, but try getting any positive yards after you are hit by 2 defenders 1 secound after you receive the ball. Once again the O-Line MUST get it done in the trenches for these backs to do anything. Aldridge looked very capable of taking over the #1 spot. Allen had a good showing on why Weis is so high on him as a burner. He looked very fast and with more reps, will be a threat this year.
  • The message boards on the net were unreadable following the game and into last night. Everyone needs to chill the fuck out! Yes, this sucks. I was as pissed as the next guy but some of you are getting borderline psychotic. Weis is a good coach and should get called out for his mistakes, but firing him… get real.
  • This is a young team. A lot of freshman and sophomores saw the field and had significant playing time. This will mean that we will struggle because of our youth. Even some juniors who played have not seen much playing time as well, so, there is hope that this was a learning experience.
  • Some people in the media are still lazy assholes still playing the speed and talent card (or lack there of). My answer to them is to read the above post and then look at our last three recruiting classes. Help is here. But again we are young and inexperienced and have a new defensive scheme. Even Bob Davie stood up for ND and said as much on the radio. Not that we need his approval, but he is a hater and sees what kind of a make-up this team has.
  • Georgia Tech is a SOLID football team. They may be very underrated and will be in hunt for BIG things this season. Tashard Choice is a Heisman caliber running back.
  • Start getting geared up for Penn State.
  • Clausen should be starting but it will be Sharpley. This will be known in a little while today at Weis’s presser. How do I know? I don’t. It’s called a guess stupid.
  • Remember to breath.
  • 6 or 7 wins is still very managable. This may not be what we want, but it will be enough for a bowl appearance, and this young team will need the extra practice time going into next year.
  • The season is not over. The program is not in shambles. This is… a rebuilding year after all.

No Title Needed

August 26, 2007

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a week, Subway Domer is back. At first I was really sweating that I might miss something or would log back onto the net and find out Clausen was arrested. Then I read the newspaper and saw Clausen WAS arrested, and I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I do need a week off?’ The more I thought about it the more I came up with the same conclusion… this might be alright-for 1 week out of the year. I mean what did I really miss?

  • Jimmy Clausen was arrested for some retard law. Weis doesn’t care, so neither should you. I’m sure the message boards were going ape shit. Another 2 days of unreadable word vomit.
  • We don’t know the starter at QB for the season opener. Did you really think we would know anything Weis doesn’t want leaked out? I’m actually a “I really don’t give a fuck” guy right know. Weis knows what he’s doing and will probably make the right decision. Everyone fighting over Clausen and Jones is starting to look a little too gay for my taste.
  • Everyone thinks that USC is the greatest team ever assembled and there is no way they lose the NC. Someone tell that to Mack Brown.
  • Fuck Michigan.
  • I missed watching the same drills run over and over for the media’s 20 allotted minutes.

If I missed something huge please let me know, but I think I was safe. So what did I do? Preparation. Like the players, we fans must prepare ourselves with the upcoming season.

  • Schedule off days from work.
  • Get all tailgating gear in order. (Big props to my B-I-L John for the new handmade corn-toss set).
  • Tickets…. check.
  • Flag flying.
  • Watched The Rites of Autumn. This set never gets old and really gets the blood pumping.
  • Watched Rudy.
  • Visualized and waiting to attack.

Starting Monday… Game week.

May You Be Silent

August 8, 2007

Not to go on a rant or anything, but…This has got to stop. I making this post as a plea to Irish fans, and SERIOUS college football fans in general. It is simple… No More Mark May. Quit posting about what he said in message boards. Quit talking about him to your friends. Quit e-mailing ESPN about how wrong he is (the websites in his namesake can stay) and why he is the ultimate Douche Bag. This is the ultimate waste of time. Take an economics class or research why “Shock Jocks” are so popular. It’s called- supply and demand. The more you moan and bitch about what some idiot talking head is saying about your team in front of the camera, the more it is going to continue. ESPN has made sure that every program that they have, follows the same formulas as Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn. It’s debate class, and Mark May has hit the jackpot. He has found the largest national fan base and has spit venom in its direction for no REAL reason other than money. He is not going to be fired for making outlandish statements, because everyone is tuning in to watch. We may not be tuning in for his opinion, but we are watching none-the-less. ESPN catches a lot of slack for their programming and their biases, but… what would you do with out them? How many college games would you see each week? I would love to burn them, but I love my MAC games on Wednesday, and my Big East games on Thursday. I do. I love ESPNEWS and ESPNU. I do and I am not going to apologize for loving the greatest gift (College Football) God has given to men since Eve (minus the banishment from Eden thing). So for the love of Christ man, ignore that piece of shit Mark May and let him talk about his lust for all things Pete Carroll. It really doesn’t matter when we start winning championships…. and then he has no purpose. Peace.